My Old Lady
USA, UK, France
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Israel Horovitz
Dominique Pinon as Auguste Lefebvre
Nathalie Bernas as Younger Kissing Couple
Jean-Christophe Allais as Jean-Christophe
Christian Rauth as Furniture Dealer
Raphaële Moutier as Woman on Bicycle
Michael Burstin as Rabbi on Bicycle
Sophie Touitou as Female Opera Singer
Delphine Lanson as Femme de Ménage
Elie Wajeman as Man at Gate
Noémie Lvovsky as Dr. Florence Horowitz
Kristin Scott Thomas as Chloé Girard
Maggie Smith as Mathilde Girard
Kevin Kline as Mathias Gold
Storyline: An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident.
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Truly awful
It's not often that I'm this scathing on a movie, but this is everything that's wrong with independent cinema at the moment. I watched this with a friend over the weekend and it was truly the most boring movie I've ever seen. So full of itself and utterly pointless. It's all false intellectualism and trumped up melodrama. The acting was excellent, it's just a pity they had to deliver such cliché and ridiculous dialogue. I don't know who the writer or director is, but hopefully they think twice before committing tripe like this to film again. Avoid at all costs. It's not even worth watching for free. Don't waste your time.
Past and Future
"My Old Lady" is an interesting title for this story of the effects of giving and taking love. Kline plays Matthias, a broken and wounded 57 year old man who resents the past actions of his father. As the story unfolds, the characters and ourselves get to put the pieces together, and some of the facts are shocking. Others just make perfect sense. Throughout we are treated to some really good acting for what else can we expect from Kline, Smith, and Scott-Thomas? Kline comes to Paris to claim his inheritance. Instead he discovers he has inherited more than an apartment. He now discovers the place is inhabited by his father's former mistress and a woman who might or not be a relative. Kline has tried to keep his mental balance for a long time. He is a true survivor, faced pain, disappointment and had more than his chance of traumatic moments in his life.

Mathias and Matilda rediscover the common points in their lives. The story progresses, and we see Mr. Gold has kept a few facts from everyone, crucial events that shaped the future destiny of all the children involved. It is a cathartic time, a moment to heal or face complete destruction.

It's amazing to see how Smith is able to create characters that fully dimensional. She has played women in the late stages of their lives, from aristocratic and uptight to goofy and cantankerous. Here she's in a whole different universe, a woman who has lived a selfish existence and appears not ready to change. Has she always been that way, or has she also been a victim of circumstances? Scott-Thomas is her daughter, Chloe, a woman in her fifties, clinging on to self-destructive relationships, bitter, and combative, and barely attached to her mother, probably mostly from obligation than affection. We know her past is full of trauma, too, and we wonder why is it that her mother appears to have no concerns for her daughter's mental state.

Enter Matthias, and their stable but emotional lives will change immediately, with change that is neither slow or immediate. It takes a while for every piece to fall into place, and the movie has both touching revelations, but at times recalls its theatrical source, and it feels a bit stilted. Not of this is the actors' fault because they give it their best, and it wouldn't be surprising if the substance abuse here leads to a few nominations in the near future.

The movie will probably never be a crowd pleaser; it is more of a showcase for the talents of all those involved, and it delivers for the most part.
Just An Okay Little Movie...
I watched this off Amazon Prime over the weekend, and I like Kevin Kline in just about anything I see him in, this is no exception. He stars as a down-and-out New Yorker who travels to Paris to liquidate a huge, valuable apartment he has inherited from his estranged father. Once there, however, he discovers a refined old woman (Maggie Smith), living in the apartment with her daughter (Kristin Scott Thomas).

The principle leads are all good in this, and the locales are sure nice, but I think where this film goes wrong is it tries to be too much of a romantic comedy, when I think it would've worked best if the focus had stayed on the relationship between Smith and Kline's characters. There was quite a bit of history between them through Kline's character's father, and that I think was enough to fuel the film- all manifesting through this apartment they are both trying to obtain-?? But overall, I would definitely recommend this if you're up for a good quiet and amusing little film without a lot of explosions, and running and jumping and shooting-?? LOL
A well acted dragging tragic drama, with four half-funny lines
This is not a comedy, and the trailer is totally misleading. Maybe this is why I find I didn't like it, but the film is a drama with a disjointed family with difficult past.

Surely a film with loads of life wisdom, but still he story doesn't function very well. Didn't find it interesting, it's quite depressive and unfunny, except for a couple of half-funny lines. I would call it a waste of great talent.

The film is about a dead father and the ones inheriting a flat and debt after a man none really liked.

Nothing to watch if you aren't into serious and tragic dramas with no real plot, and nothing happening except crying, quarreling and talking. A film easy to misinterpret and quite easy to hate if you're looking for something entertaining.
Only in France.
New Yorker Matthias arrives in Paris to inherit a valuable apartment, and having money worries he thought it would be a quick fix to his problems. The trouble is he also inherited a tenant and her daughter, Mathilde and Chloe. The trouble is under French law, he's legally obliged to let her live there and pay her a pension, en viager. Any attempt to evict her or sell the property would result in legal action.

This is a beautiful film, it's funny, poignant, moving, and at times frustrating when you consider things from the point of​ view of Matthias. The three leads are fantastic, Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas, and of course the show stealing Maggie Smith. Matthias ends up in some fairly dark places throughout the film, Kline does a great job of convincing the viewer that Matthias has had a tough life. Some of the laughs are brilliant.

Beautiful scenery, Paris is a glorious City, and if you've been you can't help but be in love with what you see. It's a magical place, and I think the film manages to show that.

Some may find it slow, but if you enjoy a character study, you'll love this one 8/10
Kline, Smith, Thomas, & Paris
Mathias Gold, (Kevin Kline) a derelict alcoholic with deep Freudian issues, is an emotional and economic mess, despite having grown up on Park Avenue. He inherits a 13 million EURO Parisian home from his emotionally distant, mostly absentee father, and he sees a way out of his financial situation. Arriving on the fumes of his last dollars, to sell the home, he is informed by the tenant, Mathilde, that the apartment is "en viager," kind of the French equivalent of a reverse mortgage with a buyer willing to bet on life expectancy in order to purchase a property beyond their means, and pay for it over time. Mathias can sell it, but only with the life encumbrance of the tenant, a fact that impacts the sale price. The 92 year old(Maggie Smith) also collects a stipend; he must pay her 2,400 Euros a month, in an inflation indexed contract, in addition to the initial amount paid by his father, many years ago, called the Bouquet, a term that is also used by Mathias in the movie to characterize a bribe or inducement. Kristin Scott Thomas becomes the salve for his emotional issues and the financial issues work out at the end in a predictable but satisfying manner.
A Beautifully Told Life Story.
The trailer for this film pushes it towards being a comedy, though what you actually get is a profound observation of life and the ways that our decisions have effects on others, sometimes not for the best.

The story starts out on a comedic level with Kevin Kline's character, Mathias Gold (which he portrays charmingly), turning up at an apartment in Paris, which his father owned, only to find an old lady living there. Mathilde Girard, played perfectly by Maggie Smith, is the tenant who had sold her apartment to Gold's father on a life lease; this means he has to pay her a monthly stipend until she dies, at which point the apartment then becomes his. This stipend now passes onto Mathias.

Being in desperate need of money he decides to go ahead and sell the apartment along with the ongoing contract. However, as we progress through the film we are introduced to Mathilde Girard's daughter, Chloe who is portrayed beautifully by Kristin Scott Thomas, who is utterly opposed to both Gold and his plans.

As the obstacles build up to his scheme other secrets and lies are revealed which takes the movie into a melancholic and bittersweet province. This adds depths to all the characters as they start to reveal their true selves and feelings towards one another.

Credit is due to the main actors as they pull this off seamlessly and make you empathise with them. The writer of the play, as well as this screenplay and director of the film, Israel Horovitz does a magnificent job of taking everyday life and placing it under a microscope. The change from comedic to bittersweet is so smooth and realistic that it draws the audience into the film more without them realising that the entire attitude has changed.

The only thing I found slightly irksome was the happy ending. This is certainly one way the story could go, but there are a couple of others too - one, not so happy - the other, totally bleak. With the feel of the story towards the end, I think the happy ending was thrown in to let the audiences know that everything works out in the end... However, this is not the sentiment at the heart of the movie, because of this the ending feels strange and a little strained.

This is a wonderful piece of storytelling and film-making and is worth a viewing, especially if you like to see life as it really is.
Beautiful film of a delightful story ideal for an older audience.
This is a very simple film and because it is brilliantly cast and directed, the result is excellence. Simplicity is something we rarely see these days yet it is something we crave in these very complex times. There are really only three characters in this film and so the casting was paramount. It pretty much goes without saying that Maggie Smith in the lead role is just perfect - as she always is. By coincidence, I re-watched Grand Marigold Hotel the following evening, and saw her playing a totally different person with a totally different voice. That is a skill that few modern actors can manage well. More of a surprise to me was Kevin Kline. I remember him in manic roles - typecast or that's how he is I do not know, but in this film he gave a beautifully measured and emotional performance with only a few glimmers of the manic! Finally Kristin Scott-Thomas was just excellent as she always is. Rarely does an actress gently age so perfectly, and her performance could not have been faulted for a moment - just superb.

Very well lit and photographed in what appeared to be quite confined spaces and with exteriors of Paris that just glowed with it's honey colour there is a visual treat here. And with very well-recorded sound, the film was a joy to watch. If your taste is for quality, quiet and thoughtful, for a well written screenplay based on an excellent story, with excellent actors, then this is a film you will thoroughly enjoy. It will definitely have more appeal to an over 50 or even over 60 audience - younger people will miss out on the subtleness and pathos and not appreciate this film.

The one thing that I simply could not understand was the title of this film. In London-speak, my old lady means my mother! Too late to change now though!

Enjoying a coffee in the café of the cinema, we got talking to an older couple sitting next to us. The man had come especially to see Kristin Scott-Thomas because his granddaughter had been the nanny to one of Kristin's children in Paris. It is a small world.
Buying but not buying entirely
I have to admit, I was confused at first. Not because this is more a drama than a comedy (Kevin Kline in the cast does not immediately mean it's a comedy). No I'm talking about someone buying a house, but actually not having bought it until ... something happens. And having to pay rent for that house that you kind of bought ... it sounds strange and it was a strange concept to wrap my head around.

Not sure if this is only possible in France (or even if it is possible there, have to search the web for this now). The acting is phenomenal, but you'd expect that. You could say, that the story lets you down a little, especially the way it turns out ... which is something you can see coming and some things should not have been in there (like the scene during the credits - we knew this was going to happen, unnecessary to show it, even if it's played with gusto by Kevin Kline). There's also an "outtake" after the credits end. Overall a more than decent drama with a very slow pace
Good but not awe-inspiring
I went to see this film at BUFS this past week (Brock University Film Series) in Niagara, Canada. I had been really looking forward to it purely because of Maggie Smith. She did not disappoint but Kristin Scott Thomas did. Kevin Kline was also good but what really bugged me was I could tell right away it was a play turned into a film. I'm not a huge fan of plays made into films because there is too much dialogue and it takes place on one or two stages.

The opera singer on the banks of the Seine and the multiple shots of Notre Dame Cathedral were also irritating although I did enjoy Kevin singing along with her at the end.

It amazes me how selfish people can be ably illustrated by Maggie Smith's character and Kevin Kline's father in the film. Their actions screw up their children and spouses. However, even though the film tackled that topic very well indeed, I thought the happy ending was just not believable even if it was welcome.

It was set up as a comedy but it's really a very dark comedy and one that kept me looking at my watch.
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