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Régis Roinsard
Frédéric Pierrot as Jean Pamphyle
Nastassja Girard as Evelyne Échard (as Nastassia Girard)
Marius Colucci as Lucien Échard
Nicolas Bedos as Gilbert Japy
Yannik Landrein as Léonard Echard
Emeline Bayart as Jacqueline Échard
Déborah François as Rose Pamphyle
Mélanie Bernier as Annie Leprince-Ringuet
Romain Duris as Louis Échard
Féodor Atkine as André Japy
Shaun Benson as Bob Taylor
Dominique Reymond as Madame Shorofsky
Bérénice Bejo as Marie Taylor
Miou-Miou as Madeleine Échard (as Miou Miou)
Storyline: Spring, 1958. 21-year-old Rose Pamphyle lives with her grouchy widower father who runs the village store. Engaged to the son of the local mechanic, she seems destined for the quiet, drudgery-filled life of a housewife. But that's not the life Rose longs for. When she travels to Lisieux in Normandy, where charismatic insurance agency boss Louis Echard is advertising for a secretary, the ensuing interview is a disaster. But Rose reveals a special gift - she can type at extraordinary speed. Unwittingly, the young woman awakens the dormant sports fan in Louis. If she wants the job she'll have to compete in a speed typing competition. Whatever sacrifices Rose must make to reach the top, Louis declares himself her trainer. He'll turn her into the fastest girl not only in the country, but in the world! But a love of sport doesn't always mix well with love itself ...
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Uninspired generic romantic comedy
I can only imagine this was the kind of movie that inspired the "French New Wave" movement decades ago. Not because of it's brilliance mind you, but rather the opposite. A visually stunning studio film that does nothing but stick to generic conventions while giving the audience nothing new.

A cute but vapid story with nothing more clever than what is at the surface. A good romantic comedy says more with out being so obvious. If you like romantic comedies this is no Brigitte Jones, Amelie, Silver linings Playbook, or When Harry Met Sally, this isn't even "You've got Mail."

I wouldn't waste my time, because I want mine back.

My total score is a 5. I gave this a +5 for being well made, and a -5 for the lack of originality and terrible level predictability.
A new star to to watch for
Looking at the protagonists of "Populaire", one cannot help being reminded of the Higgin-Doolittle syndrome. Is his passion purely for her success or rather for his own success through her? Is this deeply rooted romance or fleeting infatuation? But let's not carry the parallel too far. While she is close enough to Eliza Doolittle, humble grass-root origin and fiery defiance and all, he is far less of a Henry Higgins. And after all, "Populaire", nowhere near to matching wit and substance with "Pygmalion", is a colorful and impeccably styled romantic comedy, and a tad over-contrived.

The two parallel, inseparable plot lines are small town girl Rose Pamphyle's success story in typing contests and her romance with boss and mentor middle-class businessman Louis Echard. A small diversion, but an interesting subplot, is the latter's relationship with former girlfriend Marie who is now a wife and mother, being married to is good friend Bob, an American.

The movie is predictable, but entertaining nonetheless. The athletic-event-look-alike competitions provide the momentum as well as excitement, escalating from local (Normandy), national (France) to a world championship contest held in New York. The head-to-head slugging out in the finals can match blow-for-blow the best of the pugilistic movies, with the brutal slap of the typewriter carriage return levers as the ever effective motif. The caliber of cinematography and art direction is evidenced by Cesar nominations and there is one scene that pays special tribute to Hitchcock's "Vertigo".

The appeal of the romance plot line rests heavily on Deborah Francois. I have seen her in two other movies, Cannes winner "L'enfant" (2005) and "La tourneuse de pages" (2006), in two entirely different and challenging roles. By comparison, "Populaire" is actually easier work. The role, while cliché, ironically brings out Francois's irresistible natural charm. Some mention Audrey Tautou, to which I have only this to say: if Francois were born a decade earlier, there would be no Tautou.
French romantic comedy
This is a French romantic comedy, I enjoyed watching it but it also has some problems. The good parts: The best part about the movie is the nice set design and the costumes. It's great to see a movie that is not set in a contemporary US city like most other comedy movies. I liked the female lead actor.

What I didn't like: The two actors don't seem to have real chemistry. Both main leads are supposed to have certain features. She is supposed to be a klutz, he is supposed to appear a bit mean but should be a good man on the inside. This characteristics are used to explain why they act the way they do. Unfortunately the director spends about one and a half minute on these characteristics and that's it.
Almost offensively out of date - what was the point
Well, I suppose some would say it is a comedy. In fact it is not really funny. Of course sometimes, occasionally, it might raise a smile, of sorts. But it is stretching it to call it a comedy. If it had been made in the 1950's or early 1960's when it is supposed to be set, rather uncertainly - there are inconsistencies in the set that could go towards its goof count - it might have interest as a historical document. But to think that this was made as late as 2012 begs questions of values the production team and others involved (except perhaps for the actors, who would always appreciate a crust of bread.) And it begs a similar question about those who were rating it as highly as they did.

The "girls", adult women, are treated as performing chimpanzees, set up to compete - in the final showdown indeed in a non-contact cat-fight, as speed typists, the acme and ultimate ambition for women in the man's world that is/was an office. The romantic line running through it, that may allow some to ignore the reality of what the film said it was about, is really thin and full of stereotypes, and the final denouement is sad in its predictability. Really, have they learnt and understood nothing about the relations between the sexes, patronising bosses (patrons), lecherous bosses' sons, equal opportunity, sexism and discrimination and so on. It is not a question of "political correctness", just of maturity in film-making. This is not mature. Who was the intended film audience, what were they wanting to say to those people? That that was some halycon, good-old-days ? There is a place for re-creating old film styles. For a brilliant film that does successfully to the highest degree, by contrast with this, see:he Artist another French films made only a year earlier in 2011, also called a romantic comedy-drama (written, directed, and co-edited by Michel Hazanavicius). Ironically that film also had Bérénice Bejo who deservedly was praised for he part. In this film there was nothing that she could have done. Or anyone for that. Sorry folks, that's all!
Nearly a biopic of my mother (rental)
Well, the story of a lone girl, raised by a single parent in the french country after WWII who learns typing and builds an extraordinary life is the subject of this movie but it's also the resume of my mother. I was very moved by the parallels especially when Romain tells Rose that she's typing like an elephant! My mother is also noisy and the computer keyboard don't change everything. Like Rose also, typing and a caring boss were the keys to go aboard as my mother went to Athens to support the basketball team for which his boss was the president! OK the big difference is that she didn't married him but rather our hardworking father!

Next, the movie has the real flavor of the french country : small villages, wealthy families and exploited ones. The production of 1959 is bluffing and at first, the movie looks like it has indeed been shot this year ! Sure, the fashion looks happy and luminous as seen with 2K10 eyes but if you compare it with « American Graffiti », you'll understand quickly what it means to live in an « old » country !

Romain is good here, all the more than for one time he does nearly a « bad » character ! Rose, the secretary is a fresh newcomer for me. Thus, the movie is interesting in spite of being a bit slow especially in the middle.
Good atmosphere
The strength of Populaire lies in the atmosphere of the period and the accurate depiction (at least it seems to be) of France in the late 50's.

On the content, it is less enthusiastic. The movie is quite uneven, alternating between good, dynamic passages, and a lot more heavy ones weighing down the rhythm. The plot is, in the end, relatively conventional, predictable and struggles rather quickly, so much that one starts to switch off after barely the hour mark. The last 30 minutes are particularly laborious and give the impression that Roinsard didn't know where to go nor how to end his story.

One could have also appreciated stronger and more developed supporting characters because the Duris-François duo, though effective and complementary, is a bit alone.
An irresistibly entertaining tribute to the classic 1950s rom-coms that packs wit, humour, romance and a pair of delightful leads
Following in the footsteps of the Academy Award-winning 'The Artist', 'Populaire' pays loving tribute to the motion pictures from a bygone era. Whereas it was the silent movies of the 1920s in the case of the former, the latter sets its sights on the crowd-pleasing Hollywood comedies of the 1950s and 60s, a fact clearly evident right from its animated opening credits which look like something straight out of a Billy Wilder movie.

Then, movies were much simpler and sweeter, and indeed one should similarly expect the same of 'Populaire'. A classic rom-com that pits the slightly naïve 21-year-old village girl Rose Pamphyle (Deborah Francois) with her dapper city boss Louis (Romain Duris) to whom she is secretary to, it follows a pretty straightforward trajectory built around the world of competitive speed typing, so if you're looking for any surprises in the storytelling, then you're likely to be disappointed.

But what it lacks in novelty, it certainly makes for up in dollops of charm, so much so that we're willing to guarantee that you'll find much truth in its hyperbolic marketing tagline that proclaims it "the most enchanting romantic comedy since Amelie". There is something magical about the fit between actor and character here, a truly entrancing quality about how Francois plays Rose sweet, shy and klutzy and how Duris cuts a suave, dashing and debonair figure in Louis.

Just as, if not more, importantly, is how Rose and Louis make an exceedingly appealing couple, be it in their prickly initial encounters or their subsequent intimate engagements. Francois and Duris share zingy chemistry in their scenes together, the lively manner in which they trade barbs and words of affection bound to keep a smile on your face. Their spirited repartee is also thanks to a witty and engaging script, which pays close and sharp attention to the evolving dynamic between its characters.

Just as well-observed is the sport of competitive speed-typing, which plays a central role in the evolving relationship between Rose and Louis. Rather than give up on the otherwise dreamy and absent-minded Rose, Louis recognises her single uncanny gift of typing very quickly, prompting him to propose an unusual arrangement in which he trains her for competitions in exchange for keeping her job as his secretary. Needless to say, she improves swiftly under his tutelage, progressing from regionals to nationals and finally to internationals, the title of the film a reference to her newfound popularity as well as the name of the typewriter she does a celebrity endorsement for.

We know – you're thinking how a bunch of mostly middle-aged women in thick-rimmed glasses hammering away at ancient typewriters can be anything exciting. Well, that's where you are absolutely wrong. There is pure thrill to be had in each one of these competitions, the combined effect of whirling dolly shots and some sharp editing combining to inject much excitement into the repetition of pounding keystrokes and slamming carriages. Never for once failing to amaze with the intensity and concentration required of participants in such competitions, it suitably jazzes up what one would assume a sedate activity, let alone a sport.

The staging of these contests is but one illustration of how impressive the mise-en-scene of the movie, which is even more amazing for the fact that this is also director Regis Roinsard's feature filmmaking debut. Roinsard, who also co-wrote the script with Daniel Presley and Romain Compingt, combines detailed set and costume design by Sylvie Olive and Charlotte David with a classy score by Rob and Emmanuel d'Orlando and classic French oldies from the likes of Jacqueline Boyer, Jack Ary and Les Chausettes Noires, the effect of all these various elements making for a remarkably rich and authentic period portrait.

Especially as modern-day films revel in greater shades of grey, it is refreshing to see a movie whose pleasures are so elemental and yet deeply enjoyable. "Populaire" harks back to the days of the Doris Day rom-coms – even as it also pays homage to other classic films of the same era, most notably Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" – offering a delightfully buoyant time brimming with wit, humour and passion. Excuse the pun – if you're looking for a movie to lift your spirits, this one strikes all the right keys.
A very fresh and enjoyable romantic comedy !
Populaire is the shiny pearl type of movie. Simple enough to be worn regularly and noticeable enough to be more than a touch of color. The typical 50's pastel and soft colors are everywhere in the movie, except when the tone of the story turns less glamour and kitsch to become more intimate. Then the colors turn brighter, sharper and more intense... following the scene moods.

I had no idea about what kind of movie my friends dragged me to but I have to recognize this was a very pleasant surprise. The lead actors (Deborah François and Romain Duris) are carrying the whole movie and it turned way more thrilling that I could expect at first from a type machine competition movie.

There is some sense of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady where love is in the air even though it wasn't the initial purpose. When a young, pretty and innocent girl is coached by her boss, she turns into an accomplished and genuine beautiful Lady.

If you're planning a nice movie sessionflick with your soulmate, without complicated plot or senseless violence and you want to ensure you'll finish smiling at the end, go for Populaire, worths it !!!
All work and no play makes Rose a dull girl
There's been a lot of hype and marketing "buzz" about Regis Roinsard's good-natured rom-com, possibly thanks to its superficial similarity with TV's Mad Men. But while this film has the sharp suits it doesn't have the sharp edges of that show - it is quite an ordinary underdog story. It's sometimes charming, but often sentimental, clichéd, and predictable.

The year is 1959. Deborah Francois plays Rose Pamphyle, a pretty and pretty vacant Normandy girl who loves typing. When she gets a secretarial role at an insurance agency, she enters into fraught relationship with her boss, Louis (Romain Duris). He is forceful in his attempts to make her the fastest typist on the planet and gain the world title in New York.

Their relationship - which comes across as a kind of PG-rated version of Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader in Steven Shainberg's Secretary - has a context. Rose is devoted to her father, but he shows her no attention, while Louis is haunted by an unfulfilled former relationship, which has left him with a crippling "second-best" pathology.

This makes the film sound deep, but really the main focus is on Rose's simple self-actualisation as a super-typist. There's the initial realisation of her skills; there are montages; there's the end-of-second-act moment of doubt; there's the grand final. It treats typing as Happy Gilmore did golf or Dodgeball did dodgeball: a vehicle for a familiar story about a humble emerging hero, albeit with more rom and less com in this case.

Determinedly old-fashioned, its nostalgic evocation of the post-War era is detailed and sinister, while the story is sweet-toothed to the point that its bite is too soft and mushy to make an impression.
A wonderful surprise of a film!
It's been a while since I wrote a review, but when I saw the low rating for this wonderful movie, I simply had to chime in! This film became an instant favorite of mine because it has all the right elements of a good romantic comedy. Not like the rubbish we Americans make today, but like we used to make when Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were around. In fact, the lead actress, Déborah François, bears a striking resemblance to Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman's wife, herself a wonderful actress in her own right, as well as Audrey Hepburn. That may be by design, but she fascinates me! The resemblance was the first thing that struck me. The second was the ambiance of the film. The actors seem perfectly cast, and it was easy to believe that they were in fact, set in the 1950s.

Without giving away the admittedly simple, yet highly effective story, I found myself guffawing at unexpected moments. Déborah François has great comedic timing, and Romain Duris as her leading man, wisely lets her take the lead.

Were it not for a single love scene, I would say that this would have made an excellent family movie. Still, for those 18 and older, it's a wonderful film with a great soundtrack, and oddly enough, includes a character (played by Shaun Benson) who reminded me a lot of Gene Kelly.

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