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Ben Falcone
Dakota Lee as Kathleen
Rich Williams as Larry
Mark Duplass as Bobby
Steve Little as Jet Ski Rental Guy
Sandra Oh as Susanne
Nat Faxon as Greg
Kathy Bates as Lenore
Ben Falcone as Keith Morgan
Gary Cole as Earl
Toni Collette as Missi
Steve Little as Jet Ski Rental Guy
Storyline: Tammy, who was recently fired from a Topper Jack's fast food restaurant, returns home only to find her husband enjoying a romantic meal with the neighbor. She quickly packs her necessities, and travels down three houses to her parent's home. Upon denied use of her mom's car to drive to Niagara Falls, she quickly resorts to an "ailing" grandmother, who also lives in the home...Only instead of traveling alone, Grandma Pearl wants in on the road trip. After realizing Grandma Pearl has the funds, they hit the road. Pearl soon proves to be quite the alcoholic despite her diabetes, and Tammy quickly turns into the "baby-sitter." From finding love in a bar to robbing a Topper Jack's in order to bail Pearl out of jail,the quirky adventure will have you finding yourself riding along for the misadventures of Tammy.
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ReRun - McCarthy has become a very unlikeable 1 trick pony
How many times can she try to re-run the same unlikeable character? Rude, crude, fat slovenly and just plain bad. McCarthy has gone to this well too many times and there's nothing left. She is a one-trick pony.

What's funny about fat, unkempt and classless? What's entertaining about a user, a grifter, an obnoxious sociopath? Do you really want to put money in the pockets of people who make these worthless films that have no redeeming value whatsoever? They'll only make more of this crap.

The weekly sitcom MIKE & MOLLY that made her famous started out okay but has devolved into the hopeless mess it is today. McCarthy's Molly character there is almost as repugnant as the one in BRIDESMAIDS, IDENTITY THIEF and now TAMMY. Glad to see this movie is flopping at the box office on its opening weekend.
Not all husband and wife teams should work together
Melissa McCarthy is probably one of my new favourite people on the TV screens, I love watching her in her show "Mike and Molly" she can really make me laugh but I'm starting to think that it's not because of her or her talents but her writers and her directors' comic timing. Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Mike and Molly) plays the title character of Tammy, a hopeless dead beat no future careless slob, she loses her job, her marriage and car all in the one day forcing her to pack her things and head off into the big bad world to start over and find herself. What she doesn't count on though that her Grandmother Pearl played by Susan Sarandon (The Banger Sisters, Thelma and Louise) plans on joining her, she needs to escape the home where she lives but feels trapped which is currently with Tammy's mother Deb, played by Allison Janney. (Mom, Hairspray) The pair set off into the world finding trouble, love, crime and eventually themselves….. Tammy tries real hard to be a road movie that everyone will love with a buddy Thelma and Louise type of theme but fails miserably. The pairing of the two main leads just never gels, Susan Sarandon does her very best to work with what she is given as a co-star but when you're working with ego's as well as bad scripts and even worse direction what can you really do except sit back and ride it out, which I feel she did quite well. I believe the biggest problem was the pairing between the two it just never gets to where it needs to be. If the director chose one of the other films big names to play Pearl like Kathy Bates (Misery, American Horror Story) who actually plays a lesbian friend of Pearls there could have been a very different outcome. Add to this cast Sandra Oh, Dan Ackroyd, Mark Duplass, Ben Falcone (who also directed the film) Gary Cole and Toni Collette (who was so under used in my opinion) and by rights you should have a funny laugh out loud sentimental adventure film instead of the turkey that was delivered. There are some fun moments but not enough to keep you entertained for very long. A few scenes appeared to be very "off the script" but they just go on for far too long and do nothing but bring the film down. I have since learnt that Melissa McCarthy actually produced and co- wrote the script, perhaps she should just stick to being told what to do and how to act from now on and stop working with her husband Ben Falcone who also directed McCarthy in Bridesmaids, (which I loved but then she wasn't the lead actor in that one) Identity Thief (which I hated) and The Heat (which I'm yet to see and if going off his other two previous films may not ever see) It seems the happy couple working together may not be the best decision in my opinion anyway. Perhaps I'm not the right audience for Tammy and there are others who seen something very different and in fact loved it, please tell me if so. Tammy is not for the kids, a lot of adult themes and language.
Barbara Robertson Reviews Tammy
Looked forward to seeing this for months, and saw it last weekend. The trailers and great cast made it look really promising! Unfortunately, nothing new, same old Melissa McCarthy writing, way too much fumbling and falling around for laughs. Kinda Bridesmaids meets Thelma and Louise. Susan Sarandon playing Allison Janney's mom? Did she have a baby when she was a preteen?? Susan Sarandon is my very favorite actress. It's not possible to dumb her down and make her look old and dowdy like the movie attempted to do. Her beauty and intelligence still shine through unintentionally. Sandra Oh forced into yet another happy- go-lucky lesbian role that she gets in almost every movie she's in. Kathy Bates! Gary Cole from Office Space! Danny Aykroyd!!! So much comedic possibilities from the the best of the best. You have them all there so why not give them some really funny lines? Okay, so yeah, I'm forced to only be able to give this movie 3 out of 10 stars.
Had so much potential
It's films like these that make me ask 'Why do directors/producers/writers try and fill comedies with sentimental claptrap?'If they want to make a comedy they should make something funny. If they want to make a tear-jerking drama about a granddaughter struggling with her lifelong string of failures and her grandmother's alcoholism then they should release all the stops and make something truly tragic.

Tammy tries to do both and therefore fails twice.

Melissa McCarthy is a hilarious actor and there are moments of brilliance in this film however they are separated by long periods of sentimentality for which i did not sign up.

I hope her next film is a bigger success.
Melissa McCarthy has been making a pretty steady stream of films almost identical to this one, but where "Bridesmaids", "The Heat," and even "Identity Thief" succeeded, "Tammy" fell very short. "Tammy" is a movie about a middle-aged woman whose obnoxious personality has finally caught up to her. In the first five minutes of the film she has totaled her car, gotten fired from her job, and discovered her husband is having an affair. Her solution to this is to hit the road with her alcoholic grandmother and what follows is a cringe-worthy look at what happens when fictional crass and drunk people do whatever they want. A great idea right?

Wrong. I've always liked road-trip movies. I've always like road-trips. They bring out people's true characters, and what they're actually like when they've been alone in a car for a couple of hours. Yes, this can be pretty unpleasant when we're in the midst of it, but when we're allowed to sit back and watch, humanity becomes admirable when we can see what people are actually like with no boundaries, because the result is often good. If my opinion is asked for, that should be the goal of most films: to take a look at who we are.

So yes, I was looking forward to watching "Tammy" solely because of the fact that it's a road-trip movie. Unfortunately, this is not a road-trip movie. There are maybe three scenes in the entire film that take place in a car, and I'm pretty sure the only time we actually saw anyone driving on a highway was at the very start as Tammy was driving to work. It can be pretty hard to make a cross-country trip if you only drive through neighborhood streets, unless I'm reading the map upside- down.

"Tammy" had an outstanding cast, and it was largely wasted. Starring is of course Melissa McCarthy, playing the exact same character she always plays. That character has been very funny in the past, specifically large-screen debuting in "Bridesmaids", but here it just felt rehearsed. For what McCarthy called her passion project, I felt like she almost didn't even want to be there. Susan Sarandon co-stars as the grandmother, whose character must have been a grandmother at age thirty by the looks of it. In the outstanding (on paper) supporting cast we find Allison Janney, Kathy Bates, Sandra Oh, Mark Duplass, Nat Faxon, Sarah Baker, Toni Collette, and Dan Aykroyd. Bates and Baker specifically were very good, but were given way too little time on screen, and I was legitimately surprised Aykroyd and Colette even agreed to do this movie considering what they were given.

Director, supporting actor, co-writer, and husband to star Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, attempted something different with his directorial debut, and that's where "Tammy" hurt more than anywhere else. What was advertised was an R-rated comedy, where you sit down to laugh at stupid people doing stupid things, and Falcone embraced that. Where he faulted was also trying to make this movie heartfelt with a good message behind it. What resulted was a 96 minute film where I didn't care for the characters or laugh a single time. I applaud Falcone for experimenting, but he should have realized that it didn't work and take advantage of the reshoot that they took to make some much needed changes.

I was very put off by "Tammy". I'm not a very big fan of the R- rated comedy genre in the first place, but I still laugh as the filmmakers blatantly attempt to elicit that reaction. Unfortunately, "Tammy" was not funny, and that can be a problem when that's the only reason somebody will go see this movie. So as I walked out of the theater I finally laughed as some bloopers began to play and my friend aptly stated: "Let's go. No need to watch the mistakes of the mistake."

I give "Tammy" a 5.2/10.
Tammy 2014 is actually a pretty fair comedy, it has a nice cast, and some pretty funny parts in it. To me Tammy 2014 is more like a "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles"; it's just a simple comedy and fairly put together. The acting and story-line was fairly well done and performed, I loved the cast selected for the film and I'm not sure why so many bad reviews have went up about this movie. It's simply a good comedy, it's not fall out of your chair hysterical, but for what it is; the movie is good. We got a good laugh and it was worth seeing.

I do believe that maybe a bit more work in the script and it could've been a complete laugh-fest.
A Funny Feel Good Movie
Frankly Melissa is laughing all the way to the bank. I thought the movie was funny in places poignant in others. I would see it again easily. With all the phony, pretentious movie making, this to me just looked like fun. Fun to watch and I bet it was fun to make.

Tammy starts out a minimum wage, screw up. I have seen Adam Sandler do comedy in the same vein. He is brilliant at it and so is she. Then it progresses and deals with a woman who is forced to face her issues and grow up. So there was a recovery sense to it, and for the drunken Susan Sarandon too. It was very funny and human. I love Kathy Bates, and was happy to see her in it also.

So don't watch if you don't want to, but I loved it. I giggled and felt for a lost person, who starts to gain insight. All of the negative reviews really are people's opinion. Mine is I loved it!! Also it cost 2om to make and grossed 84m. She got a cut, so I am sure she loved it too...

Take your negativity elsewhere, I would watch anything she did.
One of the most versatile hare-brained romantic comedies I have seen
I like Melissa McCarthy. She is not beautiful as a fashion model, but he is not ashamed of her corpulence, and the characters she tends to play are often real persons around us: with lack of looks/education/manners. True, such persons are seldom pleasant and it often embarrassing to commune with them, but they do exist. And sometimes - not often - it is okay to find out about them.

True, the script is uneven, some pleasant moments tend to come out of the blue, but the movie is not overly commonplace - at least in comparison with those with Seth Rogen or the brothers Wayans, for example. And the cast, wow... Particularly females, several Academy Award winners and nominees, the people who do need to prove themselves any more and are not in need of money: Susan Sarandon, Cathy Bates, Tony Collette... Don't you think they might have found something in the script that captivated them? All in all, no flop, an above-average creation. Just free you mind and spend approximately 1.5 hours with warmhearted, embarrassing and giggling kettle of fish :)
A fun road trip movie
Tammy is a road trip movie, with the unlikely pairing of a train wreck of a woman (Tammy, played by Melissa McCarthy) and her alcoholic grandmother (Pearl, played by Susan Sarandon). The two are sick of their lives and set out to go to Niagara Falls with no real plans or solid ideas.

Along the way, Pearl's drinking is at first funny, but eventually reveals itself as dangerous and ugly. Her treatment of Tammy is by turns loving and hurtful, and contributes to the maturing process that Tammy goes through during the movie. All good road movies should have characters who are somehow changed by their experiences, and this one does. Pearl learns to control her drinking (and the casual sex, reckless driving, insults, and breast-baring incidents it causes). Tammy learns that she must actively pursue the life she wants and not just wait, complaining, for it to happen to her.

The movie is both funny and dramatic. The scene in which Tammy sobs because she thinks her grandmother is dead was heart-wrenching. As well, the scene in which Pearl calls Tammy a fat loser was bitter. Both McCarthy and Sarandon played their parts well.

I first thought the movie was going to be pure comedy, mostly because of the marketing, but I came to realize that it was actually an adventure/road trip/romantic comedy. I have seen many negative reviews of this movie, and I believe many viewers might have been disappointed because the movie wasn't laugh-out-loud hilarious the whole time.

The plot moved along briskly, and the acting was very good throughout.

My only real criticism of the movie as a whole is the messy, somewhat disgusting character first showed to us at the beginning of the movie. There really is no reason for the character of Tammy to be so sloppy. She clashes badly with the house she owns and the husband to whom she is married. To be clear, it is not her weight that clashes; it is the ratty hair, the bloody nose, the wrinkled clothing, the lack of makeup, and the horrible wardrobe. The lessons she learns in the movie are about taking control of her life, but for some reason that is portrayed through her hair and clothing. Surely growing up means more than grooming yourself nicely. It seems to lack imagination, in that we have seen the overweight slob stereotype many times before.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.
Huge disappointment
I have liked Melissa McCarthy's work on SNL and in movies like Bridesmaids and This is 40, and I hoped this film would showcase that hilarious, wild side of the characters she plays. But there are absolutely no redeeming qualities in this mess. The most interesting aspect of it is to consider how the hell they were able to get this impressive cast to agree to participate in this dumpster fire of a film. My theory: people thought this would be Melissa McCarthy's "Tommy Boy." It isn't. Susan Sarandon was horribly miscast as the irreverent grandma. Another fun game to play is to try to articulate the plot of this movie. The main character and her drunk grandmother stumble from one boring, unfunny interaction to the next. The film is completely unable to get us to care about Tammy. She is similar to such a long list of down-and-out movie characters, yet it's hard to care whether she finds redemption, love, happiness... George Lucas writes better love scenes than you'll see in this movie. Overall I'd say that literally any activity is a better investment of time than watching this movie.