Mirror Images II
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Gregory Dark
Kenneth Zavayna as Policeman (as Ken Zavayna)
Kristine Kelly as Dr. Erika Rubin
Richard Eden as Hugh
Sara Suzanne Brown as Prostitute
Crystal Jade McKay as Young Carrie / Terrie
Lauren Hays as Amanda
Frank Pesce as Clerk
Tom Reilly as Jake
Kevin E. West as Tennis Pro
Eva La Rue as Phyllis (as Eva LaRue Callahan)
Luca Bercovici as Clete Dyker
Shannon Whirry as Carrie / Terrie
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Resolution 640x480 px
File Size 879 Mb
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Bitrate 1341 Kbps
Format avi
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DVD-rip 640x480 px 879 Mb mpeg4 1341 Kbps avi Download

Shannon delivers her sexiest performance.
Another check mark on Shannon Whirry and Gregory Dark! This movie goes directly to the point and fills us with sexy sex scenes , intense dialogs, and hot situations.

The movie starts with a wild sex scene where Shannon Whirry rides some guy and gets busted by her sister or something like that. The scene is very steamy and yes, it has a mirror in the background.

The rest of the sex scenes are also very good but can't be compared with the amazing opening sequence.

The acting is quite good and Shannon looks at her best. If you can't get enough of Shannon, watch this movie you will be pleased and probably wanting more! The sex scenes are really well done and focus a little bit more on the sensual aspect rather than on classy camera angles.
Lovely Twins Deceive Men in Bedroom & Themselves Too
Here, as in Mirror Images there are two identical twins. However, after reading the review for Mirror Images, I find II to be much better. For one, there is Sharron Wirrly. She is worth the high price that this VHS is now bringing, albeit possibly it is also on VCD. The main man is an unknown rough lying piece of scum with a badge. The other protagonist is a nice guy private-eye. One thinks the other is dead so she goes on her separate life. Scum knows both are alive. Many steamy sexual situations. Wirrly gives Tweed physical competition and also Severance although being blond.

For those who like complex UR films that earn the rating often, this is an enjoyable movie. Not on the order of Tweed or Severance films but Wirrly is well worth the price and time.
Flesh show, and not much else
Right off, let me say I appreciate beautiful women. I'm also not averse to a movie designed solely for the purpose of showing me the natural (and/or scientifically enhanced)attributes of said women. What I don't like is a promise undelivered.

"Mirror Images II" is just that. It starts off tepidly, bringing back the good twin/bad twin conflict. But then it sort of peters out. It's like it lost it's direction (not surprisingly after Sara Suzanne Brown appears and steals the show with her gravity-defying body) and couldn't decide who the real villain was, the evil twin or the scummy cop/husband of evil twin's sister. In the end (and who couldn't see this end a few minutes into the flick?), both pay the price for being evil, and good twin is free to enjoy sex with the handsome PI she's known for a week (Hey. In California that's a long-term comittment/)

Some films give you the impression they're some of the cast off results of the old "infinite number of monkeys typing" experiment, and I suspect the offending primate who authored this was summarily beaten to death by his counterparts. Or maybe auteur Gregory Dark (Hippolyte) is the twisted genius behind this mess. All of the women in this flick are major league babes. A couple even exhibit a hint of talent. The trouble is, the material is so lame, and the erotic scenes so stiff or bland (except for the girl-on-girl sequences, which start off strong, then retreat into soft-focus voyeurism), that the fast-forward button gets a healthy workout. Shannon Whirry deserves better material. I was heartened a few years back to see her on "The New Mike Hammer" with Stacey Keach. Since then, she's sunk from view.

Aside from the aforementioned Ms. Brown, Kristine Kelley is the only one trying to act. The other women are decorations, except PJ Sparxx, who performs as is expected for an adult film star. Give these women better material, and give us a break.
Mirror Images II
I can hardly remember this film. All I remember is that it's another one of those films with a silly script, but worth seeing for the nudity. What can I tell you, this girl played by the great breasted Shannon Whirry probably meets a guy and just has a load of sex with him. There must be a lesbian scene in it somewhere by the look of the front cover. All I can remember is obviously the many great shots of Whirry's fantastic breasts, and this is probably the only good reason to see this film, or any other of her films. If I were you, just see it for the nudity, apart from that one thing this is pretty rubbish. Silly script, good nudity, that's it.
Shannon Whirry at her best
Shannon Whirry delivers again in another direct-to-video erotic thriller. This is a don't miss for all of you Shannon Whirry fans. She looks incredible and she has a lot of nude scenes, and that is the whole idea of this movie.
Eye Candy Hall of Fame
If by some cruel twist of fate you were told you could only watch one Shannon Whirry film in your lifetime, this film should be your choice. Ms. Whirry is just lovely and this role allows her to show her full range of talents. Simply put, the definition of luscious is Ms. Whirry. While Ms. Whirry carries the film, the supporting cast of Sara Suzanne Brown and Lauren Hays further elevate our viewing pleasure.
Hot chicks, little clothing.
A nicely done R-rated skin flick, not too much plot getting in the way of the erotica...Shannon Whirry is amazing, all the women in the film are quite attractive. Funny, the one woman in the movie that I found attractive, the housekeeper, was the only one who kept her clothes on...
Topless Miniskirt Busty Dollybird Paradise
Beautiful, slim and busty Shannon Whirry (pronounced "weary") plays twin sisters Terrie and Carrie both of whom frequently undress and engage in sexual activity with partners of both sexes for pleasure and/or personal gain. The film is a visual feast for anyone who enjoys seeing a beautiful young woman displaying her topless and bare bottom wares in a stunning variety of mini skirts and pretty lingerie. The action starts in the bedroom where good twin sister – prim and perky but apprehensive in cheerleader miniskirt trim walks in on bad twin sister, topless, miniskirted and booted, riding good sister's boyfriend to a searing climax – his manhood concealed beneath her skirt. Then there is the sequence when Miss Whirry appears in traditional tennis wear – a short flared white skirt and figure hugging white top – enough to get a eunuch's juices flowing. My favourite scene is where our heroine, attired in a demure white skirt suit complete with hat and long gloves, seeks the services of a lawyer – seducing him by unbuttoning then removing her top to reveal her massive, delicious, natural breasts encased in a lacy white bra that would make undies queen Michele Mone moan with envy. Our legal eagle's face tells his story – while the rest of us are left to let our imaginations run riot and meditate long and hard on how it would have been if we were allowed to watch the striptease unfold to a magnificent and shattering conclusion. This film is long overdue for official release on DVD, and original VHS tapes are as rare as dalek's semen. Contact me by Email at marqymarqy@talktalk.net or by text on 07949 792 498 for a region 0 DVD.
The lovely Shannon Whirry plus a bona fide porn starlet
Not only is the lovely, the luscious, the buxom ms Whirry here in abundance, with her two great talents (plus) amply and frequently on display, but she has a brief lesbian encounter with none other than adult movie starlet P. J. Sparxx.

Of course, this makes perfect sense considering that Mr. Hippolyte is envelope-pushing porn director Gregory Dark.

Gentlemen. I can't reccommend this one highly enough.
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