The Godfather: Part II
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Francis Ford Coppola
Al Pacino as Don Michael Corleone
Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen
Diane Keaton as Kay Adams Michelson
Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone
John Cazale as Fredo Corleone
Talia Shire as Connie Corleone Rizzi
Lee Strasberg as Hyman Roth
Michael V. Gazzo as Frankie Pentangeli
G.D. Spradlin as Senator Pat Geary
Richard Bright as Al Neri
Gastone Moschin as Don Fanucci
Tom Rosqui as Rocco Lampone
Bruno Kirby as Young Peter Clemenza
Frank Sivero as Genco Abbandando
Storyline: The continuing saga of the Corleone crime family tells the story of a young Vito Corleone growing up in Sicily and in 1910s New York; and follows Michael Corleone in the 1950s as he attempts to expand the family business into Las Vegas, Hollywood and Cuba.
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Certainly the best movie
I love this movie for of the very interesting scenario. I also consider the actors playing, certainly amongst the best of their generation. Decors, costumes are also part of the reason I love it.

The fact it is about European immigrants in the US, makes it also better for European to watch, without it being one 100% US culture movie. Also some points are true story, that makes it quite remarkable.

Overall, I can say that this movie is truly violent, but not as per 2015 understanding. The violence can come in many ways. However, and despite this aspect, this is quite one remarkable movie which deserves to stay up and high in the IMDb ratings.

The second part is maybe the best, but is actually really close from the first episode, which in my eyes is actually on the same level.
even better than part 1
The Godfather Part 2 is easily better than part 1 for several reasons.

1. The telling of Con Coleones rise in power with Robert De Niro is very exciting and De Niro is amazing.

2. The scene where Micheals brother Fredo is killed is the best scene in the film.

3. I felt there was a bit more action but there was still time for story and character development.

4. The last scene with Micheal sitting on the bench is also very good.

5. The score is just as in Part 1 superb.

So all in all Part 2 is better than Part 1 which didn't really believe could be possible.
A few historic flaws, but one of the best glimpses into turn-of-century NYC
What else can be said about The Godfather series? One small gripe: The storyline shows young Vito Corleone (Robert Deniro) murder the local boss, then basically take control of the neighborhood. Historically, there would have been a dozen other guys in line to take the boss's spot -- young Vito, with no real connections outside of his petty thief neighbor, would have been disposed of immediately. In real life, bosses were bred into the position or it was taken hostilely from the inside. By the era that this movie portrays, Sicilian black handers and Neapolitan Camorra (among others) were fairly organized -- But, hey, its a (great) movie :)
The perfect sequel
The accepted wisdom about sequels is that they tend to be less good than their predecessor as there is no story left to tell. The second Godfather is an embarrassment of riches in as much as there are two stories; the back-story of Vito Corleone's arrival in America and that of Michael making good his grip on the inherited business.

All the fine film-making that made the first so rich has been replicated and improved in this most handsome movie. Again we begin with a great set-piece (a Catholic confirmation) as a swarming expository melange of character and situation but which takes its rather more sober tone from the film's prologue, telling of Vito's flight to America. The familial infections that poison this particular, warped Italin-American dream are doubly intense given that Michael is now the capo - where the threats of the first came from without, now there is danger within.

Pacino's performance is first-class, never once resting on the laurels of his previous Oscar nomination. He is matched across the board by the rest of ensemble; Diane Keaton, Duvall and the twitchy Cazale are fine, and I've always been a fan of Talia Shire whose performance as the Michael's widowed sister is a magnificent, discreet study in intractable sororial bitterness and love. A deeply sad and violent movie but one which never rules out the possibility of sympathy or redemption. An awesome achievement. 9/10
One of the best films of all time
The Godfather II, in my opinion, is just as good as the first. So rare is it for a sequel to be as gripping and as well-made as this movie is. First off, I have to mention the excellent musical score. It gives the film a sort of dark, moody atmosphere, and I think it was a very good idea to use the same score as in part I. Secondly, the idea of inter wining the story of Michael Corleone and of his early father Vito was brilliant and makes this sequel stand out from the first part. This idea of showing two stories in one film could have been quite risky and confusing but Coppola did a fantastic job at it. Both stories are very clear to follow and show the contrast between Vito and his son's way of handling the family business.

Of course, I cannot comment on this movie without mentioning Al Pacino's awesome performance. He definitely should have won the best actor's Oscar for that role. He has unbelievable screen presence and plays incredibly well the ruthless, suspicious Michael Corleone. The most poignant scene of the film, in my opinion, is definitely the one where Michael finds out at the party that his brother Fredo betrayed him.
The greatest sequel ever made and equally as good as the original
It seems impossible to think that the first Godfather could be topped, but its direct sequel may be even better. It effectively takes all the elements from the first and makes them bigger and more complex, as well as revolutionising the idea of flashbacks. The plot is possibly the greatest of all time, the characters are more diversely fascinating and everything feels even more epic than before.

The plot is split in two, one following the Corleone family in modern day and the other early life of Vito. The first follows Michael who is now Don as he attempts to expand the family business into Las Vegas. He faces much dissatisfaction in his own family, from Capo Frank Pentangeli and his own sister. He later survives an assassination attempt, and as he tries to learn who made the attempt he also faces a committee investigation that tears his family apart. This story is one of the best in film history, everything about it is incredibly set-up. The second charts the young life of Vito Corleone as he raises his family in New York and aims to build his own legacy. This sees him challenge the local Don and gain friends to help him achieve his goal. This part gives us a true insight into how all of what we're seeing started and is a fantastic mirror image to the modern events.

The huge cast is once again truly outstanding. Al Pacino gives an incredible performance as we see Michael transform into a cold monster who has no feelings for his family. The way Pacino shows the struggle as he edges closer to the abyss is astonishing. The other star is John Cazale as Fredo, he is outstanding as the timid Fredo, the chemistry between himself and Pacino sets their scenes alight. Robert Duvall is solid as a rock once again as the reserved Tom, while Diane Keaton is great showing Kay as confused and frightened of her situation. Michael V. Gazzo is superb as Frank showing him as a genuinely troubled person. Richard Bright deserves praise as, despite few lines, he commands the screen as the loyal but brutal Al Neri. Joe Spinell is great as the doubtful Cicci as is Lee Strasberg as the devious Hyman Roth. Robert De Niro made his name here, he plays Vito with assured comfort and is just as good as Brando, which is praise itself.

The film looks stunning. It is lit similar to the first and carries the same gloomily authentic feel being very atmospheric. The scenes of early New York and of Sicily are both excellent having a very natural look to them. The music from Nino Rota is once again marvellous. The script is full of classic lines, "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer" and "I don't want to kill everyone, just my enemies" to name but two. It's great how the film focuses more on Michael and it's reflected by the look at Vito. Michael grows increasingly paranoid and unstable as he places the family business above all else. We see the differences in how the family is set. Vito's was built on loyalty and love, whereas Michael's family is built on fear and violence. It is a fascinating contrast which the film itself is built on, the whole scope is formed from this showing the pleasant start of the family and then it's tragic fall. There are so many classic scenes, Michael finding out the traitor, Kay's pregnancy reveal, all of the conversations with Fredo, the scenes at the hearing and the famous 'fishing trip' to name a few. The final shot of Michael sitting alone is one of the most memorable of all time.

The Godfather Part II is a breath taking achievement in film and has possibly the greatest story ever put on screen.
Pathetic attempt, with all driven by greed
Pathetic attempt, like other sequels, with all driven by greed. Compared to the original, this is totally disjointed, made for the masses that heard of the original at the Oscars, and in the end unappealing, unmoving, stupid, and lacking in all atmosphere appropriately constructed in #1. I cant believe anymore was awarded by their fellow academy members for this trash. I cant believe Pathetic attempt, like other sequels, with all driven by greed. Compared to the original, this is totally disjointed, made for the masses that heard of the original at the Oscars, and in the end unappealing, unmoving, stupid, and lacking in all atmosphere appropriately constructed in #1. I cant believe anymore was awarded by their fellow academy members for never get back this tthis trash.
A Potpourri of Vestiges Review: The Godfather of all sequels
The Godfather Part II is a consummation of the saga of the Corleone Crime family. Regarded by many as the best sequel ever, the Godfather Part II is equally brilliant as its precursor and good enough to stand on its own. The movie juxtaposes, the early life of Vito Corleone (from his orphaned childhood to his rise in power in New York), with the life of his son, Michael (after Vito's death to Michael becoming the most powerful Mafia head). Al Pacino picks up from where he left in the first part, consummating Michael's journey to the dark side and in the process, presenting him as the greatest anti-hero, the western cinema ever embodied. The movie gave Pacino his third consecutive Oscar nomination and a perpetual stardom that catapulted him above the ruck, laying the foundations of his illustrious career. Just like in part I, his performance in this movie is absolutely worthy of an Oscar, but the Academy once again robbed him of the glory.

Robert De Niro in his Oscar winning portrayal of Vito Corleone, gives a great performance without uttering a single word in English. The synergy imparted by the brilliance of these two outstanding performers, makes the movie, a treat to watch. Robert Duvall reprises his role of Tom Hagen with a desired degree of subtlety and equanimity, reminding the viewer of Brando's portrayal in Godfather part I. The entire cast is brilliant with special mention of John Cazole as Fredo, Lee Strasberg as Hyman Roth and Michael V.Gazzo as Frankie Pentageli, who are outstanding, to say the least. Cuppola's brilliant and innovative direction gives Puzo's masterful story, an incredible impetus, which is well complemented by Nino Rota's poignant score and Gordon Willis' vivid cinematography. In a nutshell, the movie, though sanguinary and lengthy than its precursor, is an equally brilliant work of cinema, a profound and a deeply engrossing master piece.
Poor Fredo! We still miss John Cazale!
The Godfather Part II has excellent writing, plotting, editing is even brilliant, acting, and overall quality to watch over again and again. You can never get sick of watching this film. I miss John Cazale. He was truly a gifted actor and I miss him. He played my favorite Corleone brother. Sure Alfredo was never brilliant or vicious but he was sweet, gentle, and warm most of the time. He had a conscience and I despise Michael for killing his own brother. I think he killed him out of jealousy. Alfredo spent more time with Michael's son, Anthony, than he did and he resented him for it. Alfredo could have been spared. Four years after Godfather Part II, John Cazale died of cancer after filming the Deer Hunter. He never won an Oscar or made too many films but he made every role memorable. Rest in Peace, John. I miss you.
Getting a bit overly dramatic, but still really good
The problem with Godfather II is that it goes a bit too far for the sake of false drama. It is like a kid who gets hit by a parent, cries and as he is crying he keeps thinking about how sad his life is and how everyone would feel sorry once he is dead, and the kid keeps getting a kick out of this self-made drama.

Without spoiling much, the main protagonist, crime boss Michael Corleone, eventually starts making moves that feel unnecessary, unless you view them as a means by the writers of the story to create more crime drama.

The story of Godfather II has some weak and some strong points. If you retrace the steps of the storyline after you finish watching the film, they are not necessarily illogical but they do sit kind of loose in the plot. These plot points feel more like vehicles for specific dramatic scenes than a natural story. On the other hand, the story does provide some great historical perspective on the history of the mafia and also general commentary on certain social aspects of life.

Everything else about this film was pretty good. It is understandable how this film reached its position as one of the top films of the last century.

The acting is top notch. In fact, it is what serves as the main course and the desert. You do not go to Godfather movies for action; you go to them for the interaction between all these great actors. These shots are up close and personal, with strong dramatic shadows on characters' faces. The experience is sort of like eating a good steak, no salt or pepper needed.
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