Wild Wild West
Action, Western, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Barry Sonnenfeld
Will Smith as Capt. James West
Kevin Kline as U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon
Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless
Salma Hayek as Rita Escobar
M. Emmet Walsh as Coleman
Ted Levine as General 'Bloodbath' McGrath
Musetta Vander as Munitia
Sofia Eng as Miss Lippenrieder
Ling Bai as Miss East
Garcelle Beauvais as La Belle (1995 opera version)
Mike H. McGaughy as Big Reb (as Mike McGaughy)
Jerry Wills as Other Reb
Rodney A. Grant as Hudson
Storyline: Jim West is a guns-a-blazing former Civil War hero. Artemus Gordon is an inventive U.S. Marshal who excels in disguise. When the United States is threatened by psychotic Confederate Arliss Loveless, President Ulysses Grant teams the duo up to bring him to justice. On a hazard-packed train journey from Washington D.C. to Utah, West and Gordon must combine their skills to best Loveless and his diabolical machines.
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I've always heard people saying "I was sleeping watching..." and I said "There's no movie that deserves to take a nap while you are watching" WWW proved me wrong, (even tough it's not worst than Mr. Magoo), this was awful...c'mon I thought I was going to laugh and I nearly cried. Will Smith was funny just in the opening scene, not even the beautiful Salma Hayek make it worth to be seen. I was very disappointed with all the hype and the promotion this film got.
Yes, it's absolutely horrible (I'd have said it's a Vile Vile Mess, but I bet it's already been taken).
1 out of 10

Wow. I'd heard so many awful things about this movie. One ugly remark came rolling after another until the point that it'd pretty much taken its toll on me and I was sure I'd end up liking the movie just on the pure basis of the belief that it couldn't be that bad. It is that bad, and deserves every bit of the harsh criticism poured upon it. Wild Wild West is easily tied for the worst summer blockbuster I've seen in, well, possibly forever (the other one would be Tomb Raider). But at least it's still a smidgen better than Patch Adams.

What's the story? Will Smith and Kevin Kline (who have zero comic chemistry)(actually more like somewhere in the negatives, since they actually suck the fun out of the action) are secret service agents in the 1870's, trying to protect Ulysses S. Grant from a madman named Dr. Loveless (Kenneth Branagh, embarrassing himself to colossal extents). What we get is one of the most awfully unfunny movies in existence. As a matter of fact, what kept in my seat was wondering if the jokes could possibly get worse. And yes, they do. On a morbid level, there's some fascination to be had with what director Barry Sonnenfeld believes is good humor. The action's too sparse to ever be thrilling, the editing is incompetent (anybody else wonder how that one "indestructible" henchman suddenly met his demise at the end?), and the special effects MIGHT satisfy little kids. If you actually watch this movie in a crowd, it's the kind that induces blushes on whoever suggested watching this movie in the first place.
Worst Hollywood blockbuster of all time
WILD WILD WEST truly is a stinker of a film. Words cannot adequately express just how inane and endlessly trite this stupid, effects-filled movie is; ostensibly it's the big screen adaptation of a '60s cult TV show, but in reality it brings out the very worst of the Hollywood blockbuster sensibility.

The main problem with this film is that it goes for the action comedy template, particularly heavy on the buddy buddy humour. Will Smith was riding high after MEN IN BLACK, but he's really bad here, and I mean really bad. As for Kevin Kline, you can barely believe that this was the same guy from A FISH CALLED WANDA; you actually feel sorry for him. The humour is all of the toilet variety, with a particular focus on oddly misogynistic cross-dressing jokes which quickly become old and rather disgusting. It's one of the unfunniest so-called comedies ever to make it to the screen.

Kenneth Branagh gives the worst performance of his career as the hammy disabled villain, and much of the extensive budget was given over to a huge CGI mechnical spider which hasn't aged very well at all. As for the actresses, including Bai Ling and Salma Hayek, they're literally treated as pieces of meat. Barry Sonnenfeld has directed some junk in his time but even he must be ashamed of this one. It's hard to believe that between them the writers of this thing were responsible for the likes of PREDATOR, TREMORS, and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

Incidentally, WILD WILD WEST holds a special significance for me as the only film I've ever walked out of at the cinema. I believe in staying to watch a film to the end, no matter how bad - after all, you've paid to be there - but this was so appallingly awful that I felt I had no choice but to leave halfway through. Having recently watched the thing again right through to the end, I'm glad I made that choice.
Dear God, make it stop!
Okay, let's cut to the chase: This is an awful movie, the worst that the summer produced. It is by turns boring, offensive, overdone, and plain bad.

There are some serious casting flaws. The biggest of these is Will Smith as West. Smith is too much of a smart-aleck, and too young, to pull of this role. An older actor, like Samuel L. Jackson, could have done a much more believable job.Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh chew scenery with wild abandon, but at least both are tolerable, and Kenneth at least seems to be having a good time. Salma Hayek is an intelligent, believable actress, as long as her lips aren't moving. Then it's all shot.

One major problem is the awkward treatment of the character of West as a black man. The film takes place in the 19th century, when racism was an issue. The films responds to this issue with some trite references and lots of racial jokes, which were not only unfunny but offensive. I point my readers to "Blazing Saddles," which was a lot more controversial, perhaps, but handled the issue in a stronger manner, and was also damned funny.

Aside from the casting and insensitivity, this film is simply boring. Nothing happens, and it can be very hard to watch. There are not enough good jokes to help, either.

What should have been an exciting western with a twist turned into an agonizing quest to find the remote control before the film got any worse. I watched it through to the end, so that others like you should not have to. You have been warned.
The worst film I have seen in years
This has to be the worst film I have seen for many years. Was it supposed to be a comedy? I think I laughed once, and chuckled a couple of times, at most. A James Bond spoof as the director claims? You must be joking! An action adventure? Only if you like your plots ludicrous! A western? Hardly. A new genre? I can't see anyone else following in this diabolical film's footsteps.

The special effects might have been clever but they were also bizarre and stupid. Kenneth Branagh's performance was so over the top it was laughable (but not in a comedy type of way). I couldn't wait for it to end. If you are thinking if going to see this, a word of advice - don't!
where did they get all the coal from?
I realise this 'film' was a fantasy of a kind but even fantasy has to respect certain laws. All the monstrous machines were steam powered and as such would need lots of coal and lots of water. Where did it all come from in the desert and who shoveled it? Also magnets only behave like those ones around the heroes necks in cartoons.

I never recognized Kenneth Branagh but was shocked when I found he was in this film. I'm sure he hopes more people failed to recognize him.

I thought this was aimed at less than fussy children till the mention of Salma Hayeks ample cleavage was brought up and I realised it was aimed at adults.

The makers of this film must hold the public in contempt.
Fizzling Saddles ...
Buried in this god-awful disaster of a movie is a germ of an inkling of an iota of a great idea. It is not the idea of making a big blockbuster out of the great old 1960s TV show "The Wild Wild West," an idea which can, at best, be described as tiresomely uninspired. Nor is there brilliance in transforming the image of the lead character just so that they could build the role around star-of-the-moment Will Smith. But out of that horribly perverse example of Hollywood commercial packaging there is an intriguing premise, which naturally seems to have slipped past all involved without a second glance. What if the best, brightest and most intrepid government agent working in post-Civil War America was, indeed, a black man? Realistically, how would an African-American, functioning in a repressive, racist society, where even the most liberal thinker would see him as a second-class citizen, indeed, a second class human being, be able to not only outsmart the bad guys, but to impress even the skeptical good guys? It is an intriguing idea because, on the one hand, such an agent would not be suspected of being a threat and, on the other hand, he would have to overcome so many more barriers than a white man would ever face. He would be both invisible and yet stand out like the proverbial sore thumb just about anywhere he went. He'd be constantly fighting two battles. Such a film could be thrilling and funny, yet something rare: original.

"The Wild Wild West" TV show itself was all those things: it was highly derivative of both the traditional western and the then-fresh James Bond-style spy movie -- with more than a little bit of Batman-style comic book campiness kicked in -- yet it was ingenious in the way it melded those mythic genres into a one-of-a-kind series. There was never anything quite like "The Wild Wild West" and never anything since -- including this disastrous 1997 movie.

Everything about WILD WILD WEST, the movie, is just plain bad: tacky special effects; clumsy direction; an embarrassing screenplay; plus a fine, bewildered cast wasted in totally unworkable roles. But as bad as everything else is, the base rot of WWW goes directly to its reworked premise. No matter how open minded one might be, or how much one prides oneself on being socially color blind, there is just no way to honestly accept replacing Robert Conrad, TV's James West, with Will Smith. The time and the place dictate that James West be a white male -- unless, the filmmakers acknowledge and embrace the incongruity and use it for a real purpose.

Yet, the filmmakers want it both ways: the audience is expected to be able to ignore Smith's skin color, while at the same time the entire plot is based on his confrontation with a white racist trying to reestablish Confederate power and seize control of the U.S. government. How can you respect or believe in a film or filmmakers that get all preachy about the evils of racism while all along dealing with the issue with absolutely no respect for historical honesty? It is not clear if having Smith play James West as a cocky, street smart, John Shaft-style character was intended to be a joke, social commentary or just absurd politically correct pandering to black audiences, but it is clear that it does not work. The most outrageously unbelievable thing about WILD WILD WEST is not the wildly improbable sci-fi inventions but that the Smith character actually makes it to the end of the film without being lynched. It's not that the anachronism of a cocksure 20th century black man confronting 19th century bigotry isn't workable, because that very time-warp racial comedy had already been done with much greater success in the Mel Brooks classic, BLAZING SADDLES. Unlike WWW, Brooks and company realized the sheer idiocy of the premise, yet used that to mock both the black and the white stereotypes with equal glee.

Where BLAZING SADDLES is an honest farce, WILD WILD WEST is dishonest and cowardly. All involved probably thought they were being pretty daring by flaunting convention and hiring Smith, but they did not hire Will Smith the African American, they hired Will Smith the action hero movie star. They built WILD WILD WEST around Smith's race, but only to exploit his contemporary Hollywood image, even to the point of letting him create and perform a totally inappropriate (and totally bad) rap song at the end. You can sense the film exploiting both Smith's star image and his race, while not wishing to risk challenging either. The film tries to reinvent "The Wild Wild West" TV show, but the changes are literally skin deep. To really explore and compare racism in America by blending the attitudes of two different American centuries would have been too wild wild of an idea for these timid timid filmmakers.
Flat Out Horrible. Will Smith Is OVERRATTED!!!
This film is just bad. The TV show was decent for its time. But the two had a lot in common. NONE of the stuff they did was physically possible. If you want to make a fantasy movie fine, leave real people out of it like President U.S. Grant. Why anyone thinks Will Smith is talented is nuts! He is horrible!
"Wild Wild West" Is No Cinch.
Remember the nifty gadget in "Men in Black" that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith used to erase a person's memory? Some moviegoers who suffer through director Barry Sonnenfeld's big-screen bastardization of the CBS-TV cult classic sci-fi oater "Wild Wild West" may wish they could get their hands on that thingamajig. "Wild Wild West" qualifies as one of the worst movies ever adapted from a groundbreaking TV show. Indeed, even something as execrable as "The Avengers" surpasses this saddle sore sagebrusher. Audiences too young to recall the Robert Conrad & Ross Martin frontier farce will have fewer objections with this frivolous "Blazing Saddles" spin on the venerable TV series.

Sure, "Wild Wild West" captures the essence of the TV show, but Sonnenfeld and his scenarists cannot imitate its artistry. The title credits evoke memories of the paneled inserts that appeared during the cliffhanger moments and Elmer Bernstein's orchestral score replicates some of the punch of Richard Markowitz's original music. Nevertheless, this disastrous, $100-million plus dust raiser ends up as empty-headed as a sun-scorched steer skull in the sand. Inheriting the James West role created by Robert Conrad, Will Smith looks about as out of place as he would look at a KKK rally. Smith supercharged "Men in Black" and "Independence Day," but he is thoroughly miscast. Moreover, the short-sighted Sonnenfeld never justifies James West's change of color. Neither Kevin Kline as sidekick Artemus Gordon nor noted Shakespearean thespian Kenneth Branagh as the dastardly Confederate egomaniac Dr. Arliss Loveless redeem this thinly woven tumbleweed tale.

The back story that the sextet of scribes drummed up for James West is equally as contrived. Not only do they fail to address the race makeover, but they also overlook the fact that the Northern setting where West's family and friends were massacred was more racist than parts of the Deep South. Finally, couldn't Sonnenfeld have devised a better explanation for West's cultural change? Not that most people on the even the year 2000 in our hopelessly politically correct culture will remember it, but African-Americans found their career choices extremely circumscribed during Reconstruction. Any excuse would have been better than what "Wild Wild West" serves up. And the racism here lacks the venomous vibes of "Blazing Saddles."

Six scenarists received credit for this pastiche of a western. Who wrote what remains a mystery, but they dredged up a story so lame-brained that it resembles skits from a second-rate "Saturday Night Live" episode cross-bred with an antiquated Cold War thriller. President Ulysses S. Grant (Kevin Kline in such bad make-up that he passes for a bearded Charles Grodin) orders West and Gordon to learn who is kidnapping the greatest scientific minds of the century. West prefers to work alone, and Artemus feels similarly about him. Another problem with "Wild Wild West" is that it acts more like a prequel. Our heroes start out hating each other. West is an Army Captain on the trail of ex-Rebel General 'Blood Bath' McGrath (Ted Levine of "Heat") while Gordon is a U.S. Marshal on the same trail. Essentially, West is a shoot-first & ask-questions later kind of hombre, while Gordon is the inventive alternative. He relies on his quirky gimmicks and falls back on gunplay as a last resort. They spend most of the movie competing with each other instead of working together, and this rivalry must have crept into their performances. Smith and Kline kindle little of the chemistry and charisma that made Conrad and Martin so memorable. At the end of the movie, President Grant makes them his first two Secret Service agents.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld brings a wry sense of humor to "Wild Wild West." While Sonnenfeld's askew brand of comedy complimented "The Addams Family," "Addams Family Values," "Get Shorty," and "Men in Black," the humor wears thin in this western. Casting Kenneth Branagh as a legless villain must have seemed comical on paper, but the special effects buffoonery grows as tiresome and tedious as gibes about handicapped people and blacks. Occasionally, a scene or two nearly works, such as projecting the last image on the retina of a dead scientist. Will Smith's James West sabotages the scene by repeating ad nauseam: "That is a man's head," as if anything remotely human mattered in this ersatz opus. Furthermore, Sonnenfeld wrangles everything from previous summer epics. The Lego-style, 80 foot, mechanical tarantula that storms through Utah's Monument Valley looks as clunky as this movie sounds.

Scenarists S.S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, Jeffrey Price, Peter Seaman, and Jim & James Thomas break the cardinal rule of all action flicks. Neither James West nor Artemus Gordon is ever in jeopardy. Sonnenfeld and his joke happy writers erect hoops for our heroes to leap through but they never set fire to those hoops. In other words, the filmmakers make it far too easy for our heroes. The magnetic collar scene is probably the worst offender. Rivaling it is James West's escape from a lynch party, and the final assault on the giant tarantula will have you yawning. West dispatches several henchmen with the aplomb of 007, right down to knocking a blade-wielding villain overboard so he can quip, "No more Mr. Knife Guy." At least, in the TV show, Robert Conrad makes the brawls look believable; Conrad foreshadowed Jackie Chan in that the former performed all his own stunts, sometimes at his own peril.

"Wild Wild West" struggles so desperately to be funny that it degenerates into a travesty. The film dabbles in sexual innuendoes that seem extreme for its PG-13 rating. Parents should think twice before exposing their children to these questionable shenanigans. Overblown special effects, sketchy characters, zero chemistry between the leads, gratuitous humor, and unsavory violence ride roughshod over anything remotely memorable in this train wreck of a movie. Aptly enough, Robert Conrad has summed up "Wild Wild West" as "an abortion."
The Horror!!!
When I decided to go see the movie, I was sure I wouldn't suffer too much, because I didn't set my hopes very high in the first place. I was wrong. The plot was downright insulting. Anyone with a vague understanding of history of technology, war, or anything else would notice how things that no one thought of until WWI were invented in 1869 by a bored genius (who, for some reason, seems very very stupid when he speaks). And, of course, the black military hero in the mid 1800s. I have nothing to add to that. I read a viewer's comment claiming that Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh did a good job, but were limited by, well, everything else. They did not do a good job. They were in the movie. I'm not even going to talk about the characters and acting, and more than enough has been said about the special effects. The movie is just plain bad! And, to top it all off, the rest of the audience was aged, in average, 11, and so every time the plot went anywhere close to romantic (and they almost never got any closer than those horrendously written word games), the entire audience yelled in disgust. They were also the ones responsible for the inch of Coke on the floor, to complete my movie-going experience.
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