Last Hero in China
Hong Kong
Action, History, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Woo-ping Yuen, Jing Wong
Chia Hui Liu as Master Liu Heung (as Ka-fai Lau)
Linda Cheung as Hooker (as Lan-ying Cheung)
Isabel Leung as Hooker (as Pui-wu Leung)
Chung-Shun Chu as Ching Wa
Anita Yuen as Miss Nine (as Wing-yi Yuen)
Dicky Cheung as So (as Wai-kin Cheung)
Pak-cheung Chan as Mass Tar Wong 'Mr Pimp'
King-Tan Yuen as Madame
Fat Chung as Yuen Long
Alan Chui Chung San as Legate Officer Lui (as Chung-san Chui)
Sharla Cheung as Ti Yi-er (as Man Cheung)
Ka-Yan Leung as Leung Fu
Tiet Wo Chu as Chow Hung (as Tit-wo Chu)
Jet Li as Wong Fei-hung (as Lin-kit Lee)
Storyline: Jet Li stars in this comic spectacle as a Chinese "Robin Hood" who stumbles upon a kidnapping scheme after unwittingly opening a martial arts school next to a brothel!
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didn't seem like Wong-Fei Hong to me !
The movie over all was good besides the fact you had to read. It was lacking something it had fei-hong as a sort of priest. It didn't have him as one who would easily get into trouble. his drunken style lack any of his original forms for instance no miss or angel Ho, he use tiger and crane. Not what SEED taught him.
very good comic/grotesque kung-fu movie wire-moves extravaganza
this movie is very easy & nice to watch, bringing the parody/comic moments to the forefront, reaching grotesque levels at times. Won Fei Hung, the level headed virtuous master, is entrusted the leadership of some civic group on the ground of his unbridled virtue. While running his kung-fu school & medical practice he runs out of money and is evicted from his premises. A goofy fellow comes along offering them ample room for the school in exchange for kung-fu training. The only problem is the goofy fellow's "nieces" keep distracting kung-fu practitioners...and soon we learn the school shares its premises with a...brothel. Wong fei Hung is outraged but must defeat a gang trafficking women, and deal with his goofy disciples and evil martial artists, besides trying a poisonous drink on himself. This movie made me laugh. It isn't rocket science or award-winning stuff, but I liked this comic take. Plot is paper thin and garbled at times. Action moves are good, but of the moves-on-wires extravaganza kind. Recommended for unpretentious fun, taken for what it is.
Wong Fei Hung with a funny twist.
Jet Li reprises his role as martial arts legend Wong Fei-Hung in this movie that is not part of the original series featuring Li, but a film that gives a comedic twist to the story where Fei-Hung stumbles upon a kidnapping scheme after unknowingly opening a martial arts school next to a brothel.

Like previous Fei-Hung movies, this film has plenty of martial arts action and breathtaking battles, including the fight between the lion dancers and the giant human-controlled centipede. While Jet Li stays true to form as the serious, wise and powerful Wong Fei-Hung, this film also has a good dose of humor, courtesy of actor Chan Pak-Cheung, who plays pimp-turned martial arts wannabe Mass Tar Cheung, and actress Kingdom Yuen, who plays the brothel madam. A host of other all-star actors can be seen included Sharla Cheung, Anita Yuen, Dicky Cheng, Gordon Liu and members of Sammo Hung/Jackie Chan's stunt team - all giving us some top-notch acting performances.

The plot is pretty solid and gains momentum as the movie progresses, with a captivating story and classic good guy vs. bad guy elements. Just about everything is thrown in this movie - action, adventure, drama (which the story could use a little more of), comedy and period costumes/settings - all resulting in pure entertainment.

Grade B+
Humour adds spice to the too-serious violence
Refreshing Chinese style humour, new to me, worth dozens of predictable Hollywood "blockbusters", because this is something we don' see everyday. I'm ignorant about kung-fu movies, but happy to see something new. I read a review that criticised the ending. That is very strange because at the end the good fighting scenes and the refreshing absurdities are married.

Compared with recent Jackie Chan movies, the makers of this movie seem to have some pride. The choreography is artistic and both the added music and the music that comes with the plot work well. I don't think the producers said "Let's make another Jet Li movie."
You will BELIEVE a centipede can somersault sideways!!
My introduction to kung fu movies was Jet Li's "Fong Sai Yuk", which blew me away, and I'm happy to say that "The Last Hero In China" is every bit as great as the former. Lots of good jokes (incl. bad guys with infectious fits of hysterical laughter), lots of impressive fighting - even if it's wire-aided -, lots of enjoyable acting, and an uproarious climactic fight scene at the end; rooster vs. centipede!

The story, starring the legendary kung fu doctor, Wong Fei-Hung, is an old-fashioned romp which is perfectly suited to Jet Li's acting talent and charisma. The rooster costume he dons at the end, and the fighting style he invents, are hilariously entertaining, and he pulls it off with flying colors. This is the sort of thing Jet Li does best.

8 out of 10.
Up there with Fist of Legend
This film is amazing. The choreography work by Yuen Woo Ping is simply breath taking. Gnong Kau Chai as Legate Officer Lui in my view steals the film as possibly the best bad guy ever. His maniacal laughter and dialogue is but one of many good things in this film, another of which is Jet Li's gracious and best performance as Wong Fei Hung. Tak-Hing Kwan who for so many films had played the same character could feel as if he has successfully passed on his mantle to Li. The comic aspects of the film elevate this from Li's other films as Wong Fei Hung. The use of Wong's theme song ("Under the General's Orders") is my favourite thing about the film, especially when used by the hookers whose brothel is nest to Po Chee Lam (Wong Fei Hung's martial arts school). In a year in which Li made Fong Sai Yuk 1 and 2, Tai Chi Master. If Jet Li was a fine wine people would say 1993 was en excellent year.
Jet Li plays a comic Wong Fei-Hung
There are two reasons to see this movie: (1) the fighting is quite good, and (2) the translation is good enough that English-speakers will get the jokes.

This is a comic digression from the "Once Upon a Time in China" series. Jet Li again plays Master Wong. He is down on his luck, and so moves to Hong Kong to open a school in a run-down neighborhood. The austere and dignified Master Wong tries to protect his randy students from the corrupting influence of the brothel next-door, while investigating a gang of perverted Shoalin monks who have been abducting young women. In one great fighting scene, Master Wong is so disdainful of a convict with whom he is fighting that he refuses to stand up from his chair to defend himself (instead he conducts the whole fight with his butt in the chair).

A hilarious and fun movie, if about 10% too long.
Strangely out of line with the other Wong Fei Hong movies.
I was surprised at this movie. It seemed so unlike all the other Wong Fei Hong movies starring Jet Li. There were several hilarious gags in the movie, really funny stuff, but I also had a real problem with the casting for the role of Fu. Why they chose somebody who isn't a young rascal like the character has typically been, instead going for someone who looks much older than Jet Li, is beyond me.

The kung fu in this movie is pretty good, but the movie itself is overly comic. It's good, but not what I was prepared for in a Wong Fei Hong movie.
Very very funny!!
Man, this has to be up there with Kung Fu Cult Master...

It's Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung with a's got a lot of laughs. There are a lot of characters in this one and with a guy named "Mr. Pimp", you can't help laughing! The overcrowded training scene in Po Chi Lam is so funny when this poor guy keeps getting accidentally knocked out of the dojo. Wong's students Fu and So (who really earns the name Bucktooth in this one) add levity and do some decent fighting too. The villain is hilarious with that classic evil laugh. Not to be missed, do not forget to see Jet's rooster style. C'mon, you know Jet Li is the man if he can do that scene and still looks hardcore.

Did I forget about the great fight scenes? (thanks to Yuen Woo Ping) See Jet take out a guy while seated in a chair!! Who else can take down three guys at once on only ONE jump?? Definitely watch the battle between Jet and kung fu great Gordon Liu (a passing of the torch). Cheung Man fights as well and is just great to look at.

Director Jing Wong knew what he was doing and this film definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. Add Jet Li, fights done by Yuen Woo Ping, Anita Yuen (whatta babe!), Cheung Man, and a lot of humor and you have one heck of a movie!!
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