Stomping Ground
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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David J. Greenberg
Storyline: Mike, Chris, Bobby, and Joe are life-long friends out for a rowdy good time that goes horribly wrong. They commit a random act of violence, savagely beating a young man. The film begins with the boys cruising to their favorite spot in the park to lay-low and blow off steam. The beating is a non-issue until cell phones start ringing and they learn that their young victim has died from his injuries. What was a random act of violence gone wrong soon pulls many factions they dread into the arena. Their friendship is pushed to the brink, the group buckles and strains under the darkest aspects of their personalities, and an earthshaking revelation might finally break them.

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It's all about the dialogue in this thriller!
Watched "Stomping Ground" last night on Amazon video for the bargain basement price of $1.99. Was worth every penny! I was totally riveted during the entire hour+ of the movie, and it's amazing how it could all be done on a shoestring budget. The setting never changes, but wow, things really escalate and change radically from the beginning to the end. Very intense and captivating, with the same sort of feel as "Locke" with Tom Hardy, but with a much different theme. In this case, four boyfriend friends are thrust into a predicament that will lead them on a personal journey that will test their bonds of friendship and change them forever. Could very well become a cult classic!