The Haunting
Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Jan de Bont
Liam Neeson as Dr. David Marrow
Owen Wilson as Luke Sanderson
Lili Taylor as Nell
Bruce Dern as Mr. Dudley
Marian Seldes as Mrs. Dudley
Alix Koromzay as Mary Lambetta
Todd Field as Todd Hackett
Michael Cavanaugh as Dr. Malcolm Keogh
Tom Irwin as Lou
Charles Gunning as Hugh Crain
Saul Priever as Ritchie
M.C. Gainey as Large Man
Storyline: A remake of the classic 1963 movie "The Haunting" about a team of paranormal experts who look into strange occurrences in an ill-fated house. Through the course of the night some will unravel, some will question, and all will fight for their lives as the house fights back. Written by PofRules
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Creepy, but could've been creepier.
The Haunting is a film that boasts a really creepy house, good effects work and sound work, a cast that seems to believe that everything around them is real and that house. There are scenes that make you jump, and the sinister aspects of what went on at Hill House in the past, I found interesting. There are genuinely creepy moments in the film and I liked the way the ghosts manifested themselves in sheets, curtains and the house itself. Jerry Goldsmith's score gave it the right atmosphere and the sound design had voices popping up around you. What I wish could've happened is for something a little more intense. Jan De Bont had a PG-13 rating to contend with and I think that he held back a little too much. Poltergeist scared me silly when I saw it many years ago, and it still holds up. The Haunting could've used a few more scenes of pure terror. The ending was for me, a little anticlimactic. Overall, I enjoyed it. The acting is good and there are moments that make you jump. I just wish it scared me more.
beautiful house,but unexciting.
I have seen The Haunting last week and I have mixed feelings about it.

I think the house(the real excisting castle) is stunning and i think it is the most beautiful house in he film- history and also the sets are very beautiful.

Altough the super special eefects i don`t think this is a really exciting movie.

If you compare The Haunting to The shining(of Stanley Kubrick) you see the difference in tension.

The Shining was really frightening.

But I don`t think you can describe The Haunting as a total failure because it`s to beauiful to be a flop.
A lesson in stripping down the original.
The television of Saturday evening. Am I glad this was not something I paid for! "The Haunting" must be one of the worst 'reading' of an old masterpiece.

As viewing the original before the remake, I pretty much knew the story and the intense scenes to watch out for. A fun cast is the positive thing to begin with, the acting was mediocre but I really developed a 'relationship' with all characters in the film. The movie, had its moments. The ghost chasing Nell through the building being the thrilling scene. Just that this thrilling scene did not come over as horror/thriller at all. It truly gave me the feeling I was watching a fantasy film, for instance "Lord of the Rings" even. Luke's death must have been the biggest injustice against the original and was the biggest anticlimax in a movie ever, him being the funnest character. The whole confrontation of 'Nell' and the Ghost only gave a bigger feel of fantasy film. 'Nell' dying the death she did die, is the absolute no-no.

The original was so much better than this weak remake. It was not bad, and it had its moments, but it lost the complete mood of the original. The whole ending was different, and it did not do the film good at all. Watching this makes the remake of 'The Birds' even more disappointing than it already is. Let's all remember the great originals and forget the remakes, as soon as you possibly could.
Special effects no substitute for good acting and plot
A classic example of how modern day special effects, no matter how well crafted (which they are in The Haunting) can ruin an otherwise good, if well used, storyline. If film makers limited the use of special effects to support the actors and plot, rather than as a substitute, then I think we would all benefit.

The film begins with a steady, albeit predictable build up and the first scenes in the house really make you want to believe it is has a mysterious and sinister past. However, about half way through the film the actors become secondary to the overdone special effects and seem to confine themselves to wandering around aimlessly.

At no stage during the film did I ever feel scared nor did I receive any sudden frights (compared, for example, to the "choke on your popcorn" frights delivered in Sixth Sense). If this was the aim of the film, then I'm afraid it failed miserably. In the scariness stakes, repeated loud noises and wobbly walls are no match for the brief glimpse of an unexplained shadow or a rapidly moving household object narrowly missing you.

I felt the ending to The Haunting was very abrupt and did not satisfactorily explain all that had happened in the closing scenes. While I usually don't mind films to end in such a way that make the audience work out the ending, I found in this case I didn't care.

By no means the worst film I have seen this year - there are a few good creepy scenes and the house is truly magnificent. The Haunting was sufficiently "average" to avoid me feeling cheated of my admission money, but it is not a film I intend to see again.
I agree with Jeff in L.A.
Good story, spectacular effects, FLAT ENDING. Jeff in L.A. was exactly right in saying that this film could've been scarier. There are plenty of moments that make you jump (and a few that made me scream), but the way the movie ends just leaves you feeling like you worked up all that adrenaline for nothing. I think DeBont should've not concerned himself with the MPAA rating and just gone for the full-on scare. The music is chilling, and if you get the chance, watch this on a home theater system because the sounds are amazing! The cast did a wonderful job of being terrified, and they passed their fear right on to me. There are a few places in the story that make you sit up and say, "HEY! Where did that come from?" Some details that one character manages to come up with are completely unexplained; I cry "FOUL" on a character that is suddenly imparted with knowledge that the audience has no idea of where it came from. Still, it's a good movie that's supremely creepy and chilling at times, and it's worth seeing at least once.
Pretty Darn Bad
For movie fans who have never heard of the book (Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House") and have never seen the 1963 Robert Wise production with Julie Harris, this remake will seem pretty darn bad.

For those of us who have, it is just plain awful.

Bad acting (what was Neeson thinking?), goofy computer enhancements, and a further move away from Jackson's story doom this remake.

Do yourself a favor and rent the original movie. It still effectively scares without hokey special effects. The acting is professional and believable.

For readers of the book, the from 1963 follows the it much closer.
If you haven't seen this yet I recommend you do
The Haunting is one of the best horror films I have seen in quite a while. Its not so much a scary movie but a suspenseful supernatural drama horror movie. The Haunting is sadly underrated and with a score of 4.7/10 when I did this review its quite sad. The movie doesn't pile on the gore like in most other horror movies and instead there are more screams and a sense of a ghostly presence.

The Haunting should have been nominated for at least one oscar but poor reviews from the critics and people made it poor for some people. It may have been a box office smash in both the uk and the usa but its not no Carrie or The Exorcist (which are both crap).


If you like The Haunting try: House on Haunted Hill, The Others, The Haunting (1967), Scary Movie 2
Oh Painful. Painful
When I saw this movie in theaters, I couldn't sleep for days. I was 12 and images like Hugh Crane lunging out of the fireplace or his angry face appearing in the window frightened me beyond belief.

I watched it last night for the first time in many years a few days after revisiting the 1963 film. And it was just truly awful. I found myself resisting the temptation to quit early because I believe in seeing things true to the end unless I absolutely can't bear it.

Annoying acting saved by Liam and Owen. Catherine cannot play terrified and as much as I admire Lili, she's no Julie Harris.

I will admit that the face in the window seen still gave me a little bit of a chill but nowhere near what it did when I was 12.

One other positive is that it has reaffirmed my enthusiasm for exploring huge houses.
This movie is bearable only because of the great visual effects.
This is one movie you wished they spent more time (and money) on the script. Except for Eleonor, the other characters aren't much there. They are part of the set, wich is visually great. As a matter of fact, this movie is bearable only because of the great visual effects .
Suspenseful and frightening terror movie about a haunted mansion
It's a remake to long deemed one of the masterly crafted stories of horror ever brought to the screen ¨Haunting¨(1963) by Robert Wise , a gripping film which still packs a punch . Hill House is a hundred-year-old haunted mansion , it is the setting for chosen group . The haunted house has an evil history with tragic accidents, suicide, and human misjudgement. It seems which the scary mansion has been the place of several killing deaths . A psychologist scientist (Liam Neeson) is a Pyschic researcher who assembles a group with histories linked to the paranormal. As three people are lured to an eerie mansion deceived for fake pretenses realized by a psychological researcher . Nell (Lili Taylor) was the subject of unexplained poltergeist activities as a child. She also is riddled with pain over her mother's death. Theo (Catherine Zeta Jones) is a clairvoyant who befriends Nell at Hill House. Owen Wilson plays a cynical and Bon Vivant sent to make sure that the property is not affected by the researchers. Together the group explore Hill House and their own insecurities and finally face off the evil that inhabits with hair-raising results .

Mindless and average film is packed with thrills, intrigue, suspense, horror and lots of interminable screams with no sense. However , this is an inferior version that relies heavily on the impressive special effects courtesy of ILM - Industrial Light Magic- , George Lucas owner . High budget makes for big scary scream-feast and frights . Splendid Lili Taylor as a fragile , lovely youth who results to have unexpected ties to the creepy ghost , she's the only redeeming feature of this uneven movie. Supposedly based on Shirley Jackson's creepy tale titled ¨The haunting of Hill House¨, it has little in common with the novel . Stirring and exciting musical score fitting to terror by the veteran maestro Jerry Goldsmith . Very good and colorful cinematography by Karl Walter Lindellaub . Director Jan De Bont created a taut drama where the real question is who is haunted and who may be unstable.The picture is middling realized in his third-time as director by Jan De Bont, a successful cameraman (Basic Instict, Die Hard) and Paul Verhoveen's ordinary photographer and occasionally director (Speed , Twister). The film will appeal to Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones fans. This is a chilling adaptation from Shirley Jackson's novel based on an assortment of ghouls and ghosts and gets a mediocre rating . It turns out to be a chiller with all the FX budget can be created , being lavishly produced ,but also contains several scenes in little sense and no logic.
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