Vertical Limit
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Martin Campbell
Chris O'Donnell as Peter Garrett
Robin Tunney as Annie Garrett
Stuart Wilson as Royce Garrett
Augie Davis as Aziz
Temuera Morrison as Major Rasul
Roshan Seth as Colonel Amir Salim
Alejandro Valdes-Rochin as Sergeant Asim
Nicholas Lea as Tom McLaren
Rod Brown as Ali Hasan
Scott Glenn as Montgomery Wick
Steve Le Marquand as Cyril Bench
Ben Mendelsohn as Malcolm Bench
Izabella Scorupco as Monique Aubertine
Bill Paxton as Elliot Vaughn
Storyline: A high-adrenaline tale of young climber Peter Garrett, who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world's second highest peak. Confronting both his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements, Peter risks his life to save his sister, Annie, and her summit team in a race against time. The team is trapped in an icy grave at 26,000 feet - a death zone above the vertical limit of endurance where the human body cannot survive for long. Every second counts as Peter enlists the help of a crew of fellow climbers, including eccentric, reclusive mountain man Montgomery Wick, to ascend the chilling might of the world's most feared peak to save her.
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Great Action Flick.
If you like Action movies for their escapism, you will love Vertical Limit. It deserves a 9/10 rating.

If you need reality, go elsewhere. It would only be a 2/10 rating. Better yet, go watch a documentary.

This movie is no different than the Spielberg formula, from movies like Indiana Jones. However, for those of us that like the formula, this is great entertainment.

The writing gets a 5/10 Special Effects - 10 Camera work - 10 Acting - 8 Character development - 6

Have some fun, turn off the thinking cap, and watch this action flick.
This is what happens when you steal the action from Cliffhanger and the story line from Shakespeare
You know a movie is going to be bad when the audience laughs at a supposed emotional climax. Meet Chris O'donnell, a mountain climber with absolutely no muscle tone, his sister Robin Tunney, with absolutely no acting talent, and the ridiculous plot with absolutely no sense. First of all, the relationship between O'donnell and Tunney make Angelina Jolie and her brother look perfectly normal. Most people just look at their siblings, they gaze longingly into each others eyes. But besides the weird relationship, the story is ridiculous. The same tragedy that separated them brings them back together which then separates them which in turn brings them back together (Whew! If that doesn't make any sense, welcome to the viewing public's experience of this movie) Scott Glenn appears as his usual haggard self. He really gives new meaning to the word crusty. Bill Paxton does his best at being menacing (his best wasn't good enough). The ending is as expected, extremely predictable. By the way, if a movie was ever guilty of gratuitous explosions, this is it. As I was leaving the theater, a 10yr old summed this one up the best,"I rate this movie a C for Crap!"
Producers seem to have to put some effort into making a good movie about mountaineering, but some goofs are just too hard to overlook, even from the point of view of a novice climber who never was within a thousand miles of K2.

Your sense of incredulity should spike up from the first scene, which depends crucially on the idea that the key character, a seasoned mountaineer, somehow does not have a knife on him mid-climb.

Assorted similar goofs go on and on. A mountaineer who walks around near the edge of a precipice without her backpack, all the while waving around her ice axe as if it weren't the primary tool intended to save her life in case of a fall. A different mountaineer who does not appear to make any effort at self-arrest (other than a lot of yelling) when he slips and starts sliding on a glacier. There are many examples.

Here's the main problem. Why is it that, in real life, you can't take a bunch of people from K2 base camp and tell them to fetch some distressed hikers at 26,000 feet? The answer is "lack of altitude acclimatization". In other words, these people would basically lie down and refuse to move (or at least come down with a severe case of altitude sickness, including headache, dizziness, and vomiting) about halfway up. But that wouldn't make for such a dramatic movie, would it? So we need to play down that angle, and instead work on some external dangers. Like the need to carry some canisters of extremely volatile nitroglycerin to the top of the mountain. (Of course, its extreme volatility is the primary reason why not a single military in the world actually uses the stuff - nor did for the last 100 years. At the very least, they'd use sawdust soaked with nitroglycerin, better known as "dynamite" because it's way easier to handle.)
definitely worth the watch
Vertical Limit first caught my attention with its trailer, and from the looks of it, I thought this would definitely be one exciting film. I was not disappointed. It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. Although some parts were predictable, I found that my heart still jumped when it happened. Not only were the action/disaster scenes intense, but the whole story made me feel the character's fears, and the cold. This is not "get into big trouble and get pulled out quickly." This is "get into big trouble, then get into bigger trouble, and then into complete disaster, and maybe they can get out of it." I, along with the audience cringed and jumped quite a few times and came out with white knuckles. The bottom line is, if you want to see a thrilling adventure, this is it.
A film with an excellent opening sequence drops audience off shortly thereafter
I was encouraged by the opening sequence, grabbing although a little campy. But once the first scene ended the rest of the film was flat. And yes, that's possible even with a thriller genre. The character who was supposed to be the "important" one, Annie, was boring and shallow. Yet so much was put at stake for the sake of that character. Partly it was the writing, and partly I think it was the actress (Robin Tunney) who delivered an uninteresting and sometimes annoying performance.

There were moments in the film that were entertaining. Go if you like Chris O'Donnell, and go if you're into climbing (though you'll be annoyed at the misconceptions this movie encourages about the safety of climbing,) but don't go if you expect the hype to match the actual film.

One for the out tray...
You know from the first 5 minutes where this movie is going. Just watch Cliffhanger. This is bad acting, and a bad, sad and old story. A couple of good stunts make 5 minutes of it watchable, but the "high-fivin', back slappin', hootin and a'hollerin' " party scene in the Himilayas reminiscent of the Presidents speech in Independance Day, is too much for any sane person to bear. God Bless Hollywood, you make the rest of us glad of where we are. Spend you money on a popsicle instead.
Movies like these make my life worth living.
This one is full of adventure and is a story of courage.If you don't like such stuff then something is wrong with you.The movie keeps you right at the edge of your seat till it concludes.High altitude scenery is a must watch.If you love the nature and it's beauty then it's the movie for you.The rescue mission shown in this flick is a bit too enthusiastic though with the explosives and stuff.Normally the Pakistan Military comes for help whenever they are called for.Himalayas are the hunting ground for the Snow leopards(an endangered species),and those are been shown there.The snow leopard leads a largely solitary life so, a very well depiction of this fact.A worth watch.
Entertaining Mountain Climbing Film
Usually I do not care very much for mountain climbing films as they usually have a very similar plot. This film had plenty of action with Helicopters flying all over the place and horrible snow storms and also entrapment in caves deep under tons of snow and ice. The film starts out with a father, son and daughter adventuring up a steep mountain during a very sunny day and having a wonderful time with each other. Their father was a very experienced climber and all of a sudden a tragic situation happens and a horrible life or death decision had to be made within seconds. There is lots of scary scenes and plenty of explosions and more action than you can handle.
awful movie
The movie has been shoddily made and too many holes in the story. The climbers are shown to make too many mistakes like losing their backpacks, ice picks or whatever they are called getting loose, not expecting avalanches after big explosions. Actors especially Wick muttering gibberish as if he is praying in Urdu.

They could have made it better if they had shown graphics indicating base camp, the routes of the 3 search teams and time line of events happening.

It had some engrossing parts. 5 out of 10.
Not three bad
It has truly stunning scenery. It isn't a climbing guide and it's not meant to be. I really don't know what people want from a film these days. Reality TV seems to have rotted people's brains. This is FICTION. Enjoy it on it's own escapist level, or don't watch it. In fiction you can take certain liberties. That is why it's fiction. Taking up a sport as physically demanding as climbing because you saw a movie once is ridiculous.

What's good: Chris O'Donnell is a solid choice for leading man, and Robin Tunney doesn't disgrace herself as the single-minded sister. Scott Glenn is the standout as the reclusive loner, but he doesn't really have enough screen time. It was also frankly a relief to see the Pakistani characters, although minor, treated with some respect, making them reasonable, reasoning men.

The problems: Far too many crises. Avalanches, explosions, the helicopter nearly cutting someone to ribbons, the list never ends, and as characters just keep dying you start to feel as though the punchline is just going to be more death and destruction. Which is a little wearisome. The script is also somewhat clichéd. It's worth watching once, but this is certainly a movie I wouldn't go back to. Many of the minor characters are just there to die, so they are not especially well-fleshed out. The central 'villain' played by Bill Paxton is a pale shadow of what a villain should be. Contrast Michael Moriarty in Cliffhanger, but since the real 'villain' is meant to be the mountain, Paxton's character is not given enough substance to be more than a one note performance.

All round, the film scores on beautiful scenery, but crucially falls down on the overloaded plot.