Snezhnaya koroleva
Fantasy, Animation
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Wendee Lee as Shopkeeper / Flower Lady / Lapp Woman (voice)
Galina Tyunina as Snezhnaya koroleva (voice)
Doug Erholtz as Orm / King / Robbers (voice)
Erin Fitzgerald as Luta (voice) (as Erin Fittszherald)
Storyline: The Snow Queen created the world of eternal winter where the polar wind cools human souls and clearness of lines obscure emotions. A girl named Gerda, her pet ferret Luta, and Orm the troll must save her brother Kai and the world.
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This movie held me in keen anticipation ever since the start. It's a brilliant movie which is simply so intriguing and adventurous. Quite frankly I'm surprised this movie isn't more popular than Frozen, the most overrated movie of 2013.

The animation was fantastic. The drawings were superb and realistic (except for the fact that the troll looks more like an anteater). The only flaw-if you could call it that, was the English dub (since the original movie's in Russian). It was done rather poorly, and the lip movements didn't match the words at all. It may seem like a big deal, but after ten minutes into the movie, it won't matter, trust me, you'll be took caught up in the story.

I didn't understand one thing in the beginning though. If Gerda's dad was such a great wizard, why didn't he fly away on some arctic bird (or a magical carpet or whatever), instead of using a wagon and get his family and himself to safety, even if he wasn't powerful enough to face the Snow Queen on his own?

Also, didn't the Snow Queen kill off all the wizards? (except for Gerda and her brother Kai) So how did the flower lady give life to a plant, the ivy?

Another thing was that Gerda was very, very lucky to have met so many people on the way who ultimately helped her reach the snow queen. Talk about luck. It seems like the only reason those people were in the movie as sub-plots were to help her. The first people gave her a sledge, next she got a reindeer and after that she even got a boat that took her directly to the Snow Queen's castle. Of course, Gerda's a nice polite girl, but my, she's sure got a lot of karma on her side.

I may just be nitpicking though. This movie's amazing, and you should definitely watch it!
A nice surprise outside Dreamworks
This is a nice adaptation with style and ability.

It is not in par with Disney stuff but clearly above the average.

Voices in French are not perfect and the script is sometimes lacking but animation is good and the overall story is solid. There are clearly delimited stages with their own graphic styles but an overall graphic unity midway between 3D and a fairy tales book.

It avoids the ever-joking bias of many current days animation productions and remains faithful in spirit to an European tale.

This is promising debut for Wisart Animation studio, and a nice leisure for the whole family starting age 6.
an old story. new technical tools. and a nice film who has only basic sin to be in shadow of too many and admirable versions. the Andersen work has, in many parts, the classic ingredients. but it has not soul. no real emotions, no touching moments, only a troll and a weasel. the travel of Gerda is only a sketch, the end - not real convincing and the promise of new part seems all only a commercial show. and that is problem - the need of Wisard studio to impress, the huge ambitions to be accepted on West market and the sacrifice of profoundity of story for a impressive but superficial show. a nice film, off course. but it is not enough. its great virtue - to remember the lovely version from 1957 by Lev Atamanov.
This movie is about a girl named Gerda who is trying to save her brother Kai from the evil snow queen who is determined to wipe out Gerda's entire family.
I enjoyed this movie very much. The characters are compelling, especially the troll and the weasel, and it holds true to Hans Christian Andersen's original story. I think that it is underrated. I suspect that because Disney had begun working on Frozen (which is also a very good movie), it may have been swept under the rug. There were couple of parts I could have lived without, such as the silly king and his family. I felt like they threw that in there just to overemphasize the importance of family and Gerda's goodness.

But the overall story was well told. I especially enjoyed the final fight scenes and learning about the snow queen's background. If you like animated movies and enjoy a good fairy tale, then this one is worth taking a look at. It's on Netflix if you have a subscription.
Good take on the classic story
Not great by all means(the animated adaptation of the story from the 50s is much better), but a more than acceptable version of one of Hans Christian Andersen's best stories. In detail it sticks much more faithfully to the story than Disney's Frozen did, though that film had more polish and magic from personal opinion, and it has that mysterious and poignant spirit of the original story if not its darkness, understandably. Some of the story here did have a slightly rushed nature to it pace-wise, maybe part of the reason for some skim-the-surface character development, the characters are very recognisable and have personality but lack dimension(rather archetypal in a way)in places. The dialogue also can sound cheesy and not as flowing as it could have done. However, much of the story does work, the latter parts of the film do pack a powerful punch, it always did engage me at least and there is some nice messaging. The heart-warming and tense parts are done well as well. The animation is very well done, it doesn't try to do too much and it looks completely natural from the smallest details to bigger effects like snow fall and the lake reflections. Everything moves smoothly and the colours are very lavish and atmospheric, the characters look good and match their personalities fine. The music added a lot to what was going on, the scoring was beautifully melancholic, hauntingly powerful and any tense parts to the music were done very rousingly and enough to make you bite the nails. The voice acting is more than serviceable with everybody playing with heart and commitment, with only Gerda's voice actress having occasional unevenness, big emphasis on occasional because she did do a good job. Overall, not a definitive version, though it never intended to be and I wasn't expecting to be either, but a good one. The original story is a classic and while with some obvious foibles The Snow Queen(2012) does very little to disgrace it. 7/10 Bethany Cox
Have you ever watch the YouTube version provided by Russian Fellow?
Despite the original English version which did not live up to its momentum, a new English version, except it is a Russian feature with English subtitles, definitely lived up to its momentum. It provided background information for each of the characters featured in the movie. The English subtitles easily matched the lips of the characters about 90%-96%. Even though a few scenes are a bit confusing, but the new English version made it reasonable.

The English subtitles are obviously not a Russian translation, and I guess the same for the original English version, but it truly represented the animated feature very well. Even though some scenes are a bit confusing, but the new English version made it reasonable.

Based on the original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen in modern perspective, the plot, scenes, and characters are adaptable with additional characters to make it modern. Wizart Animation has shown great qualities in the animation business.
Well this is an interesting film to talk about.
Okay I will be blunt in this review. Like many Americans who saw the trailer for this film I judged it too quickly solely by its appearance in animation. Living in America I'm engulfed mainly by CGI animation. Any time I want to see an animated film it's nothing but CGI. I'm not saying that I don't like CGI, I just hate knowing that everyone's jumping the band wagon. The only time I see non-CGI animation is when I usually watch a foreign animated film. I don't know what's with foreign countries in making CGI animated films. They usually turn out creepy, abysmal, or just plain weird. Granted making CGI is costly, but like every animated film ever, it's the amount of effort you put into that counts. Usually if a 100% percent effort of work is put into animated film, then the film's budget won't be too expensive. Enough talk, here's my review.

The animation- Like i said before, I live in America and if there is one flaw to our CGI animated films is that they usually cost more than they should. While most of what we make in CGI is beautiful and amazing in both an artistic point and a technical one, certain films shouldn't cost so much. Some examples are The Nut job, Chicken Little, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and many others. This film had a budget $7 million.I was shocked to learn that such good animation came from $7 million! The animation isn't perfect 10 praise worthy, but pretty it's impressive on an economic stand point. The character designs aren't equal enough, and there many moments of slowed down scenes that aren't required, or help the animation look better. However it's the art direction that made me fall in love with it. It's a mixture of fairy tale drawn designs, and a certain amount of CGI texture that makes the characters look painted. Unfortunately not all of the characters could receive the same amount of treatment. Some of them look like the laziest things in all of animation, but at least they kept the backgrounds equally impressive. I should note that the cinematography in this film is masterful! Up there with some of the best from studio Ghibli and Disney's Tangled. I'll be brutally here if this was done in 2D animation then this film would have looked beyond gorgeous! But for a CGI animated foreign film it's really impressive! Score 7.9/10

The story- The story is based off the fairy tale with the same name. The film does justice to the source material, and adds parts of its own that make it even better. The origin story for the films villain the ice queen is something I didn't expect and is a welcomed addition. Gerda and Kai being siblings instead of friends helps the story because people won't think that they're in love with each other like most animated fairy tales films do. But even with all of these improvements the film fails hardcore in storytelling because of the god awful pacing! No joke, no exaggeration this film has some of the worst pacing in all of animation. The film barely ever likes to take brakes. Every story element in the film is rushed, never allowing the audience to take in what happened. This especially apparent in the films jokes. The movies jokes are pretty good if you can catch them in time. The characters are never allowed to show why we should root for them, or be interested to watch them on the screen, all except for a troll named Orm. He's the only character the movie allows to show development. It made wonder why he isn't the protagonist. I can't even get into the interesting mythology that the movie has created, it doesn't give me the time I need. Score 2/10

Verdict- Honestly if it wasn't for the good looking visuals I would have quit watching the film 22 minutes in. This film could have been perfect 10 material, but it ended up being mediocre. Score 5.5/10 Now I don't regret watching this film, in fact it has altered my perception on CGI animation forever. It showed me the quality still reigns over quantity, even in an era in America where CGI has taken over animation. I actually recommend you watch this film if your an American. Normally I never would tell people to watch a film that I gave a score below a 6, but if you truly want to understand what I'm talking about take the dare and watch the film for yourself.
I like the animation better than the English soundtrack.
There's one thing I like and one I dislike about this version of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen."

1. The animation kept a good pace with the original story in modern perspective as promised by Wizart Animation officials. Even though there are a few scenes and/or plots that are a bit confusing, but they do adapt the elements from the original story.

2. The English soundtrack sounded and looked like that it was improvised than putting up a good effort. The English soundtrack was not that I've expected. It was supposed to stay on course with the story, but instead jumped out from the story to show off.

I give that movie a "B+." However, I'll give it an "A" if they do a better job with the English soundtrack.
A gorgeous movie with a failed plot
Gerda, a small girl whose parents have been killed by the evil Snow Queen, sets out on a journey to rescue her only brother Kay from the clutches of the same tyrant. Accompanied by a troll who doesn't really know on which side he is, she must try to put an end to this terrible reign which is about to become invincible.

I have to tell you that although I didn't have high expectations from this one, it managed to disappoint me. The story is as cliché as it is stupid, the replies are for kindergarten, the side characters are as pointless as they are ugly and idiotic, the basic laws of physics don't apply here (the characters walk and run on ice like it's tarmac) while the finale is unconvincing, to say the least. To give you a small example, every single one on that land is against the Queen and her ice age but nobody is willing to do anything about it. Furthermore, they even slow Gerda's quest with their pathetic problems only to pretend to help her by "providing" some material help (which was destroyed by them in the first place).

This movie has one big plus and that is its aspect. It looks absolutely gorgeous from every single angle (except the above mentioned side characters) and although its animations sometimes lack a bit of polish, it still looks great overall. I can't say I enjoyed this movie and I'm only giving it this rating for its appearance and its soundtrack. Everything other than that is not worth mentioning, unfortunately…
Just off
The voices didn't really seem that good to me, they didn't match the characters at all. I think it would have worked better if they even tried using their real voices instead.

It sounded like they were trying hard to make their voices deeper or more scratchy and it didn't work well. The end result seemed more forced on the actors parts.

So not only were the actors pretty bad in my opinion, but... What was with all the abnormally large breasted women.. what. the. hell? Some even talked in mannerisms to make their breasts bounce more.

Overall, I was not very happy with this movie. The characters seemed very stiff and it didn't flow very well. Pass.
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