USA, Australia
Drama, Comedy
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P.J. Hogan
Malorie O'Neill as Michelle Moochmore
Hayley Magnus as Donna
Lily Sullivan as Coral Moochmore
Sam Clark as Trout
Rob Carlton as Jack
Holly Buchanan as Coral - 13yo
Austin Caffin as Faceless Figure
Chelsea Bennett as Kayleen
Deborah Mailman as Sandra
Liev Schreiber as Trevor Blundell
Rebecca Gibney as Shirley Moochmore
Kerry Fox as Nancy
Anthony LaPaglia as Barry Moochmore
Bethany Whitmore as Jane Moochmore
Nicole Freeman as Leanne
Storyline: The Moochmore girls are certain they all suffer from some kind of undiagnosed mental illness - because if they're not crazy then they're just unpopular. Their mother Shirley - unable to cope with her demanding daughters and unsupported by her philandering politician husband, Barry - suffers a nervous breakdown. After Barry commits his wife to a mental hospital (telling his constituents that "she's on holiday") he finds himself alone with 5 teenage girls he barely knows. Desperate, he impulsively picks up a hitchhiker named Shaz and installs her in his home as nanny to his daughters.
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Some quirky fun from P.J. Hogan
Shirley Moochmore (Rebecca Gibney) is a mother of five suffering under her absentee cheating husband Barry (Anthony LaPaglia). She wants to be Maria Von Trapp with her kids. All five of the kids think they are mentally ill although maybe one of them actually is. Barry is the small town mayor of Dolphin Heads. When he sends her to a mental institution, he picks up hitchhiker Shaz (Toni Collette) to look after his kids. The oldest daughter Coral (Lily Sullivan) has a wacky shark-obsessed boss Trevor (Liev Schreiber) at the waterpark.

Writer/director P.J. Hogan reunites with Toni Collette to bring an outlandish sensibility to this Australian suburb. As Shaz points out, everybody suffers from one form of mental illness or another. I like all 5 girls and I love Toni Collette. The start is a little bit problematic as we wait for the arrival of Toni. Her time with the girls is fun and quirky. It has an uplifting sense. Everything is going as expected, but the movie does take a turn into the darker side. I'm not oppose to the turn, but it is very jarring. And like other Hogan films, there is a couple of singalong moments.
OMG seriously? Are those review on the first page even know what a movie is? I'm gonna make a list on other movie that they giving 10stars and definitely gonna skip those too.

I watched first 5min then and double the playback speed for 30min and then fast forward till last 10min and can confirm this is one of the worst movie of the year!!!

I don't find any joke in it, its just a lame boring movie you should totally skip it.

And IMDb need me to wrote at least 10lines? What a joke, even one line is more than enough, just skip it.
Great rainy day flick
Had nothing better to do and gave this a watch. No it isn't properly representing mental illness, but it is heartwarming and funny. Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in what is considered correct and normal that we miss the point entirely. At the beginning of the movie you see a family that is just existing, they believe that they are nothing because that is what everyone tells them. Shaz comes along after the father can't cope with his daughters whom he has made no attempt to know. She changes everyone in the family and those around them gives them new perspective. Maybe they are fine the way they are, you don't have to fit the mold to have a happy and productive life. I was very moved by the general message of the film, very enjoyable.
seriously ,you liked this
i am making a list of every reviewer who gave this movie a positive review and marking them never to read again as they have nothing to offer me when it comes to recommending movies. i was shocked to find out that it was the same director as Muriel's wedding but i then read he also did my best friends wedding and on remembering that singing scene at the restaurant were they all joined in it made perfect sense.(i say a little prayer for you!CRINGE) i am just so glad i didn't waste my money and time seeing it at the cinema but i am sorry i read the first 2 pages of user reviews on this site as it is not until the 3rd page that the truth comes out. for the first time ever i nearly asked video ezy for my $5.95 back but its not there fault.
A real surprise ... actually, several of them! Not for everyone, and it seems a bit longer than it needed to be, but I loved it. WOW!

The actors seemed like they were having a great time ... lots of fun.

Some of the reviews I read seemed like they're applying a "standard movie" template and framework to what turns out to be more fun, more up and down, more loopy -- and yet more thoughtful and insightful -- than their standard template can accommodate.

In fact, these reviews turn out to be the very same conformity (of thought, style, expectation, fear) that the movie very directly takes aim at.

To Hogan, Collette, and the others: Very well done!
not a bit what I expected
Not sure at first if I wanted to see an Australian movie due to the wretched nature of their soap operas and I had a bit of trouble getting into the first half hour. It has some odd plot bumps but they work overall and it's worth the wait for the various payoffs that crop up through out the story. Some great acting from all the cast. I had no idea the shark guy was Liev Schreiber and Anthony LaPaglia comes off very convincingly as the out of touch dad but it is the women and the girls that make this film and should be it's core fan base. However this is a "chick flick" that guys can actually enjoy too. I think it will be considered a minor classic some years hence. This really is a very very funny, clever film. You could do worse (Identity Thief) with bigger budget movies but this is one film I think will leave a lasting impression on the viewer and a real feather in the cap for the younger actors as their careers progress.
Toni Collete is outstanding as Shaz, her performance is only one good reason to see this film; love, love, love it!! Worth seeing. Enjoyed the wit, humor and found myself identifying and empathizing with a few of the characters; having dealt with mental illness in my family, this film pinpoints and illustrates family dynamics with humor and style. Enjoyed the references to another favorite, "Sound of Music," which this film inspired me to watch again with my exchange student daughter...she and I had a great time sharing both films. Mental had me laughing till the credits rolled and was truly entertaining on many levels.
Hilarious and clever - if you're beige you will hate it
Clever, quirky, hilariously funny and with enough pathos and melancholy to really get you thinking. If you are one of the beige folk, you will hate it. If you march to the beat of your own drum and always find yourself on the side of the underdog you will love it. Mental illness is definitely not off limits and with typical Australian irreverence the subject is tackled head on. Draws some conclusions about "normality" that some people will not be comfortable with. You will recognise a few big names, but the supporting actors were all equally talented. A genuinely amazing film. Actually funnier than Muriel's wedding. Destined to become a classic, with excellent performances from all.
Do you hear any voices? I'm hearing mine, can't stop laughing...
I will not write about a plot, that's done already, I'll write about what got me.

It's amazing the idea of P.J.Hogan to show us, that everybody is kind of "mental" and it starts straight in the title of the movie, when the letter E is falling apart. Then The name Moochmore is preparing us for a ride with "the sound of music", with the sound of mental disorders. Let's introduce some of the characters.

Shirley, mum of 5 daughters, is compensating the missing love of her husband with an ipad by singing, which is making her ridiculous in front of the other people and her relatives; by the way she is doing it in her back yard, so there should be little bit of a privacy in there, but the "watching neighbours" are everywhere. She is bullied by her sister - real psycho anyway, by the coffee shop manager and she tells for everything sorry. She explodes in shopping addiction and that's the last straw which is making her loving husband coming home and her going for a "holidays".

The father, Barry Moochemore, is mooching his wife for his upcoming elections, cheating on her and he hates his home, because he doesn't have a home with 5 boys but 5 daughters instead not knowing which one is which one. There is a quote after quote, for example: "Boys have breakdowns, dad." "Not Australian's boys. They are busy to play football." After naming some of the mental disorders by his girls he submit "No one is going mental. Not before I do!"

The history of Shirley and Barry tries to repeat with one of the daughters - Coral when her love affair starts with saying NO to Trout (I don't know if the names are chosen by accident or it's satiric as well - trout and coral working in an aqua park). We learned before that Shirley's love affair and marriage started with a rape.

Chaz, amazing Toni Collette, is a fatalist trying to fix up everybody's life with her Bible "Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders" showing them the real side of their personality. She explains to the girls, that it is normal to be mental in Australia because in the past there were sent only mad people and criminals to Australia to live and they are their's descendants. There is a lovely scene, when she is going to visit one of the "watching neighbours" and when they talk nasty about Moochmores they make this piggy sound while laughing so she starts to make it as well and they think that's totally normal, they even don't notice it.

I could go for ever and ever in the study of these characters, but watch it by yourself, because it is not first planning Hollywood type of comedy and that speaks for it self. Let's finish it with the words of Trevor:

"Everything is Sharks. Life is sharks. Mental is a shark."