The Dark Knight
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale as Batman
Heath Ledger as Jack Napier
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face
Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean as Det. Michael Wuertz
Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow
Chin Han as Lau
Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni
Ritchie Coster as The Chechen
Storyline: Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman's struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
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The Batman of our dreams! So much more than a comic book movie
I got to see The Dark Knight on Wednesday night, the reason though why I'm writing this movie comment this late is because I didn't wanna just jump and say this movie was awesome, I wanted to think it through, still today, I can't stop thinking about this movie! The Dark Knight lives up to it's hype and goes beyond it, this is the Batman movie that goes where no other Batman movie has gone before. It gave us a real sold story, we are finally told why the villains are the way they are, how all the injustice in the world can get underneath Batman's skin, how you have to believe that people still have faith in good on Earth. Heath Ledger, I absolutely loved Jack Nicolson's performance in the 1989 film, when I first read that Heath was signed onto The Dark Knight, I was like "What are they, kidding?", once you see The Dark Knight... Heath was incredible! I'm not going to compare Jack and Heath's performance, because they were two different versions of the Joker, but Heath's Joker was definitely the more scary and intense of the two nominations. You didn't know what he was going to do next, he was so crazy, he was also so charismatic to the point where you could relate to his character, and the worst part is not only that he's crazy, he's driving Gotham crazy and treating everyone like little puppets on strings that he can control, and guess what, he is doing it so well with a smile on his face.

This was so much more than a Batman film, this was so much more than a comic book film, The Dark Knight truly delivers with drama, action, romance, horror, dark humor, the study of a psychopathic killer, a detective story. The force behind this epic movie is Christopher Nolan, who's previous film, Batman Begins, didn't really thrill me, but his incredible film making is truly shown in The Dark Knight, the shots that he got of Gotham City were absolutely fantastic and made you feel part of the city, part of the Batman story. One of the things that I absolutely loved about The Dark Knight is that normally with a comic book movie, you know it's not real, people don't dress up in costumes, and save the day, villains don't name themselves crazy names and dress in make up or crazy costumes, but The Dark Knight actually makes it seem incredibly real, like it could happen.

Bruce Wayne is still learning how to be in his double life of Batman and himself, he has lost Rachel to the new district attorney, Harvey Dent, he's inspiring others who are dressing up as Batman and are trying to take on the villains of the city themselves. But things are much worse when the Joker waltzes into town, and he's going to bring Hell upon Gotham City. Constantly playing with Gotham's mind and trying to get Batman to reveal himself, Batman has never dealt with such a psychopathic genius before. The Joker has named himself as the "Classy Villain that Gotham needs", he also has brought a new thought into Batman's head of them actually being more alike than different, that Batman completes him, the Joker would be nothing without him. But Batman is relying on Harvey Dent, who is Gotham's "White Knight" trying to put all of Gotham's scum in jail. But when the Joker plays Batman and Commissioner Gordon, Harvey and Rachel find themselves in very horrific position and Harvey must discover if he will die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.

All the performances are dead on in this movie, now everyone's going crazy over Heath Ledger's performance, but one performance I would also love to credit is Aaron Eckhart who plays Harvey Dent/Two Face, his performance was just as great as Heath's and made Two Face a human villain. You could understand his hatred and vengeance on what happened to him and why he became Two Face. I know that everyone is saying this but I truly mean when I say this is one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. We had some great movies these past few years, but I think The Dark Knight is seriously something special, but I don't wanna build it up too much since some people go to the theater expecting my words to be the same as your own. In my opinion though this is not a great movie, I can't come up with a word describe how incredibly powerful this movie was, to be honest I would go above a 10 rating if I could; this is the Batman film that we have been waiting for. I've seen it twice in one weekend, I'm going to see it three times this upcoming week, I don't mind one bit. I can't wait for the sequel and I would just like to say RIP to Heath, wish he could have seen his breath taking performance as The Joker.

Best film ever? You must be batty!
Obviously Christopher Nolan was trying to touch on one of the prominent issues of recent times. That of the environment. He did this by recycling tired old jokes and set pieces from many action films before, and the rest of the plot was salvaged from toilets and rubbish bins. He also comes up with the perfect formula to make a profound sentence, by taking two words that mean complete opposites and shoving them together.

Joking aside, after almost nodding off for the first hour and a half the second half of the movie actually was pretty good, albeit drawn out until the ending which was very frustrating. They literally left the joker hanging while dealing with the completely pointless and irrational side-story of two-face. I'd have thought that a man of dent's resolve would have been made stronger by the events that took place, to get back at the joker and stop such events from happening to other people, instead of deteriorating into the monster of similar calibre to the joker.

I really don't think the film got the best out of the actors involved, probably due to the script. Christian Bale is a fantastic actor, but he is completely wasted as batman where he spends most of his time jumping about in a bat-suit using a silly voice, instead of displaying his incredible character acting skills in movies such as American Psycho and the Machinist. Heath Ledger's performance was the only real solid one in the entire cast, however at plenty of times he guilty of completely over-acting. His introduction to the members of the mob was farcical and the laughter in the cinemas was due to the awkwardness and stupidity of the situation.

The main reason I think the film totally fails is Christopher Nolans approach of trying to make the film really realistic with an explanation for everything. A man running around in a bat costume and a man dressed up in clown make-up is just to surreal to try and be addressed in this manner. This is why I think the original Batman is a lot better because it didn't try to be ultra-realistic and took the comics and had a fairly serious tone with a very comedic undercurrent. Christopher Nolan undoubtedly has talent as a director, memento, the prestige and even insomnia are all great films but I feel his attempts at the batman franchise are far outshone by Tim Burton.

Obviously the film is already a hit and there is nothing anyone can write to stop it from being so, however I must implore you to actually watch the film critically and realise its shortcomings, than get swept away in the hype.
A bit of criticism to counter the praise ...
Admittedly, Christopher Nolan has been incredibly successful at what I would consider a doomed endeavor. After all, what sane director would try to fashion a realistic, rational universe from a sophomoric fantasy about a self-indulgent playboy with a costume fetish and a penchant for stylized bedlam? Still, I find the Batman premise more palatable when overshadowed by the fun spectacle of carnival freaks, kitschy art, and psychedelically rendered pulp lore. Without such accoutrements, the story largely relies on the poignant characterization of caricatures—a difficult task, to be sure. At times, Nolan tries to circumvent the problem by turning The Dark Knight into a didactic meditation on terrorism or a vehicle for its catch phrase, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." However, terrorism loses its contemporary salience when exploited for plot and entertainment purposes, and Nolan seems reluctant to subject his protagonist to the implications of a dubious aphorism or to explore adequately the transformation of his less fortunate foil, Harvey Dent. Because each character serves as a mouthpiece for Nolan's ideas rather than a living manifestation of his themes, even a cast of capable actors cannot save some of the more unconvincing scenes. In the film's best moments, the camera lingers over a face or a cityscape and allows the image to transcend the script. Sadly, such moments are few and far between. Nolan reminds us that the Batman legend will always fail as social commentary because it focuses on allegorical, larger-than-life individuals while relegating the masses to cowering factions of homogenized corruption, selfishness, or ineptitude. Such a perspective underestimates humanity, which is lost in the frenetic whirl of action sequences on screen.
Sometimes the films which long often open up to lots of movie mistakes which are talked about for years to come. The big difference here is, yes, there are some movie mistakes as with everything. But, the film has so much happening all of the time these mistakes can barely get noticed when watching the movie. The only time that they are recognisable is when they are clearly pointed out and you deliberately search for them yourself. The script was one which was well written and good enough to keep the attention to what they are saying throughout the whole of the film, from start until the end. I do believe though there could have been so much more development with some of the characters in this film though. Mainly Harvey Dent. Even though he popped up multiple time I definitely believe that he could have done so much with the character but didn't.
Good Movie.
I personally feel that the Dark Knight is a overrated film. It is not one of the top 10, or top 100 movies every made.It is a good movie that I recommend seeing and it is by far the best super hero movie to be released. But to call it one of the best and put it along side with movies such as Schindler's List and the Godfather is giving it to much praise. I know I am going to get a huge negative response for this comment due to the fact that everyone loves this movie so much but I personally don't think it is a flawless movie like everyone makes it out to be. It is good the acting is good the special effects are good,but the hype for this movie didn't reach a crazy level till Heath Ledger passed then right before release everyone started throwing a fit over this movie. Give it a watch and treat it as it deserves to be.
Distinctly average and surprisingly rather dull
It is odd to spend more than two hours watching a film and it slowly dawns on you that you are not particularly bothered how it ends and, if anything, rather wish it would end sooner rather than later. The Dark Knight is that kind of film. Exactly why I lost interest or even when, I'm not too sure, but lose interest I did. This is Christopher Nolan's second stab at Batman as well as Christian 'Rant' Bales, and although all the elements are there, it is simply not as good. Naturally, this being another slug, blast and punchfest - tho' despite it's reputation for being dark, thankfully not a bloodfest - many, many viewers have lauded this as a 'masterpiece', 'the best movie of 2008 so far', 'far surpasses Begins'. No, it isn't and no it doesn't. All I can say is that these people have not seen many 'masterpieces' or many films in 2008. The Dark Knight, in that way which Hollywood has made its sugary own, attempts to flatter the audience by including a 'moral dilemma' and it does so not once, but rather often. This time we are invited - the 'we' being the popcorn-chewing Saturday night crowd who think thought is a luxury - to reflect on moral ambiguity and how relative rather than absolute the notions of good and evil can be. And each time this viewer sighed a little: as the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. We get any number of high falutin speeches about heroes and villains but, in truth, is just so much codswallop. In truth this film is just another blockbuster, and, at that, it is not even as good as many other blockbusters. If you want to meditate on the reality of good and evil, of heroes and villains, by all means make a film doing so, but in The Dark Knight it is all, for this viewer at least, all very phoney. Apart from that, this film is a tad confusing, there are too many characters, the plot, or at least what there is of it, really does not bear repeating, the suspense is curiously unexciting, and too often the film drags. The old actors are there, and all with the very honourable exception of the late Heath Ledger, seem to be acting by numbers. (This was, I think, Ledger's last film, and his early death is sad. Undoubtedly he was very talented.) And having said all that, there is not much more to say. It's not bad, it's not particularly good. As part of the series, it stands tall, but then the series is not all that outstanding. See it if you want to, and if, after reading this, you decide not to, well, sorry, but you won't be missing much at all.
An action movie. Nothing more
When I read the enthusiastic reviews in Italy and I saw this movie ranked 1st in the IMDb's Top 250, I thought: "It's strange, the other Batman (Begins) was not so brilliant, what's happening with this sequel? Is it really this masterpiece? Is it really in the same league with movies like 'Clockwork Orange' or 'Apocalypse now'?". No, it's not in the same league. Not at all. When I saw it, my delusion was strong. It's a good blockbuster action movie, but nothing more. Let's see.

The following comments contain spoilers. Be careful.

The script is not so original. There are tons of action sequences, but… what can I say? I've seen it all. I've seen the robbery made by violent people, fighting against the guards and killing each others (in all pulp tradition, since "Reservoir Dogs"). I've seen the ransom in China by plane ("Spy Games"). I've seen those action sequences with cars and armored vehicles in all American movies. (And this Batmobile is really awkward). I've seen the killer who kills by chance ("No Country for Old Men"). I've seen the super-mega-sadistic-mad-chaotic-evil-serial-killer in action who creates dilemmas and plays with his victims (in "Seven" and in the "Saw" saga). I've seen it all: "The Dark Knight" is nothing new. And it's very predictable: you really can predict any sequence before seeing it. There are a lot of absurdities. The heroes could kill The Joleker dozens of times, but they never do it. Why? Are they retarded? The "two ships dilemma" (I don't want to reveal more about that scene) is not realistic at all. There are only a couple of surprises, but the 2/3 of the movie doesn't create any suspense. What about the actors? The only two heroes of acting in this movie are Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart. Heath Ledger, with his Joker, bears quite the entire movie. All the other characters became secondary. Aaron Eckhart is really powerful and he confirms his talent shown in "Thank You for Smoking". What about the others? Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but in this movie he keeps only one expression all the time, with or without mask. His Batman has no personality. Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the most interesting (and underrated) independent actresses of the New Hollywood, since "The Secretary". But in this movie she can act only in few sequences and she has no chance to show her real talent. Morgan Freeman and Michael Cane are giants, but in this movie they barely appear. Finally: I've never seen so many waste of talent! The good side of the coin in Christopher Nolan's work is: his philosophy. It's really positive and constructive and all his movie is coherent about it. It's just like the positive answer to "No Country for Old Men" and to modern nihilism: in the Cohen's movie, Evil is the absence of values and it's unstoppable. In "The Dark Knight", Evil is again the absence of values, but it's a minority, not the rule. So, we can fight Evil and defeat it, with or without super-heroes. But all those themes could be and should be explored better. "The Dark Knight" explores nothing.
So overrated!
So this is the movie that created one box-office record after the other. I really expected quite something, but was left disappointed. It's definitely not a bad movie. There are many things that are good entertainment and worth watching and definitely one of the better movies this year, but come on it has so many flaws. If you think that a movie like matrix which is more original, more intelligent, better from its action-sequences and so on and so on just didn't earned that much at the box-office.

The most disturbing thing is probably the amount of realism they tried to put in a comic book story. Which always confused me as a viewer. That doesn't work for me. I think there was a hype created in America that pleased the hardcore comic book fans but i think the main reason why it was so extremely successful in America is it's dealing with Americas 9/11 Trauma.

The whole movie was kind of a propaganda movie for the government and its actual foreign policy.

When you see Batman standing in the ruins of an exploded building together with the firemen it evokes images of 9/11. And America's desperate yearning for a hero. Someone who will clean up with this scum. But what made "it" a scum isn't really told. A super-villain like the joker is just mad in a comic book. But in real life who is mad and who is not is often just a matter of the point of view.

The prisoners in the one boat evoke images of Guantanamo. And it justifies their illegal and often unjustified imprisonment of innocents with the words of the people of "other boat" . Why shall we have mercy with them. They blew their chance. But still we give them much more than they deserve. It still was a nice gesture giving them some kind of redemption by letting tiny lister throwing the detonator outside.

In the end Batman stand for me as a symbol for "W", because he is blamed by the people even though he is doing it seemingly just for them and sometimes they don't appreciate it or even understand it.

Next thing was how often and illogically they let the joker get away. I mean come on. The just cut to another scene and he is free. Thats so cheezy.

Batman hits him up like nothing and the man doesn't even bleed a bit. Other real people he just hits once and they are K.O. I thought the Joker had no superpowers but here he seems invincible.

Then you wonder how quick he has everything planned without ever getting a touch of an recruited army behind him , even though he seems to have tons and tons of toy soldiers. I a comic book it works but in a movie where they try to put a lot of realism in it it feels weird. First he is in prison but he is so foreseeing everything. Maybe i need to see it again. But it felt weird.

The action sequences felt not really thought trough. The whole chase tunnel sequence was so unrealistic. i mean first the police somehow never hits back. And joker just shoots and shoots and shoots. And it felt unreal.

Maggie Gyllenhall felt miscast. She maybe a favorite in art-house productions but here you need someone with obviously more sex-appeal. I never bought it that they fell for her.

The the totally unrealistic wounds of Harvey dent turning into "two-face". Come on. No one would have such an open wound. Isn't "Two-Face" a mad scicophrenic in the books. Here he never feels mad, just like a guy trying to get his revenge. Thats what I mean, with the amount of realism. Here a mad character from the books is explained in his madness, but the main character the joker which is a synonym for any terrorist threatening America isn't explained a bit. Yeah better that way. One might get scarred that one self turned that man into a terrorist. So they better leave that explanation out.

Then the much hyped about heath ledger (r.i.p.) performance. It was good but not that great. For me it was just an update of the Nicholson joker. He even talked much like him and his facial expressions also resembled Nicholson's expressions. So whats all the hype about. He is still performing very good but not legendary. I have seen better villains.

Then it seemed like there were many points in the movie that resembled of "L.A. Cofidential" One scene in the end where they let Harvey dent die as a hero is one of them but there were others too which i forgot.

So after all. Worth watching. Good movie. But too overrated. And i still don't understand the enormous box-office-records.
Too many fans seem to be blown away
Many commenters said they were "blown away," so it probably has succeeded in blowing away the box office. I waited until the second week, and had high expectations from the 9 and 10 ratings it was receiving. But, fellow movie/film viewers (and especially great film lovers) ... really!? There's no doubt about the action and action and action in this one, and thus, the special effects. That's the main reason I enjoy such fantasy flicks -- the comic book genre. So, this one does more of it and perhaps better than the last Batman and the last Spiderman and the last super heroes (but I would not rank it up with Iron Man). So, special effects and makeup may earn it awards.

Maybe I'm beginning to burn out on all the action and special effects of movies, though. Or perhaps I need more from a movie. With 45 minutes to go, I was ready for it to end. It was way too long. Some reviewers thought the acting was superb. What acting -- do they mean the one- or two-minute interludes between the fast and furious segments of action and destruction? I'm not down on any of the actors for their roles or parts -- but where were there any parts of substance in acting? True, Heath Ledger does a very good Joker. But, then, who hasn't (Nicholson, et al) who have ever played those roles in Batman, Superman, etc? As for plot -- well, anyone who knows the genre and a story that combines Batman with the Joker, knows to expect the unexpected with the Joker. So, the plot goes from one unexpected to another -- as though the variety and mixture and change in "unexpecteds" is trying to outdo the action mayhem.

When I saw that this stands as #1 in the top 250 right now, I clicked on the list. But how this movie for acting and plot (and yes, even action in many cases) could rank up there with the likes of the Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars films, and many great classics with real suspense (I have to mention Casablanca, Vertigo, North by Northwest), is beyond me. I'm not that far off with the overall trends in the IMDb reviews, but can't agree with so many who rate this film at the top.

It's good and entertaining -- but too long. It's not great, by any means. I love the youth of today (I have a few grandchildren), and I don't mean to disparage them by this observation -- but I think this high acclaim by many for this film may reflect a very large, very young audience, most members of whom don't have a great deal of quality and varied films in their viewing history. To all of those young people, I urge a look at the top 250 list or other major review ratings -- and then that you rent, borrow or otherwise watch some of the other great films. I promise you won't be disappointed or bored --and you may get an understanding (maybe appreciation for) of some past customs, life styles, dress, behaviors, etc. To be sure, you will have great entertainment.
Batman is cool now
As I usually review every second movie I watch then the last two movies I watched were ''James Bond : Quantum of solace'' and ''The dark knight''. I choosed to review ''The dark knight'' cuz I liked it better. So this movie was veeery good. After this I can surely say that Nolan has saved Batman franchise. I can't even compare this masterpiece to those cheesy Berton movies. Yes, maybe for '90 Bertons Batman series were good. Being honestly even I a bit enjoyed those movies but yet - they were just average for now. And Joker is one of my favorite villains. And in this movie he is ultimate cool with his genial plans and quote: ''Why so serious?''. That was just awesome. and Plot was very cool also.

Maybe they could make Harvey Dent to stay alive for next parts if he's not gonna revive in next parts what actually could happen. Afterall this movie was a true masterpiece and I enjoyed likely the whole movie.

Now I am waiting for next part ''The dark knight rises'' who will come to screens in 2012.
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