The Pink Panther
USA, Czech Republic
Crime, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy
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Shawn Levy
Kevin Kline as Dreyfus
Jean Reno as Ponton
Emily Mortimer as Nicole
Henry Czerny as Yuri
Roger Rees as Larocque
Philip Goodwin as Deputy Chief Renard
Henri Garcin as President
Daniel Sauli as Music Producer
Jean Dell as Justice Minister Clochard
Anna Katarina as Agent Corbeille
Storyline: When the coach of the France soccer team is killed by a poisoned dart in the stadium in the end of a game, and his expensive and huge ring with the diamond Pink Panther disappears, the ambitious Chief Insp. Dreyfus assigns the worst police inspector Jacques Clouseau to the case. His intention is to give a diversion to the press, while he uses his best men to chase the killer and thief. He assigns Gendarme Gilbert Ponton to work with Clouseau and inform each step of the investigation. When Clouseau is nominated with honor to the highest prize in France, Dreyfus decides to humiliate Clouseau and take him out of the case. However Clouseau has already solved the mystery.
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Pleasantly surprised
While obviously nothing can hold a candle to Peter Sellers and the original Pink Panther, I was pleasantly surprised with this new installment. I went in being very skeptical, but I laughed through most of the movie, and left satisfied by the experience. Beyonce really should stick to singing, so it was good that her speaking role wasn't very big; honestly a different person for her role would have made the movie better. At the movie theater or renting it later, it is definitely worth a look. Plenty of slap-stick, and Martin's accent is more over the top than Sellers, which made some of the situations very funny. And yes, his pronunciation of "hamburger" features quite prominently in it.
Steve Martin is a genius
The new Pink Panther movie is hysterical...and so worth the price of admission. The movie trailers for this film suck, and the critics have apparently been giving it a bad reputation...but this film is the funniest thing I have seen in years.

Granted I am a huge Steve Martin fan, and I have loved the Pink Panther series since I was a kid....but my friends will back me up on this. We laughed so hard at this movie that our eyes looked like we had been sobbing all night.

There was no way to replace Peter Sellers, but Steve Martin made the character his own. I really was able to watch this movie without thinking about the way Peter Sellers would have done it. And the film itself had great Blake Edwards-esquire slapstick comedy.

Now I don't want to praise this film so much that I raise expectations to an unreachable level...but this film deserves much better press than it has been getting, and is definitely worth checking out.
Pink Panther perfects product placement. Performance, plot plausible
What can you say about Steve Martin that isn't already known? He is a very funny man. He shows why he is a funny man in Pink Panther. Alone, he is superb. Sadly, when his character needs to connect with the other characters, it just doesn't seem to click. However, the female characters seem to have a better chance of connecting, but not completely. This seems to come out in all his movies. Even love interests seem to be kept at a distance. They come close but not too close.

OK, I am not a female and I am not a love interest but I am part of a public that loves him and I believe he loves to perform for us. So, is it because we love him, that he never seems to completely connect with us in his movies? Pink Panther is probably a movie he thought would be fun. I am sure it was more fun for him than it was for me. I laughed often because I could see the Steve Martin I know and love. I laughed at the site gags which were not enough. But dang, there was just no chemistry between the characters! The movie had Steve Martin and that was it. Everyone performed well but their performances did not meld to create a truly enjoyable environment. I guess the plot would have been more acceptable if chemistry was more notable. Character chemistry was like buying a bagged snack that included a variety of food. You could reach in the bag and get a chocolate ball one time and get a can of tuna the next and then a plate of liver and onions the next.

This was a Peter Sellers movie and should have been left that way.

Oh, by the way, the product placement is ingenious! You'll notice when you see the billboards within the stadium at the beginning of the movie. There must have been a few hundred. Financing made easy.

6/10 from me.
Found it to be funny and enjoyable!
Our family found this film to be funny and enjoyable for a Saturday afternoon. It was obvious the audience (mixed ages) had a good time by how the theater was constantly laughing and at the end many were clapping, it has been a very long time that we have gone to a show that got this kind of response that did not have to do with animated creatures and young children. The critics panned it because it has no sex (thankfully it is not Brokedown Panther), violence or even major crude humor, yes it is a slapstick comedy, reminds us of the old style comedies from the past. Take a sense of humor and just allow the movie to entertain you and you will have fun. BTW we liked Steve Martin in Sgt. Bilko and Bowfinger because he does not play a depressed middle aged man questioning his life like in his other films.
A whole new franchise..Steve Martin fantastic!
We start all of our reviews with the following information. My wife and I have seen nearly 100 movies per year for the past 15 years. Recently, we were honored by receiving lifetime movie passes to any movie any time at no cost! So we can see whatever we want whenever we want. The point of this is that CRITICS count for ZERO. Your local critics or the national critics like Ebert are really no different than you or me. The only difference is that they get to write about the movie and are forced to see hundreds of movies whether they want to or not.Therefore, it is our belief that if you get your monies worth for two hours of enjoyment that is good enough for us! We NEVER EVER listen or read the critics. We only care about our friends and those who we know like the same things as us. Well enough about that.

If you love slapstick, sight gags, lots of fun and physical comedy you will love this movie. Steve Martin is terrific as is Kevin Kline. I hope it is the beginning of a new franchise for The Pink Panther. Enjoy
Still good for laffs
If you go to this movie expecting a remake, or even continuation, or the original PP films, you'll be disappointed. If, however, you go in with the idea that this is a *tribute* to Sellers, Blake, and the original productions, you'll enjoy it a lot more.

With all due respect to Sellers, who is a freakin comic genius, Martin tries to bring his own personality to the role that many felt could never be played by another actor (tho other tried, notably Alan Arkin). Martin does not, and should not, try to step into Sellers' shoes. That would be impossible anyway. The PP films are *supposed* to be silly, juvenile, slapstick schtick. Sure, they could've smartened it up for the more modern, vastly more educated and superior 2006 audience, but then it wouldn't be a Pink Panther film, would it?

I admit that there are many aspects of the original series that can't be touched with a 10-foot minicar here: For example, the lack of a real Cato (Martin can't quite bring himself to let go with Ponton in the way Sellers went crazy with Cato, with complete disregard to personal injury). And for other feminists out there, believe me, the tired old stereotype of the Girl Friday hasn't changed a bit.

But hey, I can take a joke, especially for the sake of silliness. Just go see it to have fun and maybe bring up some fond memories of the original films. THEN go out and buy the Sellers' films! And get Being There while you're at it, one of the best films ever made.
Pales in Comparison to the Originals
I always shudder when I hear that a movie I like is about to be remade. With few exceptions, the movies rarely measure up to the originals. As a huge fan of Peter Sellers and The Pink Panther movies, I was actually afraid to watch this movie.

I should point out that this is not a completely terrible movie. Without the frame of reference of the original movies, it would be a lot more palatable. This movie is not so much an attempt to reprise the original Clousseau role as it is an attempt to redefine it.

Sellers' Clousseau was completely oblivious to everything going on around him, and never had any real insight into the case. The entire role was defined around his comic pathos and blank expression. Neither Steve Martin nor anyone else would ever be able to recapture that. Instead, Clousseau is cast as a hard-working detective toiling in obscurity. At times he seems accident prone, but underneath he has a true knowledge of police work. This is especially evident at the final unmasking of the criminal, where he has figured out every detail of the case, and gets it entirely correct. The fact that he speaks Chinese, knows the entire French criminal code, and the knows entire Russian army protocol further distances him from the original. Sellers' Clousseau never had a clue what was going on, and was always as surprised as anyone at the results, even though he tried to appear as if he wasn't.

Dreyfus is simply not funny at all in this adaptation. While we see his eye twitch once as a nod to the original, for the most part he's nothing like what we've come to expect of him. He should be going completely insane, not just getting a bit angry. Clousseau should be entirely out of his control, rather we see Dreyfus closely following Clousseau and not only being aware of his every move, but also manipulating him. Dreyfus' assistant, a staple of the original movies, is practically absent here.

There are a couple scenes where this movie is truly funny and true to the original (Clousseau setting fire to the hotel bathroom and falling through the floor), but most of the film appears as a cheap knock-off of the original. Clousseau randomly attempting to attack his partner and getting punched once is nowhere near as funny as Kato jumping out of a refrigerator and fighting with Clousseau until the entire apartment is trashed.

I cannot judge this without comparison to the originals, as I simply enjoy them too much and have seen them too many times. I don't think if you're familiar with the originals that you will enjoy this movie, as it completely fails to recapture the spirit of the original films. You may find it humorous if it's your first Pink Panther movie. If that's the case, you should check out the Sellers Pink Panther series, as they're much funnier and more enjoyable. Do yourself a favour and try to track down a copy of "The Return of the Pink Panther", which is by far the funniest. It's been a bit hard to find on DVD, but it's well worth the effort.
A travesty and a painfully obvious attempt to suck money from viewers. Peter Sellers must be turning in his grave.
As a huge fan of Peter Sellers and his comedic genius, I can honestly say that Steve Martin's performance in the new Pink Panther movies is the biggest travesty I've ever witnessed in my entire life. From the constantly smug expression on his face that is painfully forced, to his excruciatingly strained attempt to say "hamburger", which by the way he manages to butcher so badly that at some point he's just saying random gibberish, to his unbelievable idiocy and lack of any sense, and so much more, there isn't a single funny moment in this entire mockery.

I can't believe they made a second one. Someone please pay him to never make another one again. Leave Peter Seller's legacy alone and don't tarnish the Pink Panther name any further, please. This was the hardest movie to watch, the sheer idiocy is on its own level, and not in a funny way at all.

If I could give it a lower rating than 1, then I would. "Awful" is just the start of how I'd describe this movie.
Eye-lar-iuoos...I-mazee-rouz....It's funny
I've been psyched to see this movie for a long time. It seems like it has taken forever to make it to the theater. I was concerned to say the least. Firstly, I am a huge Sellers fan. I have seen every one of his movies that I have been able to get my hands on. I am also a huge Martin fan, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is by far my fav of his, so I had this dread that I would have to choose a favorite Clouseau, much like a child of divorce would be asked to choose the mother or the father. Forget it. Comparasins are unfair and only seek to create bias'. I love both Martin and Sellers in the same role for different reasons. Do not watch this movie and think of Martin as an imitator of Sellers and you will enjoy it all the more. Second. I don't know what the critics are complaining about. The humour of this movie is well thought out with gags constantly being set up and paid off throughout. The critics seem to blast the movie for lack of plot. Who cares that much about plot in comedy? I often get ticked off when "comedies" sacrifice comedy for plot, it's like "Oh God, now they gotta do plot advancement, I'm going to the bathroom." Because do you know what you get if you concentrate too much on plot? You get a drama. That would be the frowning thespian mask. If I'm kept laughing I really don't notice plot. The Marx Brother's Paramount movies come to mind. Duck Soup, Horsefeathers, and the others really didn't have much plot either, but they were hilarious. Honestly, nobody goes to a movie saying "I'm looking to see a movie with a nice sound plot without any holes."? If they do, they probably go alone. No. Most people go saying: "I want to laugh!" "I wan't to cry." "I want to see stuff blow up!" I went to The Pink Panther saying, "I want to laugh." I did. In fact, you know how you feel a little tired from a good comedy because you laughed so much that you got a workout? Well, I'm a little sore. Finally, I end on one small criticising remark. I was disappointed that Clouseau solved the crime with intelligence and observation rather than having it fall into his lap. For me the charm of the character Clouseau in the old movies was the fact that he bumbled and did everything wrong only to end up solving the case. Other than that, I highly recommend The Pink Panther. It's even worth the evening price for a ticket.
cant beat sellers
I think to put Steve martin to be compared with peter sellers is an insult. they could not choose a worse pathetic untalented actor. If you want to continue the film without Sellers you have to find someone with at least same respect as a comedian who can perform as close as possible to the original actor who made the series a success. Martin has nothing to compare with Peter Sellers, lousy humor of martin cant reach the class of Sellers. I cant understand how can directors make such a bad choice, they will be punished from low audience. I was a big lover of this series and I am greatly disappointed even angry with this, I hope they will realise and choose someone else if there is gonna be a next one.