Thor: The Dark World
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
James Gunn, Alan Taylor
Zachary Levi as Fandral
Rene Russo as Frigga
Stan Lee as Bus Driver
Ray Stevenson as Volstagg
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Stellan Skarsgård as Dr. Erik Selvig
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Algrim / Kurse
Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis
Idris Elba as Heimdall
Storyline: Thousands of years ago, a race of beings known as Dark Elves tried to send the universe into darkness by using a weapon known as the Aether. Warriors from Asgard stop them but their leader Malekith escapes to wait for another opportunity. The warriors find the Aether and since it cannot be destroyed, they try to hide it. In the present day, Jane Foster awaits the return of Thor although it has been two years since they last saw once another. In the meantime, Thor has been trying to bring peace to the nine realms. Jane discovers an anomaly similar to the one that brought Thor to Earth. She goes to investigate, finds a wormhole, and is sucked into it. Back on Asgard, Thor wishes to return to Earth but his father, Odin refuses to let him. Thor learns from Heimdall, who can see into all of the realms, that Jane disappeared. Thor then returns to Earth just as Jane reappears. However, when some policemen try to arrest her, an unknown energy repulses them. Thor then brings Jane to Asgard to ...
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Underwhelming, soulless.
A weak entry into the Marvel lineup, this film has most of the right ingredients but lacks something vital.

I left the cinema disappointed - but without any great glaring crime to judge the film for.

The action sequences are filler, lacking exciting or creative choreography in favour of formulaic exchanges of gain and loss, the mechanics of drama laid bare. The plot is epic, but no-one seems to have any real grasp of what 'the end of the universe' would really mean. The villain is an excellent actor not given anything to work with - a character without a personality, without either strength or weakness, without any motivation except that issued bluntly in the prologue. He hasn't a single meaningful line. He has none of the layered darkness and intrigue of Iron Man 2's villain, or Thor's own Loki.

Loki excels in his tightly defined role, but as a side-story he only scores so much screen time. Thor remains well-played but has acclimatised to Earth standard remarkably quickly across his two brief holidays there, lacking any of his brusque viking charm or culture clash from the original.

Heimdall is a weak depiction this time around - very much the same character, but with none of the barely-contained, frightening power of his first outing.

Asgardians and Svartalfar alike are faceless, masked or helmeted mooks, serving only to die in battles with all the energy and realism of a children's play directed by a nine-year-old Michael Bay.

All in all, the film is simply... Dull Hollywood entertainment without any threat, drama, darkness, or intrigue, and all too much comic relief that costs the atmosphere rather than being part of it. The closest it gets to interesting is in its reality-bending gravitational anomalies between worlds, which remind one more of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise or the classic novel Roadside Picnic than anything else.

Odin has been tragically rewritten into an angry, elitist grump even before the plot gives him a reasonable excuse.

I'd say avoid this one, much like The Incredible Hulk, and perhaps Captain America. The three weakest entries in the Marvel movie lineup, barring the disputed Spider Man set.
Thortal: The Movie
When the character I was looking forward to seeing the least becomes the best of the bunch, I'm pleasantly surprised. And the second Loki was on the screen, I fell in love with him all over again.

Thor: The Dark World also jumped leaps and bounds over its predecessor in regards to CGI and overall look. I actually laughed and shook my head a lot – at the original for its terrible CGI. During this one, I barely noticed a thing wrong with the presentation on screen and that's a good thing, since the first film's disastrous graphics were an incredible distraction.

But, getting back to Loki, or who I like to refer to as: Loki Luthor, since he's in every Thor-appearance movie to date, and Lex Luthor was in 4 of 6 (if you don't count "Lex Corp" in the background of Man of Steel.) It was just overkill and lacked originality. Even though, he was one of the few bright spots here, in this Thor sequel, I might change my mind if he's, once again, in a third Thor movie, or heavens, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Thor's sorta cleaning up the mess left by his brother in chains, Loki, when the incredibly long intro back-story kicks in, i.e. Thor's long-distance girlfriend, Jane, gets attacked by a "Spawn from Hell." Then, he sorta has to clean up that mess with the help from, yep, Loki and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Leo and Jemma. Oh, wait, make that some characters from the original Thor and one failed comic relief dude.

The story's a mess, barely coherent at times and hardly original, pacing and length had me squirming at times, the dialogue's barely acceptable – and the subtitles did nothing to cover up the bad script, the editing's way off and Chris Hemsworth all-but phoned in this Thor. But, dang, that all said, I had a much better time here than the first movie which was way more a mess. Here, in part two, while Anthony Hopkins, Renee Russ and even Natalie Portman did what they could and were entertaining, it was really Hiddleston's Loki that stole every scene and you could sense he was both the glue to the film and the most enthusiastic person to be in this movie.

For the some parts, it was a fun and funny ride – I did laugh out loud a few times, only not at the movie, this time around, and it's entertaining for probably one viewing. Noting huge, but definitely a make-up for part one.

* * * Final thoughts: I was told there were two "extra, Marvel-sig" endings during/following the end credits. Come on guys; the movie was long enough as it was and after the second of three endings, pending you're counting the real ending, was actually pretty lousy and not worth the 2 minute wait for that one. I did leave at that point since I knew there was a minimum of 10 more credit minutes. Lucky I did take off; I found out later that thee final ending was actually worse than the first two. Bah!
OK in parts but seen it all before
'Thor - the dark world' has some good moments, particularly the gags and the characters of Loki and Thor himself, but most of the rest is bloated CGIsville and ham portentousness. The plot is straight out of 'Lord of the Rings.' The dark side of life portrayed by the Black Elves (very reminiscent of The Teletubbies!) are rising (originally the Universe was dark until Thor's Grandad sent them packing and brought the Light). However, the Elves' main ultimate weapon - the Aether (cue misty red smoke) - was not destroyed but buried beneath a fifties car park in East London!!!! Where's that Ring when you need it?! Thor's girlfriend (Natalie Portman - the Elves are taller than her!)discovers it and becomes a carrier - fortunately she does not suffer Gollum's fate of disfigurement. Now that would have been a plot twist! The rest of the film is the Black Elves trying to get hold of the Aether while Thor, Loki and assorted London-based Earthlings attempt to prevent them. The best bit is the relationship between Thor and Loki with some good acting from Hemsworth and Hiddlestone, but the attack on Asgard is a copy of Michael Shannon's rebellious effort on Krypton, and from then on in the plot holes get bigger and bigger. True, the destruction of Greenwich - as Thor and Chief Baddie battle it out - does not go on as long as 'Man of Steel' in New York, but is a yawnfest. Isn't it about time that audiences started to give these Comic book adaptations the b**'s rush? They are getting so similar and boring.
The ultimate sell-out - artists falling from grace
Watching this movie represents an all-time LOW in my life as a consumer of mass entertainment products. This movie clearly is one big predictable run for profit for the movie company, director, and actors: nothing but clichés in every aspect and detail, cheesy dialog, silly sound effects, pretty faces, buff bodies, over-dramatization, stupidity, and the list goes on and on and on. This movie is a travesty, a cartoonist's public rape of Nordic mythology for money. This movie is sucking up to a well-mapped audience which has no care for quality, as long as they get their 10 minutes of something cool to tell their friends about. By being in this movie, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, and Stellan Skarsgård have tripped and fallen from any and all artistic grace that they have earned over the years. Shame, shame, shame.
The Aether, the Dark Elves and Loki
Odin (Anthony Hopkins) recalls when his father Bor and the warriors from Asgard vanquished the evil Dark Elves and their leader Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) that wanted to send the universe into the darkness during the convergence of nine realms unleashing the powerful weapon Aether. Mallekith escapes and Bor hides the Aether in-between two stone columns.

In the present days, on Earth, the scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) that is waiting for the return of Thor, investigates a gravity phenomenon in an abandoned factory with her assistant and her intern. She finds the column where the Aether is hidden and the substance possesses her. In Asgard, Heimdall (Idris Elba) reports to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) that Jane has disappeared. Thor returns to Earth and finds Jane; but when he sees that he has a strange energy protecting her, he brings Jane to Asgard to be healed.

However, Malekith also awakes and goes to Asgard to retrieve the Aether. After a bloody battle, Frigga (Rene Russo) is murdered by Malekith and Thor proposes treason to his warriors friends of Asgard and teams up with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to seek revenge for the murder of their mother and to vanquish Malekith before he destroys Asgard with his Dark Elves.

"Thor: The Dark World" is another great adventure of Thor. In this movie, Thor makes the most unlike association with Loki and the result is a wonderful movie. The scene of Loki fighting with Thor is the best moment of "Thor: The Dark World". Chris Hemsworth perfectly impersonates Thor and the conclusion surprises. Last but not the least, the movie is to be watched until the very end of the credits because there are two additional scenes in the credits. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Thor: O Mundo Sombrio" ("Thor: The Dark World")
The Worst Film Of The Year. Loud, Obnoxious and All Over The Place.
Go ahead and find this review not useful. But listen to me. I love Marvel films. The Original Spider-man Trilogy was amazing and The Avengers was awesome. But when I saw Iron Man 3 I was bored out of my mind and I felt it was not good. So I lowered my expectations for this movie and hoped it would be better right? Because from what I learned, the lower the expectations, the better the movie. Big Mistake.

Thor The Dark World is all over the map with scenes of badly choreographed action scenes to bad comedy to laughable acting.

I really wanted to like this film because I liked the original Thor. It was really good and it was directed by Kenneth B. who is the man who made The best adaptation of Hamlet Ever. But the movie suffers from production troubles to a bad script.

The Film begins with this super magic thing called the Ether... I think which causes destruction. They find it and this one guy says "Lets Destroy it." but this other guy says "ITS TOO POWERFUL! We must put it in a place where it is easily touchable!" I knew this was going to be a bad film because the beginning suffers from cliché after cliché.

Thor returns to Earth because Jane gets the Ether in her and they must heal her. The Dark Elves who are the bad guys for the film attack Thor's planet and the main baddie tries to line up the main 9 planets and cause darkness everywhere. Thor gets Loki from Prison and they go stop the evil baddie.

The script and direction are extremely weak. The script sucks because the dialogue is horrendous. The acting is hilarious from Anthony Hopkins as Odin as he overacts a lot in this movie.

The action scenes are poorly choreographed and make no sense.

Also, Heroes should have weaknesses. Thor nearly throughout the whole Has none. Why should we care if they are unstoppable without any weaknesses, that takes away the credibility of the character.

Also, this teleporting plot line makes no sense. They go nearly everywhere in this movie. In the final fight scene fall everywhere going back from place to place. They never explain why these teleports are randomly put all over the map but it really annoys me.

The jokes... oh my god. They are so unfunny. Who cares if the Professor guy's pants are not on? Bad comedy has to be understood and this movie doesn't understand comedy. The character of Darcy is obnoxious. She was alright in the first but she always has to say HOLY SH*T 500 times a scene.

The special effects are alright but its not always about the effects. One effect actually hurt my eyes and I didn't know if it was the 3D or if my eyes just hurt.

There are very few good things about this movie. The guy who plays Loki is one of the only redeeming qualities of this movie and he is very convincing. The Stan Lee Cameo is also great and funny like always. There is a awesome twist I wont spoil. But that's about it.

This movie is just super loud in its bad action scenes are poor acting and ear bleeding sound effects.

Thor The Dark World is the worst movie of the year without a doubt. I was disappointed severely. Marvel can be much better then this and I hope Captain America The Winter Soldier does a better job at being a better superhero movie.

25/100 D
Just Wonderful! Packed with action, heartfelt emotion, humor, drama and intensity.
Thor The Dark World is brilliant and completely tops the first film. There are a lot of extremely funny bits in it as well as some dark and moving moments. Probably a much funnier movie than it had any right to be given the subject matter. Loki is done perfectly and the dialogue between him and Thor is superb.

If you're a fan of the first, this certainly won't disappoint at all. Without spoiling anything, the scale of this film is very Avengers-like in that the action pieces are amazing. During a sequence halfway through, I literally turned to my friend and said, "this is freakin' awesome".

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Each frame is packed with action, heartfelt emotion, humor, drama or intensity. I was expecting to simply see crazy mythology with monsters destroying the landscape of the nine realms for two hours. Instead, I was shocked at the depth and complexity of this film. You definitely need your brain and your heart turned on for this one, unlike other CGI mishmashes. If you want a movie with just dumb action and no plot then stay away from this exceptional film. The performances are top tier and the visual effects may be the best I've seen this year. I have to join the majority of people and even critics that are praising this film. It's a true joy and such a pleasant experience.
trying to kiss gaming buts?
Not much of expectation. But. The movie was so boring and unreal. No story and felt like it's trying to imitate role playing game themes. Not much of a real story. The second quarter felt intriguing. But after that it plunged to the sewers :D. There was no story. And it's a shame of what they did with the potential of good graphics. Spoiler alert in next few lines. Trying to pose Loki as changed person as a twist? Too Predictable. What was more annoying was getting rid of him instantly. If you dig in a twist in story, you let it sink, not flush it away. They should try to make a low selling game instead. Hope the mistakes are learnt and the pathetic twist and prequel to possible 5 to go are made better. watchable :p. Adios
I don't know how some of the reviews here are so positive! Bad. bad movie. All the happenings seem so constructed, that I couldn't stop thinking why the figures in the movie act so stupidly. Very bad writing. The scenery can be good from time to time. But the events in the movie just seem like none of the characters could make A SINGLE logic and useful decision. 2 stars because it had some good pictures in it. Otherwise more than horrible movie that made me think "What? Oh, come on!" about a hundred times. it almost seems like a spoof of a good vs. bad plot. And on the way we have a bunch of bad jokes to mess up this movie even more.
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