Jurassic World
USA, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Colin Trevorrow
Irrfan Khan as Masrani
Andy Buckley as Scott
Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
Jake M. Johnson as Lowery
Eddie J. Fernandez as Paddock Worker
Judy Greer as Park Visitor
Chris Pratt as Owen
Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Brian Tee as Hamada
B.D. Wong as Henry Wu
Storyline: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?
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A Great Come Back
The original Jurassic was very great but the next 2 sequels have started to wind down it's goodness. This one just leveled it a little bit like the original though not much but it's definitely good too.

Jurassic World is like a re-imagined of the original Jurassic Park. I love it. I just like it the way I did when I first saw the original Jurassic Park.

Will definitely watch Jurassic World again. And I am hoping for a much more better sequels this time than the originals did on The Lost World and III.

I recommend watching this film if you feel lost on the original sequels.
One of my favorite movies of all time.
I was coming into the movie with very high expectations and came out with the movie exceeding my expectations! Jurassic World is now one of my favorite movies of all time. The action sequences are intense and plentiful. The special effects are top notch. The music is wonderful(and not just John William's famous themes; Michael Giacchino's score is excellent as well.) And while the characters may not be as developed as in the original Jurassic Park, they are interesting in their own right. Chris Pratt does a great job as Owen, the raptor trainer, and Bryce Dallas Howard does excellent as Claire, the head of the park. One of my favorite "characters" though is the underwater dinosaur Mosasaur. (Every time it jumps out of the pool it's freaking awesome!) Even though a lot of people have called this movie predictable, it had a lot of twists and turns that were surprising, especially the ending. Without spoiling it, the ending sequence is one of the most epic endings that I can remember in any movie. The ending will give any true Jurassic Park fan chills.
Dream Come's True!
This is the 4th film of the greatest Jurassic Park series and one of my favorite movie. I was very excited to watch this movie since i saw its trailer for the first time. When ever i saw any part of this series playing of TV channels, i just sit to watch it hahahaha :D.

I have decided to watch this movie with my friends, as we all are just crazy about the Jurassic world. We have decided to wear the same Brown leather Vest in the premier which Chris Pratt worn in this movie. We all were looking exactly same as Owen character which was done by Chris Pratt in this part, Thanks to the Fjackets.com for the perfect costume and making our day.

The Role of each actor in this movie is worth especially Chris Pratt and Irfan Khan. This was the best part i have ever seen in this series, WORTH WATCHING.
Dear mother of god, Where is Jeff Goldblum when you really need him?
Before I get to sink my claws in what I think is very wrong with this film, I have to say upfront that it's an hell of a lot better film than "Jurassic Park 3" just for the glaring fact that "Jurassic Park 3" was that bad of a movie. So much so that poor Sam Neill can't live it down for the way the screenwriters ruined his character and the credibility of the series as a whole.

Now we have part 4, which is called "Jurassic World" and while it's a major league improvement over the dismal "Jurassic Park 3", its still can't live up to the quality of what Spielberg achieved with the work he did with the first two Jurassic Park films ( The original and it's sequel "The Lost World".) This film takes place 22 years after the original and Jurassic World is fully operational but the mystic of dinosaurs has worn off and the resort needs a new attraction to bring in new customers. So they create a new dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, a leaner, meaner animal that is made to bring in and wow the crowds. At this point of the film for me when they introduce this monster, I can hear what Jurassic Park's mainstay Ian Malcolm would have said during this moment and it would not have been kind. If you remember the character of Ian Malcolm (played wonderfully by Jeff Goldblum) he's pretty much the best character in the Jurassic Park films. The reason being is the fact that he not only represented what the audience was thinking during the films ( Well, the first two movies, not the god awful 3rd one) but was the voice of sarcastic reason and reality to John Hammond's flights of fancy. Too bad he's not around in this movie because he would be pretty much putting down almost every character in this film for their ignorance and stupidity, which was the audience's reaction in my theater through out this entire duration of the film.

Chris Pratt plays pretty much the only likable character in the entire film and pretty much the only character with some brains in his head. That's a good thing considering that we would have no one to root for to at least survive the massacre that comes when the Indominus Rex finally and predictably goes on it's killing rampage. Bryce Dallas Howard really does not have much to do other than be surprised by her character's stupidity, which is a shame cause she really is a good actress and Vincent D"Onofrio is given a one note role which is a crime cause he's a damn fine actor. Throw in two of the most annoying kids ever to be stranded on a dinosaur resort ( (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) and you have a cast of characters who almost deserves to be dino chow. Despite the dumb characters and the leaps in logic and common sense, the movie does work as a entertaining time waster. There are some pockets of excitement to be had and the climax really does deliver the goods but this is all this film is about. It's really a monster movie, not a Jurassic Park film and while Chris Pratt gives us the only character in the film to root for, not even he can cover up the film's huge mistakes in story, logic and characterization.

As the character of Ian Malcolm said to John Hammond in "The Lost World".

John Hammond: "Don't worry, I'm not making the same mistakes again." Dr.

Ian Malcolm: "No, you're making all new ones."

This pretty much sums up Jurassic World as a whole.
Excellent! Very Close to the Original
One of my sons is a huge fan of dinosaurs and JP and has been since he was a baby. He is now 15 and has multiple copies of all the movies and collected almost every JP dinosaur toy that was ever made (plus many other dinosaurs). He has been waiting for this movie since it was originally supposed to come out in 2005. A couple of years ago when it was finally solidified as actual movie it renewed his interest. Since then he has followed every detail available with the making and release of the film. Needless to say we saw the movie last night at the first possible showing. The movie did not disappoint and delivered on being one of the best installments to the franchise since the original. We both felt in a lot of ways it was better than the original! What shocked me today was a lot of reviews posted here. Many complain about a weak story or lack of character development. Seems to me that most of them completely missed the idea behind Jurassic Park/World in the first place. The characters and story in all of these movies are the dinosaurs and not the live actors. Jurassic World was actually the first of the franchise that focused more on the story of the dinosaurs and their character development and not the actors. Make no mistake here folks the star of this movie is Indominus Rex and not Chris Pratt. In fact this movie had many less annoying human characters than the three other movies. Think of the two kids in the original -annoying. I wanted them to be eaten. The next two movies only increased the number of annoying human characters. Jurassic World gave us human characters in the right amount and none of them stole the show from the dinosaurs. My son and I thought it was a great installment to the franchise. Go see Jurassic World you won't be disappointed.
Great 3D movie
This film combines the stories taken from king Kong and The lost world,25 version.Bryce Dallas Howard Plays a Bitchy corporate executive ,who can't get with her nephews on Christmas holidays ,played by TY Simpkins and Nick Robinson, that her sister has sent them for visit,played by Judy Greer.Bryce works for a huge corporate amusement park that focuses on dinosaurs.Bryce can't make time for her nephews,so they wonder on their own.She a a troubled working and personal relationships with a dinosaur trainer and activist play by new movie star Chris Prat.Though owner and designer of the a park Irrfan Kahn ,who is more concerned about people having fun than how much profit has increased.Chris has a problem working relationship with Vincent.Vincent believes that the dinosaurs should focus on killing each other ,but, Chris believes they should be trained for peace.Well, there is one dinosaur that was create artificially ,for a new part of the park ,to be open soon.I call him T.Rex Kong. A problem arises he not following instructions and eats another dinosaur .All hell breaks loose when he jumps the wall and terrorizes the customers the customer of the park making a nice meal out of some of the worker and security guards .The dinosaurs were so realistic and were digitally created . Earlier Jurissic Park had used some puppets .The movie is made in style of an amusement park .It seems that the character development is shorter for the sake of the action.In some out takes that was shown ,flat, indicated that may be some of the shots should have been kept of the character development.It was not even.Did you see the little old fashion camera that the smaller nephew was carrying?could indicate Hollywood dislike towards home digital cameras?Chis originally did a you tube joke about him getting a job in Spielberg's next Jurassic movie .I think it was you tube.His dreams came true. Another problem was that the characters and the whole atmosphere of the movies and sets were cold and stoic.Even the kissing scene was cold and the family reunion scene,which Claire's sisters husband was played by Andy Buckley, was also not warm..E.T ,Poltergeists and Star Wars was far more Warmer.What's the problem?I am afraid it's a real world currently problems in general.Hollywood has always pretentiously serve the establishment ,for profit,then claims they serve the masses.This movie reflects our phony liberal side of big business and the wealthy running our government and exploiting the animal rights and environmentalist ,who are desperate for a quick answer to protect animals and the environment as well a s fanatics and those who have a contempt against the human race ,due to constant warmongering ,for profit and political power.This reflects pitting animals and the environment against humans ,very subtle, in this film,but,this is an outer problem.In spite of this it is an excellence film,Gorgeous sets and realistic dinosaurs ,Bryce in her 1970's hair do,which has become popular again and handsome leading man Chris Pratt.I was certainly satisfied with this movie.Both 3D and flat were good. The sound was arousing and excellent .No out of synchronizing problems here,since both images are in a folder stabled .Great for Dino fans and 3D fans. 10/21/15
Interesting If Not Predictable.
As someone who grew up watching the Jurassic Park films (and still doesn't care in the 3 one was a bit bad), I have to say I was excited when I first heard this was becoming a thing. The trailer excited me and awoke a childish nature in me I haven't felt in years. I was stoked for this film and what I was was... interesting.

I will say this, the story was predictable. I liked some elements of the plot but I wish that the creators had taken a slightly different route with it all. I loved the I.Rex and how it worked, it was the first genuine smart animal that we encountered that wasn't meant to be smart. I liked some of the characters however the acting was a bit… wooden at times (I don't mean to bash the actors in any way). I feel like the script writers went too 'cliché' with this film and didn't realise it until after it had released (if they realised it at all).

There was still something magical about this film. It wasn't really as gritty or hard paced as the previous three but a lot of time had passed since them and we came to expect things from people who wanted to change some stuff. What you have to remember is it's been 22 years since the first Jurassic Park was released, things have to change otherwise we'll be repeating the same story over and over again, just with different technology involved.

All in all, I liked it. Some parts were disappointing but I got the Jurassic Park vibe that the other films managed to beat into us. When I first watched Jurassic Park (the first film) I was one years old, nearly two and it was at Christmas. I sat on my Dad's chest and was captivated even at such a young age. Jurassic World may be cliché and the acting may be a bit off at times but I'm extremely impressed with it all. The ending has become one of my favourite sequences in film history and it probably will be for years to come.

In short, take your kids to go see it. To the people who watched the originals, it's not awful but it's not the 10/10 movie we were expecting but it still stands up for itself.
Movie Review of Jurassic World
**Contains Spoilers Continuing the saga started in 1993, a once trial theme park, Jurassic Park, was never allowed to be opened to the public… until now. This new adaptation of the theme park, Jurassic World, shows the old park, renovated, if it was open to the public today. The introduction of new technologies and advances in genetic technology allows them to engineer a stronger, smarter, and more intimidating dinosaur, Indominus Rex. This new species of dinosaur becomes a strong threat to all of the tourists and other dinosaurs and leads to overall chaos when it escapes its large cage. Overall, the storyline is well told and provides a good follow up to the original Jurassic Park movies. While most of the characters are believable, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), is a little overdramatic in her role. However, Owen (Chris Pratt), demonstrated impeccable acting skills as he is faced with dangerous situations throughout the movie. The returning scientist from the original Jurassic Park movies, Henry Wu (BD Wong) provides a great connection to the past series. I also like how the new park developer, Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), is fulfilling the previous creator, John Hammond's last wishes for a park.

Some of the main characters change throughout the movie. Claire changes throughout the film as in the beginning she was self-absorbed, but through her experience and ordeal, she becomes less uptight and a more compassionate person. Another character who develops throughout the movie is Claire's nephew, Zach (Nick Robinson), who changes from being self-centered to caring and protecting his younger brother. The main conflict begins when the new dinosaur Indominus Rex escapes her cage. With this threat, the previous company, InGen, takes control over the park in order to utilize other dinosaurs such as velociraptors to destroy the Indominus Rex. The movie ends in an epic battle to try and eliminate the Indominus Rex. The storyline is well written and enjoyable to watch. The interactions between all of the characters is effective and keeps the storyline believable and understandable. The characters acting abilities are highlighted throughout the movie as they have to run, fight and hide from dinosaurs who are added in by special effects later on in the film making process. The actors' abilities to produce emotions making it feel like the dinosaurs were actually chasing after them is great. Aside from a few overdramatic scenes by Claire, the acting is really believable. Location for this movie is an island with a jungle and theme park setting. The location is very interesting, connecting back to the old Jurassic Park movies as it shows the original visitor's center during the movie as being deserted and abandoned. The theme park also is interesting as it looks like any other park one would normally go to with rides, restaurants, and gift shops all pertaining to the overall dinosaur theme. The only thing that would have been an added bonus would be getting to see more of the souvenirs and places in the theme park. I thought the costumes were appropriate for most of the characters. I like how one of the control room operators had an original "vintage" Jurassic Park t-shirt. I feel that Claire's outfit is inappropriate for the movie because it does not match the setting well. It makes sense that she is not wearing safari clothes, but her outfit could have been better if it was a different color other than white. Some famous actors in this film include Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The computer graphics for the movie are incredible and realistic. The music featured in the movie provides good background and increases the intensity of the film. The camera angles provide some scary scenes, especially when seeing only the large teeth and large eyes of the dinosaurs. The composition of the film is well laid out. The lighting is good except the scenes which are done at night are dark and difficult to see. Altogether the movie is interesting, exciting and thrilling. The only suggestions I would have is some less over dramatic scenes from Claire, and better lighting for the scenes filmed at night. I would recommend this movie for families, and people who enjoy adventure and thriller movies. I would definitely watch this movie again and I am excited to be able to purchase it on DVD.
Graceful, popcorn filled thrilling and tense, taught and energetic. This trilogy gets much better as it goes on.
Successfully expands from park to world. Truly, it's a Jurassic world after all. Even though Steven Spielberg didn't direct it, he's still the executive producer. The visuals were thrilling and spectacular and so was the plot line. As the time passes on, the visuals get more artistic and realistic. This trilogy series never wears out it's welcome, I wonder what they will think of next… Jurassic Space? I hope this film continues to receive critical acclaim as it's a dazzling popcorn thriller and it's emotionally and visually exciting.

I think in the fifth film, there should be dinosaurs in space or the dinosaurs are attacking aliens. The CGI gets better as the years go on and it successfully replicates and in some ways improves the behaviours of the dinosaurs when they react with humans with the dinosaurs violent behaviours sure to thrill the entire audience!
Appreciate it for what it is
Jurassic world differs from all other installments of the jurassic park franchise, it feels more like a family movie compared to a thriller. In this movie, there are more comic relief moments, more content regarding family, and we also know for a fact that none of the major characters won't die. A lot of people say that this movie is predictable, that there is just one big monster and it's powerful, it does a lot of damage and then it gets defeated. But I feel that this generalization of the plot is kinda bs, because every detail of this movie is very enjoyable. You got the cool new dino, you got great chase scenes, you got dino fights, you got a sense of an apocalyptic event, you got good music, and you also got T-rex. I feel like people are judging this movie too much, comparing it to jurassic park and lost world. But we should realize that this is something different, and it is enjoyable, that's all that matters.