Strange Cargo
Drama, Adventure, Romance
IMDB rating:
Frank Borzage
Peter Lorre as M'sieu Pig
John Arledge as Dufond
J. Edward Bromberg as Flaubert
Bernard Nedell as Marfeu
Joan Crawford as Julie
Frederick Worlock as Grideau (as Frederic Worlock)
Ian Hunter as Cambreau
Paul Lukas as Hessler
Clark Gable as Verne
Victor Varconi as Fisherman
Storyline: Verne wants nothing more than to escape from a penal colony located off the northern coast of South America. He tries to involve Julie, a saloon girl, in his plans but she turns him in to the authorities. On Verne's next try, he piggybacks on the escape of six other convicts and runs into Julie again in the process. One of the convicts is a spiritual figure who seems to know what will happen before anyone else. The group attempts to travel through the jungle, board a boat, and make it to the mainland.
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