Storyline: It tells the story of a group of pranksters who scares a homeless girl and accidentally injuring her. One by one, they start encountering a shadow whose glare causes them to fall severely ill and die.
Type 1080p
Resolution 1920x816 px
File Size 3600 Mb
Codec h264
Bitrate 5351 Kbps
Format mkv
Type HQ DVD-rip
Resolution 720x306 px
File Size 818 Mb
Codec h264
Bitrate 1216 Kbps
Format mp4
Type Resolution File Size Codec Bitrate Format
1080p 1920x816 px 3600 Mb h264 5351 Kbps mkv Download
HQ DVD-rip 720x306 px 818 Mb h264 1216 Kbps mp4 Download

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