The Assassin's Code
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David A. Armstrong
Peter Stormare as Kurt Schlychter
Christopher Mele as Detective Brandt
Jordan Whalen as Keller Abrams
Dontez James as David Paris
Rich Grosso as Carmen Puccinaldi
Elizabeth Anweis as Jia Connolly
Mark Thompson as Captain Jack O'Brien
Robin Thomas as Angelo Leonetti
Yancy Butler as Laura Consolo
Justin Chatwin as Michael Connolly
Storyline: Rookie Cleveland detective Michael Connelly is desperate to escape from under the shadow of his late father, a detective convicted of a drug scandal within the department when Michael was a boy. When a million dollars' worth of drugs are stolen from police custody and the detective on the case soon turns up dead, Michael begs his captain for the assignment and the chance to prove himself. But when his investigation points toward a crime network, Michael faces pressure to maintain the status quo as he plays a cat-and-mouse game with the powers that be, while under the watchful eye of a ghost-like assassin ensuring their secrecy.
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