The Silence of the Lambs
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Jonathan Demme
Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling
Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor
Scott Glenn as Jack Crawford
Anthony Heald as Dr. Frederick Chilton
Ted Levine as Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb
Frankie Faison as Barney Matthews
Kasi Lemmons as Ardelia Mapp
Brooke Smith as Catherine Martin
Paul Lazar as Pilcher
Dan Butler as Roden
Lawrence T. Wrentz as Agent Burroughs
Don Brockett as Friendly Psychopath in Cell
Frank Seals Jr. as Brooding Psychopath in Cell
Stuart Rudin as Miggs
Maria Skorobogatov as Clarice Starling
Diane Baker as Sen. Ruth Martin
Leib Lensky as Mr. Lang
George 'Red' Schwartz as Mr. Lang's Driver (as Red Schwartz)
Lawrence A. Bonney as FBI Instructor
Jeffrie Lane as Clarice's Father
Storyline: Young FBI agent Clarice Starling is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice attempts to gain a better insight into the twisted mind of the killer by talking to another psychopath Hannibal Lecter, who used to be a respected psychiatrist. FBI agent Jack Crawford believes that Lecter, who is also a very powerful and clever mind manipulator, has the answers to their questions and can help locate the killer. However, Clarice must first gain Lecter's confidence before the inmate will give away any information.
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One of the best murder mystery thrillers you will ever see
I first saw Silence when it came out in late 1991. A friend and I saw it, and left the theater stunned. It was the first time I have ever had trouble sleeping after watching a movie, so impactful was the content.

Silence is flawless in all aspects. Casting, screenplay/plot, direction, cinematography, and editing are superb. By now, we are all familiar with Dr Lector (Anthony Hopkins), the deranged, brilliant psychologist who does battle with the forces of good, here represented by the FBI's Clarice Starling (Jody Foster. Perhaps her last great role). Hopkin's performance is a tour de force of acting. He uses words like knives to stab at Clarice, exposing her checkered past, extracting information that he stores to dig into her later on. And Clarice, a young FBI agent with strong experience in psychology, is clearly overmatched by Dr Lector. They play a back and forth cat and mouse game that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Excellent casting includes the sanitarium head, Dr Chilton (Anthony Heald) who plays this sleazy Head who covets having Dr Lector as his prize while clumsily trying to snag a date with Clarice. Scott Glenn portrays Dr Crawford, Clarice's boss whom she looks up to. He has his own demons he's dealing with that are never fully revealed, and the father-mentor interaction between him and Clarice is palpable. Finally, there's the other evil force, excellently played by Ted Levine.

There is a significant amount of killing, and some very viscerally evil scenes that are not for the squeamish. You will be moved, so if you are not good with strong physical scenes, you may want to close your eyes a lot. But you must see this film. The final piece is the editing and directing, which weaves every scene together so it all adds up and makes sense at the end, kind of like in Forest Gump, but with evil intent, not kindness.

This film was one of those rare gems that even the Oscars got right by awarding it the triple crown of Oscars - Best picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. It also won best screenplay. If you have not seen this movie, it's a must-see that you should put on your list. Make sure you are prepared for the darkness of evil portrayed so brilliantly in the Silence of the Lambs. Enjoy.
Silence is Golden
Funny how I hadn't seen 'Silence Of The Lambs' ever since it was just finishing it's theatrical run back in 1991. Hopkins, Foster and Demme have gone on to do other things of course, but I recently caught this again on DVD again, and man, this still has a lot of ability to scare you out of your wits. Anthony Hopkins is just wild in his Academy Award winning performance. I find it amazing that I was getting chills up my spine just from watching him play Lecter. This is the best of his Lecter performances, as the other movies (that would be Hannibal and Red Dragon (though they were okay) lack the dramatical oomph so prevalent in this one. One wonders how on earth Hopkins could do this then do something like a light comedy like Spotswood (which is exactly what he did). If you haven't seen this in a while, do yourself a favor.

Watch it again.
best horror ever
This is the best horror movie ever made for several reasons. While the story is terrifying and grizzly, Demme never lets it become schlocky or sensational. He plays is straight, so to speak, never letting the plot become secondary. Perhaps a more... ambitious, director would have added more creepy atmosphere (like David Fincher does with "Se7en"), but Demme smartly keeps it real, which makes it all the more terrifying. Nothing that happens in this movie couldn't happen in real life (and it does happen). This approach also harnesses the lead performers. He never lets Foster get too melodramatic, and never lets Hopkins become a flat Halloween mask. As frightening as the film is, there is a moral core throughout that neither hides completely nor brow-beats you. I have a bunch of videos and DVD's, but when almost any friend comes over and looks them over, they always want to watch "Silence of the Lambs." It's uncanny.
Fueled by it's atmosphere and great performances The Silence of the Lambs is a horror masterpiece
The Silence of the Lambs

Director: Jonathan Demme Starring: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins

I honestly feel bad sometimes for the people faint of heart. Not in an insulting way I just do. I love movies that can scare me and some of the greatest are great because of creepy atmosphere that creeps up on you and grabs you and throws you into a world where everything is mysterious and scary. This is one of those movies. Dr. Clarice Starling's (Jodie Foster) tale of finding the killer Buffalo Bill with the aid of the cannibalistic Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) is a creepy, well acted, and not for the faint of heart film that has many thrills in store for the viewer. The greatest thing that this film has to offer is the atmosphere. It's engrossing. The dark hallways,and the unblinking eyes of Hannibal Lector shake you to your core. That alone without the well done mystery could make the movie. Oh, but it is a good mystery. Jodie Foster is Clarice Starling a new FBI psychiatrist who is ordered to interview the cannibal Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) for the purpose of finding a killer. Foster's character is optimistic and more upbeat. This is good because of the dark nature of the rest of the film. She's kind of like the balance for the creepy stuff happening, and light in the darkness. That also kind of help her character. See she's optimistic at first, but as time goes on she seems to fall deeper and deeper into this world her character changes to someone more hardened. This is perfect character development. Then there is Anthony Hopkins. This is one of my favorite performances of all time. He is unblinking,scary and smart. It's unsettling. Hopkins said that the way he played Hannibal Lecter was still. I now know why. See people are always moving and doing something. Lecter is completely still and extremely soft spoken. Even more menacing is that Lecter is actually smarter than Clarice. He outsmarts her. This just adds to the fact of how menacing he is. He's not the villain though. The real villain is a creepy transvestite murderer named Buffalo Bill. His story arch is interesting, but it comes to an abrupt close. He is scary none the less and is also a little weird. I mean a transvestite who… I'd rather not write it. It's messed up and the details will shock you. The actors really do drive the story and everything comes off very shocking and convincing. For better or worse.

The acting is really good,but so is everything else. The production design in this movie is grounded in reality,but still is creepy. The prison set that was built for the film looks very good and the darkness of the whole this adds to the atmosphere and makes everything pop. The camera-work is good, but also nothing special, yet at moments the camera having a staring contest with the wide eyes of Hannibal Lecter add to the sheer unsettling nature of the film.

This is overall an incredible movie. Scary, atmospheric, and chalk full of performances that are Oscar worthy (and won Oscars). I give The Silence of the Lambs a 9.8 out of 10 Seriously though it's really messed up.
Utterly mesmerizing !
One of the best films i have ever watched in my life ! I loved Jodie Foster as the young FBI cadet Clarice Starling and found Anthony Hopkins to be the perfect match for the mysterious, intelligent and frightening character of Hannibal ''The Cannibal'' Lecter. Their chemistry is undeniable. I continuously found myself captivated by the never ending chase between Hannibal and Clarice. Through the horror one finds the beauty that has always been of an interest and in my opinion will continue to be, to us poor souls. Yet I wouldn't suggest this movie for someone who although likes a bit of romance, is scared to death and tries to avoid horror films like the plague, as it contains quite scary parts. Hannibal Lecter is a very peculiar character which requires equally brilliant watchers so as to fully appreciate his riveting and compelling beauty, motives and way of thinking.Quid pro quo fans.
Outstading Drama with a Thrilling Storyline and Superb Performances,
The Silence of the Lambs is a fantastic movie with a very well developed storyline and an outstanding cast. It is a pure thriller and likely one of the best ever made, it doesn't just rely on being creepy, but also on strong performances which I don't think thrillers do often enough. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins's performances are absolutely outstanding, Foster is a very likable and believable police officer, and Anthony Hopkins completely becomes his character, Hannibal Lecter didn't seem like an easy role to do, but he did it so naturally, with no hesitation. This film won five Academy Awards and is only the third film to win the Big Five, which it completely deserved, it isn't a movie that you would expect to win Best Picture, but I am very happy it did. Dramatic, terrifying at times and without a doubt, film gold, I would recommend Silence of the Lambs to anyone looking for a good thriller or drama.

A young FBI agent must meet with a psychopathic serial killer in order to catch one who is still on the loose.

Best Performance: Anthony Hopkins
Absolutely Brilliant.
Sweeping all five major Academy Awards ("Oscars" for Best Movie, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay) is quite an accomplishment. Doing it nearly a year after a film was released is a miracle considering the notoriously short attention span of Oscar voters. It is a powerful example of how great a movie can be when superb writers, directors, actors, and others work at the top of their craft.

`Silence of the Lambs' is the story of a young FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) who is summoned to help find one serial killer called `Buffalo Bill.' by interviewing another. Foster's performance is absolutely brilliant. While Anthony Hopkins receives most of the (well-deserved) praise for his chilling portrayal of incarcerated serial killer `Hannibal ‘the Cannibal' Lector', it is Foster's performance that holds the movie together. The fear she shows just behind her eyes makes Clarice's outward courage all the more interesting and vulnerable. This is the perfect way to play the part because it explains Lector's interest in Clarice. Her only bargaining chip in getting Lector's help is to let him `feed' on her innermost secrets and fears in exchange for his brilliant insights into the psychotic mind. The title of the movie comes from these exchanges and is very poignant.

Director Jonathan Demme is masterful. There is one scene late in the movie that I will not spoil. It is one of the most simply brilliant scenes ever staged in a movie. I don't know if all the credit goes to Demme or the writers, but there is a moment in the film where the suspense builds beautifully to a what seems to be a common movie scene. However, through skillful timing of the direction, the audiences assumptions are used against them and when the truth is revealed (hint: it involves a doorbell) it is shocking and induced a collective gasp from the audience I saw it with at the theatre. It set the stage for an edge-of-your seat climax.

Do not miss this movie.

The movie is incredibly suspenseful and an absolute must see.

The Lambs Watch in Silence.
The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Dir: Jonathan Demme / Cast: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn, Ted Levine, Diane Baker: Psychological thriller where the film's core regards interrogation of evil without physical contact. Female victims are found skinned by Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lector is believed to be able to identify him but every agent who has approached his realm of confinement has been led astray. The Senator's daughter is kidnapped so a female F.B.I. trainee is issued in hopes that Lector will give in to a female. We learn about her through Lector's ability to trespass the mind. Shocking thriller directed by Jonathan Demme who also made Melvin and Howard. Anthony Hopkins brilliantly demonstrates Lector's sly methods of penetrating the mind. He delights in toying with victims, which is why his brutal escape occurred. Jodie Foster is excellent as the young trainee haunted by her father's death. She is intelligent and brave particularly when dealing with Bill in the shocking climax. Ted Levine is monstrous as Buffalo Bill whose one breaking point arrives when the Senator's daughter gets hold of his dog. Scott Glenn is standard as the agent in charge of the case but instrumental at a wrong address. Diane Baker plays a Senator whose daughter is kidnapped by Buffalo Bill. Penetrating thriller will shock your nerves and silence your senses. Score: 9 ½ / 10
Brilliant! Amazing! The best thriller of the 90's!
First of all I have to say that "The Silence of the Lambs" is the film which inspired all the serial-killer films of the 90's (good ones like "Se7en" and silly ones like "Kiss the Girls"). But "The Silence of the Lambs" has many things the other thrillers don't have.

In this film we can see two of the best performances ever. Anthony Hopkins is just perfect as Hannibal Lecter, and so is Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. The dialogues between these two characters are brilliant, and so is the whole screenplay.

The film has a great story which explores deeply the main characters. It is not just a serial-killer story, but above all a deep dramatic thriller.

"The Silence of the Lambs" impressed me so much that I've watched it many times.

So if you hadn't watched it, take your time and see it.

Surely one of the best films ever made.

Rating: 10/10

I heard that Ridley Scott is about to direct the sequel of "The Silence of the Lambs", with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Clarice Starling. Well... I truly love Sarah and she's one of the greatest actresses of her generation. But we see Clarice Starling as Jodie Foster and, you know, many people will compare Sarah's acting with Jodie's.
Excellent Movie!
This movie is excellent. It is one of my favorites. My future career is going to be working as a C.S.I., and Criminalist and Parole Board member. This movie has a lot things in it that are related to these things.

The actors and actresses did a great job in this film, as did the filmmakers and other crew members. I hate those two physcopath Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Jame Gumb, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill who skins his victims. These victims are young women who are a size 14. He also is a resemblance of Ted Bundy. That is he spots a woman ans puts his arm in a cast pretending he's injured and needs help. When they help him he attacks. Great Movie!
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