Mine Games
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Richard Gray
Joseph Cross as Michael
Ethan Peck as Guy
Julianna Guill as Claire
Lindsay Lamb as Sarah
Storyline: A group of young friends make an incomprehensible discovery in an abandoned mine, but the more they try to change the future, the more they seal their fate.
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Needed so much more work
There are just so many things wrong with Mine Games from the beginning to the very last second. I must admit that the camera-work was excellent, location was fitting and the premise itself is intriguing but everything else in this production is extremely inadvertent and I found myself rolling my eyes continuously. The script is weak and bland, every cliché you could possibly think of was present, the decisions the characters made were not just "typical horror movie bad decisions that people make when they're scared and not thinking straight" kind of decisions, they were just decisions that would specifically keep the movie from stopping in its own tracks. In the end, there was literally not one specification on why anything had happened. Not a trace of resolution or meaning for any of it. I haven't seen a movie with this amount of carelessness and large quantity of plot holes in a while. If you look at my other reviews, you'll see that I'm extremely generous when it comes to rating films, probably TOO generous. But this.... this truly needed a substantial amount of work in so many areas. I would not go as far to say this is a terrible movie because you can tell that director Richard Gray tried to get creative and have some fun with this so I do respect that he tried to create something unique in such a repetitive world of film. It just really needed so much work to be considered good. It upsets me that someone didn't tell this guy about all these silly and avoidable mistakes that he was making throughout the course of the pre-production and production of this film. This could have been something special but it ended up being a messy, negligent, and heedless attempt. Would recommend to those who enjoy movies based PURELY on the entertainment factor and nothing more. I do not recommend you watch this if you cringe at plot holes, clichés, and absent resolutions.
Slow Cliché Beginnings, Better Finish
This movie started off painfully dull. Seven friends are on their way to the woods where there will be

A.) no telephones

B.) no cell phone service and

C.) no other human beings for miles.

Sound familiar? Oh yeah, and on the way to the cabin in the woods (so cliché) their van breaks down. So already I'm half checked out of this movie. The oddities began with the main character, Michael (Joseph Cross), and they only ramped up from there after the gang explored an abandoned mine.

The exposition and build up phase of this movie was dreadfully slow. We were treated to little tidbits of strange activities without giving us the full entree. Though the plot can be readily deduced with all of the hints throughout you still have to be patient to see how it all unfolds. This movie is not unique and it's been done better by others. I will say that the end picked up the pace and delivered a solid finish. Not all questions will be answered, as is typical with this type of movie, but enough to at least make you feel like you were invited to the party.
Very Bad Film.
This film actually seems promising early on before you realize that that there was no vision, no actual plot, and no way to make sense of it without writing your own replacement screenplay. Character development was non-existent. The plot is incomprehensible. It plays like an idea that two very stoned teenagers came up with, which wouldn't be so bad except that they had absolutely no idea how to put it all together to a conclusion. The acting, cinematography, and direction were good, particularly on a low budget, but wasted on on a terrible screenplay. Don't bother watching this movie - break the cycle.
Small but intriguing mystery film
Seven friends on vacation stumble upon an abandoned mine shaft in the middle of a remote forest and live to regret going in.

The film takes a while to get to the action which is a positive as you get to know the characters. To the films benefit most of them aren't so obnoxious you want to see them die, which always adds to any tension a film may build up. Although there aren't any real stand out performers the acting is decent throughout. The production values for a relatively small film are of an impressive standard.

There is a nice air of panic and mystery built up as some of the group slowly to begin see things that they wish they hadn't. This is an unusual story line and is to be applauded for being a bit different. There are a number of unsettling scenes and you never quite know where the film is going to go.

This is a small film that punches above it's weight and is well worth watching.
If you go down to the mine today…
A bunch of friends on vacation in the country discover a disused mine and find something most strange down in its depths.

It starts off in conventional fashion, pretty looking youngsters head off to a large cabin in the woods and after nearly running someone down in the road, they arrive at their destination but nothing is as it seems. The story then spins into another dimension, cribbing from better movies like Triangle and Identity, only the screenplay isn't strong enough to make a success of it, even confusing itself in the process.

Things aren't helped by director and co-writer Richard Gray padding out the movie to meet the required run time to call it a feature length production. In truth there just isn't enough material here to extend beyond a one hour Twilight Zone episode, better editing and a better screenplay was definitely needed here. Gray over stretching his ambitions somewhat.

The cast of up coming Hollywood starlets give a mixed bunch of performances, while the low budget is often evident. Neither of these things, though, hurt the film as much as the aforementioned issues. There's a modicum of interest value here for those who like the films already mentioned above, but it's not a comfortable recommendation at all. 4/10
Mind bending
Love mind bending movies that make you think, and I must say this is one of the better ones I have seen lately and I am glad that I did.

The writing and story was top notch, kept us guessing, and intriguing. I never had any issue with the acting and it drew me in very well.

This starts off looking like it will be a traditional horror movie. Believe me it's not. At least not anything like any films I have seen.

Kudos and props for originality, and also being able to tell a well told story. I do hope that this team makes more films, and they have more stories up their sleeves to tell.

It has also love the kinds of movies that show young people and how they behave, including how men act around each other. It makes for great fun.
A mine is a terrible thing to waste
A group of friends stumble across an abandoned mine, while on vacation. There's something eerily peculiar about said mine though and it wastes no time getting the group all discombobulated with it's timey-wimey shenanigans

Highly reminiscent of "Triangle", but not as nearly accomplished as that film. The insipid number has a group of unlikable characters and a script struggling too hard to be clever that it falls over it's own feet several times. Shame as it had potential, only to flounder it all away.

Eye Candy: Lindsay Lamb as Sarah gets topless
Failed attempt at something different
MINE GAMES has something going for it, I'll admit that: it's a film that at least tries to do something different from the usual low budget American B-movie horror flick. Instead this has much in common with the likes of TRIANGLE and the (excellent) Spanish film TIMECRIMES in that it deals with characters who find themselves trapped in a time loop, forced to repeat the same actions over and over again.

Unfortunately it's much worse than either of those films mentioned, thanks in part to a muddled story which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you think about it closely. A group of unappealing characters head off into the wilderness for a break, only to visit a creepy abandoned mine which messes with their heads. One bizarre event after another makes them realise that something REALLY odd is going on.

The execution of this film is very poor, particularly in terms of the cinematography. Much of it is too dark so you end up squinting at the screen trying to figure out what's going on. The cast is poor, with below averages performances from Briana Evigan (SORORITY ROW) and Gregory Peck's grandson, if you can believe that. The director is too obsessed with shooting this like a slasher film - bumping off his cast members one at a time - when instead he should be focusing on the novel stuff, not the predictable.
Bunch of young people out for a good time go where they're not supposed to. Familiar?
Engaging psychological horror thriller mystery about a group of young people who get caught in a "loop of time" in a remote area in the woods. What makes this interesting is that they actually meet their selves in the loop which is an intersection of the present and future or present and past, depending on perspective. So they meet the future condition of themselves in a nearby mine but don't understand it; don't realize they are in a loop ahead of, and behind themselves in time. The loop begins (and ends) with an accident as they near their vacation destination: an elaborate cabin in the woods.

Possibly this looping of time could have been a harmless anomaly and meeting yourself of the future or the past (again, depending on perspective) might have been a weirdly pleasant and innocuous experience except that one of the members of the group (4 guys, 3 women) has mental problems and is taking medication for it. Schizophrenia, I believe. I will say no more (Did I hear a sigh of relief?). Love, Boloxxxi.
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