The Snare
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
C.A. Cooper
Roman Kemp as Jake
Mike Powell as Shopkeeper
Maria Popska as Lost Spirit
Rose Parker as Cherub
Stuart Nurse as David Clarke
Lily-Mae Hebbes as Forest Child
Renate Morley as The Spirit
Emma-Marie Cooper as The Ghoul (as Emma Cooper)
Dan Paton as Carl Weston
Nathan Brine as Forest Man
Eaoifa Forward as Alice Clarke
Rachel Warren as Lizzy Abel
Fin Banks as Forest Child
Storyline: Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.
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Wtf was this garbage
It boggles my mind that somebody watched this and thought "yup, this is it".

Annoying main character with no depth, literally only makes a forced stare.

No scares whatsoever.

Gratuitous, poorly done violence.

Unnecessary child sexual violence only to add depth that wasn't there.

Awful casting choices.

Constant failed attempts at artsy cinematography.

It's quite obvious this was not a well-thought-out movie.

This movie was so bad I made this account to write this review.

If you enjoyed this, you should feel bad about yourself.
A Bit Biased...
BUT I cannot with good faith give this film a high ranking based on the techniques that that filthy monster C.A Cooper did to the poor talent. It is all in the trivia section. He basically scared one of the actors half to death w/ spiders yet screamed louder than my 3 year old when someone said he had one on his back. The only stars given are for the good acting on behalf of the cast. But then again, when the director forces you to basically live like the captives that their roles call for, how can you really fake it?
Not a Logical through
The story was some how good but there was no plot of logic throughout the movie. They stood trapped all the time rather they had many ways to get out from that apartment. They had long curtains in all rooms through which they can climb out from the attic by joining them all. They had to throw all of the stuff from the height to the bottom of the building so that people may know somebody is struck up there. No plot, no logic just some terrifying common scenes and body cutting making the movie creepy than horror.
Very enjoyable from avid horror lover
Very much enjoyed this movie - thought it was strong from a variety of aspects

To put this style of movie out there I was concerned it'd be cheesy and not effective however it was crafted carefully and creatively and didn't follow the typical cliché in terms of which way it was taken, it instead teased with the narrative

I enjoyed the different layers within this film, it has the jump factor for those watching it on a visual viewing level alongside the deeper and more twisted psychological levels which can leave the viewer feeling uncomfortable and distressed - exactly what you'd want from watching a horror!

A strong movie which clearly had a lot of though put into the creative process - some of the beautiful scenery shots were very aesthetically pleasing and the horror sequences later in the film were crafted and edited together perfectly.

Well worth a watch whether to be enjoyed on a disconnected, just watching a film level or on the deeper level - reminiscent of how I felt watching movies by Guillermo Del Toro (The orphanage/Pans Labyrinth)

Well done credit to the team who created this movie
Survival movie set in the UK. Probably in Devon.
A survival movie, kind of like The Martian but not as difficult.

The characters are very whiny. Especially Lee Sharpe. The main girl was strange and always tried to egg the guy on. The blonde girl was lazy and didn't offer anything.

There were 2 main messages behind this movie. 1) team work and 2) not to rape others.

If at any point they pulled together as a team, they could have put their heads together and figured a way out. There were at least 3 ways of escaping. One was to break the door down. Taking turns to damage the door over a few days, until eventually weak enough to kick down. If they worked as a team, they wouldn't have ended up how they did.

Secondly, if the guy didn't try to rape, he wouldn't have got killed by that cable. Also, if the girl didn't get raped by her father, she wouldn't have been messed up. No good comes from raping others, and it should not be done under any circumstances.
Honestly, do not waste your time.
Honestly I'm not one for bad reviews BUT this movie was such a waste of my time. Usually I would check before-hand IMDb's rating on such a movie but this one I was totally unprepared for. The acting was so awful and the story-line, oh the was such a mess. I'm not sure what all of the other viewers gained from the movie to have such high ratings but for me personally this movie just doesn't cut it, AT ALL. I absolutely love my horror movies and know a good horror movie when I see one, this to be quite honest just reminds me of those poorly made movies that have gruesome blood scenes with pretty woman that try to amplify the movie. FAIL.
Sometimes you're in a bad luck
Sometimes you're in a real bad luck when you come across a movie. This is the case.

This has to be one of the most dumb movies I've ever ended up watching ( almost watching), as I could not continue wasting my time on this crap. Without reaching the end of it,it made me annoyed and angry that these kind of movies are even made.

People get stuck in a building, in the rooms that have curtains and bed sheets and so on, but instead of trying to spend their time on making a rope to climb down, they choose to sit around day after day, turn in to psychos and so on ( not to spoil too much for the ones that will decide to watch it..). really really stupid plot makes it unwatchable .

In overall, the only good part, not even 2 minutes, are the English nature views. Other than that...jeez. awful from all perspectives.
Trailer is misleading, movie is unbalanced and unterrifying
What got me interested in watching this movie was the trailer, which turned out to be very misleading. It made it look as if it was going to be a bit of a creepy jumper horror, however it was quite the opposite. Scenes that were meant to be creepy were boring, and there was one scene that makes you jump throughout and it wasn't anything terrifying. Any movie producers that feel the need to mislead viewers with the trailer must know that their product is garbage.

Good notes would be the acting, as always with most British movies it is spot on, and the way it is shot is pretty good especially that end scene of the apartment they were trapped in. However that does not justify the unbalanced way the plot plays out, and how it drags without anything interesting happening.

So much potential not reached.
Amazing Movie!...Bold! Divisive!...Haters gonna hate!
First off, let's get one thing clear. THE SNARE is nothing like THE EVIL DEAD. The comparison seems so far off the mark to me it's as if the guys on the marketing team who put out that press release comparing it to EVIL DEAD haven't even watched this movie.

Secondly! After all that said...Wow this is a great movie! It's utterlly relentless with what it throws at you....Starts slow at first but then it just hits you again and again and again.

Gripping, believable performances, a rich, foreboding atmosphere and extremely harrowing to watch all round.

DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE...I totally get why some people wouldn't enjoy this, especially if you're going in expecting something like the Evil Dead.

I'd say that as a movie its much closer to THE SHINING in style but is different enough to be it's own thing.

Like I said, some people really won't like this but if you fancy something different and a genuine scare then this one is certainly worth a watch, even if just for the experience!!!

But not when you're eating!
Genuinely creepy
As a horror movie that frankly spooked the socks off of me, I gotta say this movie deserves more love. It is not lame like some of the Ouija releases. It does not, in my opinion, try to be 'The Shining' or overreach its artistic capabilities. In fact, a close comparison would be 'The Hole' (2001), with more elements of the supernatural mixed in.

The characters are obnoxious but believably real. The film uses several slow shots to build suspense and tension, and this only adds to the general sense of creepiness and unease. I jumped at least three times during this film. Not a fan of jumpscares? Don't worry, there are at least two more mediums of horror used in this film (survival horror and mental illness) so there's something for everybody!

The story is not really original (like I said, The Hole did it before), but its not really predictable and its nice to see the writer make some bold choices. There are plenty of shocking scenes that already make this film stand out from contemporary 'safe' Hollywood horror.

A must see for a horror lover like myself, this will fix you up for a while! 7/10.