UK, Germany, Australia
Drama, Thriller, War, Romance
IMDB rating:
Cate Shortland
Hendrik Arnst as Ox Cart Man
Claudia Geisler-Bading as Ox Cart Woman (as Claudia Geisler)
Ulrike Medgyesy as Junge Frau mit Baby
Mika Seidel as Jürgen Dressler
Saskia Rosendahl as Hannelore Dressler
André Frid as Gunter Dressler
Nick Holaschke as Baby Peter (as Nick Leander Holaschke)
Mike Weidner as Junger deutscher Soldat
Kai-Peter Malina as Thomas (as Kai Malina)
Nele Trebs as Liesel
Katrin Pollitt as Farmer's Wife
Ursina Lardi as Mutti
Philip Wiegratz as Helmut
Storyline: As the Allies sweep across Germany, Lore leads her siblings on a journey that exposes them to the truth of their parents' beliefs. An encounter with a mysterious refugee forces Lore to rely on a person she has always been taught to hate.
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A Triumph For Young German Actress
At the close of World War Two an SS officer and his wife facing impending Allied imprisonment abandon their children to make their own way to safety across a war torn and devastated German countryside. Based on the book "The Dark Room" by Rachel Seiffert, the film focuses on the oldest child a teenage girl named Lore who suddenly finds herself acting as surrogate parent to her younger siblings. Lore is beautifully realized by Saskia Rosendahl. It's her face you see in the posters for the film and it reveals an innocence lost, a future life of Aryan privilege descended into one of fear and disillusionment. Kai Malina is Thomas an enigma who appears to bond with the orphans after encountering them on their journey to their grandmother's house near Hamburg. Although they don't entirely trust him they grow more and more dependent on his survival skills. I think of Thomas as an allegorical figure who embodies the unknown world that Lore finds herself navigating. The close-ups and unusual camera angles of cinematographer Adam Arkapaw do an outstanding job of creating a world in ruins and the people adrift in it. "Lore" offers a rare and powerful look at the aftermath of WWII from the point of view of the Germans and particularly their children pumped full of adult lies and indoctrination. Fine directorial effort by Cate Shortland in this only her second feature.
Great foreign movie
"Lore" hooked me pretty quickly as I enjoy this genre of movies - combining an extremely important piece of history with an engaging story.

The movie reminded me some of "The Road" due to it being similar to a post-apocalyptic journey. Of course "Lore" is a about a story that could have really taken place while "The Road" is about a fictionalized end of the world scenario. The accounts that I have studied regarding post WW2 Germany has been described as apocalyptic. Other factors that made me believe that "Lore" is accurately describing the post WW2 scene:

- The many suicides in the country that took place.

- The brain washing of the young and the influence Hitler had on the youth in Germany.

- The dichotomy of the German psyche with the differing views of those that believed in the regime and those that did not.

There is great character development the lead character "Lore" was first rate. You can see the various degrees the NAZI doctrine had on each of the characters and the potential for it to finally be removed from their psyches. The younger girl was excellent as well. Great acting all around.
A deeply moving and different story
After seeing Atmen ( Breathing )the night before, the viewing of LORE confirmed the high quality of German language films. LORE is a tad different from the usual films about this period. WWII stories mainly depict the Allies side of events. Refugees, prisoners of war,Hitler assassination attempts, Rommel,the resistance movement and so on. LORE gives us the less frequently mentioned, at least publicly, privations and dreadful experiences of the innocent victims of a defeated nation. The story line has been well told elsewhere. I will limit myself to saying how deeply moving this film is at many levels. It is fiction which creates it's own fact. The physical and psychological sufferings of so many innocent people on the losing side, so often ignored,is graphically portrayed in this account of the horrors in the aftermath of WWII.
Winter's Bone in post-Nazi Germany
Lore (2012) was co-scripted and directed by Cate Shortland. The film is set in the final days of World War II. The victorious allies are carving up Germany, and the important Nazi officials are scurrying for cover or facing time in reeducation camps.

In Winter's Bone, an adolescent--Ree Dolly--is forced to deal with a horrendous situation. If she can't solve the problem, her family will be dissolved. Similarly, in Lore, an adolescent-- Hannalore (Lore)--has to keep her family together after her parents--both Nazis--are taken away.

The difference between the two young women is that Ree has been forced to learn survival skills from early childhood. She is in a desperate situation, but at least it's in a milieu she knows and understands.

Hannalore has been carefully raised to love Hitler, and to be a good German wife. She may have gone on hikes as part of her Nazi Youth group, but she has never had to fend for herself. Suddenly, she has to leave her familiar surroundings and try to get the family to Hamburg, where their grandmother lives.

Saskia Rosendahl, who plays Lore, is a capable young actor, and she handles the challenges of the part very well. Lore isn't particularly ingenious, and she has moral scruples that are commendable, but often detrimental to survival. And, of course, like many Germans, she had bought into Nazi propaganda, and expected the Final Victory right up until the end.

The children straggle along through the countryside, with few people befriending them other than a mysterious man named Thomas (Kai-Peter Malina). Lori automatically loathes Thomas when she learns he's Jewish. She's been so ingrained with hate that she even lashes out at him as they are all sharing food he's procured. Shortland doesn't flinch from reminding us that many Nazis didn't become open, liberal people when Germany surrendered. Some of the people we meet are clearly having second thoughts. Others will be Nazis until the day they die. No amount of denazification will change them.

Where Lore will fit in this continuum, and how well her family will survive their ordeal, form the core of the story.

For both Ree and Hannalore, this period of trial represents a coming-of-age. What will happen to them next remains hidden from us and from them. We can only speculate, although Shortland gives us some clues about Lore at the end of the film.

We saw this movie at the Little Theatre, in Rochester, NY. It will work pretty well on DVD, and is definitely worth seeking out and seeing.
Not even well hidden Nazi propaganda
Excellent photography with beautiful German landscapes against razed to the ground houses and desperate hungry countrymen, blond lovely kids that suffer the cruelty of Americans that kill all the children and Russians that shoot children, a Jew ( he has a number tattooed ) who brutally kills an innocent German in cold blood with a rock, the same Jew who says lies while Lore does it only to give courage to her siblings, her coward not-so-German looking father who, according to her mother's words, wasn't so brave to do something else (what ?) instead of trying to save them, Hitler etc in pictures as images needed to be buried possibly for future use, conversations in a train about concentration camp photos that were probably fake and many more, are simple misdemeanors. If ".... your parents didn't do anything wrong.... " was not said by that obese lovely austere lady during the final minutes of this movie, I would say that naivety might have dominated the movie's creators' minds. But with this final phrase, the movie looks like a not even well hidden Nazi propaganda.
cruel beauty
a picture. only a picture. from a land. about a fall. and need of survive. a long way of five children across ash of a country. maybe, a parable. or lesson about search of sense in middle of a desert. a personal case who becomes reflection of entire tragedy of a nation. and self discover in large slices of silence. forms of beauty with flavor of old Germanic fairy tales. and cruel description of a way to be yourself. in fact, only ambition is to present proofs of clash between past and present. version for a king Leare story. the force of parents mistakes. part of two antagonistic universes. prey of life. and maker of each day. a love story as vehicle for passing across the memory Styx river. but memory is only boat. in its womb - only salvation. at end - air of a cruel beauty. and impression to discover image of our society.
Who to trust when you're at war
Lore isn't a bad movie. If it was not for the ending that I didn't really like I would have scored it a bit more. But the story, the filming and the actors were all good. It's a nice example that your kids will grew up like the parents learn them to behave. Just like dogs, you don't have mean dogs in the beginning, you have mean dogs because of their education. In this case Lore, the eldest of a whole bunch of kids, learns from her Nazi parents to hate Jews. And the rest of the story is the long journey across Germany after the defeat of the Nazis, where she has to rely on a Jew, the human being she's supposed to hate. It's a lesson for everybody, that the nationality, religion, or color of your skin don't matter. There's good and evil in any race or religion. Just don't assume everybody is bad because that makes you the bad one. Lore shows the cruel times people had to endure in wartime and even after the war. Not a bad movie at all.
As good as The Downfall
"The Bridge", "the Downfall" and "A woman in Berlin" can be put on the same line as this. The fall of the Third-Reich.

Here we follow Lore, a daughter of an high ranking Officer in the German army. It starts of still in the Third-Reich. As the family runs from the allied, they are confronted by challenges. As they hear their leader die, the world around them crumbles.

Its really a sad story. The children really don't know what just happened.

As any other movie. 6 stars. But i find the view of the German suffering interesting. So i give 10 stars, because this one is underrated by critics.
Lore Was Amazing !
My parents were both prisoners of the Nazis. My mother was imprisoned in Aushwitz and my father was taken to a Russian work camp. The trials and tribulations of Lore were hell;but, not as bad as I heard from my parents stories. Both my brother Leo and I are very lucky that our parents made it through that hell alive ! There history of WWII always leaves me with tears and even worse, " I never had the feeling of hugs from grandparents. As a youngster all my friends and neighbours had grandparents. I was always so sad when my mother told me how the Nazis (Germans) murdered so many of my relatives.

Thank You,

Harry Grunstein
You have to be patient with this movie
It's a punchline movie.

The ending ties it up well and puts it in proper perspective. Human perspective.

The movie, for me, is largely symbolic, archetypical. Lore is not really a person she IS the immediate post-war Germany.

Everything that she experiences, all her opinions, all the opinions she is exposed to and indoctrinated with, are the points of view of millions of the German populace.

How she deals with it, or denies it is how Germany dealt with and denied it. The 'it' being the entire ethos that permitted/enabled WWII.

In a sense all cultures are a form of mass hysteria, mass hypnotism. Societies indoctrinate as part of their nature, actually part of their definition is the values with which they indoctrinate their populace.

If the values are extreme and violent, the populace often follows. It the society fails at its aims and is physically destroyed, then the population becomes valueless and must die or reinvent itself.

Post WWI German society didn't die, so this is a movie about the pressures, the pressure cooker, in which gave birth to its reinvention.

So, as a piece of symbolic representation, it's magnificent.

There are no plot holes, every bit of dialog, every image, in necessary for understanding.

And patience is required. The viewer assembles all the images, all of Lore's perceptions.

And the pressure cooker cooks.
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