We Still Steal the Old Way
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Sacha Bennett
Julian Glover as Sir Edward
Deborah Moore as Anne-Marie
Tanya Franks as Governor Pryce
Vas Blackwood as David
Lysette Anthony as Lizzie
Sean Cronin as C.P.O. Quinn
Ian Ogilvy as Richie Archer
Nicky Henson as Jack Houghton
Michael Jenn as Don Temple
Patrick Bergin as George Briggs
Paul Blackwell as Police Officer
Anouska Mond as Carmen
Billy Murray as Vic Farrow
Tony Denham as Butch
Storyline: The Archer Gang are back and doing a daring heist in London. Remanded in prison, they will try to break out their old friend Briggs.
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Horrendous, scooby doo plot and acting
I absolutely loved the first movie, We Still Kill The Old Way. I caught it by chance last week whilst staying in a hotel, never heard of it before, but for some reason it drew me in with it's old school teach-the-kids-a-lesson tip of the cap to Lock Stock and Reservoir Dogs feel. I loved that so much that I went and looked it up and found there was a second film, couldn't wait to get it on! After an hour, couldn't wait to get it off! I couldn't finish it, seriously I turned it off 20 minutes before the end. The acting is terrible, the plot has nothing to do with stealing anything... I thought this would be an Oceans 11 type of a deal but nope, it's based around a prison break! The story is packed full of cringey lines trying too hard to make you care about the characters and their past but it just fails with half assed lines like "remember how we did this and remember you did that" so much it becomes distracting. If this was animated it would be like a scooby doo cartoon at times. I'm genuinely sad at how bad this was after being so pulled in by the first film. Shame. The idea of old retired gangsters coming back to mop up the scroats of today had some top potential, but its squandered over here.
Its a shame old Jim Cosmo didn't return otherwise for a budget film it was better than the American equivalent that of the pure cheese oceans 11. I hope to see another... I found it witty and sentimental. Besides its great seeing some good old boys roughing up bell-end chavs and or pikeys, and best of all junkies!
The title had me..
I'm not one to usually review a movie on here, even if bad. This movie had me going as I love heist movies or anything to do with robbing in general. This movie is incredibly slow paced, and could have been made into a good movie. It's really tough to watch, and by the end you do feel as though you just eagerly wasted two hour's of your life. I waited for the good ending and it never came. I'm curious how "Going in Style" is though as I think it'll make up for watching this junk.
Long in the Tooth
I can't really say I enjoyed this film. It just seemed a bit tired. A thin plot about old villains, aging gangsters and scripted vendettas no one remembers or at the very least has no interest in remembering. When one of the character actors asks: Why are we here? I found myself asking the same question: Why am I here watching this film?

I get the idea of one last kick at the can for the Archer gang but the writing and execution must be on point. "We still steal the old way" is neither.

I wanted something that would take me down memory lane, I wanted a nostalgic feel to this film but instead I was spoon fed cliché lines by flat actors who looked like they needed a nap.

On top of all this the story just didn't pull me in. I found myself watching with one eye on the screen and another on my watch wondering when I was going to see the end credits scrolling past me.

Not the most horrible film I've seen but far from the best. I recommended a weekend watch, perhaps on a Saturday afternoon around nap time. It will certainly lull you to sleep even with the so called "action" sequences.

Although very different genres, last year's AbFab feature film is far more interesting and entertaining.
What a turd ball of a movie
Endless boring monologues and overall just a lifeless plot. Combine this with dreadful acting and that is this movie in a nutshell. Even fast forwarding the movie it was horrid.

No every Guy Ritchie tribute movie that comes out of the UK is good, this one is a prime example of just how bad a movie can be.
Incredulous sequel to the similar original
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Richie (Ian Oglivy) and the gang return, this time to pull off a heist in a bank vault, with the express intention of being caught. They are sent inside, and reunited with their old friend Briggsy (Patrick Bergin), who they want to break out in order that he can be reunited with his dying wife. However, as an old friend is returned, so is an old enemy in the shape of Vic Farrow (Billy Murray), a nasty piece of work who wants to initiate a war with his side and theirs as the breakout commences.

While 2014's We Still Kill the Old Way, from the same director, Sacha Bennett, may have seemed like quite a throwaway, irrelevant gangster flick, it obviously spawned enough of a cult following that this follow up piece has been made. Another attempt to blend the old school crime caper with a more modern, hard hitting style, despite a different premise, Bennett has produced a result much the same, which means that this is pretty much as average as the last film. And it doesn't help that Stealing doesn't carry quite the same dramatic impact as Killing.

Although, as others have noted, stealing isn't even what the plot revolves around, as much as a break out, which is a trade descriptions breach if ever there was one. It's clear from the commentary afterwards that Bennett was trying to pull off a fun filled vibe to the films (which he hopes to repeat with another one!), but there are times when it threatens to interfere with the tone of the film, in the shape of some awfully choreographed fight sequences, and a wobbly mixture of darkness and light, such as Vince Blackwood's murderer character, who provides an uneasy resolve in the end pay-off.

There's a notable chemistry between the characters, and they feed off each other well, and Murray is always a great villain, but, ultimately, this will leave no more or less an impression on you than the last one. **
Still Entertaining..
The Archer Gang are back and doing a daring heist in London. Remanded in prison, they will try to break out their old friend Briggs. The sequel to the 2014 We Still Kill The Old Way is here and it was pretty good not better than the original but still very entertaining but let's get threw more details shall we? First of all the gang is back except James Cosmo, the action is actually pretty nice and the overall story is pretty entertaining to watch also the film took ideas from Oceans Eleven and Escape Plan since a large part takes place inside a prison and the rest of it it's about stealing. Now as far as flaws go unlike the first one this one lacks the charm and pretty much the crazy action and it takes a bit to start because for about 20 to 30 minutes it's indeed very slow, now the new villain although is better than the E2 villain from the first film he gets thrown in a very weird way and he kinda lacks character development but he is much better than the first one. Overall this is not a masterpiece for sure but fans of 80's and 90's action movies will not be disappointed and for that i'm going to give it an 8/10
Rubbish Brit gangster film. Just like the old days
The problem with making a gangster film with a bunch of geriatric actors is that they are too old for the action scenes. So here we get a bunch of old actors talking about what it was like back in the old days and swearing a lot.

Richie Archer and his crew are back, caught in the middle of a heist in a bank vault but it was really a ruse to get inside a prison to help break out their old pal George Briggs whose wife is seriously ill with Alzheimer's.

Trouble is another gangster, Vic Farrow who is inside another prison also has an interest in George, but to get rid off him rather than help him escape.

We Still Steal the Old Way is a dismal film, too slow, it has little action and when we do get a prison riot at the end, it is laughably badly staged. It lacks the wicked wit of the first film which frankly was not even that good in the first place.
What color is this one?
Another upbeat crime tale by Sacha Bennett who also wrote himself a small role. The "not quite over the hill gang" lead by Richie Archer (Ian Ogilvie) gets caught performing an old fashion bank heist...deliberately. Their plan is to go to prison and spring George (Patrick Bergin) so he can visit his dying wife. Rival Vic Farrow (Billy Murray) "He's not the devil, but he comes a close second" throws a wrench into the works.

This production smartly moves between a crime drama and a prison drama with the right amount of humor mixed into the dialogue. Julian Glover has a minor role as compared to his billing. Not to give too much away, but the film sets up for a better sequel. I loved the scene when they all have on reading glasses attempting to make out the color of an alarm wire.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.