Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
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Spike Brandt
Lori Alan as Mrs. Teevee (voice)
Dallas Lovato as Violet Beauregarde (voice)
Jim Ward as Anchorman / German Reporter (voice)
Lincoln Melcher as Charlie Bucket (voice)
Mick Wingert as Mr. Slugworth (voice)
Kate Higgins as Mrs. Bucket (voice)
Emily O'Brien as Veruca Salt (voice)
John Paul Karliak as Willy Wonka (voice)
Jeff Bergman as Droopy / American Reporter (voice)
Sean Schemmel as Mr. Salt / Mr. Turkentine (voice)
Audrey Wasilewski as Mrs. Gloop (voice)
Jess Harnell as Grandpa Joe (voice)
Kath Soucie as Tuffy (voice)
Storyline: An animated re-telling of the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in which Tom and Jerry help Charlie Bucket attain a Golden Ticket and secretly accompany him into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory to prevent one of Wonka's competitors from stealing a special candy known as the Everlasting Gobstopper, but also experience the wonderful world of the chocolate factory with the guide of Tuffy, an oompa-loompa mouse.

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A Movie That Lacks Pure Imagination
I remember watching the Tom and Jerry shorts on TV when I was a kid and I enjoyed them and I'm glad to see that they're still entertaining kids today, although I think the newer stuff is pretty downgraded when it comes to the slapstick comedy. I also remember watching the original 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' film with the late Gene Wilder as a kid and love it to this day. So it comes to my surprise that both will have a crossover and when I saw the trailer I thought it was a terrible idea. Why make a crossover that no one asked for?

So after seeing it via a streaming website, because I don't want to buy a DVD that might end up being worthless. After watching it, it's bad and just lacked so much creativity. All it basically is is the original 70's movie all animated with Tom and Jerry. There are at least one or two changes but they don't make the movie stand out. I hated for the fact that Slugworth was singing Veruca's song 'I Want It Now!', it just feels dumb to do that. But one thing that I do like was Veruca being scolded at her father after being in the furnace for being selfish and rude, but it felt brushed away.

The animation, oh god I think it was horrible! The facial expression on characters like Charlie, Wonka and the other kids look creepy, soulless and dead and Slugworth I think was most hideous designed character I've seen from the movie. Another thing that I hate was the voice acting. I felt it was rushed and poor. The characters never seem to take a break from talking and some feel like they weren't trying to replicate the original actors. I get it that it's it own movie but when it comes to probably one of the most charming films of all time, people kind expect it to be a bit faithful to the original movie. The closest voice was Grandpa Joe.

Well I think that's my view on the movie so I'll..oh wait, Tom and Jerry were in this movie too! I know that this movie has Tom and Jerry in it. But it feels like they were forced into the plot with no rhyme or reason. They were just there and that's it. I like the comedy of Tom and Jerry but I also felt their comedy dragged the movie out with its pacing and it was getting annoying at times.

I think this movie is recommended to fans of Tom and Jerry but I feel this movie was bad and it purely lacked imagination to at least make it its own thing and rather just be lazy and put Tom and Jerry in a movie to make $$$ for Warner Bros. I like Tom and Jerry but these crossover films shouldn't be made. However this movie makes me glad that the original still exists and I recommend the 1971 movie. I don't really have much of a thing for Tim Burton's 2005 remake though.
Just... no.

Someone needs to be fired for this. I'd suggest they should be ashamed of themselves, but this is a shameless display as it is. Offensive to the source material and about as 'original' as someone taking the source material and making a cheap remake.

Oh wait; they did.
I really did not think the title would be harder to say than "Scrumdidilyumptious". Aside from the fact that it has too many "and"s for one title, it shows why Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka don't belong together, yet somehow the makers decided to shoehorn them in together. Why? Money of course, but also because this was the late Gene Wilder's most beloved movie. This came out months after he passed away, and it upset the internet world, even more than Tom and Jerry's encounter with The Wizard of Oz.

I don't need to mention what the plot is: it's just the Willy Wonka story with Tom and Jerry in the background. But to shoehorn their importance in the film, the makers decided that Tom and Jerry should have a conflict with Mr. (Not) Slugworth throughout Charlie's visit to the factory and make him a misunderstood antagonist for no reason. Out of all the problems in the film, that one gets me the most irritated. Anyone who's seen the original (1971) version know that he's not a bad guy, so it makes no sense why he's chasing Tom and Jerry. And even if kids never saw that movie, it's still stupid. Because in the end they have an all out scene where Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, and Charlie confront (not) Slugworth, before Wonka reveals to them "He was my assistant all along." So if he was a good guy, what was he doing making his good deeds sound deliberately diabolical, and not telling Tom and Jerry, "Hold it, I'm on your side," or even Tuffy (the oompaloompa guide) recognize that he's not a bad guy?

What are other issues that bother me: The human characters look hideous, Charlie's voice actor speaks in a constant monotone (even when he's suppose to be excited), Willy Wonka's sarcasm is lost to monotoned acting and subplots, the famous lines of the movie are rushed out or glanced over, and every moment with Tom and Jerry feels phoned in and boring. Yes, somehow Tom and Jerry chasing each other feels boring now. Thank you, movie. Also, I hate Tuffy. He steals attention away from the Wonka story, speaks for Tom and Jerry, and his obnoxious goal is the same as in The Wizard of Oz: get taller. While it made sense in The Wizard of Oz for him to wish for height, it doesn't in this movie.

However, I still look for diamonds in the rough. What are the good stuff? Everybody's a good singer, and the guy voicing Willy Wonka sounds a bit like Gene Wilder (only when he sings, the rest is monotoned). Apart from Charlie and a kid or two, most of the other voice actors are good and try their best. Jess Harnell as Grandpa Joe is easily the best part of the movie. He just puts all his energy into the character and sounds like he's having a great time. Even the cringey song "I've Got a Golden Ticket" sounds fun with him singing it. I just want to eat up this guy! Also, the background animation does try to recreate the feel of the original factory, but does one thing better than the original: the river really looks like chocolate and not dyed water.

Personally the best thing about the movie was that it reminded me of all the hard effort that went into the original Willy Wonka movie and what a masterpiece it was. While it didn't always follow the book, it felt original, fresh, and new. This movie was a direct rip off to cash in on something beloved. Also, it makes me feel sad that Tom and Jerry are now reduced to direct to DVD movies where they have little to nothing to do. There's a reason they were seven minute shorts instead of ninety minutes, and this movie is one of many confirmations why.
It's not great but it is worth watching for fans
Let's get the ugly parts out of the way quickly...

...Tom & Jerry are not a natural fit into the world of Willy Wonka ...there are moments of poor animation throughout the film'll find a reasonable number of plot holes's unlikely that anyone will rank this as their favorite WW movie

That said, if you have read this far and can accept the above, you may find yourself enjoying this film for what it is... an animated homage to a wonderful movie.

I happened upon this film by chance and initially passed it over. But I love the 1971 film and so I found myself going back and read a little about it. Then I saw the artwork and started thinking that this looked an awful lot like the original film... albeit in cartoon form. So I decided to watch it.

I got halfway through it and was really feeling like the folks behind this film had a love for Willy Wonka that mirrored my own. There were a number of moments that I readily recalled from the live action film recreated here.

YES, Tom & Jerry are found throughout the movie (they do get top billing after all) and their antics are what you'd expect from any of their cartoons over the years. I knew that going in and so it did not take away from my enjoyment because I was expecting it. Moreover, the writers try to weave the characters into the broader story and do a reasonable job of it (watch the film and you'll find out where the coin Charlie bought the winning chocolate bar came from).

The voice acting was decent to actually pretty good and the songs/singing, if not quite up to the original's soundtrack, were actually good. In fact, I would swear that they lifted the original actor's singing "I have a Golden Ticket" and used it as it sounded spot-on to me. There's even a pretty neat animated song featuring Slugworth that's stylistic enough to be worth watching a second time.

The irony in all of this is that I would have rated this higher had there been a way to edit out Tom & Jerry. Yes, there would still be issues but it was actually pretty cool to see an animated version of one my beloved childhood favorites. Is it worth a purchase? Maybe for little ones but I do think its rental-worthy.

Bottom line, if you're intrigued by the premise, you'll likely find a few things worth the investment of your time. At a minimum, it got me whistling the soundtrack the last few days.
Great Animated Version of Willy Wonka
to be honest i heard of this movie coming out, and i actually enjoyed this very clever Tom and Jerry Movie, the animation in the movie was awesome, Tom and Jerry are always still going on fighting like always but this animated version of the original movie is great for everyone from 1-100 especially those who are Willy Wonka, and Tom and Jerry Fans
It's a good movie for your kids
I've seen a lot of people disappointed with this film based on comparison with Gene Wilder or the Tom and Jerry they saw when they were a kid.

The kids that are going to see this movie are kids that really don't care who is Gene Wilder, and maybe they saw the same Tom and Jerry than you, but also Tom and Jerry kids, New Adventures of Tom and Jerry, Tom y Jerry Show, and other Tom and Jerry movies.

So, regarding this movie for that audience:

1. It's a good movie. It a copy from the 1971, so if you like your kids know and watch old movies, this is a good choice (Something that did't happened with "Tom and Jerry - Wizard of Oz" where I felt it was a complete different movie)

2. Tom and Jerry really don't affect the main storyline, but they appear constantly, so your kids are never bored with the main story (Something that happened on Tom and Jerry, Robin Hood, at least in my case)

3. The quality of animation it's not the best, but it's OK. It looks like a movie from 2000.

4. The boat trip on the tunnel of terror seems to me is still too frightening for kids
Stunning - for all the wrong reasons
Firstly, the DVD cover claims it's an 'original movie'.

Yeah, let's talk about that.

This is a huge recreation of the Gene Wilder movie, complete with the look of the movie, the look of the original characters, huge chunks of dialogue, the incidental music as well as the songs, the basic plot. There's the obvious addition of tagalongs Tom and Jerry (and a mouse who wants to be an Oompa Lompa), and a subplot of T&J trying to stop Slugworth when he seemingly sneaks into the factory during the Golden Ticket Tour, but really, 'original movie'? That's chutzpah.

The animation hurts. It's like some Eastern European ripoff that would have been made soon after the Gene Wilder movie. The voice actors approximate the original cast voices to varying degrees of success (I find it hard to criticise the voice actors, they're just collecting a paycheck).

I'm old, but I'm not so set in my ways that I can't appreciate a good remake - if the remake can bring something good and interesting to its interpretation. This, like that Gus Van Sant Psycho remake, fails that requirement. Though I suppose it will amuse the younger and less demanding demographic.

I still wonder why Tom and Jerry are the only animals in this world that can't talk. And why the makers didn't put a warning at the start to tell kids that chocolate is highly toxic to cats and mice and other animals.
good for kids teens and whole family entertainment
the movie teaches love and honesty in its best way.the animation and music and song are well done and are entertaining for my 4 year old nice and my whole family..we cant get over this movie which is full of laughter and emotional story and ending was unexpectedly simple and perfectly done.
Hated yet liked it at the same time!
My Thoughts on the Film.


Tom and Jerry Animated (Again): Warner Brother still keeps the designs of Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, even Spike, who appears in this, still looking good in a way.

Charlie and the Voice Acting: Like the movie again, I thought the voice acting would suck too, but I'll get to that in a minute, when hearing most of the voices in this, some of them were average, mostly the voice actors who played the parts of Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Willy Wonka, Mrs. Bucket, Tuffy, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Gloop, and surprisingly Augustus Gloop, but mostly Charle and Willy Wonka, I mean they not Peter Ostrum and Gene Wilder good, but it serves.

The Music: While they tried to add filler music to keep the "other" scenes going, I also like how some choreographers put in effort to add some music from the original movie in, because while it may be a kid cartoon, it show dedication to fans who grown up with the original music when seeing it as a kid or an adult. And if your wondering, the music I liked hearing in this movie and the Original are when Charlie finds the Golden Ticket, Charlie Running Home, and the songs I've Got a Golden Ticket and Pure Imagination (Regular and End Credits Version), plus the adapted version of, "I Want It Now" with Verruca and Slugworth was, eh, alright I guess.

Tuffy Vs Wonka: Crazy Poetry: One of the scenes I'd enjoyed seeing was the tunnel scene from the Chocolate Room to the Inventing, and when I saw that they weren't going to do that scene I was disappointed, at first, but when scenes progressed on, it turn out that Tuffy ended up doing the crazy poetry in the tunnel, I even was shocked when he'd even said, hell, seriously, I'm mean I know it's a kids cartoon, but wow, however, there was one thing I was concerned for, and that's which did the better version of the crazed poetry, because when you see Gene Widler in the scene, he's psychotic and...well...more psychotic, with Tuffy, you get the same thing but instead, a girl is doing the scene, no offense to all girls who find this offensive.

Extra Detail: If you've seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005, you may have seen what the other four kids ended up like when they left the factory, but in Willy Wonka, they didn't do this at all. However during one of the scenes in the movie, since "some" were desperate, they show us exactly what happened when Veruca and her father got sent down the chute, of course, it did had to feature Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, but who cares, the unimaginable/new era happened during these movie!


The Same Old Routine: Now I maybe a bit byes in all this, and this may sound stupid, but just for once can we have an episode, special, or movie that that won't involve Tom or Jerry chasing each other, don't get me wrong, I do like that bit, but nowadays it's just a bore to me. They did it in the past before Tom and Jerry Meets Sherlock Homes, so why shouldn't they do it now.

No Speaking Roles for Grandparents: While Charlie's other three grandparents weren't shown as much in the film, it was really disappointing that they didn't get any speaking roles in the movie since they did in the original film.

The Animation of Everything Else: I may be going a bit PhantomStrider here but, every single human animated in this repugnant, revolting, cringe worthy, unimaginative to watch, and dare I say, disgraceful, disgusting, and and despicable! In fact, if you want my opinion on the best/worst animation in the movie, the best character animation to my opinion would be Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Charlie's Mother, and the Oompa Loompas, and the worst, oh the worst are those kids you see at the candy store or in Charlie's school, even the Candy Store owner, Charlie's teacher, and any other person you can think of, just let me know.

Bland Voice Acting: As for the rest of the voice acting in the movie, they just plain sucked altogether, mostly the actors who played the role of Veruca, Violet, and Mike. Let me just say, that when I heard the actor for Veruca scream, I was almost close to going death, and I didn't even have the volume on high, the actor for Violet kind of made her sound a bit like a retard, not only that, but the animation kind of hinted me a bit, and don't get me started on actor of Mike, because let tell you lot, that when hear Mike speak, his voice made me think of a combination of squeaks from a chalkboard and whiny little girl that throws tantrums and never learns shuts up, no joke! And that's just an in between best/worst case scenario!

Changing Scenes/Plot: If I know one thing when making a adaption version in animation, claymation, etc, is that you stick with the main plot/script, this movie, instead they had just had random filler of Tom and Jerry's antics and removed some of either the best/memorable parts, like the hunt for the golden tickets with the use of a computer, the therapy sessions, Charlie's birthday Charlie and her mother's talk, Mrs. Bucket's music number, the police investigation, every single moment of the movie would've been great if they involved every scene from the 1971 film.