The Hunt
Sweden, Denmark
IMDB rating:
Thomas Vinterberg
Storyline: Lucas is a Kindergarten teacher who takes great care of his students. Unfortunately for him, young Klara has a run-away imagination and concocts a lie about her teacher. Before Lucas is even able to understand the consequences, he has become the outcast of the town. The hunt is on to prove his innocence before it's taken from him for good.
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Great story, characters and picture. An excellent European movie.
I've heard of "The Hunt" ("Jagten") for some time now, and after a few attempts of watching it, I finally did it. After I have seen the movie, I have a big regret: that I've waited so long to do it.

"The Hunt" has a wonderful story, which feels very real and plausible. The events are happening in a small town near the mountains, where the community is very close to each other. The pictures are beautiful: mountains, rivers, lakes, wild animals and great buildings. Even the food looks very good.

But what I liked the best were the people, and the relationship between them. I mean I felt like I was their friend: I laughed with them, I cried with them and felt numerous types of feelings while watching the film. It transmits powerful feelings through the screen. You never have enough information to form a complete idea or opinion, and that makes the movie even more interesting and teasing. You have many types of relationships: between friends, father and child, ex-husband and ex- wife, new lovers, and others. During the scenes, I have felt different types of feelings and emotions: joy, trust, anticipation, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise.

I have learned a few things from this film, about people and the way they interact. First of all, people can be easily influenced and manipulated, when you have all the factors needed to create a necessary scenario. Second, a real friendship can't be broken, even if certain events tell you so: "I think this is the ending of a beautiful friendship" (opposite of the famous quote from Casablanca).

Finally, I recommend "The Hunt" to all of you who love people and the connections that are made between them. I will wait for your comments in the Message Board, because at the end of the movie you will surely have many questions.

P.S. This is my first review, so don't be to harsh on me.
A Thriller Movie
The genre of drama does not justify the suspense this movie brings. It is more of a drama thriller.

This movie makes you question everything you know about truth. This is one of the best movies that showcases the harsh reality of false accusations and their consequences on the lives of everybody involved.

The innocent mistake of a young girl named Klara changes the life of a man, his family and also the lives of the viewers. This movie makes you think about how words impact people and the legal system. And this movie makes you think about it even after weeks of watching it.

Mads Mikkelsen's acting is brilliant as always. When he breaks down, the viewers break down as well. The helplessness on his face during the worst times yet the courage to carry on - Mads Mikkelsen deserves several awards for this portrayal. Young Klara's acting deserves a special mention since the audience is convinced with her little lie as well.

Story - 8/10 Mads Mikkelsen - 10/10 Actors - 9/10 Direction - 10/10 The concept of injustice is shown in a very sensitive manner in this movie. It is a must watch for every movie lover.
Makes you real angry
The main thing I will say about this movie, is that is makes you very, very mad. Well, made me, anyway.

I am allergic to spoilers, so I can't say why, but trust me, you will be so frustrated by this. You will probably hate some of the characters.

Now this is danish, so everyone, absolutely everyone will need subtitles. (little joke/stab at Denmark there! nobody, not even Danes themselves understand that language)

Mads Mikkelsen, aka Hannibal, does a very fine job. He reacts so natural and realistic, you really feel for him.

The subject matter is one that I think it's pretty hard to make a movie about, so I applaud the director.

There is not that much for me to talk about in this review, really, all I can say it is a frustrating, but very good movie. You are left with this chilling, split soft of, feeling after watching it. Very good!
One of the Strongest Contenders for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, This Year.
A brilliantly painted portrait of how prejudice can turn even the most decent people into a mindless mob, The Hunt is a provocative study of our ever judgmental society which is always ready to believe anything that gives them a chance to persecute someone without even verifying the accusation or caring about how affecting & damaging it could actually be if the accused turns out to be innocent.

Set around Christmas in a small Danish town, The Hunt (also known as Jagten) tells the story of Lucas; a kindergarten schoolteacher in his mid-40s who is admired by his peers, loved by his school children & is friendly with everyone in town. But his life soon turns upside down when an innocent lie spreads like wildfire throughout the town and does an irrevocable damage to his life, dignity & relationships.

Beautifully directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the story isn't concerned with how Lucas proves his innocence but instead focuses on how he deals with the isolation & hostility that comes from his community after the false accusation. Screenplay deals with a sensitive subject matter but isn't afraid to throw uncomfortable questions at its audience, while all its technical aspects are executed in a very serene manner.

Coming to the acting department, this is Mads Mikkelsen's show all the way for the actor delivers the finest work of his short but admirable career with a performance that perfectly captures Lucas' plight & his Best Actor win at Cannes for this role was a well-deserving one. Also bringing further solidity to this aspect is the young Annika Wedderkopp who plays Klara; daughter of Lucas' best friend.

But the most powerful thing about The Hunt is that it puts up some very difficult questions in front of us & isn't afraid to ask for an answer. It shows us that children are indeed capable of saying the stupidest things without any idea of what it can do to someone's life & reputation and how society always believes their version of truth without even looking for any evidence because in their eyes, children don't lie.

On an overall scale, The Hunt is a wonderfully directed, skilfully written, vividly photographed, smoothly edited & calmly scored cinema that's impressive, thought-provoking & potent in every way, is one of the finest films to come out from Denmark, manages to maintain a strong grip on our emotions from start to finish, really makes its viewers connect with Lucas' predicament, and is scarier than your average horror flick. Strongly recommended.
When accusation is enough...
Anyone can put an idea in your head. Some ideas hold, some do not, and some can burrow into your head and change the way you perceive the people around you.

Director Thomas Vinterberg takes a simple idea, and turns it into a masterpiece of storytelling. I had never seen any of his previous films, but was completely spellbound by the events that unfolded in what is essentially a single event, that leads to disaster. Mads Mikkelsen portrays Lucas, a kindergarten teacher in a small Danish town. He appears to like his life, his job, and goes to work with a smile on his face. He's well known in the community, has many friends, is working on custody of his son, and even has a love interest years after his divorce.

The real magic of this film is how this one event unfolds before you, from the most innocent of sources it changes his life dramatically and possibly forever. A character leading a life that could be any one of us, and it really drives home the fact that sometimes to be simply accused is enough to lose everything you hold dear.

A memorizing story, very true to life in it's many facets. It would be an absolute shame if you miss this one.

Decent drama with certain highlights.
'Jagten' is mostly filmed as a rather middle of the road, decent drama, and even the core content (child abuse) does not change much about that. But the story has some strong moments that felt quite original. As such, there is the way Lucas fights back, as does his son Marcus. Then, there is the ending, which really threw me off, and still puzzles me. The same goes for more moments in the film (why was nobody able to link Klara's inappropriate talk to her brother?).

The acting was over-all very good and natural, though here and there it felt a bit over the top, mostly by Thomas Bo Larsen, but it could have something to do with Thomas Vinterberg's direction as well.

A good film, one that offers plenty to think about, but I was hardly blown away. A good 7 out of 10.
Emotions of a common man who is not guilty
This is an excellent masterpiece from the director Thomas Vinterberg. Hats off to him for showing the emotions of a common man in such a wonderful way. I like to praise the protagonist Mikkelsen for his classic acting. Also I like the acting of the little girl who has done really well. There is really a nice message for everyone in this movie. I do want to write many things about this movie.You must have read so many reviews already about this film. So I don't want to reiterate again.

So, please stop reading more reviews about this movie and just watch it.Trust me, you will love it.
Paranorium Euphorium (****1/2)
Community is an interesting word, isn't it? I've always been led to believe that the term embodies a group of people working together towards the same goals- fellowship and support in good times and bad. No matter what country or region, it's a universal idea. Thomas Vinterberg's "The Hunt" is a maddening, frustratingly brilliant portrayal of a good man embattled by a broken community, either too lazy or too proud to self-reflect. It's less of a commentary on pedophilia or child abuse and more a visceral commentary on what today's idea of a community actually is, and the powerful way it can simultaneously build up or destroy an individual or group.

Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) is an average, lonely guy. Recently divorced with a teenage son and a newer job, he's made progress trying to piece his life back together. Interestingly, he's the only male teacher in a preschool-kindergarten, but as the movie tells us, it appears that was his only choice after his other school closed. The children appear to adore him, and why not? He's kind, helpful, and approachable. So approachable, in fact, that children come to him for solace, comfort, and even assistance using the restroom.

One particular child, his best friend's daughter Klara (Wedderkopp), looks to Lucas to fill a role that her own parents haven't been filling (which makes sense considering how much they fight). Klara just craves positive attention, and who could blame her? After all, it appears all she's learning at home is animosity from her parents, and she's even forced to view adult material by her brother and his friend at one point. What child wouldn't gravitate towards another adult male that isn't the embodiment of things she doesn't yet understand? Unfortunately, the comfort that Klara finds in Lucas gets twisted in her mind with the need to 'imitate' adults, as she has been taught. In a perfect storm of events, the headmaster of the school is made to believe (via Klara) that Lucas has molested her.

As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a film about molestation- instead it's about communities, society, and the power of conjecture. From the moment that the headmaster suspects an issue, Lucas' world falls apart. Word spreads rapidly about his alleged wrongdoing, and because the audience is made to be aware of his innocence, our outrage begins. This man endures alienation from friends, isolation from his son, a suspension from his job, an arrest, a savage beating from grocery store employees who ban him from shopping there, and violations to his property- even his pet.

This small community, so quick to rally around the young girl and her family, throws their entire weight behind destroying this man. Even his best friend, the father of the girl, can't rely on their friendship bond to decide whether or not he's at fault. Why bother waiting for evidence, a trial, or common logic, right? I got a sense that this community is so ugly on the 'inside' that they couldn't wait to take it out on someone else- Lucas was simply an easy target. He's a divorcée, lives by himself, is a male in a traditionally female job- he's ripe for the picking. As a society, we're familiar with this situation, for if you exhibit any quirks or deviate from the norm, it's suspicious, and by proxy guilty to some.

This film stirred such an anger in me, but not simply because child abuse was a subject. I was more infuriated by the amount of ignorance displayed by a group of people who went out of their way to destroy a person's reputation and livelihood. Even when young Klara admits her mistake, people go out of their way to ignore what she's really saying. It sure must have taken a lot of self-hatred and lack of understanding to push even further against Lucas.

This community puts on a show with a sense of closeness, but we know better. Earlier in the film, we see these adults argue, get drunk, ignore their children, and it's fine- but when a crisis happens, they're a unified bunch, ready to take out their inadequacies on another. I'm obviously aware that an actual crime like the alleged one in this film should incite anger in a community. What's so galling, that this film reflects in such a concise manner, is the inability of people to look within themselves, and how damaging it can be to others.

There's a reason why we have law enforcement and courts in our world, for it's a slippery slope when accusations fly. We're understandably so protective of children that our mind's defense mechanisms open up during a crisis, disregarding reason and intuition. "The Hunt", showing the ugly side of smaller communities, will stick with me for some time. I watched a community shun the beliefs that it was likely founded upon. The film's most powerful moment, as a battered Lucas tries to pull himself together for a Christmas Eve service, is simply poetic. A knowing look from Lucas to his best friend encapsulates the utter betray he must have felt. It's a moment that I imagine many innocent community outsiders have felt over time, for it's clear our world is no stranger to snap judgments. "The Hunt" is an important film to consider, and deserves mention as one of the best of the year.
Very nearly cinematic perfection
While we are forced to endure noise from the likes of Michael Bay and Co, movies like this one pass by unnoticed. This is filmmaking of a very high order and many will miss its subtleties and instead glob onto the drama of its main plot. This movie is closer to Ibsen and For Whom The Bell Tolls and The Scarlet Letter than it is to today's typical cinema. The initial 40 minutes or so are perfect in terms of acting, directing and writing. Maybe, just maybe, the film should have ended about 10 minutes earlier than it does--but the closing works very well too. The portrait of mankind here is grim, dark and well-deserved, sad to say.
Intelligent sensitive and thought provoking
This film deals with a difficult subject and the way to be accused of something can be enough for you to be excluded by society. The film is well written,acted and produced.The pace of the film is excellent and never sensationalist.When so many films nowadays require the viewer simply to sit back and be entertained this film drags you through a moral maze and very straight forwardly forces you to deal with the issues raised. Due to the subject matter it cannot said to be enjoyable yet as a piece of film making it is important and to be praised.The performance of the central character binds the film together. Without having empathy for his character and for all of those caught up in the unfolding events the film would not work.The sanctity of childhood and the way that his son is at the same time also ostracised by the community provides a harrowing contradiction."Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".
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