Jurassic World
USA, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Colin Trevorrow
Irrfan Khan as Masrani
Andy Buckley as Scott
Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
Jake M. Johnson as Lowery
Eddie J. Fernandez as Paddock Worker
Judy Greer as Park Visitor
Chris Pratt as Owen
Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Brian Tee as Hamada
B.D. Wong as Henry Wu
Storyline: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?
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I really loved this movie
First off I was around when the first movie hit theaters and I loved it. I however absolute loved this new Jurassic adventure almost as much as the original. Jurassic Park was unique for its time by showing us the most realistic Dinosaurs we had ever seen on screen. The problems people are reporting having with the new Jurassic World are in a way ironically addressed in the movie's plot, "people aren't impressed by typical dinosaurs anymore; they need something bigger, louder, scarier, and with a lot more teeth."

The film is no longer primarily focused on a select few quirky guest who set out to test an accident waiting to happen called Jurassic Park. This movie is more action, dinosaur oriented and that's what I love about it. While watching the original, more than a few times, I've wished there was just more to the story, more dinosaur interaction but the plot line always seems a bit short to me when talking in terms of event A making it to event B. The original villain/code monkey/douchebag was overly cartoonish and I hated him in all the wrong ways.

I can see what they were trying to do with this movie. First off I'm a big fan of animatronics over CGI any day of the week but to get these animals to move at a proper realistic speed it just had to be all done with computers this time around. The CGI was well done in my opinion so I had no real complaints about the dinosaurs being done on a computer. People are complaining there are way too many product placements, well that's because the movie is trying to depict an overly commercialized theme park that really has no care about man or beast as long as the earnings at the end of the day are big enough. So ya I'm not saying it wasn't a strategic money making decision to get a bunch of sponsors but it does make sense to a degree to have all these well know products in a movie were everyone is only concerned about the newest and latest thing.

Another complaint was the acting and character development was lacking, yep your right. Many times the characters bordered being too cliché or stereotypes, and more than a few times Owen looked like he was hamming up that "I'm a bad ass who likes to get dirty in more ways than one and that's why I'm so sexy," walk of his, plus the brooding went a bit too far. In the end I ended up feeling for most every person in the movie. So they may not be super deep characters but they are not cardboard either, plus I really enjoyed the relationship between the raptors and Owen (Chris Pratt). Oh, as for Bryce Howard or Clair running the whole movie with high heels on, yep that was a little out there but there were more than a few long distant shots of the actress really having to run with the same high heels on and never missing a beat alongside her sensible shoe wearing costars. That was enough for me to look over that plot hole.

Lets all face it this movie was made one for the money/ merchandise, two to bring the concept of Jurassic Park to a new generation (one that values visuals over plot and character development), and three to expand the Jurassic world for the fans who loved the first one and wish it were a real park. I felt like a kid while watching this movie. The way I felt during this movie is the way I would imaging feeling if this were a real park that I was visiting for the first time. It was very entertaining and for me who has seen it all that's saying a lot about this movie. I hope people can give it some slack and except that it's a different take on an old beloved movie from our childhood.
The best Jurassic park movie
The first three Jurassic park movie are very scary. But this movie is scarier. 7.1 is underrating this movie. This is one of the scariest movies of all time. It is better then 7.1. All the Jurassic Park movie are great movies and this is the best one. This is one of the best scenes fiction movie of all time. This movie has great special effects. It also has a great story line. It also has great acting. Colin Trevorrow is a great director. Chris Pratt is a great actor. Bryce Dallas Howard is a great actresses. Ty Simpkins is a great actor. Nick Robinson is a great actor. See this movie. See all the Jurassic park movies.
Jurassic World is the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise.
Jurassic World is the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. In 1993 Steven Spielberg shocked the world with these dinosaurs. Even though Jurassic Park 2 and 3 weren't as successful as the first, this fourth installment definitely revived and put a different aspect to this series. Colin Trevorrow was great with making this movie an intense thriller with comedy that is very entertaining and interesting with full of surprises.

Jurassic World, the name of the original park, opened 22 years ago in 1993 in Costa Rica to entertain and inform the world about dinosaurs, unfortunately the park failed and ended with dinosaurs escaping and creating chaos everywhere. 22 years later, People weren't as amused at the dinosaurs like they were in 1993. Because of this Ingen scientists have decided to make a new breed of dinosaurs, the Indominus Rex to attract new customers for this amazing park. The Indominus Rex is a hybrid dinosaur that escaped in the park due to its unknown ability to camouflage. The story begins with 2 brothers getting V.I.P passes to the park in Costa Rica because of their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) works as a manager of the park. When they found out that The Indominus Rex escaped and went on a killing spree killing everyone and everything it sees throughout the park Claire, the park manager, asked help from an employee/trainer (Chris Pratt), which actually cares about the dinosaurs, to help her get her nephews back. The genetic monster is a big threat where there are thousands of customers/tourists throughout the park.

The cinematography and the special effects of the whole film was amazing, there was so much attention to detail that CGI looked believable and real. It shot specific angles that made the movie more amazing. I like the scene when the 2 brothers where inside the ball and they were counting the dinosaurs and they notice the Indominous Rex on the Glass Ball. The sound effect was also great. Some of the soundtrack where also from the original and that made it better. Even though the cast didn't have big names it really worked. Chris Pratt the employee/trainer was amazing he singlehandedly made the film better by making it funny and exciting. Bryce Dallas Howard was also great she made the movie better by adding the funny/serious type. She started as the serious only work type person but in the end she changed and became a family type and she started to loosen up. The movie has everything it has comedy, romance, action, thriller, and even violence. It also teaches important values like how important family and it is wrong to play God and greed is very bad and can punish you in a really bad way.

One of the parts that disturbed me a lot in the movie is where Zara, Claire's assistant, chased the brothers even though there is chaos, danger and Pterodactyls everywhere to protect them. She was later got passed around by Pterodactyls like chew toy dropped in the fish tank and drowned then eaten by the underwater monster the Mosasaur. All I was thinking about is what did she did to deserve such a terrible and brutal death? She had a worse death than the villain/bad guy, Hoskins.

I liked the big fight scene where the Indominus Rex went face to face with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was like the original versus the genetically modified beast. It gave me the shivers just seeing the T-Rex come out and facing the Indominus Rex. The only part that I didn't understand is the T-Rex working with the Velociraptor to defeat the Indominus. I think it just didn't really make sense since that they would work together since in the other movies the T-Rex was just destroying everything it sees which makes a lot more sense than working together with the Velociraptor. Overall the movie was great. It is an action-packed comedy filled movie with a great story line.
A true sequel to a classic film
OK, I read the 2 novels before the original movies came out, and was hooked back in 1991/92 when the original movie came out. Fell in love! And really have enjoyed the 2 sequels for what they're worth. Then, came out with Jurassic World, used our favorite Starkilled... and we have an amazing movie. I'm still riding a high from seeing it last night. It was just so good. I spoiled a few moments for myself, but overall was still surprised at the ending, despite it's Mortal Kombat predicted finish. The CGI was top notch and had us really believing these creatures were real. A worthy movie to see over and over again. I really do not want to spoil a THING. I would not say this movie is sexist in anyway... not sure where people picked up on that, but will say it is heavy on the testosterone(did I spell that correctly?). Which isn't a bad thing. Jurassic World has a wonderful build up, some good personalities, and a few main 'side characters' are killed off! We see some personalities actually change through the movie. Claire, Zach, and even Gray and Owen to some extent. I'll say this: Claire learns some humility and heart. Zach learns real love over shallowness to some extent, Gray learns true courage, and Owen (with already enough faith and trust) gains even more (and a fan club). Though the one character who comes back... I wonder if they grew his character more from a twisted version from the original novel. (Real the original novel!)

Don't let the trailers anger you, you will root for the raptors, and you will LIKE IT! The raptors aren't exactly 'tamed', barely. Think Dug from Up. This is the true sequel to the original movie Michael refused to give Spielberg years ago... instead Creighton wrote about irregular students outside of the norm, attached to a character akin to Spielberg's personality, and gave us a more boring version of Malcolm (that sung Dixie no less), and Harding, who was a woman who to was hard to understand and not very likable. And the end of the second book was... lackluster to say the least. Not want Spielberg wanted. Still a good novel and fun read.

The island is back, the locations, the look, and we see some of its 'history' (wish we saw more of the attractions). This is the true sequel and it the summer smash for 2015. If you like the original Jurassic Park movie, you can not miss out on this movie. It fits so well, and open enough for a few questions and a sequel. Which makes one think... they could... no wait, can't say it. It might spoil the ending! Ha ha! They do mourn a character that dies. A plot twist here or there... the final fight is simply amazing. Cool tributes to the original movie (and Stan Winston - there's a building named after him, look for it, I saw it!) This was an excellent movie and a definite 10 in my book. Easily rewatchable.

Please note, it seemed a little more gory than the previous movies with a little more blood. The cursing was actually minimal. I wouldn't take anyone under 7 or 8 to see it. The gore was kind of cool though. More detail than we had in the originals other than "I think this was Gennaro..." Great movie, plenty of dino on dino fighting action. Don't listen to the naysayers. No contrived endless conversations about dinosaur behavior here.
Life always finds a way, but not this time
The movie is more than awesome, this the second time I watch Chris Pratt (the first time I watched him was Guardians of the galaxy), I must admit he is evolving his acting style. What spoiled my mood is these people with their negative reviews, these people are just the same as these dinosaurs, stubborn and narrow sighted. Guys if you don't like this movie then I advise (this advice costs you for free) you not to waste your time on writing negative reviews. What's your business and who are you to criticize the movie and their actors. If you are so considerate then I suggest you to write more reviews about your own pathetic messy lives and teach us how to improve them better than saying blah blah blah.
Worth waiting for
Absolutely loved this film, Chris Pratt was just as amazing as he was in Guardians of the Galaxy, the connection with the Velociraptors made an interesting twist, having the dinosaurs work together didn't make a lot of sense but it still made a good film.

Having them go to where the old Jurassic park used to be was great considering I loved the other 3 and then bringing in the T-Rex at the end to show that he is the king of dinosaurs was great, throughly enjoyed it and would go see it again 100 times over.

However there were some stale points within the film for example when the brothers were talking but it gave more connection with the audience around the idea of family.

Definitely recommend it!
Appreciate it for what it is
Jurassic world differs from all other installments of the jurassic park franchise, it feels more like a family movie compared to a thriller. In this movie, there are more comic relief moments, more content regarding family, and we also know for a fact that none of the major characters won't die. A lot of people say that this movie is predictable, that there is just one big monster and it's powerful, it does a lot of damage and then it gets defeated. But I feel that this generalization of the plot is kinda bs, because every detail of this movie is very enjoyable. You got the cool new dino, you got great chase scenes, you got dino fights, you got a sense of an apocalyptic event, you got good music, and you also got T-rex. I feel like people are judging this movie too much, comparing it to jurassic park and lost world. But we should realize that this is something different, and it is enjoyable, that's all that matters.
Ridiculous product placement, childish plot
I'm over the ubiquitous advertising that is going on in movies these days. I counted no less than 10 global brands in the first 10 minutes of the film, from Verizon Wireless (called out by name), to Pepsi and Tostitos, Coca Cola and Dasani, Mercedes, Samsung... I went to see a movie about dinosaurs to ESCAPE the real world, not be reminded of it. It's been a long time since I saw a movie in theaters, and after this, I feel used - I don't think I'll be returning any time soon.

After all the real-world advertising right out of the gate, it was hard for me to take the rest of the movie seriously. The plot seemed like it was written for a 2 year old. Incredibly childish dinosaur battles made a total mockery of the intelligence and respect Michael Crichton and the original JP showed for these creatures. The most fierce creatures from the originals have now been tamed, and are supposedly working with humans. The "climax" of the movie was embarrassing. The tension from the original movie was nowhere to be found, no sense of fear, no danger - the whole thing seemed like a tame amusement park ride. Visually, the CGI in the original was better and far more impressive, especially relative to its contemporaries.

I wish I hadn't seen this. It does not even come close to holding a candle to the original.
Finally a Worthy Sequel
I'm really impressed; REALLY IMPRESSED! Being a kid growing up with Jurassic Park, this movie was due a righteous comeback, and this movie did not disappoint. It brought back everything from the original film into modern day as it should; kudos to everyone involved! This movie revitalized Jurassic Park again for the new masses! Chris is great and the story keeps you interested just as the original did the first time around. As a Jurassic fan I love the the film's display to links to the original film. This action flick keeps you on your toes and wanting more, which it does it incremental pieces just as you want them to be. The ending is is just as you want it to be, epic and full of surprises, even from an old foe that you did not expect.
How to tame your raptor
I just recently watched the movie Jurassic World and needless to say, it was EXCELLENT...

From the beginning to the end, there was enough action, and surprisingly, a lot of humor to find in between the action scenes. There is some gore to be found in the movie (It is a horror genre with Dino's, after all...) but there wasn't all too much graphic scenes. You could easily take your children to the movie without having to worry about blood or other gruesome things for your kids to see (WARNING: You will see some people got eaten, but as I just mentioned, NO BLOOD)

The story takes place on isla Nublar, in Costa Rica. None of the previous characters are involved in this film seeing as how John Hammond has passed away and the previous characters have nothing to do with this movie. However, the new introductions bring a few fresh faces to the genre and the story divides screen time evenly between the main characters so the movie isn't focused on 1 specific character.

If you are a fan from Jurassic Park or any Dino-themed movie, this is definitely for you.
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