The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
USA, New Zealand, Germany
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Peter Jackson
Noel Appleby as Everard Proudfoot
Sean Astin as Sam
David Aston as Gondorian Soldier 3
John Bach as Madril
Sean Bean as Boromir
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Sadwyn Brophy as Eldarion
Marton Csokas as Celeborn
Richard Edge as Gondorian Soldier 1
Jason Fitch as Uruk 2
Storyline: While Frodo & Sam continue to approach Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, unaware of the path Gollum is leading them, the former Fellowship aid Rohan & Gondor in a great battle in the Pelennor Fields, Minas Tirith and the Black Gates as Sauron wages his last war against Middle-Earth.
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What can you say?
I suppose that someone, sometime, may tell the story more accurately but I doubt very much that it will ever be told better. Nothing could ever replace the books for pure escapism but Peter Jackson has managed to evoke both the feel and texture of Tolkien's masterwork without pandering, too much, to clichéd Hollywood extravagance. The cast are superb (if Sir Ian Mckellen is remembered for nothing else other than Gandalf I feel sure he would not complain), the cinematography stunning and the pace, even over the 8/9 hours for the whole trilogy is matchless. For those who have read the books (as I have for many years) I would suggest watching once to get all of the niggling storyline changes/omissions out of your system then just watch as a pure, wonderous, unadulterated piece of epic, EPIC cinema. I'm sure I will love it forever.
All Good Things come to an End!
All the threads of Tolkien's magnum opus come together in the most elegant of fashions in the final part of Peter Jackson's adaptation. Humanity makes a last stand at Minas Tirith, the Hobbits travel through Mordor, our heroes try to by time for Frodo to complete his mission and the Evil Sauron gets tired of the whole game and lashes out with all his might and fury.

"Return of the King" is 4 hours of payoff, a third act in a gigantic epic rather than a mere film of its own. As such it is intensely dramatic and dynamic and you can very much sense that though peter Jackson spared no effort on the previous episodes, this is clearly his favorite. the film floats by at a thunderous pace, taking us through unforgettable moments such as the battle of Minas Tirith itself, a marvel of seamless animation and epic film-making, it demands to be seen, as it has too many jaw-dropping moments to choose from. The quieter character moments keep gaining in potency and the full weight of the stakes and their heartbreaking consequences is never in doubt.

The cast of these films have played their parts to perfection and again Jackson deserves overall credit for choosing actors that so perfectly match Tlolkien's creations: Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee are their own usually excellent selves, and the hobbits remain endearing, but of all the uniformly great cast, the true standouts are Viggo Mortensen and David Wenham as the tragic Faramir, whose relationship with his brutish father is the most traumatic of the film. Jackson pushes them even further by having them sing at a few key moments (a practice employed to powerful effect by Tolkien in the books), a daring undertaking that works wonders. And though he may offer one ending too many, he does have the decency to show off each surviving character with the appropriate screen time and respect.

Now that the trilogy is complete, it can be viewed as one big film, as it should be. After 8 years, Jackson has done the impossible: he has taken Tolkien's huge legend and made films that stand on their own and have revolutionized film-making, setting the new benchmark for cinematic epics. Changes have been made to Tolkien's source novels, but they make for better, more fluid films, more faithful in spirit to Tolkien's myth than anyone had the right to hope for.

A masterpiece, whether as part of a bigger whole or on its own. Well deserving of all the high praise thrown at it, and then some...
What a Way to end, Truly amazing and one of the best films ever made
Truly a masterpiece. This film was more than worthy of its 11 Oscars. The fellowship was stunning, the two towers was inspiring but the return of the king was truly the greatest film i have ever seen. The thing that is most amazing about the return of the king is that it fills the jigsaw of its predeceors and does it with such epic granduer emotion, and inspiration that i know very few people who were not amazed by it. I myself have read the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and in light of this can say that this film has to be one of the adaptations in recent times. Peter Jackson, I feel simply could not have done a better job in using the beautiful new zealand landscape to portray Tolkien's vision.

Without a doubt the speech, roars and sheer numbers of the rohirrim at the pellennor charge in the sunset is truly the greatest sequence of film i have ever seen. People say the ending is too long, I say it was perfect as it gave a heart felt and fitting deneaumont, and ended a truly remarkable trilogy that will not be soon forgotten.
Honestly if you haven't seen this movie yet why are you wasting your time reading reviews go watch it immediately. Granted it's been at least a year since I last watched the LOTR trilogy but I can still say without a doubt this is the best one of the three. In my opinion is was much more satisfying than the hobbit trilogy as well. Also you don't have to be a fan of fantasy or anything (which is unlikely in the age of GoT) to enjoy this movie, I guarantee anyone would enjoy this movie as long as they pay attention.

Easily 10/10
The journey and the destination are both well worth the investment of time
I haven't read anything by Tolkien. It is a great credit to these movies that you can watch all three without needing to have taken in the novels beforehand. This is an excellent end to an incredible trilogy. The plot is engaging from start to finish, and this moves rather smoothly, with great pacing. This is funny several times, and there is very little of the annoying(and still easily ignored) comic relief. I am thrilled to see Gollum turn out to be such a richly detailed and thoroughly developed character. The meld of live-action and CGI elements is perfect. You forget that not everything you're seeing is really there. The effects are impeccable, in general, and the imaginative designs, and boundless creativity are amazing. Creepy and dark, this isn't actually depressing, in spite of many gloomy moments. The battle sequences are intense, well-choreographed and awesome. This has astonishing editing and cinematography, and has a marvelous look. The acting doesn't let you down at any point. There is a lot of scary and disturbing content in this, and it might be too much for children. I recommend this to any fan of the fantasy genre, and, really, everyone who enjoys an appreciation for the medium of film. 10/10
I knew it would be good, but this takes the entire cake. Peter Jackson has absolutely outdone himself with this masterpiece. True, there are a few tiny holes in the plot, but they are easily overlooked. Even if you're not a huge fan of Tolkien, you should really make an attempt to see this movie. I wasn't a fan of the books, but Jackson's movies have inspired me to pick them up and give them all a good read. Can't wait for the DVD. Let's see if Jackson does as good a job with The Hobbit.
A milestone in movie making
Let me start by telling this, I think this movie is the best movie ever made. There are different reasons for that conclusion and part of it certainly is due to the buildup this movie had, with the first 2 other movies. I think this movie is much better than both of them though. It pretty much everything a movie needs to have IMO. It has good storytelling, great characters, outstanding visuals and good pacing (which is something I found the other 2 movies to be missing).

What can be said about the story obviously is, that it is giant. There are stories that take place on a smaller scale, where only small things are at risk and I am not saying, these stories are worse (in fact, if they're done right, they can be better), but I also like stories that tackle a giant, worldwide danger. This is what all of the LOTR movies do, they deal with something that threatens pretty much the entire world. The good storytelling in it is that we find different people in this situation and they all come together through some circumstances (which, of course, happens in the first movie, not this one). What we get in this movie, is those characters working together, to solve this one problem. They all do serve a purpose in solving the problem and the story does a good job to show, why they do. That is good storytelling, that is how you tell a giant story right. And also, the way it ended is great.

Then we have the characters. We have a lot of different characters in LOTR. We have people like Aragorn, who are in self doubt (although this isn't really present in the books. I think it's a great addition to the story), which they manage to lose in the end and which makes them get to the peak of their power. This is what we get to see in Return of the King. We finally see Aragorn, actively deciding that he will take his rightful throne and he does what he needs to do, to deserve it. On the other hand, we have characters that are like Legolas, the knight in shining armor kind. We do also have crazy people (Denethor), we have people like Sam, who are just very loyal. What I am getting to is that those characters all seem believable to me, which is what makes a good character. The best example would be Frodo, who also is in a constant struggle, because of the ring. His story is a great story about a guy that is not big enough for the task he's up against, which is a sad story. The good thing on that part is that everyone else got their happy end, but Frodo didn't, because Frodo basically failed. This characters are interesting.

So, let's talk about the visuals. My favorite scene of the trilogy (from the cinematic standpoint) is in this movie. It is, when the riders of Rohan attack the Ork army in front of Minas Tirith. It is just a very beautiful scene. From an artistic standpoint, it is brilliantly made. What gives this scene a lot of power, is the horn that announces it. When you hear that horn, you have a slight idea of what you're going to get. You get the fact that Rohan is arriving, but to see it play out on the screen, to see them ride down those hills, being bombarded by arrows and crushing through the pikes of the Orks, was the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen on a screen. If I have ever been close to an orgasm while watching a movie, it was during this scene, because this scene, is epic.

Now to the pacing. This movie does pacing in a better way than the other 2. What makes the difference is that noting in Return of the King seems irrelevant to the story. Yes, it is long. But the length this movie has is filled up with relevant stuff and everything seems very important, which is why it doesn't stretch as much as the other 2 movies do. It feels shorter, although it is massively longer. This is quite an impressive thing.

Now, those are my reason for liking this movie. I truly think that it probably isn't the best in any of the categories I mentioned, but I think it combines them in the best way. The complete package of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is bigger and better than that of any other movie, which makes it the best movie I have ever watched. If there was any way to give it more than 10/10, I would definitely do that, but I will have to stick to a 10/10.
Good, but less enjoyable than its predecessors
First, let me say that I did like "Return of the King." It's a special effects masterpiece that is destined to become a classic, along with the first two installments in the "Lord of the Rings" saga.

But, to me, it was far less enjoyable than the first two films, the second of which was the best of the three.

"King" was far too long for what it had to say. And the ending (or should I say endings) really disappointed me. I kept waiting for the film to end, but it just kept going on and on. There were at least four times that I thought the film was over, but then the next scene would fade in. It would have been a much better ending if the film had finished with the resolution of the final battle, and then showed the denouement as a montage next to the closing credits. It would have removed about 20 minutes from the overly-lengthy film and would have made the ending less of a "cut-and-paste" style.

So I'll give it a solid 7. But to me, it has been seriously over-rated by both fans and critics. I'm surprised that more of the critics, at least, haven't picked up on the weak ending.
The best 17 endings of all times!
I think that almost everything that can be said about this trilogy has been said already, but still I will try. There are so many films that destroyed the beauty and perfection of the novels they have been built upon, not this one. In front of an amazingly beautiful scenery, Peter Jackson was able to create a fantasy-movie, which unlike so many others before did not deal with old clichés and thus is far away from any trash-movie a lot of people had expected it to be beforehand.

Although I am sure that the cast of this film will soon be forgotten, The "The Lord of the Rings"-trilogy will stand the times and be one of the most renowned pictures of the las decade.
Tolkien's literary genius is brought to life in the most epic fashion.
The final installment of Peter Jackson's incredible trilogy showcases the brilliance of himself and his crew. Every aspect of the film brushes close to perfection, from the incredible performances of the cast to all the work done behind the scenes and in the studio. This grand conclusion of the tale of the One Ring highlights the talent and hard work of everyone involved in the production. Middle-earth truly comes to life through this masterful film, ushering in a new and greater respect for fantasy films. The magnificence of Tolkien's writings are wonderfully translated to the screen through the minds of Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, and Fran Walsh. Middle- earth's beauty is caught by the brilliant eyes of legendary cinematographer Andrew Lesnie. A story told so beautifully, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" will likely be forever known as one of the greatest films of all time.
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