The Commuter
USA, UK, France
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Jaume Collet-Serra
Liam Neeson as Michael MacCauley
Roland Møller as Jackson
Shazad Latif as Vince
Dean-Charles Chapman as Danny MacCauley
Killian Scott as Dylan
Clara Lago as Eva
Sam Neill as Captain Hawthorne
Nila Aalia as Sherri
Patrick Wilson as Alex Murphy
Andy Nyman as Tony
Elizabeth McGovern as Karen MacCauley
Vera Farmiga as Joanna
Storyline: Now a hard-working life insurance salesman and a caring family man, the former police officer, Michael MacCauley, has taken the commuter rail to New York for the past ten years. But, unexpectedly, things will take a turn for the worse, when on one of his daily journeys, the cryptic passenger, Joanna, makes Michael a generous and tempting offer to locate a single commuter or face grave consequences. Is this a sick joke, or is this indeed a serious situation? As Michael races against the clock to solve this wicked conundrum, everyone aboard is a suspect, in a deal where there's definitely more than meets the eye. Can he decide in time who's the one?
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