Virtual Revolution
USA, France
Crime, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Guy-Roger Duvert
Mike Dopud as Nash
Leslie Carles as Killer #2
Elie Haddad as Camille
Zoe Corraface as Dalwyn
Kaya Blocksage as Camylle
Jochen Hägele as Stilson
Melissa Mars as Finlen
Serge Crozon-Cazin as Interpol Agent #2
Eric Kailey as Vardag
Jane Badler as Dina
Storyline: Paris 2047. Most of the population spend all their time online, connected into virtual worlds, and don't care anymore about reality. A shadow agent, Nash, working for one of the multinational companies behind these virtual worlds, is tracking down terrorists who threaten the system...
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Don't kill the player, kill the game
In 2047 Paris, Nash (Mike Dopud) is a private detective hired by Dina (Jane Badler) of Synternis, a virtual reality company. 75% of the world is known as "the connected" spending their entire shortened lives on-line addicted to virtual reality. This has become the "bread and circus" of a new age...the revolution that has already happened. A group who calls themselves "The Necromancers" has a computer virus that can kill gamers. Nash is being paid a bounty for them.

The plot gets slightly twisty. Interpol gets involved, Nash's wife was a victim. His brother-in-law is a computer geek. The main attraction of the film is the theme which begs the question, what if people don't desire freedom...should they be forced? Guide: No swearing. Nudity (Lucile Wawrzyniak, Aurore Schaeffer, Petra Silander)
Basic Blade Runner knock off
On the surface Virtual Revolution looks enticing.

Regrettably, the not too shabby special effects and reasonable cast, can't make up for this films conspicuous shortcomings. This flicks biggest flaw is its lack of imagination and originality. Virtual Revolution comes across as a rather basic knock off of films like Blade Runner and any other dystopian, futurist, sci fi, you care to name. Why on earth can't film makers look past older films and come up with some new, fresh ideas, of their own?

Virtual Revolution's cause is not helped by rather uninspiring narrative and scripting either. I found the characters bland and uninteresting, with no real depth or substance to them.

The result is a film that's alright for those who have no point of comparison. Unfortunately for veteran viewers like myself, who have had exposure to superb films like Blade Runner, this one pales into insignificance. A five out of ten from me.
Not worth the time
After reading a number of critic's reviews who raved about how original this film was I decided to give this a go. But unfortunately right from the outset this is just a succession of clichés, borrowed from better movies like Blade Runner.

Even the main character is trying a bad impersonation as a Harrison- Ford-wanna-be, and it's awful.

The dialog is stilted, and the occasional one-liners are unoriginal.

Example; the hero gets beaten up badly early on and his ID and gun taken off him. As he's lying there he mumbles "That was fun..." Are we supposed to laugh? Or admire his stoicism? It gets worse, and this movie is not worth the time spent watching it. You'll just get more and more annoyed as you are bored struggling through the story. Don't bother and avoid this.
A Movie For The Gamers That Like The Shhot 'Em Up Flicks
After reading other reviews I thought I'd give it a go. Really, I didn't find the movie all that appealing - the missus' attention span was sleep - that automatically gives it a thumbs down. It's basically 80% virtual reality shots with a very thin story line stretched out to 90 min. Like many other said, a Blade Runner rip off masquerading as a VR movie. Special effect aren't too bad, but the story line and dialogue are just woeful. Don't waste your 90 minutes which you won't get back and save your money.
Watch if you are starting out as a filmmaker.
First, in an effort to be positive: There are so many things in this film done amazingly well - especially considering the budget. The cinematography was quite good, the production design and props were - again, for the money - amazing. Costume department had a strong showing. Well done. The special effects were not groundbreaking, but for groundbreaking special effects, it seems you have to employ 1,000 VFX artists. (You ever count the names in the VFX section of the credits of a blockbuster? That's a small city right there.) In any event, the effects were good enough to not be a distraction.

The creative aspects of this film, sadly, did not live up to the technical achievements. I understand that this film is strongly influenced by Blade Runner, Inception, The Matrix, perhaps the book Ready Player One (which Spielberg has made into a film). No issues there. However, if you're going to play in that space, the characters have to be grounded, they have to pull you into the story. The dialogue has to be believable to the ear. The actors have to sell that world to the audience. This did not happen, as other reviewers have mentioned.

However, if you are starting out as a filmmaker, this is a great film to watch. You get to see that impressive visuals can be achieved with a modest budget ... and think about how much better it could have been if the writing had been a step up.

Definitely worth watching, from that perspective.
Big mistake ever
Before watching this I read some reviews that made me want to check it out. I can only say this: Avoid at all cost. I really mean that. This movie is a total waste of time. The "hero" is a Rick Deckard copy (a bad one). And almost all the movie's lines are a bunch of clichés and the dialogues are really poor... I really can't recommend this to anyone.
Nice independent SciFi movie... And french!
I may understand some bad ratings! This movie is like french literature, a bit complicated and intellectual. I agree this will not be the movie of the year, but I acknowledge the effort and the construction : special effects are good, atmosphere is fair, acting is good enough to immerse you in this future, filming is well done, story-line is having a track. This could really be our future some day. The realism of the streets of future Paris is nicely constructed, seems like some 1900 paintings. This is not a blockbuster from Hollywood, this is an independent SciFi movie with a fair budget and to be honest, the money have been invested well. I have been watching the whole entire movie and enjoyed it. I hope people will do so.
Good sci-fi flick
I disagree with the negative reviews of this movie. Yes it was very reminiscent of BladeRunner, but that's one of the things I really liked about it. In an age where movies are all about the big explosions and the highly technical SFX or super sophisticated digital SFX, this movie was a great homage to the classic epic cinematic movies, like BladeRunner.

Excellent all around. A little crap dialogue here or there, but mostly really good. And this movie has it all... Suspense, mystery, action, a thrill or three, a bit of drama, a plot twist or two and a fair amount of philosophical and moralistic questioning.

And really that was what I like the most about it. Most modern sci-fi stories are stories set in a futuristic environment with no questioning of our personal ideas and mores. Back before we called Science Fiction by the name "Science Fiction" it was called Speculative Fiction. Back then it was full of high moral ideas. Like sacrificing one's self for the greater good/continuation of the species. Or should we trust computers or distrust them. Example 2001: A Space Odyssey (which was choke full of cinematic shots.)

To the guy complaining about the use of contemporary themes in futuristic movies, at what point did we stop using artwork to explore our relationship with modern society?

Ultimately there is nothing new under the sun in creative works until some major change occurs in society elsewhere. Climate change and asteroids potentially hitting the earth is in the news and not long after someone somewhere uses that as inspiration to write The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact or Armageddon.

For me this was a welcome and delightful departure from the modern fanfare of movies, no matter how great they are. It's refreshing because of it's style.

The potential spoiler: The BladeRunner emphasis is mostly in the first 20 minutes and then fades to a subtle note here and there after that. The cinematic shots and the music along with the setup are very much a nod to BladeRunner in that 20 minutes. The rest of the movie is more it's own.