The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Francis Lawrence
Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Paula Malcomson as Katniss' Mother
Natalie Dormer as Cressida
Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne
Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair
Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
Toby Jones as Claudius Templesmith
Jena Malone as Johanna Mason
Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee
Jeffrey Wright as Beetee
Donald Sutherland as President Snow
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket
Storyline: With the Games destroyed, Katniss Everdeen, along with Gale, Finnick and Beetee, end up in the so thought "destroyed" District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the "Mockingjay", the symbol of rebellion for the districts of Panem.
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A film which got on my nerves more than anything
Let me start off by saying my girlfriend is a huge fan of the franchise before this film. i was suspicious before going to watch it as i am not really a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan but i decided to go watch it anyway. We sat in the movie and i am sad to say we were both highly disappointed by this movie. Don't get me wrong i love to see more heroines starring in movies and therefore i was willing to give this movie a chance. however the directors of this movie made it so obvious they were trying as hard as they could to create a female lead role that they turned the potentially interesting story into a bland, frustrating, badly acted mess which doesn't do justice to the hype created around this movie. Every second word in this movie was about "peter", and about how she didn't care about anyone in the big picture just about saving her peter, whilst constantly collapsing in tears, endangering her peers and blowing off her boyfriend who wants to be loved but instead is ignored because of a less attractive scrawny pipsqueak, who is also blown up to be a hero undeservedly. Even the people in the movie seem to get annoyed with Jennifer Lawrence's annoying portrayal of the "mockingjay" and her obsession with peter.

my girlfriend and i are both in agreement that we wasted money and 2 precious hours on this hyped up, big budget, badly directed movie which left us totally underwhelmed. the best part of the film was the trailers at the beginning for better movies. Don't waste your money on this guys!
They stole my money!
This movie was made only for profit!

What can I say besides that the acting is very poor and the fact that the whole action could be concentrated in 10 minutes?!?! Nothing happens in this movie!

I watched all the parts at cinema, but I promise that I won't even watch the last part at HBO...

So, if you haven't managed to see it yet, please don't go to cinema, make the producers go to bankruptcy!

This movie doesn't deserve 10 lines of text... Please vote with 1, 7.5 score convinced me to watch it!
The Battle Royale II: Requeim Ripoff Games
Now this is how to do a sequel. It is better than the previous part in every way. Better story, better pacing, better acting, better action and way better Catching Fire itself. I was very underwhelmed by the game in the first one and the seconds= ones similarities to BR2 are all up in our face, and apart from those scenes, it actually bored me somewhat. The copywork in this one on the other hand was intense and enjoyable.

Story picks up from where it left off from the previous part. I loved the whole revolution vibe and its starting. There were more politics this time around and made the movie more interesting. Side characters in the movie were better, lots of new ones. Elizabeth Banks this time had a little more role and I really liked her, great acting by her in all that weird dressup. I still can't get behind the fact that rich high society folks in this series wear such GAY and weird and lame clothes.

CGI was decent, an improvement from the previous part. The whole Hunger game, about 40-45 mins of it was shot in IMAX and it was beautiful to look at in HD quality. Gotta say, IMAX scenes always stand out in HD print. Same was the case with The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and TRON Legacy. Action scenes were enjoyably and tense sometimes. The pacing was MUCH better.

I can't wait to see where the story goes, really wanna see the revolution and stuff. Overall a great sequel.
The Hunger Games 2: Ripping Off Battle Royale 2
Honestly, I wish I could give this movie a zero or less. I have never written a movie review before but the level of disgust and pure ridiculousness of this B movie inspired me. I like both Jennifer Laurence and Josh Hutherson but I'm guessing only financial gain could have got them to star in this movie seeing that the screenplay was an uncredited ripoff of Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka !


Yes, I am caps-lock yelling at you! This is one of the few times where you would truly lose out on a beautifully tragic experience. This isn't the typical foreign language to English port where some things are lost in translation, yet despite a few missing scenes or poor acting the story is still conveyed. This is practically a complete rework, however, it still manages to (almost) come to the same conclusion. Consequently this ruins any chance you have of watching the original and being able see the story unfold the way it's meant to, because the whole time you know how it will end (even as the other 99% will be new to you).

Do yourself a favor and watch the original, it's really worth it this time.
The worst movie of 2014
I have to admit that probably never looked more boring blockbuster of this. Stretched to the pain, the enforced acting, empty dialogues, in two hours absolutely nothing worth mentioning, aside from the great James Howard's song sung by Jennifer Lawrence (The Hanging Tree). Unfortunately, I was expecting a lot more after the first two episodes, although we all should be clear when they changed the original decision to extend the trilogy in four parts. The horror of this desperately poor screenplay could not be mended nor sound actors. Hollywood seems to run out of steam... This garbage was never meant to be taken and company should pay back the money to people and even compensate them for mental anguish and lost time watching this disaster. Big thumb down! (and ready rotten tomatoes)
A 'Battle Royale II: Survival Programme' for the Little Ones
Common face it, this playoff of this movie has been done before. If you have any experience watching Battle Royale II: Survival Programme, produced by Kinji Fukasaku, this movie uses all its layup, and ideas to the fullest, with a mixture with the original Battle Royale from 2000. Battle Royale II: Survival Programme though, is much more deeper and philosophical about the ideas that this movie tries to touch upon. I do not find this movie unbearable bad, sure it is tedious, but it lacks originality and just steals ideas which has already been made and does it the Hollywood way, which in the end just come out as a faint copy.

What makes me frustrated is the ignorance people are showing that just hail this movie as good, cause they have not experienced motion picture outside U.S, and ignore the fact that this movie rips off altogether which has already been done before. If you liked these ideas and the dark perspective this movie tried to bring , and even remotely think this is a good movie, then watch Battle Royale II: Survival Programme, and you will be amazed what had been created more than 10 years ago, with much more depth and originality.

The movie start to build some character and some mystery but totally lacks out before the movie ends which is sad. As it stands, the movie is a PG13 version of Battle Royale II: Survival Programme, with a hint of the original Battle Royale from 2000, a touch of the original Battle Royale manga, minus any irony or humor, with a lot less gore (to keep it PG13 no doubt), and a lot more cheese.

The one thing that might have set it apart from its many predecessors would have been the political and social background story which is hinted at in the brilliant but short performances of Tucci and Banks, but gets drowned out by the tedious, incoherent, and unconvincing attempts at action and cheesy teenage romance of the Twilight variety.

Even though the "action" is clearly intended to carry the movie, given the amount of time devoted to it, it is largely vapid PG13-type stuff. Common sense isn't the strength of any of the contestants, which gallivant unguardedly and noisily through woods, emoting when disagreeable stuff happens. BR2-inspired gimmicks abound, all of which totally predictable as they are introduced hamfistedly one by one during the onslaught of the PG13 revolutionary violence phase.

Movie making is a business, and much of the revenue comes from young people, and there is every reason to believe that this movie is successfully catering to their tastes and preferences. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means that all the interesting commentary on our own lives and societies that the source material might have contained is only a small subtext to a teenage drama that has been done before, better, sharper, and more convincing. Unfortunately, for more than two hours, that's just not enough.
Very Boring
This movie was both boring and disappointing. Those calling it the 'Best Games yet' are i believe paid. This was not the best games yet, Catching Fire is 10 times better. Total waste of money, there were some good parts but thats not enough for the overall movie. And Jennifer Lawrence's acting was just boring, not enough character in there compared to her Catching Fire Katnis.

This film was a total waste of money, and the Part 1 and Part 2 thing, is just a grab for money. This isn't Harry Potter or Twilight, this is terrible just utter crap.

Good Day, I'd like a refund
Suzanne Collins: A Study in Plagariarism
Suzanne Collins's, author of the Hunger Games - her writing primarily consisted of Clifford the Big Red Dog..The Puppy Days, and the TV shows Oswald, Little Bear and Wow Wow Wubzy. Now I don't know if you have kids like i do .. I have had to listen/watch/read to hours of Oswald, Little Bear and Wow Wow Wubzy over the past few years raising two young boys. It doesn't get more innocent.

That is, until my boys start to read sub-titles and turning to Japanese Anime for their entertainment. Soon I began to learn that the great majority of Collin's kid show scripts were lifted from these animes with small details changed to keep the fact hidden. I recognized that these simple story lines were taken from TV shows like, "Pretty Cure Max Heart", "Nintama Rantaro", "Ojarumaru", "Detective Conan", Hayao Miyazaki classics and others.

She then began a fantasy series of books which she claimed was inspired by her love of mythology. She said she combined mythology with Alice in Wonderland and if a regular kid fell down a manhole cover vs a meadow hole they would find something much more sinister then a tea party.. so she wrote Gregory the Overlander and the first book in her five-part fantasy/​war series, The Underland Chronicles (for children and young adults), but the concept was suspiciously alike to another foreign children's book/animated film, this time from the french, "Arthur et les Minimoys", by Luc Besson, which had just been released one year beforehand.

Then she wrote THG.. Taken from Battle Royale, obscure at the time but there at the forefront for those open-minded enough to the foreign cinema scene, instead of attempting to work with the original Japanese author, she invented some rigamarole about it being based her own childhood as a military "brat" and other such random things such as seeing the cost of war and poverty combined with reality TV images, the Iraq war images and then randomly citing the mythology of the Theseus and the Minotaur - Every seven years as punishment seven boys and seven virgin girls were sent into the labyrinth of the Minotaur as "tributes". One year Theseus "volunteers" to take one boys place so that he can slay the Minotaur. He falls in love with the King's daughter who gives him a golden ball of string to use to trace his path out of the labyrinth. He slays the Minotaur ending the sacrifice of children. Nevermind that apart from the fact that youths involved in ritualistic sacrifice, the final outcome had far more in common with Battle Royale - again, released just a few years prior..

A writer has to research what the are planning to write? Not necessarily. Most time with fiction a writer writes the novel and then submits it to their publisher. The publisher researches it to see if it is too similar and then can decide to pass on publishing it. If the official story is to be believed, the publisher raised the similarity in this instance, but decided to publish it. Suzanne Collins claimed she only heard about Battle Royal after she submitted the first book but since she was given an advance to write the next two decided not to read or watch it so not to have that "world" affect her next two novels. However the similarities inherent from live-action film versions of Battle Royale 1 & 2, plus the Manga, interactive CD visual novel and ultimately, Takami Koushun original masterpiece.

Now that she has been called out, with the eyes of the world upon her, I am exceedingly interested to see where she will go from here, if anywhere..
Minor Stuff goes on in a bunker for 2 hours: The Movie
I came out of the movie theater annoyed, and I felt like I wasted my time. The acting wasn't very good, and the plot felt like it was moving at an extremely slow pace. The action scenes were cheesy, and nothing actually happened besides rescuing the captured tributes. This being shortened into a one hour movie in my opinion would have been much better.

The movie should be renamed, 'Minor Stuff goes on in a bunker for 2 hours: The Movie'

I really hope the next HG movie makes up for this one. All of the dialog was cheesy, and unrealistic. A 3 hour Mockingjay movie would have been much better.
So terribly boring my sister began FARTING to entertain herself.

I'm only writing the further because IMDb required a minimum of 10 lines.

This movie is nothing remotely similar to the first two movies. The worse of all sequels in a series. It consists of long drawn out rants will literally almost nothing being said or done in the entire movie.

2 HOURS OF REPEATED NON-SENSE AND DRONING. I mean this honestly, acknowledging it might sound extreme; this was the worst film I've ever seen.