Justice League Dark
Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Animation
IMDB rating:
Jay Oliva
Alfred Molina as Destiny (voice)
Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Rath / Policeman / Father (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Husbamd / Shroud Leader (voice)
Camilla Luddington as Zatanna (voice)
Matt Ryan as John Constantine (voice)
Laura Post as Business Woman (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Alba Garcia / Black Orchid (voice)
JB Blanc as Abnegazar (voice)
Jeremy Davies as Ritchie Simpson (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman (voice)
Jerry O'Connell as Superman (voice)
Jason O'Mara as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Nicholas Turturro as Boston Brand / Deadman (voice)
Fred Tatasciore as Ghast (voice)
Roger R. Cross as Alec Holland / Swamp Thing / John Stewart / Green Lantern (voice)
Enrico Colantoni as Felix Faust (voice)
Ray Chase as Jason Blood / Etrigan (voice)
Storyline: Justice League Dark is what it sounds like. It's the dark side of justice. A group of supernatural heroes who band together loosely to take on occult threats, supernatural threats - threats that the real Justice League may be powerless against.
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Very good
This is by no means their best but it is up there. *SPOILERS*!!! Starts off like any JL animation then quickly goes to it's R Rated spectacle. Batman, As always, Rules.... Even death is afraid of him. the voice acting is on a brilliant par. the beautiful Rosario Dawson fill our minds with her gracious voice as Wonder Woman. As a fan of the new Tomb Raider game series I can comfortably say that Camilla does yet another great voice over. And to hear her in other things besides Tomb Raider is a treat. I have always loved the DC Animated films and this is no let down. So for anyone who complains about this (the people against BvS and Suicide Squad {Great films btw}) Read a comic and appreciate what we are getting. Love y'all
Nothing like the justice league you knew
I completely lost my interest after the ghost said to batman "Do something!". As a big Batman fan to see that someone is reacting and thinking faster than Batman makes you feel ripped off. There was another instance of hero-like behaviour, but I'm not going to spoil. I'll just say that after these moment you get the feeling "wtf?!". I'm rating it almost with the lowest score. These are not my heroes from the childhood I knew. I wish those who made movies like this.. would stop making them like this.
DARK Indeed
From the powerhouse of DC comes yet another good film if not awesome to some others. the main character s are constantine batman, zatanna, swamp thing (a cameo of sort),deadman,demon etrigan, black orchid (cameo of sort). The story is really good and almost close to the quality of other good films like JL doom, crisis on two earths. The twist near the end is quite good and not expected. It really surprised me and of course the film does indeed lives up to it's name "DARK" for including some really dark scenes which i won't mention and thought it was quite violent for even DC but that's where it's good. The voice actors are perfect specially Matt Ryan and his hard British accent,batman's and deadman's dry humor is on point. Another thing i want to point out is the music which i know or hope that everyone will like because it's seriously good- haunting and eerie perfectly fit for this kind of film. The film's really good for both casual fans and hardcore fans alike, although it could have been better but for their first outing with the occult it's very very good, they do need to make another story with these characters with spectre and other anti heroes.

I personally love to see the underrated and less used characters who are indeed very awesome. Dr occult, the phantom stranger, nightshade and various other occult dealing characters with even deadlier villains. The ending leaves you wanting more and i am disappointed as there was no post credits scene. here's to hoping there's a sequel.
it's.... okay. no more no less, which is a shame
This was a surprisingly dull entry in the WB/DC animated run of films. Just a run-of-the-mill plot, odd voice-acting at times (maybe the comics explain it but why does Deadman sound like a cab driver?) and a lack of Swamp Thing - I know that's a petty thing to say, but Swamp Thing is an outstanding character in the comics, and is so little used here he barely should make the cover of the DVD (Batman gets most prominence because... Batman, but, honestly, Green Lantern is in this more than ST).

It's not that I can pinpoint to a specific moment like 'here is where this whole thing falls off a cliff and omg it's so good until before then. Jay Oliva's direction is simply standard throughout, never really rising too far above what is absolutely required for such a boilerplate comic book story, and I think it's because there seems to be so much potential with these characters and the world that it's set in that to all of sudden see that it's just... well, time to fight a God that is doing all of this because, y'know, God and all that, that it falls radically short. Not to mention there's things that make it feel painfully standard like the 'oh no here's the twist/reveal that this character was not what we thought he was!' that feels weak and hackneyed.

Even the writing for a character like John Constantine, who is a wonderful bad-ass in his own series, is often here giving simple exposition. Occasionally a character will have a good line or quip, and the writing tries really hard (and maybe once or twice succeeds) in giving Zatanna some dimension and pain in moments with her magic usage. But overall this feels poorest in the writing than in the animation, though that comes standard as well. Lastly, it doesn't help knowing that there *could* have been a out of this world JLD movie from Guillermo del Toro, which is probably another in the long ranks of lost, promising works of his.
Better than the Suicide Squad movie, but that's a bar set low.
I want to like this movie for a few reasons. One, I like many of DC's animated movies. DC's animated take of the Suicide Squad in Batman: Assault on Arkham is much better than the live action film of 2016, and not just because it doesn't feature Marge Robbie's pale clown backside. Additionally, the concept behind Justice League Dark is clever: all the magical DC heroes band together to fight a supernatural force. Fun fact, both George Miller and Guillermo del Toro were attached to do adaptations of this concept. How cool would those movies have been?

But 2017's Justice League Dark has got issues, dude. For one, the "league" fights a guy called Felix Faust, who's got a Fu Manchu moustache but talks like he works at Home Depot. Gah. Additionally, the main villain of this feature could not. Be. Lamer. And it's such a shame. Justice League Dark should be taking on Cthulu/Lovecraftian/Hell horrors, man-- not just another smirking villain who, instead of firing 'energy' bolts fires 'magic' bolts instead. (But these ones are purple, oh okay.)

Everything about JLD feels wooden, which is tragic, given it's a cartoon (whoops, sorry, animated film.) Really: animation is one of the most fluid and adaptive forms of media we have: so why does everyone in JLD stand so stiffly and frown at one another? Frown and talk in grumbly- grumble voices? Answer: it's a pale attempt to convey grit and intensity. Maybe I'd buy it if I was one of those guys fedora-wearing basement dwellers--but I'm not. (Or am I?...) (No, really, I'm not.)

Constantine is a great character, and so is Zatana and Deadman— but I can't stand the voices for Deadman or Constantine. Deadman's job is to play comic relief (he annoys us with a phoney Brooklyn accent) and Constantine sounds like some Yank doing a poor impression of a Game of Thrones character. God.

What's stings most about JLD is the missed opportunity for something dark and truly weird. There's an episode of Superman: The Animated Series called "The Hand of Fate," where Supes and Dr. Fate have to team up to fight a villain called Karkull. Look up this episode; specifically, check out Karkull's groovy, Cthulu-inspired design. I saw this episode when I was a kid and I still remember Karkull's eyeball-filled lair and his tentacle teeth. JLD could have been something twisted and weird, but this 2017 iteration plays it too safe and by the numbers for my liking. Maybe we'll have something wonderfully horrifying in a sequel. But as it stands, it's better than 2016's Suicide Squad.

Different, but ended up being as superficial as a DC live-action movie
'Justice League Dark' follows the chronology from "the new 52" animated movies that was left in 'Justice League vs Teen Titans. The movie centers in a different and darker team of superheroes that have to join together in order to save humanity from demonic forces.

I think that this movie is a little bit overrated because, I mean, the animation was very good, and it was interesting for me to know these characters better, particularly John Constantine, and the movie started off very well, but then it became quite a bit superficial, to the grade of not understanding what was going on.

I also think that this movie was not worthy of an R rating at ALL! It is violent as any other DCU animated movie nowadays, but Son of Batman and The Dark Knight Returns Part II were far more bloody and violent than this one, and still they're PG-13. 'The killing joke' was definitely worthy of it, but this one is completely OK for anyone above 12. That was a big let down for me, because I was expecting something darker and much more violent than this.

Overall, it is worth to watch, but don't do it with very high expectations as I did, because you will be probably disappointed.
Another solid addition to DC's Animated Feature Universe
In the wake of the inconsistency of the live-action, universe building marathon, it's refreshing to see a simpler, more straightforward, yet still effectively intriguing story-telling pace set by DC's animated feature titles. JLD continues the trend of it's predecessor, excelling at brief but complete introductions to some of DC's more obscure characters, bringing them out of the shadows. The use of the overly popular Batman is very fitting here and die-hard and new fans should find a bunch to like. Animation is solid, the voice-casting is even better. Admittedly, this kind of animation is not for everyone (it's not on the grand scale of say, Disney). In retrospect, the Suicide Squad film would've benefited from a similar screenplay/storytelling. Hey WB, can we get some of these writers on board with the live action stuff?
An adequate venture in the darker Justic League universe...
It was the cover/poster for "Justice League Dark" that made me decide to watch this 2017 animated movie with my son. Normally I am not keen on the superhero genre, be it animated or actual movie. But the cover and the synopsis for this movie sounded like it could be an interesting watch.

First of all I must say that I wasn't particularly much of a fan of the art style they used here. It didn't match that which was used on the cover/poster, so it was a sore disappointment to watch something that looked like a hybrid between the 1980s cartoon style and the Manga/Anime drawing style. It just didn't really work out that well for me.

While I wasn't a fan of the art style, I will admit that the animation itself was good, and the pacing of the story was quite good as well. The story didn't really have moments where it lost its breath and slowed down.

As for the voice acting, which is very crucial for an animated movie, then I must say that the actors and actresses that they had gotten together for "Justice League Dark" were doing quite good jobs.

The storyline was adequate, although it wasn't outstanding or particularly memorable. Sure, it was entertaining enough, but it had some gaps and plot holes.

Granted, I am not a superhero fan, but it was difficult to look at Wonder Woman in that particular outfit, and I must admit that I am not even familiar with the Zatanna, Destiny, John Constantine and that yellow demon character - I don't even know his name. So I guess parts of the plot and concept idea was lost on me.

Having watched it once now, I can say that I have seen it, and I know for certain that I am not going to return to watch it a second time around, because it just wasn't all that impressive. Plus, it is a superhero story after all, so not a win-me-over for me.
It is a nice movie but expected a lot more
Warning SPOILERS ahead. I assure you this movie is good but its not great if have not seen it go watch the movie its worth your time but don't have great expectations before going to buy this movie. Its like any other New 52 DC movie and I would say it is better than some of the last DC movies. Well I like the point some major flaws and great little things about the movie - 1. They over emphasize the presence of Batman.Don't get me wrong batman is my favorite superhero. 2. A weak and predictable villain.The villain of this movie reaches some power levels which are quite very high.But he is easily defeated by some brains by falling by the old Trojan horse technique. 3. Entertaining but not deep characters 4. Has many unanswered questions. 5. More action expected. 6. More Darkness was required. 7. More tension was required to enhance the flavors. 8. Expected to see Dr. Fate 9. Shouldn't have been rated R