The Anniversary Party
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alan Cumming
Jane Adams as Clair Forsyth
Greta Kline as Evie Gold
Steven Freedman as Yoga Instructor
Phoebe Cates as Sophia Gold
Mina Badie as Monica Rose
Owen Kline as Jack Gold
Alan Cumming as Joe Therrian
Parker Posey as Judy Adams
John Benjamin Hickey as Jerry Adams
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sally Therrian
Denis O'Hare as Ryan Rose
Kevin Kline as Cal Gold
Storyline: Celebrity couple Joe and Sally Therrian are going through yet another rough stage in their six-year marriage: while Joe's novels have been climbing higher and higher on the best-seller lists, Sally's film career has been steadily sinking into oblivion. Joe's been given the rights to cast and direct the screenplay of his latest book, but rather than resurrect Sally's career by casting her in the lead role, he's given it to Sally's rival, Skye Davidson. Even worse, he's invited Skye to their anniversary bash. Will the marriage, or anything else for that matter, survive the party?
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A wonderfully messy experience
Glamorous lives in utter shambles feeding our depraved hunger for tragic Hollywood beautiful people.

We hate the people who this movie represents. We snicker in contempt at their shallow troubles and whiney personas and wish them utter collapse off of the mountains that they search or to drwon in the cesspool that they leisurely swim and play in.

It is only in the end with the cleansing by the maids and the return of Otis that we realize our happiness that their lives are not utterly bleak. For though we all know that Hollywood is a false fronted world, we are drawn to its illusions nonetheless.
What happens when you let actors behind the camera?
When the actors get behind the camera they provide a rich story and give amazing performances. Everyone shines in this ensemble cast, each contributing to this DV masterpiece. Although the story has been attacked, I think it works for this particular film. It gives that sense of realness to it. How many parties have you been to that had a particular plot? Besides, this is a film about showcasing talent and it does just that. Also some interesting camera work thrown into the mix giving it a unique look. It being shot on DV gives it an intimate feel that perhaps film could not capture. Congrats to Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming.
Let's Celebrate.
The Anniversary Party (2001): Dir: Alan Cumming, Jennifer Jason Leigh / Cast: Alan Cumming, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kevin Kline, Phoebe Cates, Gwyneth Paltrow: Detailed look at truths and secrets harboured by couples. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming celebrate their sixth anniversary after a year separation. He is a novelist casting a former girlfriend in a film version of his latest work. They invite friends including real life couple Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. Kline is a former co-star of Leigh's, and Cates paused her career to raise a family. Realistic yet disjointed with buried secrets surfacing. Cumming and Leigh show great potential as first time directors. They manage to keep track of subplots surrounding the ensemble cast. Leigh conceals her resentment while Cumming verges upon crumbling. They both must face facts within their marriage including the false front they display amongst their peers to give the illusion that they are a happy couple. As the evening wears on truths surface that threaten to traumatize their marriage. Kline and Cates display wonderful chemistry that very well may be true in reality. They are observers but not imitators. Gwyneth Paltrow appears as an actress and former girlfriend of the Cumming character. Engaging film about relationships that generates great potential from both its leads in front and behind the camera. Score: 9 / 10
I've seen better home movies
I've seen better home movies, and I'm not sure how this qualifies as anything but that. It looked and felt like a self-indulgent, narcissistic and (the worst movie sin of all) boring home movie about folks I don't know and don't care to meet. It seemed a complete vanity piece, with me as the unwitting audience.

This movie reminded me of the incredibly silly "drama" that teenagers find important when they're out too late and lacking parental supervision. The content of the characters in the film was immature, unpleasant and unattractive.

I was tempted to turn it off numerous times, but waited until the end in case the redemption I was seeking was finally offered. It wasn't.
The Noble Struggle
"The noble struggle" is what I like to call the struggle we all go through, dealing with our own psyches, who we think we should be as opposed to who we are, or who others think we are, and the heartbreaks that life throws into our paths to deal with. The struggle for our dignity. The movies that embody this are as diverse as 'Cool Hand Luke' and 'Strictly Ballroom'. They peel back the layers of the onion and give you glimpses of souls learning to survive.

These sorts of movies are my absolute favorite, and 'The Anniversary Party' is a beautiful new addition to the genre. It's a work of art.
Best of its kind film ever made.
If you like a slow, carefully developed, beautifully acted, funny and articulate piece of parlor theater, complete with a heart-wrenching scene or three demonstrating alienation between neighbors and genuine intimacy among friends, this is for you. If not, not. With its two deaths or near-deaths, this is more than talk, but still if pure conversation strikes you as self-indulgent or tedious, rather than (in this singular case) genius, why not pass?
I Really Liked It
Despite some of the negative critiques of this movie I have to stay true to my original feeling that I really liked this film. I saw it in the theater and walked out not knowing what to make of it and then I saw it again on cable and liked it even better. I felt that the party scenes and dialogue's were about as natural as I've ever seen in a movie. I kept thinking how much I would have enjoyed being at this party. The neighbors showed a good contrast between the hip hollywood crowd and the rest of us. The wife was so fascinated by these people in the same way that America is fascinated by hollywood. The husband was less than impressed and despite his crudeness and likability issues was effective as the voice of reason. It was great to see art imitating life with jennifer jayson leigh and phoebe cates who I imagine met and became friends doing fast times at ridgemont high. I still wonder if that's correct. It was also so sweet to see the Klines with their real life children. I also wonder as another comment pointed out if indeed she did give up show biz for motherhood. It would seem so and that also makes me curious to know whether or not she regretted that decision. The relationship between Sally and Joe as dysfunctional as it was portrayed in the movie is one way to show real life love, that's not always nice, pretty, and sweet, but sometimes will just rip your heart out. I felt their performances were top notch. The scene with the extasy. What can I say. It was fun, different, unique, and something I'd never seen before and on a personal note extasy is one drug I never tried but was always curious about so I guess you can say I got to live vicariously through this film.
Anniversary Party- You Don't Have to Save the Date on this One *
Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming both wrote and directed this mess.

An anniversary party is supposed to be one of joy but this is anything but that.

A whole host of people come to celebrate-that is with their frustrations as well.

Cumming is an up and coming Hollywood director who has just casted Gwyneth Paltrow to appear in his next film. She will essentially, as Sky Davidson, play Miss Leigh, his wife in the film. We are also supposed to believe that Paltrow, a blonde beauty, has just completed the film Babi-Yar, a holocaust film, where she plays a milk-maiden who takes a bullet to the head. She is named Gitel but this far from Fiddler on the Roof.

When the dog Otis got lost, I thought we were going to go back to A Come Back Little Sheba atmosphere. In fact, I was right. While searching for the dog, Leigh finds Cumming in the arms of another and reveals that she has an abortion. Leigh looks simply awful in the movie. She really appears to be on drugs-the latter kills Cumming's sister, Lucy, at the end of the film.

With all this going on, we have Kevin Kline, who portrays an actor who has just won the Oscar and John C. Reilly, who survives a drowning.

Against the music of charades, that game is played. What is the purpose of all this? How do you invite your neighbors to such a party when you have been feuding with them regarding their constantly barking dog?

The film is absolutely ridiculous at best.
A nice diversion.
"Anniversary" party features a couple, he a writer, she an actress, celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary after recently getting back together. They invite friends and co-workers to their house for an evening of fun, drinking, games, and a little exstacy. One of the couples are a couple in real life, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, and their small son and daughter act in it also. There isn't any great new revelation here. Just a cross-section of the types of issues real people have. It is acted and edited well, and the viewing time passes comfortably. One of my local library "free rentals', the DVD picture is marginal, possibly because it was filmed digitally instead of on film. The print doesn't appear to have the usual saturation of images we see from real film. It is rated R for language and two women swimming topless during one scene.
Unexpected Power, Insightful Film
I went to this after a film I was trying to see was sold-out, I had the time, what the hell. I was really surprised. Full of terrific actors (Jane Adams - so good in "Happiness"), John C. Reilly - (brilliant in "Hard Eight"), Cummings, Leigh, etc. The film works, has very insightful moments in the complexities of relationships and some real laughs. There a few self-indulgent moments where you could tell the actors/directors : Cummings, Leigh were so in love with their stuff that they kept it in. At times, the acting becomes ACTING, some real arm-waving, over the top action, but at other times it has a documentary feel in it - like you are really eavesdropping at a party in Hollywood. Very well done.
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