Operation Crossbow
Drama, Action, War
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Michael Anderson
Paul Henreid as Gen. Ziemann
Barbara Rütting as Hannah Reitsch (as Barbara Rueting)
Jeremy Kemp as Phil Bradley
George Peppard as Lt. John Curtis
Sophia Loren as Nora
Helmut Dantine as Gen. Linz
Richard Todd as Wing Cmdr. Kendall
Lilli Palmer as Frieda
Sylvia Syms as Constance Babington Smith
Tom Courtenay as Robert Henshaw
Richard Johnson as Duncan Sandys
John Mills as Gen. Boyd
Trevor Howard as Prof. Lindemann
Anthony Quayle as Bamford
Storyline: This is the story of the methods used to defeat Hitler's V1 (doodlebug) and V2 (rocket) "revenge weapons" towards the end of the second world war. Even though the Nazis were in retreat these weapons could have turned their defeat into victory. The film includes references to Hannah Reich, who in real life was a German test pilot.
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Above Average for its Type...Gripping, Suspenseful Real-Life WWII Spy Thriller
The WWII Wonks and Buffs can relate the Fiction vs Fact aspects of this Mid-Sixties, Big-Budget Production that had a Number of Contemporaries in the Time-Period. This one is as Good as any.

The Realistic Sets and Details are Convincing and it has a Big International Cast, mostly British except for Sophia Loren in a Small but Engaging Part and Headliner George Peppard.

It's more of a Spy Movie than a Typical War Action and it Blends the Genres to make for a Gripping Real-Life Story about German Rocketry (Buzz Bombs and V1 & 2). The English and German Conflict had an Urgency, displayed for Dramatic Effect in this Nail-Biter. The Film has a few Drags in Spots, but Very Few.

Overall, a Handsome Production, Fine Acting, and a Story to Kill for. Entertaining for its Kind with just Enough Classic Intrigue, Action, and Suspense that makes it Hold Up to this Day.
Documental material in militarily film
This film talk about the last days of ww2 in-depending on the factual military story in the British file army.

The straining of this film was John Peppard who was played the role of English leader from British intelligence.I learned many lessons from this story as: 1- How can you face the dangerous attacking on your country? 2- You must be caring of any disappointment points in your war in different shapes. 3- We can pay their life without any personal gifts to save the country from bad destiny.

The best quote in this film appeared by Churchill the British prime - minister after the success of this operation (we can build new England after this operation to re pure the loss of war in London by Terese,swallow and great effort).
"Operation Crossbow" Bombs!!!
This tense World War II thriller about the threat that the Nazi V-1 and V-2 rockets posed to the Allies after D-Day in 1944 does not surpass "The Dam Busters." Director Michael Anderson helmed both films, and producer Carlo Ponti blew major bucks on this large-scale saga about sabotage behind enemy lines in an underground German laboratory. Nevertheless,this atmospheric, star-laden movie lacks the momentum and the charisma of "The Dam Busters." Aside from George Peppard and Sophia Loren, who appears in an cameo, a line-up of classic British actors, including John Mills, Richard Johnson, Tom Courtenay, Trevor Howard, Anthony Qayle, Richard Todd, Allan Cuthbertson and Patrick Wymark, dominate the cast. It is great to have so many of them on-screen at the same time. Predictably, however, these civilized chaps chat quite often for lengthy periods about information that we have to know about but are not shown. The serious espionage military action follows a surefire formula and the characters remain unruffled throughout the action whenever they have an opportunity to react.

Anderson and scenarists Emeric Pressburger of "One of Our Aircraft is Missing," Derry Quinn, and Ray Rigby of "The Hill" struggle to enliven this tight-lipped melodrama with elements of surprise and terror in a narrative that takes its toll on all the Allied characters trapped behind enemy lines in what boils down to a suicidal mission. The action opens with German scientists trying to figure out why their flying bombs crash. As one Nazi scientist explains to Peppard, they are experiencing trouble with vibration. Eventually, photos of mysterious launching ramps intrigue the British into bombing the site as well as sending in skilled saboteurs who are specialists in rocket propelled technology. Peppard, Courtenay, and Jeremy Kemp volunteer to bail out over enemy country and carry out sabotage. No sooner have the British parachuted in than the V-1 rockets start raining down terror on London. Our heroes have to figure out some what to expose a factory some 80 feet underground. Peppard holds a number of factory workers at gun point while he opens the launch windows so the British bombers can see where the plant is. The explosions that devastate the factory are terrific, especially as the Nazis attempt to launch one missile during the bombing raid. Sophia Loren's last scene comes as quite a shock and adds fiber to this thriller. The sensation that anybody can die enhances the tension in the atmosphere. Sadly, "Operation Crossbow" misses the mark and amounts to little more than a respectable wartime white-knuckler. Altogether, "Operation Crossbow" amounts to a flawed, heavy-handed, but traditional World War II thriller with the Germans as the in-name-only villains and the Allies as the heroes. Composer Rod Goodwin of "Where Eagles Dare" and "633 Squadron" provided the exceptional orchestral music.
Carlo Ponti's Flying Bomb
The Nazis are developing long-range rockets. Their "flying bomb" could win World War II for the Axis powers. As you might expect, the British are miffed. They send American military engineer George Peppard (as John Curtis) along with Jeremy Kemp (as Phil Bradley) and Tom Courtenay (as Robert Henshaw) over to infiltrate and destroy the German underground factory from the inside. The trio pose as dead men and arrive via parachute. There are some problems with their impersonations...

Michael Anderson skillfully directs this spy drama. The story does seem cluttered, which is not helped by a distinguished cast, all requiring their moments. The plot requires concentration. Peppard is the star, but something doesn't seem quite right in his portrayal. His character often appears to be lacking in determination - this is somewhat remedied by the script and some closing action...

Everyone else is the cast is supporting Peppard, including top-billed Sophia Loren (as Nora). Her husband Carlo Ponti produced "Operation Crossbow" and Ms. Loren is an attractive addition to the cast. An incredibly beautiful woman who can also act, Loren dominates her section of the film. Marvelously holding her own during the Loren sequence is helpful maid Lilli Palmer (as Frieda). Of those orchestrating the mission, Richard Johnson (as Duncan Sandys) plays a good part.

****** Operation Crossbow (4/1/65) Michael Anderson ~ George Peppard, Jeremy Kemp, Sophia Loren, Tom Courtenay
" Yours will be a deep, dark secret, evidently to be taken to your death "
In the annals of Allied history is one of the most secret and certainly most desperate covert attempts to destroy the Nazi's ultimate weapons. These weapons were called the Vengeance Rockets which nearly destroyed England and it willingness to survive. This story written by Duilio Coleitto and directed by Michael Anderson is comparatively close to the actual facts. The conclusion in England was that the V-1 and V-2 were wreaking havoc on London and the prime Minister (Patrick Wymark) called on his war ministry to design a plan to destroy them. Innically, the secret operation was called 'Operation Bodyline' but changed for the movie under " Operation Crossbow." The idea was to select allied officers, trained and educated as engineers, fly them to Germany, have them infiltrate the German War Machine and sabotage the entire V-rocket plant. What they did not harp on was that is was also considered a suicide mission. George Peppard, Tom Courtenay and Jeremy Kemp play the incredibly courageous allied agents who must carry out the task. Anthony Quayle is superb as the traitorous English/German counter agent who's job it is to stop them. Richard Todd, Paul Henreid, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Richard Johnson and Sophia Loren round out the cast. The movie is incredible with actual WWII footage and surprisingly great dramatic acting. The introduction of Sophia Loren within the actual story is puzzling, but interesting. A very good WWII action movie considered a Classic by many movie fans. ****
A classic among film war.
In the WWII, a command secret receives the order to find the factory where nazi engineers are working in the construction of what were the secret weapons of Hitler, some powerful new missiles, the famous secret weapons V-1 and V-2 that devasted the major cities in southern England including London during 1944, and which the players must infiltrate posing as scientists who died in a of the underground facilities where said. It is an interesting film of war adventure that follows the line of other major films as "The Guns of Navarone", "The Bridge on the River Kwai" adds a certain intrigue of espionage with good scenes of action and interior, very well achieved. To highlight the soundtrack of Ron Goodwin one of the great composers to be majored in this type of productions war as " squadron 633" (1964) and "Battle of Britain" " (1969. The British director Michael Anderson (The Flight of Logán) with George Peppard ("A Team", "Breakfast at Tiffany'S"), a young and splendid Sophia Loren and Jeremy Kemp.. With players of luxury and very competent as Trevor Howard and John Mills, for almost two hours of entertainment. It is a movie of gender that has to be seen.
A lesson in bad German
This movie was Fair but It would have been better if they had just let the actors speak in their respective true languages. having studied German I can truthfully say that the main characters of this film would have blown their identities the minute they asked for a room! their accents are terrible! with the exeption of the real German speakers, they make me cringe with every line they speak in this tongue. Its a shame that Carlo Ponti didn't notice this mistake.
Good plot line, script, action and film! **Spoilers!**
British intelligence stumble upon the Nazi rocket research facility at Peenemunde and decide to take action to thwart the evil plan. A group of agents are put together, as the initial bomber raid fails to totally devastate the plant completely, and only delay the weapons for a while.

Peppard stars as Curtis at the head of the agents, alongside British actors. Old hearthrob, Richard Johnson as Sandys (Pronounced 'Sands') the War minister, John Mills as intelligence chief, Boyd, Jeremy Kemp as Bradley (Who incidentally played alongside Peppard about a year later in 'The Blue Max')also, a young Tom Courtney as Henshaw and Anthony Quayle heads as the traitor, Bamford.

Bamford is sitting talking to Henshaw in the interview room in London, gleaning what he can on the face of the intelligence services asking for 'engineers who speak German' when recruiting the agents. Naturally, Bamford can speak German, but he can't fake his engineering inadequacies, but he's clocked Henshaw okay (and just missed Peppard and Kemp) which has dire consequences for Henshaw and almost the mission.

All the heroes are given dead engineers' identities who previously worked for the Nazis. Curtis has assumed the mantle of an engineer named 'Erik Van Ostamgen', Henshaw 'Jacob Bijus' and Bradley 'Dr. Engel'. Initially, Curtis and Henshaw are parachuted in, but it transpires Henshaw as 'Bijus' is actually wanted in the occupied territory for murdering a hotel maid! This is where intrigue and suspense help the film along where the action hasn't taken off yet and it's showing itself as a pacy thriller. The Brits send in Kemp as 'Dr Engel' to rendezvous at the hotel 'Van Ostamgen' and 'Bijus' are staying at (With help of Lilli Palmer as Freida, the proprietor, as an agent) to fill Bijus' potential doom/void. Unfortunately, the police pick up Bijus and inform him he'll be hanged - he confesses to being 'Bijus' as not to, would jeopardise the mission. However, as the Nazis inform him, his services as an engineer are too good to pass up and his life is traded for this - only to run into the traitor, Bamford almost immediately on this reprieve. ('Frying pan' and 'fire' come to mind very quickly!)

Bamford grills 'Bijus'(That's not a joke after the last bracketed comment!) reminding him it was he who he spoke to in London when they were recruiting the agents. Of course 'Bijus' refutes Bamford. At a last-chance-saloon moment, Bamford's got 'Bijus' by the scruff of the neck, informing him that although he's brave, own up and spill the beans - but this shows the bravery of Henshaw as he defiantly countlessly re-iterates: "Ich bin Jacob Bijus" and not Henshaw, handing Bamford the onus to have him shot on the spot.

Another 'spanner in the works' is that Van Ostamgen's estranged wife, Nora (Loren) has come to see him. This leads to Curtis guessing she'll keep quiet if she can convince him she can be trusted.(As she obviously knows he's NOT her husband and why is he posing as such?!) This isn't enough for Freida who shoots her after Curtis has left for the 'V-Weapons' plant! This is portrayed as a little cold, as Curtis may have reasoned with her, and all she wanted to do was see her children but Freida isn't risking the 'loose cannon'. This is probably a discussion moment in the film for some!

'Dr Engel' isn't on a list for the factory, but he manages to bluff his way in, in the same manner as the vicar (Edward 'Knight Rider' Mulhare) in 'Von Ryan's Express' berated a German official when he wanted his papers! (Check it out!).

The plot follows the remaining duo of Engel/Bradley and Van Ostamgem/Curtis bluffing their way as engineers, and seeking out information. 'Van Ostamgen' is particularly sort out by the 'Herr Doktor-Von Braun' type of Nazi scientist to provide him with information as to why the V2/3 engine being developed vibrates. He uses this to get into the technical areas of the plant. The duo are determined to find the 'light switches' that illuminate the factory rocket silos, which will give the RAF the target where it can be penetrated. "We'll knock out the guards and take the power house," says Curtis. "A bit thin." retorts the unimpressed Bradley (We'll call them their allied names now they've been tumbled!) However, Bradley is captured, Curtis is in the power house locking out the Nazis, aiming his gun at the technicians, ready to illuminate the target by switching the lights on. Bamford states to Curtis he'll shoot Bradley if he doesn't come out. The latter shouts the switch number to Curtis, Bamford nastily shoots Bradley of course and Curtis pulls the switch, after fighting off attempts to thwart him from the technicians with his machine gun. Even though he's wounded, the target is lit up and the RAF boys have their indicator and bomb the crap out of the place! There's a nice scene (If you can call it that) where Curtis decisively holds out solely until the end - his own end, where the factory is obliterated.

This was a good film, a small epic, if you CAN use that term. It also had the gruff Trevor Howard as the ministry's 'doubter', Professor Lindemann who tried his best to inform Sandys and his crew they were barking up the wrong tree all the time - when they were proved correct. In fact, Sandys is arguing the toss with Lindemann at the precise moment the first reports of a V-1 is spotted, shooting down Lindemann in flames!

The film also shows the development of the 'V-Weapons', through Hanna Reitsch's involvement with the test-flying of the V-1, added suspense of the agents cover being blown and the first V-1 and V-2 attacks on London with great relish by the Nazis. The V-1 and V-2 sequences are very well-handled and the heroes actually all die in it.
Undeservingly ignored WWII spy-thriller
I remember seeing this movie as a kid and pretty bored I was, but having recently caught it on the BBC I was surprised how good it really is.

Movie's basic outline concerns the development of the German V-1 and V-2 weapons and the subsequent allied attempt to infiltrate the underground factories at Peenemünde, where most of these these so-called `Vergeltungswaffen' ('revenge' weapons) were assembled

Richard Anderson is the British government top official who puts a team together- Peppard, Kemp and Courtenay- posing as Dutch engineers volunteering to work for the Reich.

As the spystory itself is undoubtedly heavily fictionalised the rest is pretty historically accurate. Movie has an elaborate script featuring a plot full of twists and loopholes. instead of relying on big battle scenes or derring-do. Which is probably the reason why it was a bit ignored by the public and critics alike on its release. Moviegoers were expecting some straightforward war epic as "The battle of the Bulge", "The Heroes of Telemark" or "Von Ryan's Express", all released in 1965, with plenty of action but seriously lacking in the historic credibility department.

(spoiler ahead) Actors are solid but watch out for Anthony Quayle as an unusually shrewd German counterintelligence officer and the fact that some of the main stars get killed halfway the movie. Special effects in recreating the V-weapons and their subsequent effect on London are, definitly for that time, very well executed.

There are several subplots, one involving Sophia Loren, but most interesting is the one with famous female Nazi test-pilot Hannah Reitsch (Barbara Rütting), as what must be only time she is personified on the big screen. Movie claims she actually had to test flight the V1, which was a not more then a flying bomb but the Germans first wanted to use it as some sort of semi-kamikaze contraption, with the pilot bailing out at the last minute. After several killed pilots they wisely opted for a simple unmanned version. These were launched en masse at London and other already liberated European cities. Incidentally, the biopic `The Glen Miller Story' (1954) has an important scene with Miller's orchestra playing while being under attack of several V1's. Quite another beast was the V2, a real ballistic missile and a 'wonder' weapon if there ever was one. It was capable of going up in to the stratosphere and remained undetected by radar and reaching speeds of up to 2 mach and at that time impossible to detect and to shoot down. A few hundreds were launched and did some important damage to major supply lines (especially the vital Belgian port of Antwerp) but never seriously endangered the allied offensives. The later ICBM's carrying nuclear warheads are all based on the V2.

(major spoiler ahead) Finally the produces must have realised they had tot put some action sequences in it to justify the star cast and budget resulting in a very Bondlike action sequence trying to prevent, with the help of Bomber Command, a test flight of an improved V2 capable of reaching New York (!).

The British actually bombed Peenemunde several times, which seriously delayed construction time and was instrumental in moving almost the whole plant underground (as most German heavy industry after 1943).

British Director Michael Anderson is best-known for another WWII tale `The Dam Busters', also the SF-epic `Logan's Run' and the TV-series `The Martian Chronicles' He was active until 2000,still turning out the occasional TV-movie.

George Peppard and Jeremy Kemp would team up again next year in the spectacular `The Blue Max' this time not involving rockets but WWI flying crates.

See OC in its original Cinemascope format. Sadly the BBC choose to air in the so-called 'pan-and-scan'version, seriously harming the colour and perspective.

If you like this try `The battle of Britain'.

I gave it an 8.

A little-known gem
After a pretty dull beginning, "Operation Crossbow" increases its tensions and becomes a fascinating action/adventure film set in WW2. A little-known representer of that genre, but not much inferior to "The Guns of Navarone". Lots of suspenseful moments and an interesting cast full of familiar faces.
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