The Punisher
USA, Germany
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Hensleigh
A. Russell Andrews as Jimmy Weeks
Omar Avila as Joe Toro
James Carpinello as Bobby Saint
Mark Collie as Harry Heck
Russell Durham Comegys as Tattooed Mike
Rick Elmhurst as Bay News 9 Newscaster
Ben Foster as Spacker Dave
Michael Reardon as Toro Croupier (as Michael Francis)
Laura Harring as Livia Saint
William Haze as EMT (as William Hasenzahl)
Thomas Jane as Frank Castle
Eddie Jemison as Mickey Duka
Marco St. John as Police Chief Morris
Storyline: Special agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates, Frank has become reborn. Now serving as judge, jury, and executioner, he's a new kind of vigilante out to wage a one man war against those who have done him wrong. Written by Mystic80
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The #1 best comic book adaption I've ever seen
Man I really love this film. Great acting, great storyline, perfect dark brutal violence is what makes this film so really special out of all other marvel adapt ions. Other marvel movies I've seen so far from Spider-man 1 & 2, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, X2 X-men united. All these marvel flicks are great but The Punisher measures way up past great. Thomas Jane dose a great leading role as well as John Travolta a great villain role. Of course for all who have seen the movie all know the plot. After castles final operation spinning out of control killing one of the saint twins, Howard and Livia order out a brutal mob attack on castle family reunion, killing everyone, his wife, his son will, his mom and dad, cousins, uncles, I can imagine castles pain and taste for vengeance on the saint family. More other great work is the stunts the car chase sense where castle is hunted down by a bounty hunter harry heck of course hes some sorta country boy who was probably hinting castle with a tune that he was gonna attempt to kill castle who also gets his throat slashed by castle, a 2nd hit-man the Russian played by a great wrestler Kevin Nash probably without a doubt the most brutal sequence in the movie. Alittle bad language here and there but the best thing about this film is that it is very true to both the character and comics. The Punisher is a hard-R rated movie delivering a great action film of this generation. Fans of the comics will love this and probably by now are hoping for a sequel as I am myself! 10/10 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+ all the way :)
Si vas pace para bellium. If you want peace prepare for war.
Thomas Jane's portrayal of the Punisher is right out of the comic book. Dark Humorless driven The Punisher is not meant to be funny That's up to his supporting cast. However the one complaint I have with the film is they changed his origin Why? They also Changed Frank Castle the man and in doing so altered the film in such a way it loses it's relationship with the original marvel hero. But the film works Hensleigh delivers a power bomb of a film it packs a punch and it entertains. If I wasn't a fan of The Punisher maybe the film would've gotten less from me then the rating I did give it of ten. Travolta comes thru hamming it up every chance he gets and creating a merciless enemy in his Howard saint. Will Patton is superb in a thankless job playing the sidekick to the main villain. but his Quenton Glass Sparkles with a sadistic gleam and he helps drive the plot forward. But the film rightfully belongs to Thomas Jane he is creates a Punisher struggling with his humanity and knowing what he has to do and slowly turning his back on every thing he's ever known to Punish the gulity. Good movie Good effort true Punisher fans will not be disappointed. And if you're not a fan this movie might make you a fan of the Punisher.
vigilante-style justice done right
If you like the old Clint Eastwood & Charles Bronson revenge movies then you'll like this film. Great pace and action that's gritty but extremely enjoyable. I can't say I knew anything about this Punisher character before seeing this film but I thoroughly enjoyed it none-the-less.

The Punisher is a shining example of revenge and vigilante-style justice done right. It's also yet another comic book adaptation done properly. In fact, this may be the first time I wished we could give half-vaults, because it was just that good. In the compendium of comic movies, this falls just shy of the two X-Men movies, but it is right there with Spider-Man and easily surpasses Batman, Superman and The Hulk. The fact that it is an R-rated movie killed any possible chance of decent box-office numbers, but it was a necessary step to take, and the quality of the movie just makes up for it. Hopefully this was Thomas Jane's breakout role.
Classic Film making
Wonderful Camera work and acting.

There are no flashy CGI effects in this movie or fictional superpowers. It relies more on traditional technique's and delivers beautifully.

The director has done a superb job with the severely underfunded budget taking us to a realistic location that serves two purposes cheaper production costs and somewhere original that looks and feels real. After all that is what the punisher movie is about, making a comic book character fit into the real world with realistic situations.

This guy could be anyone out there with a vendetta up against believable enemies. There are no superpowers on show here just a guy with a vendetta up against a powerful man that wants him killed who can afford to hire realistic killers with personality I might add, to do the job

This goes down as one of my favorite films of all time mainly because of the beautiful camera work and realistic gritty style action. I'll be definitely keeping an eye out for this director's work in the future.
The Punisher
Thomas Jane was excellent in The Punisher. In the beginning when his family was killed you could see the pain in his eyes. When the action started I was on the edge of my seat and it blew me away. This movie was right on point in every way and at the end I knew there was going to be a sequel and I can't wait to see it. I also want to see him in "Stander" & "Thursday". I want to see every movie he's done. I just think he is a great actor! I first noticed him in "Deep Blue Sea" I thought he was so good in that movie. Plus he's very sexy and I love the fact that he's from Maryland just like me! I love you Thomas keep up the great work!!!!!!
amazing movie
If you like good action movies then watch this!! Thomas Jane is great as The Punisher. This movie could not have been done any better. I remember when this first came out and watching it for the first time.

It absolutely blew my mind. By far one of the best action/comic book movies ever made. Forget about Spiderman and X-men this movie shows you how a real superhero would be if something happened to his family. And oh did I mention how great Will Patton is as Travlota's right hand man?? He is great... pretty much how great he is in all movies

The entire plot is perfect... Just the right amount of time for the opening and explanation of why Castle is the Punisher and the following story is incredible.

Travolta is OK like he is in most of his movies but Thomas Jane is exceptional just like he is in all of his movies.

If you haven't seen 61* yet I highly recommend it. Also The Mist both great movies with Thomas Jane.

He is by far one of Hollywood's best actors who deserves much more credit!! Watch his movies... He is great

Oh yeah don't forget to watch The Punisher...amazing movie
Terrific underrated Marvel movie!
Former FBI agent Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) has just recently retired with the FBI as he celebrates with his entire family. However, Howard Saint (John Travolta) has a diabolical plan on revenge for Castle killing Howard's own son, he sends out assassins to eliminate Castle's family leaving Frank to survive. Devastated by this horrible event, he becomes vengeful and becomes a skull-shirt wearing vigilante named "The Punisher" as he takes a bite out of crime and try to get revenge on Saint.

Highly underrated adaptation of the Marvel Comics character is a slight improvement over the enjoyable but fair 1989 Dolph Lundgren version. This time our hero has the skull on his shirt and faithful to the origin of The Punisher himself. X-Men's Rebecca Romijin-Stamos co-stars as the lovely restaurant owner who befriends Frank, there's some good action sequences with plenty of gory violence and dark humor as well.

It's a more gritter adaptation of a Marvel comic along with the "Blade" series and less then "X-Men", "Spider-Man", "Hulk" or "Iron Man". It's more grown up then any of those besides "Blade Trilogy", it's worth a look and the sequel should be better.
Much better than the 1990 version
Frank Castle, a government agent, completes a sting operation during an illegals weapons sale and in doing so the son of Howard Saint, a ruthless Miami mobster, is killed. The bust was Castle's last job and he leaves the service and goes to a family reunion in the Caribbean, but unknown to him, Saint has tracked him and sends out hit men who massacre Castles entire family - wife, child, parents, cousins, everyone. Then they shoot and leave him for dead and The Punisher, a vigilante that is a force to be reckoned with, is born.

Director Jonathan Hensleigh has changed the story around from the original comic book. Many changes were for budget reasons, but also updates in time to bring the story into the present (2004ish) and not the 1970s when the Punisher originally debuted with Marvel. However, the ruthless spirit of a powerful avenger is here and Thomas Jane fits the part almost perfectly with his almost John McClane approach to the role making a believable hero: one that is tough as nails, but critically not invincible. One who uses his brain as much as his brawn, and gets himself out of outrageous situations with his lethal array of weapons: spring loaded knives, grenades, stashed guns, assault rifles, and the list goes on. However avid readers of the long running comic book may find the film tame in comparison, but as far as comic book adaptations go this is one of the best recent ones right up there with SpiderMan.

Dolph Lundgren's 1990 version still has some merits, but this film is better in almost every respect. Most notably, in this film, the title hero actually has his infamous skull shirt, and the storyline is drawn much more directly from the original comics. 8/10

Rated R: strong violence, brutality, and profanity.
Run for the hills!
Without a shadow of a doubt the worst film I can remember seeing. We saw it on Sky and ended up sitting through to the end just to see if could possibly get worse (which it invariably did).

Dreadful acting, appalling script, tedious music, naff effects - basically some brat Hollywood-type went through all the old comics to find the one not yet made into a film, said "I want it ready by Saturday" and went back to his pina colada by the pool. I have seen some of the cast members in other flicks which although not masterpieces at least proved that the fault here lies with the direction, the studio and the script-writers (monkeys).

Honestly spend 100minutes analysing your navel fluff - it'll be a lot more fun!
Well written and casted, Beautiful cinematography.
Though I was unfamiliar with the comic book character, I was impressed with the all around quality of the production. It didn't hurt to have the cosmically beautiful Laura Harring (mullholland drive)cast as Saint's wife. Should have had more of her character. Thomas Jane turned in a very worthy performance, as I think it's difficult to play these comic book characters without causing nausea and guffaws. Interesting that there was a bit of philosophy re society and it's criminal element, kudos to the director/writer for a cogent screenplay. Did Jane remind anyone of the french actor in the original Immortal? i.e. his guttural delivery and dour countenance.
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