Some Like It Hot
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Romance, Comedy, Family, Music
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Billy Wilder
Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
Tony Curtis as Joe - 'Josephine'
Jack Lemmon as Jerry - 'Daphne'
George Raft as Spats Colombo
Pat O'Brien as Det. Mulligan
Joe E. Brown as Osgood Fielding III
Nehemiah Persoff as Little Bonaparte
Joan Shawlee as Sweet Sue
Billy Gray as Sig Poliakoff
George E. Stone as Toothpick Charlie
Dave Barry as Beinstock
Mike Mazurki as Spats' henchman
Harry Wilson as Spats' henchman
Beverly Wills as Dolores
Storyline: When two Chicago musicians, Joe and Jerry, witness the the St. Valentine's Day massacre, they want to get out of town and get away from the gangster responsible, Spats Colombo. They're desperate to get a gig out of town but the only job they know of is in an all-girl band heading to Florida. They show up at the train station as Josephine and Daphne, the replacement saxophone and bass players. They certainly enjoy being around the girls, especially Sugar Kane Kowalczyk who sings and plays the ukulele. Joe in particular sets out to woo her while Jerry/Daphne is wooed by a millionaire, Osgood Fielding III. Mayhem ensues as the two men try to keep their true identities hidden and Spats Colombo and his crew show up for a meeting with several other crime lords. Written by garykmcd
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Billy Wilder and Miss Monroe, need I say more?
Billy Wilder the director and Miss Monroe the prettiest woman in the history of cinema together with two outstanding and funny leads makes this steamy casserole of 'Some like it hot'. As it is with S.L.I.H and myriads of other gems of the previous decades the concept has been used over and over again but for some reason these movies tend to retain their freshness and their flavor. Is it possible for a joke to still make you laugh when you hear it for the hundredth time? Well with Some like don't have to worry about that. It does. The situations are genuinely funny and totally unforced. The characters are believable and as for clichés well they are there of course but with these old classics you have to keep in mind the fact that clichés are clichés because they brought them to attention.

And dear o dear o can I not write about Miss Monroe. Her sensuality drips like the morning dew from a red shiny rose. How does one appreciate a cinematic piece of art when the art of god comes into the frame. Ironically though but every time she comes the screen glitters with liveliness. Both the male leads are hilarious with absolutely impeccable timing but Miss Monroe is the diamond. The delicate thread that binds it all together.

Finally, Billy Wilders comic venture is filled with his characteristic nuanced characterizations and situations that pack a solid comic punch. The dialogues are witty and clever as is always the case and this movie shows the wide range Mr. Wilder had. He was truly what you call a versatile artist.
Perfect Comedy
When things are down, and you want a nice change to lift your spirits - go rent 'Some Like it Hot'. Will make you forget all your worries and give you a good time, it atleast did for me.

The movie is about two guys (Lemmon and Curtis) who cross-dress as women to play with an all-girl band. From there on it's just laughs and more laughs. To finish up, the immortal final line "Nobody is Perfect!"

Perfect entertainment for the whole family, Marilyn Monroe beautiful as ever and some unforgettable dialogues:

Daphne - Have I got things to tell you! I am engaged! Josephine - Who is the lucky girl? Daphne - I am!

I can watch the movie a thousand times over and not get tired, 10/10!!
An outrageous and hilarious comedy.
Billy Wilder goes the limits in this outrageous and very funny comedy about two musicians going undercover as women to avoid the mob. It is a ridiculous premise, but Wilder and Diamond's script perfectly balances the comedy with scenes of love and romance. Curtis and Monroe have great chemistry together, and Lemmon is superb as the comedy relief in the "serious" scenes with George Raft. Even these are something to laugh at, but the film is not to be taken seriously; just to be laughed at. It has been almost fifty years since it was released and people still laugh at it. I have seen it three or four times and it is still as funny as seeing it for the first time. That is the true test of a comedy and Some Like It Hot passes with flying colors. A true comedy classic all the way around.
Marilyn Monroe. Enough said.
"Movies should be like amusement parks" filmmaker Billy Wilder once said "People should go to them to have fun". So If Some Like It Hot was an amusement park: it would Thorpe Park, mixed in with Legoland, added with a dash of Disney land. Some Like It Hot is the granddaddy of comedies, the Godfather of laughs and the Mike Tyson of punch lines. Heck! Watching this film is like getting into the ring with Muhammad Ali, as you're constantly hit with fast paced gags. Even when you're least expecting it you're hit with a punch line so funny it leaves your side aching, or a piece of slapstick comedy that leaves your eyes running. Even the fade out line has been regarded as the funniest and most famous in history. Once you hear it, you'll guarantee never ever, ever to forget it. Trust me, it's hilarious!

After playing witness to a routine gangland shooting, two penniless Chicago musicians, Joe and jerry decide it is the perfect opportunity, to remain safe and get paid a easy buck when they decide to take up residence in an all girl band heading to Florida, crossed-dressed as Josephine (Tony Curtis) and Daphne (Jack Lemmon). But with the only simple aim of getting paid and avoiding the mob, things soon get a little more tricky when a ditsy singer named Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) captures the heart of' Josephine' and a eccentric playboy millionaire falls for 'Daphne'.

Some Like It Hot is one of those rare occasions, where everyone involved is at the very peak of their powers. Billy Wilder's directing is subtle but instrumental in loading every scene with comedic material ready to pop out like a wound up jack in the box. The writing is excellent, it constantly moves at a furious pace. Imagine Usain bolt on roller blades with jet pack attached to his back, and still that's not even as fast as how the dialogue rips through every scene. People may say that the comedy is too high concept, but for me that's the very reason it's so damn funny , as well a begin genius, because it means that the jokes will stand the test of time and span all generations because it's so easy to understand. Anyway who likes having jokes explained to them? No one!

But you can't talk about Some Like It Hot, without mentioning Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, who were absolutely perfect for their roles, each adding a feeling of assuredness to theirs, as well as bucket full's of originality with every facial expression as well as every line. Initially I was not convinced by Marilyn Monroe, as I felt she was slightly overrated, but in her role as Sugar, she brings a lot of composure to the role adding balance to the high energy of Tony and Jack, but still getting her laughs not through straight jokes but by simply being able to deliverer every air headed line with great delivery and timing. Whilst still being able to remain sweet, helpless and innocent, even as she plunges picks into a solid cube of ice with great fury, as she talks about her weakness for Saxophone players.

Some Like It Hot it like a magician of comedy, you never know what to expect next, as with every new scene you so excitedly anticipate what piece of comedic magic it will pull out of its sleeve. For me Some Like It Hot is the funniest comedy film I have ever seen, even though it is almost 55 years old, its comedy is still so accessible and funny too!
As Marylin sings in this film "I couldn't aspire, to anything higher..." - a comedy masterpiece!
What can you say about this movie that has not been said before?

A genuine classic, the basics run as follows... Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and the ever-fabulous Jack Lemmon...... the boys do drag, Marilyn sings occaisionally, looks edible in practically see-through dresses AND acts well to boot...

Lemmon and Curtis play musicians accidentally caught up in the St Valentine's Day Massacre... they go on the run in the only band which will hire them - an all female band which means their only option is to drag up and bluff their way along - and meet up with marginally alcoholic and slightly unhinged Marilyn.. some chaos ensues as Curtis tries to woo her and Lemmon unwillingly finds a suitor for himself...

The film is surprisingly touching in places but is basically a lovely silly comedy. It regularly appears in lists proclaiming it to be one of the 100 best movies of all time and quite rightly so. Marilyn - despite suffereing a miscarriage during filming - is on superb form, Jack Lemmon looks almost attractive in drag and Tony Curtis actually avoids being too slimy and annoying. The drag scenes are wonderfully underplayed and the classy use of black and white photography throughout helps make both the drag and the period setting look plausible.

Highlights include Tony Curtis's Cary Grant impression (for those of you uneducated in the fabulousness of Cary Grant check out Bringing Up Baby, also on this term), Jack Lemmon being romanced in great style - which leads to just about the best last line of a movie of all time - and Marilyn looking glorious of course.

If you've never seen this movie you really really should; if you already have then I am sure you need no persuasion to see it again!
legendary comedy genius
SPOILERS Each year a television executive ponders how to fill an evening's television. Rather than putting original thought into the process, one idea that he constantly comes back to is the "Top 10" list. Spending hours upon hours discussing the best horrors, the best musicals, the best number ones of the 1980s, these lists vary amongst a million different ideas. One of the most popular though is the Top 100 Films of All Time. This list tends to contain some of the all time greats and all too often it sadly has "Star Wars" at number one. One film which always features though, and remains perhaps the funniest comedy of all time is Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot". With magical performances and some of the greatest comedy moments of all time, it remains as fresh today as it did upon it's release.

Joe and Jerry (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) are down and broke musicians in alcohol free Chicago. As the Mafia continue to fight between themselves, life goes on for our two heroes. That is until they witness a Gangland killing. Now on the run, they disguise themselves as women and hide in a female band troop. Relocated to Florida, the two spend their time keeping themselves hidden and talking to the beautiful, yet "not too smart" Sugar Cane (Marilyn Monroe).

Unlucky to have been released at the same time as the Epic "Ben Hur", it might be one of the biggest travesties in Oscar history that "Some Like It Hot" never received a Best Picture nomination. It did however receives nods for Wilder's direction and Lemmon's acting. Lemmon in particular is superb as Jerry/Daphne, the more emotional of the two men, who finds himself being chased by the dozy Osgood Fielding III (Joe E Brown). With some of the best lines in the film, Lemmon thrives, and on a personal note, he's only outperformed this performance with "Avanti" and "The Odd Couple", the first of which being another Wilder creation.

This film also has another treasure about it. In a time where Hollywood starlets are making a bit of a reappearance, it's amusing that one or two of them (most notably Scarlett Johansson) model their appearance on the biggest starlet of them all. Whilst noticeably more built up during this film (being pregnant at the time), Marilyn Monroe is beautiful from the first scene on the train station through to the end. Monroe simply oozes beauty and thrives in a role which she wasn't originally the choice for.

Perhaps the crucial thing about "Some Like It Hot" is just how good the script is. With lines which just smack of sexual referencing, it causes belly laughs throughout. It never resorts to the sort of lowbrow humour of most of our modern comedy, and it demonstrates how light hearted comedy should be done. It's perhaps the finest comedy film of all time, and it should be mandatory viewing for any film fan.
The funniest movie ever made?
One of the all time great screen comedies, Some Like It Hot stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon at their best. Billy Wilder, one of the all time great directors, co-wrote and directed this fantastic movie.

Set in 1929, Lemmon and Curtis are out of work musicians who witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Fleeing for their lives, they disguise themselves as female musicians in order to get to Florida and away from the mob. This is where the fun begins.

Renamed "Daphne" and "Josephine" they try their best to keep their secret. But when "Josephine"(Curtis) meets sexy ukulele player Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe) you know he's going to blow his cover somehow. While Curtis tries to woo Monroe by pretending to be her dream man as she has told him, Lemmon is courted by Osgood Fielding (Joe E. Brown). Curtis adapts a Cary Grant accent and pretends to be frigid in the movie's funniest scenes. Lemmon seems to forget he's a boy and has so much fun with Fielding and adores the things he buys him. Between the cases of mistaken and pretend identities, the mobsters come to Florida for their Opera Lovers Meeting. It all winds up with a hilarious ending.

This movie is a gem from start to finish. Curtis, Monroe, and Brown are great in their parts. Monroe brings a funny and sexy vulnerability to Sugar and Curtis is great with his performance as "Josephine" and the stuffy millionaire who talks just like Cary Grant. Lemmon really steals the movie here. He invests Daphne with such enthusiasm that we can understand why he's falling for Osgood. He's having way too much fun and it's great to watch him. This is a true classic from start to finish. It's recommended for anyone who likes to laugh.

Steamy but not sleazy and hilarious but not brainless rom-com that mayn't have gained its legendary status without its irresistible cast
Marilyn Monroe is the greatest proof that an actress can stimulate burning passion among men just by talking; watch those brilliant lips move and those lovely teeth - don't they excite you, tantalize you till you fall off your couch? Monroe should've got those aphrodisiacs patented. Then comes those lovely puppies that adorn her bosom, and they stand out proudly, flaunting their fullness in her revealing gowns. It's a wonder 'Sweet' Sue missed that; everything in Marilyn screams out 'sex!' and Monroe does a feat by layering Sugar with creaminess, nuttiness and sexiness so she's worth much more than those dumb desperate harebrained bimbos. Sugar has a mind and a heart - she may be dumb and gullible, but she's certainly not vain; she doesn't even understand her own eccentricities sometimes, like always falling for bespectacled Saxophone players who only have one thing on their minds. She loves to drink anytime, anywhere and knows she doesn't have much of a voice but can use her charm to please anyone. This makes her unique, and we don't just gawk at them puppies all the time. Marilyn brings steadiness to her role, and she never lets go of Sugar in her scenes, in spite floundering her lines and creating a fiasco on sets. Her 'I want to be loved by you' is candid, hummable and touching. The high key lighting on her makes her ethereal. This is one performance that will not be forgotten. Modern rom-com actresses like Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston and some lesser known ones can't bring such sizzle on screen because they take their characters too lightly - Aniston talks like a female county sheriff while Heigl (though I haven't seen much of her) is very clichéd and dull. Megan Fox unfortunately is too hot to make an impact as a true actress; she's all ogle-ogle.

Fortunately, Some Like it Hot isn't a Marilyn vehicle, though she anchors much of the film. There are two equally funny male counterparts who share an enviable chemistry, letting loose punch lines after punch lines. Yes, the movie needs to be watched twice to prick out some jokes that missed your ears while you were laughing. On the second viewing, I heard Jack Lemmon's quip on how women were able to walk with those shaky heels: " Must be how their body is shaped out" ( or something like that) he remarks, and our minds then try to imagine those hourglass figures and we realize the naughty humor. I found the cries of the drunken man for more coffee funnier in my second viewing. Every pun, innuendo and running gag makes you laugh, though not fall off your seat like some new comedies. But I like it this way, the same way I adored Ninotchka, City Lights, Singing in the Rain and Awful Truth, because they share a common aim to treat the audience with humor, not only with jokes but also with the chemistry and the balanced narrative. Sometimes when we fall off our seats too often, we are alienated from the story and we only wait for more jokes. When such movies try to evoke sympathy for the characters later, we feel indifferent and disappointed. I specifically point out Bollywood films like Housefull, Priyadarshan film (except Hera Pheri) and the Shreyas Talpade capers that seem to drown their movies with gags, only to bring a spurious tear-jerking moment later. Only one world for those movies: FAIL.

The supporting cast comprises of bandmaster Sweet Sue, played by Joan Shawlee, a far from sweet, instead being a rather feared martinet who keeps the pixiesh girls in check but underestimates their wildness. She is also discernible as she does not trust Geraldine and Daphne (Curtis and Lemmon in disguise) and tries to probe them whenever she gets a chance. It's a little surprising neither her character nor Dave Berry's (who plays the band supervisor) get more screen time after Sue quietly instructs Beinstock to keep check on the two. They are the ones who are dropped like a brick, sadly. Then there is the liquor mafia king Spats who, along with his over-sized lawyers, hunts for Lemmon and Curtis' characters after the two witness the gangsters massacring a rival gang. These characters, in Alfred Hitchcock terminology, are simply MacGuffins who make the path for sexy Marilyn to enter and smoke up the screen. Also, had these gangsters not been introduced, the movie wouldn't have had its memorable climax that's proves to be a double-edged sword for our unfortunate guys in drag. Climax in a comedy has to be strong, and a bit of irony helps, for example though Charlie Chaplin's City Lights has a happy ending, the climax and falling action before do not make situations favorable for the tramp, but do make things better for those around him. Had such twists been omitted, the movie would not have gained much reputation with a straightforward climax. Some Like it hot has a terrific climax, and we couldn't have asked for a better one.

Tony Curtis' Joe is a selfish, crafty and inconsiderate – he relies on Lemmon's Jerry to gain personal advantage (the booking on dogs being the most trivial example), he makes his partner a puppet to attain Sugar (how smartly he arranges the date between Jerry/Daphne and Osgood), and he ignores the consequences of his deception with Sugar until the very end. But what's most important is that he changes. Poor Jerry on the other hand conceives most of the plans, encounters Sugar first, but gets the second billing in the end because of Joe. His courtship as Daphne with Osgood is the funniest moment in the entire film… but then I remember 'Nobody's Perfect!' and I can't decide which is funnier.

Some Like it hot, in unbearable Mary Murphy's own words, is on my hot tamale train!
Some Like It Marilyn!
Some Like It Hot (1959): Dir: Billy Wilder / Cast: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, Joe E. Brown, George Raft: Delightfully funny comedy referring to the expression and appreciation of jazz music as well as the dilemma at hand. The title may also refer too a man who isn't what he claims and a woman who isn't intelligent enough to know the difference. It is a laugh loaded joy starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as two musicians who witness a murder and flee for their lives. They disguise themselves as women and blend in with an all girl band and board a train. Curtis falls for Marilyn Monroe while Lemmon becomes the centre of affection of an old lout who is at the resort that the band marks as their next stop. Clever and surprising with fantastic witty dialogue that ranks among Billy Wilder's greatest work, which includes Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina and Double Indemnity all of which arrive within different genres. Curtis and Lemmon provide hilarious chemistry with Monroe absolutely ravishing as the dumb blonde bit. George Raft plays the mob boss like a pro as he and his posse seek out the leads unknowing what awaits in an ominous birthday cake. Joe E. Brown plays a rich playboy whom immediately takes to Lemmon and delivers one of the funniest closing lines in film history. Observant view of hardship of women that heats as one of the funniest comedies ever made. Score: 10 / 10
A lot of fun and one of the best final lines in film history...
This is a wonderfully entertaining film that has to have one of the best final scenes in movie history--seeing Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon in this scene is truly delightful. However, I do wonder if perhaps, maybe, the film is a tiny bit overrated--especially since it is now ranked relatively high on IMDb's Top 250 list. It's an exceptional film...I just don't see it as quite THAT exceptional.

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon stumble upon a mob hit. And, since mobsters really DON'T like witnesses, they know they'd better hide--and quick. So they hit upon the idea of hiding in an all-ladies' band, as they, too, are musicians. There, Tony falls in love with Marilyn Monroe--and it's hard for him to balance his female persona with the bookish guy he also pretends to be to impress her. As for Jack, he becomes the focus of a rich older man's attentions (Joe E. Brown). So how do they both balance these relationships with a strong desire NOT to be killed by the mob? The film has some nice supporting acting by George Raft and Pat O'Brien-and it's nice to see them return to films. As for the acting, it's generally very good, though I think Curtis' acting is a bit broad at times--but oddly charming as well.

Overall, there's a lot to enjoy and it's fun throughout.
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