Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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For the critics who wrote bad reviews about MOS! This is absolutely a great movie!
I have read some critics here, the great, the good, the so so, and the bad ones. I understand everyone has right for his opinions, and I certainly understand some people have high standards. But what I get out of these negative reviewers is they are just haters. Haters are going to be haters. No other ways to put it.

First of all, when you walk into a theater to watch a blockbuster movie like MOS, what do you expect. Anyone who has seen the trailers should pretty much guess the story line, because general Zod's name was mentioned. So for these people to expect great story line completely blow their mind, they are simply asking for way too much. After all, superman's story has been told SO many times, there are certain things you simply can't just change. I think this movie did a great job to add some novelties to the character.

Secondly, for those complain about too much fighting scene, imagine this really happens in a large city like New York or Chicago. You expect Zod will take it easy simply because it's earth? The whole point of this movie is to make it believable, we are not living in a world of 1970's any more. Things have to follow real law of physics if they want to look real. If superman can fly faster than a bullet, this is what he should fly like, not just floating in the air, so people can see how he flies. If you want to do that, go back to see the superman from 1978. That's the year you should have never grow out of. Unfortunately, this is 2013. I hate people give low scores to a film simply because they can without justifying the score while brag about their intelligence. I don't see any of that intelligence showing from their reviews at all.

Finally, like every movie, this movie has its flaws, I think the kissing scene was way too sudden after all the big fights, it was not very convincing they would feel such a strong urge to kiss each other rather than looking for survivors. But again, as much as I liked Revengers, how much fighting scenes in that movie was believable? Blackwidow kicking ass using a hand gun against flying aliens, yeah, that really made sense! The point is, sometimes, you just need to throw all your prejudice out of the window and treat the film with respect, and learn to enjoy it. If with an open mind, it still turns out to be a bad movie, then by all means. I think this is a solid 9/10 superhero movie deserves better reviews.
Terrible, Only For The Fanboys.
I didn't want to see this film, but the family wanted to go see it. I warned them, but they didn't listen. I knew it would be a disaster when I found out Zack Snyder was the director. Let me just say that overall, this movie was very boring. The characters/actors had no charisma, there was absolutely no humor, and it jumped around so much without any meaningful transitional devices. The tornado scene was ridiculous, and the advice given in this about running under a highway overpass is actually wrong and its been proved for decades that it's the WORST place to hide. They might as well have told us to drink Windex to cure heartburn. Amy Adams makes for a terrible Lois Lane. Why does she know his secret so early on? Where's the fun and excitement of her being so close to Superman (when he's not in costume), and yet not knowing it's him. Henry Cavill may physically be a 'Superman' character, but that's where it ends. He has no charisma, and his portrayal of the caped crusader comes off as a wimpy, I-don't-wanna-get-involved person. General Zod in this film is not all that menacing. None of his sidekicks were that interesting either. How come there are so many of these Krypton escapees in the film anyway? Stuff that didn't make sense, included why did they bother terraforming if the way the Earth was made them even stronger? Why create a planet where all of them are of the same low strength level? Okay one explanation that was forwarded was that it would take them too long to adapt, Superman had 33 years. Well, General Zod seemed to adapt quite quickly. Why did they destroy so much of Metropolis in the first film? Is the sequel going to be about them rebuilding the city? I found it funny that there was a convenient, open area where Zod and Superman had their fight on the ground. It wasn't a parking lot, it wasn't a park, it was just some big open area with no building. Weird. I would just say stick to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (specifically 1 & 2) if you want to enjoy this iconic character. At least those movies had a sense of humor, and had great acting, great dialog. Yes, there were some cheesy moments, but that didn't overpower the wonderful character development we saw. Especially in the shaping of Superman as he realized who he was. Man of Steel didn't give us any of that, we didn't see much development, he just seemed to already be aware of his powers early on and that's it. After he put on the suit, he'd magically transformed into a less wimpy, clean-shaven superhero. I hope this is the first and last Superman movie by Zack Snyder.
Even for Marvel fans this is a must GO!
The trailers of this movie were released in a so effective way that you start to fear if the product will fill your expectations. And with the usual critics-know-about-everything-nothing-is-good- to-me reviews the chances of be confused about this are increasing. As high as the expectations were raised after trailers, i have to tell you that you will not disappointed with this movie. Is different in many ways to the usual superhero movies but is a solid product that fits in what you expect from this kind of film. Nice references to previous movies are well executed and new plot additions are well received too. As you can expect from a Zack Snyder movie, there are several scenes that try to resemble graphic novel arts and in my opinion are very well made. Some of the nicest things about this movie is the way they made the fast moving scenes. The most of them (unfortunately i can't say all of them) look very realistic according laws of physics, the CGI are so well made that you wish that development for many movies you seen before. The movements are what you expect if such kind of people exist in reality.

About the plot, i believe this is the more controversial point of what i see in reviews across the internet. Most moviegoers like it a lot, but are critics the ones ( not all of them) that are giving mixed reviews. What you realize is that critics expect another Dark Knight but this movie is not looking to be a darker one of your beloved Superman. If you are smart enough to understand that this is ANOTHER hero you will be happy with the story. If you are looking for a fourth darker than Batman movie for sure you will agree with critics giving bad reviews. This is a Superman movie and in that scenario this is a very good one.

The movie has some flaws to me for sure ( i don't know about a perfect movie) but i will not comment about that as i believe everyone need to discover by themselves what - if any- dislike for their preferences.

In summary this is a super hero movie that even Marvel fans will appreciate as is giving a whole new level to a classic story, turning the most beloved hero in an actual hero and mixing a great graphic novel specialist with great digital artists to give you a full action packed movie that make a good foundations for sequels.
An interesting, realistic, fast-paced and action packed beginning to the 'Man of Steel' series
After Bryan Singer's unsatisfactory movie, 'Superman Returns', Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' is much up to the mark. With Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer as the main script writers, a more realistic superhero has been portrayed. The movie revolves around the main story of the comics with minor modifications to give it a modern touch. The movie begins with Zor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer) giving natural birth to Kal-El. We see that the Kryptonians have led to their destruction by harvesting their planet's core. Meanwhile, General Zod (Michael Shannon) leads a group of rebels and kills the members of the Kryptonian Council. In the midst of this chaos, Zor-El sacrifices his own life to save his son's, who is sent to Earth. As the movie proceeds the resemblance between Krypton and Earth is more vivid and we have an eerie feeling about the fate of our planet.

After this we see the story of Kal-El's, who is also known as Clark Kent, childhood and the problems faced by him when he was unable to control his powers and how he overcame the problems. When he grows up he learns to control his powers and use them whenever he wants. There is a scene where Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) tries to fly but fails in the first few attempts. These small scenes make the movie more realistic. As for the romantic side of 'Superman', we do not see much of it although a brief instance of Clark-Lois relationship is shown. This does not affect the movie as in this fast paced remake there was hardly any place for romance. Lois Lane (Amy Adams), the 'Pulitzer Prize' winning reporter plays an important role in this movie. There is a spine tickling moment when Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) waves his hand to prevent Clark from protecting him and thus surrendering to death to protect his son's identity.

After this comes the superb action sequences, backed by Hans Zimmer's background music. Even though Ben Affleck had turned down the movie, Zack Snyder has proved again that he is the best in directing action sequences. The use of hand-held cameras to create the jerky movements was very effective. The actions were well developed and were not like mindless blowing of cars as in 'The Transformers'. In the end superman unwillingly kills General Zod, the last surviving Kryptonian to protect the humans. As is said, "The end justifies the means", the same happens in the movie where at the end we are left hungry for more. When we see Clark Kent taking up his profession as a photographer for the 'Daily Planet' we understand that this is merely the beginning to a series of the 'Man of Steel' movies.

Do not think that the movie is over or you will miss Lois Lane's words to Clark, "Welcome to the Planet", where the word planet can mean both the 'Daily Planet' and the Earth. This is a blockbuster superhero fans should not miss although if you are expecting a fourth version of 'The Dark Knight' series you might be disappointed. In reply to Clark Kent's question, "Are we ready yet?" my answer is, "Yes, we are ready for the next movie in the 'Man of Steel' series and would be anxiously waiting for it".

If Iron Man 3 gets a 7.6 on 10, this movie deserves nothing less than an 8.1.
Shocking excuse for a superman film
This is an awful superman film. It Could have been any other ' aliens trying to take over the world' film. A storyline that got boring years ago. There is nothing really uniquely 'superman' about this film. It's just another sci-fi/alien film which has tagged superman on to it. The film would have been exactly the same if the superman elements were removed and they made the film as an 'earth being taken over to harness our power' film, like has been made far too many times before. The fight scenes are very long and drawn out. By the end it is pretty boring watching two people who can throw each other through walls just continually keep punching each other in the face. Although this point of the film, which must be the last half an hour, is the only real time he is actually superman. After the huge build up this film has had, I found it a truly massive disappointment. I really hope they do not follow this up with for us to be disappointed with.
Had the potential to be great, then Hollywood went CGI crazy
I believe I was first introduced to Man of Steel with the original trailer (more like a 20-second teaser than a trailer, of our hero bursting through the sky) while I sat in the cinema anticipating The Dark Knight Rises.

I left the cinema somewhat frustrated that day however, as The Dark Knight Rises was full of plot holes and writing that simply didn't make sense. Simply put; I felt Nolan got complacent after he absolutely nailed Batman Begins and the masterful Dark Knight.

Now we have a reboot of Superman, with Nolan as Producer and action-junkie Snyder as Director. Nolan seems to take up where he left off on the Dark Knight Rises by producing a movie filled with plot holes. I don't want to divulge any spoilers beyond what you will have gathered from the trailers, but to give 1 example, our villain (played by Michael Shannon) & his goons survive the demise of Krypton because they are outcast on a spaceship as 'punishment' for their crimes while the rest of the planet perishes. There you have it, an advanced Alien race living on a doomed planet is able save only 1 new born baby and a gang of crooks, despite having the technology to scope out and evaluate another planet in seconds, then terraform it to accommodate their race. Is this the standard of script-writing we can associated with Nolan now? After-all he served us up the genius plot of Gothams ENTIRE Police Force being trapped underground for 3 months, with no food, yet still able to charge out into the battlefield when Batman sets them free. Like The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel is full of these kind of pot holes that is likely to leave even children scratching their heads.

I did however enjoy much of the first half of the film, Kevin Costner gives the best performance in this movie by a distance in my opinion. His emotional interactions with his adopted son are heartfelt and he plays a pivotal role in shaping Clark's path to finding himself. Snyder strings the background story together pretty well, maybe a little too much use of 'flashbacks', but Snyder's storytelling is actually good here... which is why it's all the more frustrating that he lost control in the 2nd half of the movie.

Once we have the back story in place and Superman gets some answers as to who he really is, well, this movie simply doesn't feel like Superman. He doesn't become the caped hero saving civilians from bank robbers (although we get a couple of instances of his good deeds before he ever dawns the cape). There's no disguise as Clark Kent, no news reporter or phone booths. No feeling of 'is it a bird?' or 'to the rescue'. No adventures. Instead it just jumps into a showdown with the goons from Krypton who have tracked him down to planet Earth (as you will have seen from the trailers). At times I felt like I was watching Independence Day as the US military is rolled out with tanks & fighter jets to protect the entire human race from superior beings threatening our existence.

The last 60-90 Min's of this film is just 1 giant action sequence, loaded to the teeth with CGI, trucks smashing into skyscrapers & Alien light-beams. The Metropolis half destroyed... Superman probably kills a few thousand civilians himself as collateral given the amount of vehicles he uses as bowling balls. I enjoy a bit of action, but this was way too much, and way over the top to the point it just got tiresome and the film starved itself of dialogue, character development and audience interaction. We the audience are asked to endure some horrible one liners such as "they say it's all downhill from the first kiss" in between the brain-dead smashing up of skyscrapers. I was firmly switched off in the last half hour because the director asked nothing of me while he got his kicks.

This action overkill wasn't really what we were sold in the trailers which focused on the gritty & emotional interactions of a young Clark with Kevin Costner over an Enya score (almost Gladiator-esque) - this sold us a totally different tone to the alien-action movie we actually get.

Overall i'm left with a feeling of what this movie could have been with the right director & stronger writing. Perhaps Sam Mendes would have been a better choice given the job he did on Skyfall and the human interaction of Craig, Dench and Bardem throughout while maintaining awesome action set-pieces. Snyder had a great cast at his disposal here he that really should have done much better with. Crowe & Shannon did the best they could with what they had to work with. Costner stole the show. Cavill was a perfect fit for Superman and brought a physical presence to the role of Superman that Bale & Hardy brought to Batman & Bane. Laurence Fishburne may as well have been cut from the movie all together in his utterly pointless role as Editor at the Planet and Adams was wasted in the weakly written part of Lane.

It's perhaps unfair to expect another Dark Knight, given it's standing as one of the greatest films ever alongside The Godfather & Shawshank here on IMDb, but I was at least hoping for a movie on a par with Batman Begins, to really set the tone for another epic series of modern-day comic hero movies from DC. Instead I left the cinema feeling like I just saw 20 minutes of Avatar eventually turn into Independence Day meets Transformers in a piece of film-making that will be rather forgettable in the end.

Maybe at some point in the next 30 years Superman will finally get his day like Batman got his in 2008 in The Dark Knight.
Man of Steel 10/10
I am a big superman fan and luckily got a chance to see its early screening and believe me it was a brilliant movie. I had very high expectations from the movie and this film has completely exceeded my expectation. The visual effects and action sequences in the movie are actually the best I have ever seen. It easily overcomes The Avengers in every single way and will for sure emerge as a big blockbuster film at the box office. I don't know why the critics are saying that it focused more on the action than on clark kent's character. It was completely balanced in all ways. Its a must watch movie for every one and in my opinion its not only the best movie of this summer but also the best comic book movie of all time. And yes with a better score also put in by Hans Zimmer. 10/10
Secret of the "S"
In a year that has already given us stinkers like "A Good Day To Die Hard", "G.I.Joe: Retaliation" or "After Earth", hopes were rather high as far as "Man Of Steel" was concerned. Unfortunately, it turns out to be just another turkey; no story as such, no character development, no intelligent dialogs, and, above all, absolutely no humor. What we get is a numbing, hollow spectacle with far too many fights, explosions and collapsing buildings. You cannot really blame the actors, though. In the given circumstances they do the best they can, but their efforts are in vain. The only surprising information we get concerns the "S" on Superman's costume, which is supposed to stand for the Kryptonian symbol of hope. Well, as far as I am concerned, it should rather be interpreted as "SHIT SELLS".
Man of Steel was a refreshing take on an established franchise. Superb, Splendid, Simply Amazing.
5 Reasons why you should watch MAN OF STEEL (Superman)

5. Henry Cavill. (a resemblance of Christopher Reeve, he's charming, emotional king and best dressed Superman suit. I have got to ask his diet scheme.)

4. Stellar Casting. (Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Christopher Meloni, Amy Adams to name a few.) It made the movie interesting to watch. A performance worthy of applause.

3. Computer Generated Imagery - I can't help but say Wow, Amazing during the entire show. It was a visual feast. Feast is an understatement.

2. Story Line. Well-established characters. The story was weaved creatively enough to bring the audience in an understanding the previous and post heroic sequence of Superman. And this is not just your ordinary Superhero movie, it has a heart.

1. Best Superman Installment PERIOD

A warning to exercise your eyeballs prior, for the the fighting sequences are long, enough to give you vertigo. Growing up and watching Superman movies, this sets the beginning of his story while the previous serves as a continuation of his life.
Man of steel for a new generation!
Critics believe this movie is missing out so many things, this could be true but Snyder has made up for this in directing, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight trilogy.) have made up for this in the story. People expect this Man Of Steel to be exactly like the classics. They expect Cavil to be exactly like Christopher Reeve. They are not. We are in a different age now, an age with darker people, darker villains and darker heroes. The only way we can pretend that a superman can exist in this age is to redefine him to a different time. This Superman is what happens when you think 'what would it be like if an alien like Kal-El existed on this earth with our problems. I believe the design of this Superman trilogy (if it becomes one.) is to freshen things up and to be a journey and show the viewers that Clark has to become a certain man before he can guide humanity towards a new tomorrow. Why is this film getting all the bad reviews when Morrison is doing the exact same things with the comic books? Sadly this film doesn't go in depth on the romance between Superman and Lois and Clark and Lois. The beginning on krypton is fairly rushed but can you blame Goyer and Nolan from trying not to make it too long. I only saw this film 5 hours ago and I'm impressed with it and how Superman has to discover who he needs to become and he needs to fight the urge to kill as he killed Zod to save the lives of a family but he needs to learn there is always another option. I can't wait to see him discover that and I can't wait to see the rest of Kal-El's journey. Overall the acting was spectacular, especially from Cavil, Crowe, Adams, Chanon and basically the rest of the cast.
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