Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?
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Dustin Mckenzie, Steve Sacks
Cam Clarke as Heath Burns / Mr. Rotter / Hep Clouds / Valentine's Mother (voice) (as Cam Clark)
Jonathan Lipow as Valentine (voice) (as John Lipow)
Evan Smith as Deuce Gorgon / Gil Webber / Mike / Ted (voice)
Ogie Banks as Clawd Wolf (voice)
Audu Paden as Ghoulia Yelps / Manny Taur / Mr. Hack / Slow Moe (voice)
Erin Fitzgerald as Abbey Bominable / Spectra Vondergeist / Cupid (voice)
Kate Higgins as Frankie Stein (voice)
America Young as Toralei Stripe / Howleen Wolf / Purrsephone / Meowlody / Invisable Girl (voice)
Debi Derryberry as Draculaura (voice) (as Debi Derribery)
Cindy Robinson as Holt Hyde / Jackson Jekyll / Operetta (voice)
Salli Saffioti as Clawdeen Wolf / Cleo DeNile (voice)
Laura Bailey as Lagoona Blue (voice)
Storyline: Draculaura's Sweet 1600th birthday is an extra special occasion to party at Monster High! But her high expectations lead to deadly results when she's faced with the choice between practical boyfriend Clawd, and new vampire heartthrob, Valentine, a romantic blast from her past. Her ghoulfriends find it odd that Valentine created a holiday in her honor, but oddly named it after himself (how romantic?) and have to stop him before he steals her heart... literally. Draculaura must decide which boy is right for her before the party! Will she find out about Valentine's sinister plan? Will her best ghoulfriends be able to help her in time? And most importantly... will Draculaura pass her driving test?
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Nice Lovable Monsters
After watching trailer leading arouse curiosity, as a Anime lover couldn't wait to watch this.

Monsters are scary some terrified us in Horror movies,stories but they fell in love in their high school, yup that is totally new to me.

The director and whole staff has done their best and it is worth it , felt like watching something different with especially with monsters.

They had shown their efforts it's best in the Graphics character design, background , funny story-line was prefect to retain attention.

This will teach you something new about the Monsters they are Not all bad some are good also no matter how they look.

No need to keep distance from these Lovely adorable monsters after all they are not here to scare you but to entertain you.
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