Viking Legacy
Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Victor Mawer, Tom Barker
Les Kenny-Green as Finian
John Jones as Celtic Christian Monk
Abbie Hirst as Sister Kale
Wolfie Hughes as Briton
Alec James as Henry
Daniel E. James as King's Soldiers
Neil Harris as Soldier 2
Hollie Burrows as Orlaith
Julian Gillard as Saxon Soldier
Mark Fry as Saxon Soldier
Eirian Evans as Saxon Soldier
James Cooke as Sven
Liam Dascombe as Cyneric
Storyline: In ancient times, there were seven sacred scrolls believed to grant power and prosperity to those who possessed them. Prophecy told that a child born in pure Royal blood would one day harness power and rule over the nations. As men fought to claim the scrolls, Europe was pushed to the brink of war. In order to maintain peace, a Celtic King, the Father of a pure blood child, obtained the scrolls and gave them to the Christian Council for safe keeping. As word of the King's actions spread, a warlord hell - bent on finding the scrolls murdered him in cold blood. And so, the King's Daughter, like the scrolls, was taken into hiding until the day that the prophecy could be fulfilled.
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Don't waste your time
I am so glad I only spent $1.50 on Renting this B movie from Redbox. The acting is horrible. The only reason why I watched the movie for 20 minutes was the leading actress is very cute. Other than that the nothing noteworthy. If you live in Siberia or Alaska stuck inside side 1/2 the year maybe this might be one of the last movies You watch.
Not worth a watch.
I enjoyed most parts of this, good story line and an easy watch. The character of Cyneric was portrayed quite well and im not sure what other work he has done, but will definitely keep my eye out. However, i think the character of Sven could of been portrayed much better, it was almost awkward to watch. Perhaps someone of more experience and a more competent actor would of really brought this film to the next level. That said, good work guys, would recommend. The best part of the film was the scenery and as sad as that is to say, there is not much potential for a fair few of these actors. Im not stupid and wasn't expecting a big extravagant film, but this was really poor. Think majority will have to stick to the day job as acting isn't going to go far for them. However, i hope i am proved wrong.
One of the worst movies through history
I think it is enough said I have registered to document it. Maybe its production costs 23 $ or something. Really awful movie with around 10 actors .. can you imagine wars and battles done between 6 or 7 poor men. I do not know whose idea was this to have a big achievement in such failure. Maybe some actors was not too bad but still sharing in this miserable production. If you've got some extra boredom time but welling to spend some more boring time .. it is your choice then .>> if you have this decision make sure you are not suffering from heart diseases. I am suffering more now while spending time trying to help potential watchers figuring it out. from my heart I wish James Cooke, Hollie Burrows and Abbie Hirst .. please try to choose what you are doing .. you have a good seed .. do not kill it
Whispers and Ghosts
The background to the story: The Vikings had these 7 scrolls (not rings) that "gave power and prosperity to those who possessed them." But apparently not enough power as the Christians sacked the villages and took them. They were given to a Celtic king, who likewise was killed and the scrolls were given to monks as well as the king's daughter. There is a prophecy that involves the offspring of "pure royal blood" whatever that was in those ages as royalty was a crap shoot. The dead king's daughter, Orla (Hollie Burrows) trained by monks is finally grown up as the Vikings have finally figured out where the scrolls are located. The monastery is being sacked as Orla escapes with a book. The monks who likewise had the powerful scrolls were also killed. Sorry for that opening plot spoiler.

I guess there were 200 Vikings, but they were almost all killed in a battle with the indigenous. A great fight scene they don't show us, just a clearing (battlefield) with a sword stuck in the ground. Sven (James Cooke) the traitorous son of the Viking King helps Orla because....umm....he is an honorable Viking? The 200 Vikings is now 4 or 5...just enough for a low budget film. Sven carries a hatchet but they call it an axe...just imagine it is larger.

My favorite line: "I will find you. I swear by the last breath of Odin." Yup that was convincing. Acting and lines went missing with the 200 Vikings.

Guide: No swearing...other than that Odin thing. Implied sex. Male butt nudity. Dark night near nudity.
Truly awful movie.
I spent £4.49 on Virgin Media to watch this utter B rate of a movie. The acting and the script were atrocious. The "action" was totally boys own stuff and when the hero and heroine got on the "horse" it was absolutely laughable. They obviously couldn't afford a horse and they pretended to ride it, with only their shoulders seen and their hips moving, like something out of an old Errol Flynn movie. The part when the hero and his brother fought with their swords was laughable. It reminded me of a Monty Python sketch. I really don't know why producers and directors go to all the trouble of making these awful films, as after the first 20 minutes, I had to switch it over before I lost control and threw the telly out of the window!
Two for the effort, but they shouldn't have bothered.
This film sucks and no one should watch it. There really is no reason to make this film, release it or worst of, charge people for it.

When you spend $100 making a film and charge people a normal admission/DVD/BR/rental fee compared to a $100m film, there's something off.

I don't know what the budget of this film is, but it's probably nothing. If you're curious as to know what kind of production this is, watch the trailer, or look at Tornado Films' website.

The question remains - how do you make a medieval/viking film with no money? The answer is simple, you don't. You just don't. Questions like "how do you build a house for $800 or a car for $200" should be avoided.

If you want to make a film with no money, set it in 2016 where you already have tons of 2016 stuff like clothes, music, furniture, cars, etc. If you want to make a film in 816, it's gonna cost ya.

There are ways of doing it cheap(er), but not with almost no money. "Battles" with 6 people look ridiculous. Cheap looking costumes always give Halloween vibes.

There are medieval reenactment hobbyists that go to the park on Sunday that have a more professional looking setup.

I'm guessing these guys did this thing for fun, but they shouldn't be selling it as if it were a real film. Put it on Youtube or Vimeo. I didn't pay for it (friend had the Blu- ray) and I still felt that it was a waste of time.

I really wonder how they'll recoup the costs of this production, but considering how little they put into it, it might just take a few dozen rentals.

I applaud the courage to go out and make a film. Everyone wants to do it, but not anyone can do it. But not everyone should either and not every tiny idea should become a film.
What was this
This movie starts out with some absolutely terrible acting between the main actress and someone with a terrible accent who somehow survives a fire with nothing but a burn on his face only to have his head cut off seconds later. The awful acting continues through out the film, an they try to make you forget about it by adding gore to the short and poor fight scenes. There is no chemistry between the two main actors and the film consists of them walking through trees asking each of the questions that seem to lead to nowhere. There is nothing that I can honestly say stands out in this movie other then the fact that the acting is dreadful.
This film is terrible and the acting is dreadful.
The plot is weak and acting poor. People being chased have no sense of urgency and stop off to have a chat. Actors speak as though reading their lines with little or no emotion. This has to be a contender for the worst film of 2016 and I feel duped that I wasted good money on this DVD. There is far too much CGI and the key characters appear to have walked miles in seconds and on other occasions they walk for days with no food or and yet show no signs of having traveled. This is a complete LARP fest and a very amateur production. I have seen better acting at a pantomime. With a viking that has to hold his nose to go under water and sword play worthy of children play fighting with light sabres this so called horror film is more of a comedy than a serious film. i fully expected it to say, filmed in someones garden in the credits. So called vikings warriors are played as a bunch of wimps. Don't waste your time or money.
Total Waste of time
Horrible just Horrible

It has some OK hack and slash scenes but that's about all you get plus after 20 min of it you get the feeling that someone decided to make a movie on a Sunday and then shot the movie on Monday and finished it by Tuesday

I don't see any Viking culture in this movie just some man with beards and swords a shame because the story could have resulted in a great movie

maybe 5 years ago people could get away with this but now are days with the hit Series,s Vikings playing ..people should make a better effort to at least make a movie that comes close to real Viking culture