My Old Lady
USA, UK, France
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Israel Horovitz
Dominique Pinon as Auguste Lefebvre
Nathalie Bernas as Younger Kissing Couple
Jean-Christophe Allais as Jean-Christophe
Christian Rauth as Furniture Dealer
Raphaële Moutier as Woman on Bicycle
Michael Burstin as Rabbi on Bicycle
Sophie Touitou as Female Opera Singer
Delphine Lanson as Femme de Ménage
Elie Wajeman as Man at Gate
Noémie Lvovsky as Dr. Florence Horowitz
Kristin Scott Thomas as Chloé Girard
Maggie Smith as Mathilde Girard
Kevin Kline as Mathias Gold
Storyline: An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident.
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A very miserable but also very boring film
I really don't know how to describe this film, because it looked so miserable since the first scene appeared on the screen. then most of the time, the scenes were shot in the dark rooms of the apartment, then the old-fart candidate Kevin Kline with his white beard all around, facing Maggie Smith, the old lady, so old but still so amazingly knows how to delver her dialog and at same time acting so wonderfully, talking about many things of the past that actually got nothing very interesting at all. the Paris foreground and background where the apartment located also looked so miserable and constant overcast with gloomy and dim lightness. The dialog is boring, the acting also boring, all the characters in this miserable film also extremely boring and uninteresting. there's really nothing big deal enough to allow you have the least chance to feel connected and interested. My only question about this film is why people would have invested their money to produce this pointless film? Why we would be interested in watching a loser's journey to Paris where an old apartment became his inheritance after his father's death? Why we have to watch some disenchanted miseries of a miserable story that neither heavy enough nor light enough to make this film really going somewhere? There's nothing really want to tell and nothing really important to allow the audience to absorb or to be interested enough to get connected. This is a film that should never have been produced, just a weird taste like the diet coke that always stays in your mouth, no matter how you drink it, one sip or the whole can.
A turkey
Sadly, this film is a turkey, which even Maggie Smith hasn't been able to save, which is saying something.

The storyline is good, the scenery gorgeous, but the script, the score and Kevin Kline let it down completely.

It is the cheesiest portrayal of Paris I have ever seen, smothered with cliché accordion music throughout.

Kevin Kline, who I loved in "A fish called Wanda" is miscast here. His acting of an emotionally damaged person is ruined by his hamming up and his apposite humour.

Kristin Scott Thomas does her best, which does well, but her character is not totally believable.

Maggie Smith is great, as usual, although I don't think she is a credible French woman (far too English).

Best avoided, unless you are in a need of a filler.
Sometimes less is more
I wasn't expecting much from this film but I was pleasantly surprised. 'My Old Lady' is a well-written, steady drama with a very simple storyline, but that's all that is needed.

The relationship between the characters is what the film is all about and Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline were two perfect choices for the main characters. The humour is subtle but there's no doubt that this is a comedy-drama film and Maggie Smith is particularly funny.

Sometimes less is more and 'My Old Lady' is certainly a testament to that. A very simple, slow film but just as effective as the more complicated, fast-paced dramas out there.
Buying but not buying entirely
I have to admit, I was confused at first. Not because this is more a drama than a comedy (Kevin Kline in the cast does not immediately mean it's a comedy). No I'm talking about someone buying a house, but actually not having bought it until ... something happens. And having to pay rent for that house that you kind of bought ... it sounds strange and it was a strange concept to wrap my head around.

Not sure if this is only possible in France (or even if it is possible there, have to search the web for this now). The acting is phenomenal, but you'd expect that. You could say, that the story lets you down a little, especially the way it turns out ... which is something you can see coming and some things should not have been in there (like the scene during the credits - we knew this was going to happen, unnecessary to show it, even if it's played with gusto by Kevin Kline). There's also an "outtake" after the credits end. Overall a more than decent drama with a very slow pace
Do not watch if you are under 60!!!
Hated it, hated it, hated it. Saw it at the theater and there were only 7 other people in the whole theater. Friend commented that the first five minutes consisted of just opening doors. Old bitch, I mean lady is someone nobody would like. Her daughter is extremely rude. Yeah, two rude bitches treat Kevin Klein like crap so he decides to be nice and friendly . Do not watch. Okay, I have to be honest, after 35 minutes I left the theater and walked out. I did not want to watch it but was forced as it was one of those things you do as a couple keep the wife happy. It was my wife who actually gave up on it and suggested we leave. We went to the customer service counter and told them how bad it was and they gave us our money back and a free coupon for another movie. They must have gotten lots of complaints. A good movie for old people with no personalities.
Not worth your time
My Old Lady is one of these movies that no one watches, and for good reasons. Forced to watch, I discovered a genre I didn't know of. The movie is basically filmed stage theater in 3 or 4 locations. The Paris shots are postcard-cheesy. There is no cinematography whatsoever, and the only reasons why you are sometimes reminded you're not watching a telenovela are the gratuitous heavy-handed movie references (Taxi Driver and The Godfather, mind you). The acting is forced and cramped, except for the old lady. The story alternates between comedy and dark-serious, but it is impossible to have empathy for the characters who suffer with the great pain of inheriting a 12-million dollar apartment. French people can't speak English, they are a bit dumb, lol. Otherwise, racial stereotyping all the way - the garbage guy is black, the doctor's Jewish, the thief's a Roma. There a few comedic moments that will make you smile; any average comedy should do the trick better.
Not much romance, and no drama
The last time I saw Paris - you too, most likely - was in Woody Allen's charmingly inventive MIDNIGHT IN Paris (2011). This revisit lacks both charm and invention. Adapted (and directed) by Israel Horovitz from his stage play, MY OLD LADY remains very stolid and theatrical. Dame Maggie is only reason to see this: she has the ability to fully inhabit any character she plays; Mme Girard is a pleasing variant on her Downton dowager. Kristin Scott Thomas and Kevin Kline are two fine actors, but their performances here are somewhat stilted. This romantic comedy has little romance and even less drama. The storyline is painfully predictable. Julian Fellowes would surely have provided a livelier script.

Even Paris is a disappointment. Not only is the apartment dusty and gloomy, but the outdoor scenes - walks beside the scene - are all shot on days when the sky is overcast. If you want to see the City of Light at her most brilliant, take another look at Woody Allen's vision of Paris. Better yet, go there!
Could have been better! 4/10
Review: I quite enjoyed the beginning of this movie because of its unique content but it goes downhill once the main character starts to ask questions about his past. It's about a man who inherits a apartment building in France from his dead father, only to find out that the building comes with a tenant who is contracted to stay in the apartment until she dies. On top of that, he has to pay the tenant rent to stay in the apartment because it truly isn't his until she dies, due to the French law. WEIRD! Anyway, I thought that the movie was going to be about Kline trying to get the lady out of the apartment but it turned out to be about his relationship with his dead father and the tenants daughter. It was quite witty at the beginning and I enjoyed the fresh concept but it lost it's way after a while and Kline just seemed to be walking around in a daze. Maggie Smith gives a top class performance, along with Kline who I'm a big fan off but the storyline seemed to dry up in the second half of the film and the love story took away the unique element at the beginning. There were some emotional scenes from Kline, after he finds out the truth about his father and why he didn't feel love him when he was young but I personally didn't think that the director got the mixture quite right. It was good to see Kline back on the big screen and the chemistry between Maggie Smith and Kline was brilliant but the problem is with the storyline which turns out to be a bit predictable after a while. Average!

Round-Up: I always wondered why I haven't seen Kevin Kline in more movies and after watching the bonus bits on the DVD, I found out that he is known in Hollywood as Kevin Decline due to the amount of movies he has turned down. Some of his choices haven't been that terrific, like the disappointing remake of the Pink Panther and the rom-com Darling Companion but that doesn't take away his great acting skills and his ability to always make me laugh. Personally, I think that is what worked in the beginning of this movie and it was good to see him back on top form alongside Maggie Smith who seems to be going from strength to strength at the age of 80. She was great in the Harry Potter franchise and with some top performances in Downtown Abbey and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, she doesn't look like she is going to be slowing down anytime soon. Basically, the cast and concept wasn't the problem with this movie. It was the bad execution from the director who could have done better with the second half of the movie.

Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $9million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/dramas about a man who inherits a house in France from his dead father, only to find out that it comes with a tenant who can't leave until she is dead. 4/10
Surprisingly good!
I watched this film on a whim when nothing else in the available selection piqued my interest and I was pleasantly surprised! The film starts out a little slow but over time we learn more about the characters, their past and how they all ended up coming together in the present moment. During that time there were several surprises and curve balls thrown which rattles the characters but ultimately there is a good resolution.

This movie is one of those mildly funny feel-good movies that you'd tune into if you just want to sit back and relax casually. I must say that I was surprised to have enjoyed this movie so much since I'm usually an action and thriller movie type of person but I ended up liking this one so much that I bought the DVD! I hope that more people will open their minds to this movie and fully enjoy what it has to offer.
My Old Lady is an EXCEPTIONAL film
Fabulous acting, scenery, and except for a terrible title, My Old Lady was the very best film I've ever seen. This remarkable film was perfect at every level. I was transfixed for the entire movie. I have always been a fan of Maggie Smith and she never fails. Kristin Scott Thomas as Chloe,played the part with such great delivery. But the best was Kevin Kline's emotional story of what happened to him as a boy. I also loved how the story got deeper and more developed.

The beauty of Paris made me long to go there and the cinematography was absolute perfection. How this can be someone's first film is amazing. I recommend without any hesitation.
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