The Pink Panther
USA, Czech Republic
Crime, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Shawn Levy
Kevin Kline as Dreyfus
Jean Reno as Ponton
Emily Mortimer as Nicole
Henry Czerny as Yuri
Roger Rees as Larocque
Philip Goodwin as Deputy Chief Renard
Henri Garcin as President
Daniel Sauli as Music Producer
Jean Dell as Justice Minister Clochard
Anna Katarina as Agent Corbeille
Storyline: When the coach of the France soccer team is killed by a poisoned dart in the stadium in the end of a game, and his expensive and huge ring with the diamond Pink Panther disappears, the ambitious Chief Insp. Dreyfus assigns the worst police inspector Jacques Clouseau to the case. His intention is to give a diversion to the press, while he uses his best men to chase the killer and thief. He assigns Gendarme Gilbert Ponton to work with Clouseau and inform each step of the investigation. When Clouseau is nominated with honor to the highest prize in France, Dreyfus decides to humiliate Clouseau and take him out of the case. However Clouseau has already solved the mystery.
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A Completely Different Panther
Peter Sellers was Peter Sellers. Steve Martin is Steve Martin. In the same way, Steve Martin's Inspector Jacques Clouseau is a totally new creation, as uniquely Martin's as the original was uniquely Sellers'. The essential details are the same: the ridiculous accent, the unique level of incompetence, the tendency to karate-chop the air on reflex. But instead of trying to emulate Sellers, Martin fills out the character with his unique brand of goofiness. By the end of the movie, I had totally accepted Steve Martin as the new Inspector Clouseau, never once trying to compare him to Peter Sellers.

The film starts out with narration by Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom's character in the older films). The narration contains a few groan-worthy clichés but only exists long enough to set up the plot. Kevin Kline sometimes struggles to keep his French accent straight, but he makes up for it later in the movie with his willingness to be the butt of several gags.

The movie then moves to one of its high-points: the credits. An animated version of Steve Martin's Clouseau chases after the famous Pink Panther to a traditional rendition of Henry Mancini's theme. The sequence is not only the cartoon cat's funniest appearance so far (Must be happy to be doing something other than insulation commercials), but it's a treat for fans of the original films willing to indulge. Several moments pay tribute to the animated sequences of the Peter Sellers films, including "A Shot in the Dark." Then the real movie begins. Steve Martin shines as Inspector Clouseau, nailing the ridiculous accent perfectly. It even varies slightly from Sellers'. The plot is that of a conventional murder mystery, a nice change from the muddled plots of the previous movies. It's even possible for the viewer to spot the clues.

Steve Martin's Clouseau has been upgraded from mere idiot to idiot savant. He's accident prone, absent minded, and slow on the uptake, but when he's got time to sit down and think it's not hard to believe he's capable of solving the case.

Beyonce's character, while important to the plot, actually gets only a small amount of screen time. Her role requires only average acting talent. She may not be the most competent actress, but she is very competent when it comes to giving the camera absolutely smoldering stares.

I found myself rooting for Martin to solve the case and get the girl. No, not Beyonce. Emily Mortimer as Dreyfus' scatterbrained secretary. She and Martin have great chemistry, as do Martin and sidekick Jean Reno. There's a real warmth in the relationship between Clouseau and Reno's character. The tired routines that were recycled so many times in the original films are thankfully gone, though there are several subtle nods to those familiar with the older films. While, sadly, the movie never once reaches the level of hilarity the originals did, the laughs are steady, the story flows nicely, and the characters are extremely likable. The movie may or may not appeal to fans of the original movies, but fans of Martin, especially the young ones acquainted with him (as well as director Shaun Levy) from the "Cheaper by the Dozen" movies, will love it.
This movie is very good - don't believe the negativity
I can't believe the high profile negative campaign against this film. It's hard enough to make a remake or a comedy alone, but to make both well is amazing. Let's see some of these negative people try to write comedy themselves. There's no doubt Kevin Kline sacrificed his role for the benefit of Martin (a very supportive role taking a lot of physical torment)and the "pronounciation joke" runs a bit too long, but people of all ages (still using an animated beginning, innuendo jokes that only teenagers will get, etc. help pull in the younger, family audiences) will enjoy this quality film that cast and crew made sure to get right. Very entertaining! It'll open much bigger than industry predictions and make steady box office. Hopefully they make a sequel and continue the series.
another weak panther
All the jokes are very predictable, there is nothing new in the story. Steve Martin is once again OVERRATED and after 15 minutes you want to leave the movie theater.

To be very honest there are only two good jokes and parts of the soundtrack is very good.

Sometimes the background out of focus is more interesting to watch than Steve Martin.

Hopefully they won't make a DVD of this film!

When I saw the film eight people were watching and only one guy were laughing.

I found a total waste of time and money!
Pales in Comparison to the Originals
I always shudder when I hear that a movie I like is about to be remade. With few exceptions, the movies rarely measure up to the originals. As a huge fan of Peter Sellers and The Pink Panther movies, I was actually afraid to watch this movie.

I should point out that this is not a completely terrible movie. Without the frame of reference of the original movies, it would be a lot more palatable. This movie is not so much an attempt to reprise the original Clousseau role as it is an attempt to redefine it.

Sellers' Clousseau was completely oblivious to everything going on around him, and never had any real insight into the case. The entire role was defined around his comic pathos and blank expression. Neither Steve Martin nor anyone else would ever be able to recapture that. Instead, Clousseau is cast as a hard-working detective toiling in obscurity. At times he seems accident prone, but underneath he has a true knowledge of police work. This is especially evident at the final unmasking of the criminal, where he has figured out every detail of the case, and gets it entirely correct. The fact that he speaks Chinese, knows the entire French criminal code, and the knows entire Russian army protocol further distances him from the original. Sellers' Clousseau never had a clue what was going on, and was always as surprised as anyone at the results, even though he tried to appear as if he wasn't.

Dreyfus is simply not funny at all in this adaptation. While we see his eye twitch once as a nod to the original, for the most part he's nothing like what we've come to expect of him. He should be going completely insane, not just getting a bit angry. Clousseau should be entirely out of his control, rather we see Dreyfus closely following Clousseau and not only being aware of his every move, but also manipulating him. Dreyfus' assistant, a staple of the original movies, is practically absent here.

There are a couple scenes where this movie is truly funny and true to the original (Clousseau setting fire to the hotel bathroom and falling through the floor), but most of the film appears as a cheap knock-off of the original. Clousseau randomly attempting to attack his partner and getting punched once is nowhere near as funny as Kato jumping out of a refrigerator and fighting with Clousseau until the entire apartment is trashed.

I cannot judge this without comparison to the originals, as I simply enjoy them too much and have seen them too many times. I don't think if you're familiar with the originals that you will enjoy this movie, as it completely fails to recapture the spirit of the original films. You may find it humorous if it's your first Pink Panther movie. If that's the case, you should check out the Sellers Pink Panther series, as they're much funnier and more enjoyable. Do yourself a favour and try to track down a copy of "The Return of the Pink Panther", which is by far the funniest. It's been a bit hard to find on DVD, but it's well worth the effort.
A fun movie, and let's clear up a few things...
I really enjoyed this movie. I expected the worst because of many of the comments here, but that's why they play the game, so the saying goes...

There were plenty of laughs and a simple but serviceable plot that held together for the whole film. I personally don't think Martin was trying to BE Sellers, but to do his TAKE on a character created by Sellers. Think original Clouseau + The Jerk and you get the idea.

The key is that Marin captured the spirit of the character and the film captured the spirit of the original films as well. That's all one could ask.

Jean Reno was quite good, Kevin Cline not so good. He might have taken more time to make his own Dreyfuss.

Now to clear some things up:

First: For those who lament a crappy remake of the original film, I suggest you go watch the original film. You will be surprised at how unfunny it is. Sellers is good, but the movie itself is slow and obvious. I remember loving the movie as a kid, then I tried to watch it recently and realized I was remembering the sequel. The original was really weak and boring.

Second: For those who say Martin turned Clouseau into some kind of loser, I again suggest you watch the originals. He WAS a loser. He WAS pathetic. That was the point. He was a sexual repressed, pathetic loser who lucked into solving crimes while bumbling around and trying to get laid. Martin's Clouseau fits this mold.

Third: This is not a remake, but another in a series. To suggest that the original is so sacred that another film in a series can't be made many years later is the worst kind of snobbery. Why do people treat films with such reverence but not plays or musicals? If a great star creates a character on stage, does that mean no one else can ever play that character in the history of theater? Of course not. Sorry to say, Sellars is dead. He can't come back and do it again.

Now there are things about this movie that are different than the originals in terms of tone.

One is that the subject matter has been toned down a bit. Though there is the implication of sex in multiple places and a few murders (not violent and not seen), it isn't as risqué as the original, to fit a broader market one would suppose. Still not sure how they can get away with advertising it on Nickelodeon with links to, but that's a typical Viacom/MTV problem.

But this film is a bit lighter than the original for that reason. It is still satirical, but less blatantly pop culture gag driven than a Shrek. Pink Panther takes subtle jabs at the French and their love of cycling, hatred of American food, etc. It also incorporates a very fun sequence with 006, creates gags out of Viagra, ring tones, the TSA, etc. Basically, it's current without being so tied to 2005/6 that it will feel dated later.

If you like to laugh, you'll like this movie. If you consider yourself a tough cookie for laughs, then you may not. But that's your fault, not the movie's... ;)
This movie is good for preteens
I have a 7 year old and a 9 year old. Both laughed so much during this movie. I don't agree with the rating for this movie. There is hardly anything in this movie that makes it any steamier than commercials that are played during family hour.

I found it funny but I agree that no one can do Closeau like Peter Sellers. This was a fun way to spend the afternoon and a great introduction to the older Pink Panther movies. If your kids like this movie, rent The Party with Peter Sellers... it is a hoot.

While I do like Beyonce.. she really didn't add anything great to this movie. She can sing..but I don't think she can act. My favorite scene is the sound proof booth. Very childish but I laughed so hard that I snorted :-)
An Insult to the Series
From the beginning I knew a prequel to the PINK PANTHER series would be an abomination. I did not, however, think it would be worse than I expected. I went to see the movie because I am a fan of Steve Martin and his writing. His attempt at either imitating or recreating the Clouseau role (whichever it was) was, in the very least, a failed accomplishment. The beauty of the Sellers "Clouseau" was the subtlety that Sellers brought to the character. He was clumsy as opposed to stupid. The real humor in the originals is that Clouseau would solve the case, more or less, by accident through his faults. Thus when he received acclaim it was that much more humorous. Martin's "Clouseau" is stupid and vain and has no likable traits. He actually has some police skills that help him in the end, but are not in the vain of Clouseau. He is NOT Clouseau. Why would anyone want to recreate a character that was perfect? Some may say to introduce the series to a new generation. I say buy the DVDs. They are well worth the investment. There is one good scene in the film, which revolves around a cameo by Clive Owen. Granted the scene contains inside jokes but if you get them then you'll laugh. However the scene has nothing to do with the story of the film and Steve Martin should be ashamed of himself for writing such rubbish. The bottom line Peter Sellers must turning over in his grave, but I am sure he's glad he is dead so he does not have to see his legacy damaged.
Just Pure Fun...
I'm shocked that The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin has gotten such bad reviews in the United States. Perhaps because there is no political banter or reference to a celebrity as is so popular in current Amercian comedy, therefore deeming it worthless. The movie has a very European/British feel to it and therefore is BETTER than most comedy movies around now. There is a lot of slap-stick humor and its just good fun for everyone involved. I go to Clark University and I went down with a bunch of guys and we had spent the last 2 weeks watching Brokeback Mountian and Munich, but we still walked out of the Pink Panther with the same 'that was a good way to spend $10' as we did with other two movies. If you want to go have some fun then I encourage you to go see this extremely funny movie and admire some of Steve Martins at his best. And if all else fails, you cant not like the theme tune...
Peter sellers cannot be beaten by American crap
OK lets get this from the beginning. This movie contains jokes which are too much for a joke. In the older version peter sellers made those jokes look realistic and really funny. Steve Martin cannot do the same.This movie is made in "American style". Beyonce plays the goddess of the movie? and there's rap music in it which are not the style for the pink panther. Also Hollywood shouldn't even try to do this movie because its obvious that its not going to be as the original which is classical and it remains in history like godfather,jaws,exorcist etc. When I got to the cinema I was really excited to get in and see this. After i saw it I was disappointed and I realized that i have waisted 2 hours of my life to see this....(******) I believe that no American actor can replace peter sellers as Insp. Jacques Clouseau. In addition to prevent this crap movie they should do something different like a different comedy or something and have a little of pink panther clues in it.
Very funny
Peter Seller was the first Clouseau! Martin is the funnier Clouseau! I liked old Pink Panther movies but I loved this One. Just like the older Pink Panther movies there is no nudity or bad words, but still it is very funny. I and my wife were laughing for hours after the movie ended.

There are very few movies that are equally funny for the parents and kids. I like Cartoons and I take my kids to watch them, but there are no just plain funny movies that all family can go to.

I will take my 4 year old to see it and I think he will love it just as much as I did.
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