Steve Diasparra
Growing up in Orange County New York, Steve was a professional drummer in several metal and hardcore bands during the 80's. His bands played all over NYC and the tri-state area. He was known as a very visual performer and was a part of the early New York Hardcore scene. After serving honorably in the Air Force during Desert Storm in the early 90's he relocated to Pennsylvania where he continued his music in several bands in addition to supporting a family as a web developer and graphic artist. In Pennsylvania he hooked up with independent SOV film pioneer Mark Polonia (Polonia Bros. Entertainment) where he was quickly recruited to do whatever was needed, including acting, grip, set decorator, art design, etc. on the film "HalloweeNight". His positive attitude, professionalism and strong work ethic led to a role in the legendary Brett Piper's film "Muckman" as a lead character. Steve also designed the movie posters and DVD covers for both films. With several other projects already lined up the future looks very promising for him.