The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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Simple, funny, and sweet -- not 'clever' or 'artistic', but so what?
Yes, the story is very simple. Many of the jokes are simple. So what!? I loved the characters. I loved the simple fun humour. I loved the funny and cute creatures. This movie does a perfect job at it's goal: being a fun and sweet movie for all ages to enjoy.

Some more specifics:

Humour style: ridiculous situations, stupid behavior, cheesy and easy to relate to human interactions.

Creatures! Very imaginative at times and quite cute and funny.

Most people will like this movie.

If you are the kind of person who really enjoyed Citizen Kane, then you may not like this movie.
Simply Brilliant
This was a treat, a feast for the eyes, plenty of belly laughs in fact the laughs just kept coming. The characters were well developed and cleverly observed. The kids (6 & 7) loved it, they got a little scared at certain points and a little upset at the sad moments, but all within reason. There was a little plagiarizing of other movies most notably Avatar, Pitch Black, but wow what a great job the animators did.

What a Tour-de-force it didn't slow down or take a breather, relentless fun, jokes and action. I would say its the equal of Toy Story 3 and that's saying something - definite franchise opportunities and many sequels no doubt, expect a TV show.

Go see it and take the family
For the whole family, entertaining
A prehistoric adventure full of beautiful animated landscapes and constant laugh that makes it perfect for the whole family.

The publicity of this movie makes you think that the main character is Eep (Emma Stone), but actually her father Grug (Nicolas Cage), is also a main character. The plot of the story go around this two, everything one of them do affects the other to the point that at a time Grug is more a protagonist than Eep. The fact that this is so makes a different approach on certain themes, like that the message is more for adult parents than for the young audience, which is odd on animated movies.

Of course, the story is not complicated and either deep, but Dreamworks is not known for making that kind of movies. It doesn't have anything special either, except for the final approach to adults than to kids. But it is fun, full of physic and verbal jokes, which keep the audience laughing all the time. Regularly I wouldn't say that physical jokes (like punching), are well used and effective, but in this case we are talking about cavemen, brutal force is suppose to be the principal characteristic. So in this movie all the "punch to laugh" is justified and proper to the setting.

The dynamic between the members of the family is very close to a reality. None of us need to go out hunting to survive, but we often fight with our relative. Imagine that you are in a trip with your whole family. Well, all the talking, arguing and everything that drive you crazy about the guy next to you is in this movie. So there are plenty of elements that make this family of the Stone Age similar to modern families. Like the fact that you can fight all you want with your mom, dad, brother or grandma, but in the end you will protect them and give everything for them.

The world where this movie takes place is beautiful and unique. All the things that you encounter aren't real, the animals, the plants, everything has been invented by the creators with references of real creatures. That puts you in the same spot that the Croods. As they will discover new creatures and explore new worlds, the audience will know the world too. So the audience can't muck of the fact that the Croods don't know what kind of animals live on the earth, because they don't know either what are the species living on that world.

This is a good movie to go and enjoy with the whole family. Kids will love the graphics, the colors, some of them the 3D, and the jokes. Adults will laugh too with the jokes and will have a nice time with the ones they love.
A Very Entertaining Family Movie
this movie is a good example of how an animated movie could do what Live action couldn't.

lately i think animated movie are trying so hard to look real, visually its okay to be real, but stories and effects should reach far more and that is why they made it animated instead right?

try comparing Brave and Wreck it Ralph, one story is simple and realistic while the later is completely a fantasy.

and The Croods follow the fantasy, the real story is about a family and how it survive through changes in their world.

i read some other people's review here in IMDb and it shocked me, there's one woman who said the movie is unreal because it shows a baby that could run like a wolf! well lady if you go into an animated movie about cavemen who could speak English and expect logic, maybe you haven't heard about a company named Disney that made duck and mouse talk like human.

its not that all animated are unreal, but thats the essence of animated, it could reach beyond live action, where else director can put in all their fantasy and made magical movie.

if you watch this with family, i bet all your little ones will enjoy it through out the film.
A caveman family on the move.
I was talked into watching this; and glad I did. This Dreamworks animated feature is co-directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders. Both also lay claim to the screenplay. Fantastic cinematography and interesting story. Plus likable characters. Eep(Emma Stone)is an energetic girl, who likes to stray a bit from the cave. She meets a strange boy named Guy(Ryan Reynolds)and his pet sloth called Belt(Sanders). Guy is imaginative and has what it takes to be a future inventor, or even discoverer. Eep's father is Grug(Nicolas Cage), and as any well respected caveman, he worries when his daughter getting too far from the cave. He finds Eep and on the way home an earthquake makes shambles of their cave.

Grug gathers the family, wife Ugga(Catherine Keener), son Thunk(Clark Duke), baby daughter Sandy(Randy Thom) and then there is ferocious Gran(Cloris Leachman)...and the journey begins to search for a new cave. Guy and his pet join the family in the trek across what actually is a brand new world to all. This fantastic new world is full of strange creatures, dangers and wonders. There is a brand new life on the horizon.

This is a family friendly movie, but be cautioned that there is some situations that may prove to be too scary for the youngest of viewers. You can count on 98 minutes of adventure, escape and enjoyment.
Great Family Dynamics, Wonderful artistically.
For some reason i couldn't get into this movie at first, but then I watched it again past the slow beginning, and this movie is really good.

The first love relationship between Guy and Eep is really wonderful. Eep is also a great female character, whoever wrote her deserves an award. She never goes out of her character even though her character is both sweet and courageous at the same time. She is curious, athletic, energetic, amazed by new things, rough around the edges and feisty as well, but never falls into being a cruel jerk a as what is portrayed as being a 'strong woman' is many movies and shows today. Also, this is one of the few beautiful powerfully built female characters I have ever seen in a movie, and Darwyn Cooke's Wonder Woman comes to mind.

Loved the landscapes, flora and fauna as well. Quite well done.

The scene with Douglas learning tricks is so strikingly funny in it's abruptness. Great writing on that.

Additionally the galumphing gait of the cavemen is well done, and the whole of the family dynamic, from the father losing control of his control, and of his daughter to her first love is wonderfully and delicately done. The movie has extremes of subtlety and frenetic action with amazing visuals.

Loved the grandmother, and the fighting between her and Grug, and Nic Cage does a great job with the voice work here. Overall wonderful.
What a great memories you brought back to me by this
I usually don't write reviews here, but this movie brought me back a feeling that I didn't think I would have it again. It was a great experience that made me decide to write a review about this movie.

Like any other child I used to watch animation. It comes to this part of your life when either you ignore animation and watch it only because you're with a child, or you keep watching it and ignore what some other people say that it's "cartoons". I used to laugh, smile, dream and even cry watching animation. I got busy in the last couple of years with school and work that I didn't watch animation for a couple of years. The couple of times I watched animation after that, it was not comparable of course to the moments I had when I was a child. You would think these feelings and moments are gone forever.

I came across "The Croods" trailer online and just by watching the trailer I had the thought that this might be a good movie. I went with a friend to watch it and that was a big surprise, beyond my imagination.

I laughed almost half of the movie. I had these great moments that I thought I'll not get it ever again. I just melted inside that movie. I should not call it a movie anymore, its a great experience. The effort of designing each character is right there clear in every frame. The dialogue is awesome, so natural and funny. The main concept is great and made me think about a lot of ideas I had and still having in my mind on a daily basis. I just had a wonderful experience that I thought for some reason I will never get again. This is my first time to write a review at least about an animation, but this movie brought back a lot of moments I had and that is what moved to write this. To all the team and people behind this masterpiece, thank you.
The Croods — A brutish family on a surprising and dangerous hike
The Croods is a good prehistoric roller coaster ride. Think Ice Age, but much better.

The good. Incredibly well done and well used 3D. Very colorful and excellent animation. Extremely imaginative world that has nothing to do with our past. Funny action and dialogs. Good voice acting. Surprising story, with a perception twist near the end.

The actors. Nice choices of voice. Nicolas Cage gave a surprisingly good performance. Ryan Reynolds was just right for his role as was Emma Stone.

The bad. I would have cut the last minute pet race. Pointless candy. The accumulation of pets and their rescue was a bit much. And the flying skeleton? Well, it's a cartoon.

The ugly. Nothing really ugly, everything had its place.

The result. Something the kids will enjoy a lot, while their parents have a good laugh.
After watching this film with my youngest son, I'd have to say I was happily surprised at how good this DreamWorks picture was. Although the beginning starts out slow without much content except learning that the cave is a protective crutch for the Crood family. Once the story starts to flow with Eep meeting Guy and his companion/clothes accessory, Belt, the action stays at a great pace throughout. It has a lively, humorous rendering of how the words and items we use everyday got their name. The film also gives the viewer feel-good, heart-warming feelings that come standard with any "family movie" these days. From seeing a family's struggle for survival, to empathizing with their meager, unhappy existence, to applauding their eventual overcoming of fear, it all makes for an enjoyable film to see.
"The Croods" Review
"The Croods" has a simple story about old vs. new and family. The family must move when disaster strikes and learn to adapt to new ways of doing things. Resistant at first, they meet a boy named Guy, who helps them rediscover the ever changing world. The film tells us to embrace new things with open arms and enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. Not everything new is evil or makes you any less of a person than your ancestors. Family is a pretty central part of the film as we can see them bonding and doing a lot of things together.

The film is a little light on heart and emotions, but more than makes up for it with its unique sense of humor. The punches keep rolling with slap stick, sight gags and jokes about cavemen and their primitive ways. I was literally laughing from beginning to end. The sheer amount of creativity in the film is commendable and I was constantly thinking where do they come up with some of these ideas.

Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco do a pretty good job of directing the film. They give a good amount of attention to the family and each individual character. I really like how certain things introduced earlier in the film serve a purpose later on. If any animated movie ever deserved to get nominated at The Oscars for Cinematography, it would be this one. The shots and angles are so unique and filled with so much energy. The sweeping shots of the landscape and the skies are beautiful to the eyes. The hunting scene early in the film is really where most of this is apparent.

The characters are good, especially Grug. He's funny and a really devoted father, but incredibly stubborn. Nicolas Cage brings the right amount of crazy caveman and caring father to his character. Emma Stone as Eep is also a solid character. She's curious and her design is way better than what the trailers make it out to be. I like how she isn't the typical perfect figured woman. She has messed up teeth, she has a full figure, and overall is not bounded by gender roles. The rest of the cast is okay as they don't do much. The mom is kinda bland, Thunk and Gran provide some of the comic relief, and Guy is just the cool kid that has the crazy new ideas that shake up the family.

The animation is quite gorgeous especially the hand-drawn opening sequence. The desert scenes are desolate and feel very isolated. A great juxtapose to it are the lush and vibrant forest locations. The directors do a lot visually with the film and make everything the characters see feel new to us as well. When they see stars for the first time, it really feels like you're really seeing stars for the first time. The character designs are unique and highly creative. Every creature is completely new and never before seen. Score for this film is actually quite good. It feels very prehistoric, but with a modern flare. It gets really exciting and emotional when the film takes a slight dramatic turn.

Overall "The Croods" is a pretty good film. It has probably the best cinematography I've ever seen in an animated feature. It's highly creative, and the animation is quite beautiful. The main characters are well rounded and the side characters serve their purpose. The story is a little simple and lacks an emotional punch, well at least until the end, but it is effective. Humor is top notch and will keep you laughing all the way through. I give it 4/5, creative, hilarious, and a fun time for families of all ages.
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