USA, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig
Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran
Shaquan Lewis as Officer Solomon
Sam Koules as Melissa
Josiah Black as Edgar Munsen
Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville
Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson
Michael Boisvert as Lee James
Clé Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt
Tobin Bell as Jigsaw / John Kramer
Storyline: Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years.
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Awful, just awful...
Saw is the manifestation of a movie that was written just to milk some money off the brand. The acting is bad, the story is full of wholes. Nothing makes sense in this movie and not in a smart - you have to think about it - way. Save yourself some money and go watch something else.
Interesting detective story.
No doubt, Saw (2004) is still one of the finest bloody movies, all sequels were very good and enjoyable except 3D, I really wanted to have hope for Jigsaw, even the eight part sounds a bit too much for me and I didn't expect for new SAW movie. After seeing Jigsaw, it was enough solid and interesting, but I just had some feeling that they made a needless story because it wasn't so important for fans of Saw franchise. Everything about this was just really solid, and the twist was good one. The games/traps are not as strong/brutal as from previous Saw movies, but still made me interesting what will happen next. I found Jigsaw a less disturbing, but a little better than Leatherface. It's actually more detective movie and it doesn't feel exactly like a Saw movie, but however, it was interesting.

Not worth your time (spoilers)
characters are really underdeveloped,plot twist at the end does not make any single sense

plot twist was really stupid i am not sure,but i think they even made a mistake when it happened,like how did Doctor inspect those patients in present when at the end it is revealed that it has happened 10 years ago,and the doctor is actually taking revenge in present?!So no,the doctor that was inspecting them was not his past self,i just think they made a stupid mistake

it fails to keep attention,the only thing that happens is that they suffer and die,and after five straight minutes of that it just gets boring

i think that the casting was okay

the thing that i liked were the effects,but you can't have a good movie with only good effects and okay casting,can't you?

i actually forgot that i watched the movie after an hour,it was a really forgetful movie.

it had a potential,but the story was garbage. sorry if i made no sense at the plot twist part.
They ran out of ideas and made a disappointing ending
As a huge fan of the saw movies I felt severely let down by this movie. As Jigsaw is so highly advertised, you expect him to be the mastermind and back completely but expect disappointment. The other movies had trapped characters who had actual personalities that make you want them to live, plot twists they hadn't used before, returning characters from previous movies that you didn't expect and a continuing plot. This movie reused the plot from two previous Saw movies... Jigsaw's apprentice being the mastermind the whole time (Saw IV, Saw VI and Saw VII) and also what was shown to us and everyone had already happened (Saw II)..

This was the movie to wrap everything up but had the worst twist out of them all, which hit harder due to the hype I felt believing Jigsaw would be back. One of the main issues I had with this movie is that it was advertised and presented to us to have Jigsaw be the one behind the recent crimes but it wasn't even a returning character like Saw II and Saw VII had.. It was someone who meant nothing to us loyal fans and feels like a slap in the face as the actor of Jigsaw/John Kramer (Tobin Bell) was actually there in the movie so it's not like they couldn't bring him back. Now obviously we saw him die so it would have been difficult to explain him still being alive but they teased us so many times with his return and as this is the supposed official finale advertised with Jigsaw we'd expect an amazing reason, an amazing twist to explain this. We see Jigsaw alive with dialog from another character indicating confusion as to why he is but later on we just get a twist that this part of the movie was set in the past.. I'd have rather been given a movie set at a point where he was alive rather than someone new with no charisma.

The actual "game" itself.. felt so uncared for with characters so boring and similar. Yes, there are characters we are supposed to hate but not 4/5 of them and the only likable one dies in the middle of the movie. This is supposed to be the main thing in the Saw movies and to have it as as not only end up as a side-plot, but to feel so unenjoyable is very disappointing.

One scene in particular that didn't make sense either is that a girl needed to take only 1 of 3 injections with 1 being an antidote to poison inside her another being harmless and another being acid but she refused so another "player" injects her with all 3.. ensuring her instant death which didn't make sense because he just needed to use 1 and she would had a possibility of surviving or just not being harmed at that moment. She also knew the answer of which needle it was the antidote the whole time.
I Saw this and Loved every bit of it.
This saw movie was actually one of the best ones. This movie had its scary moments and its funny moments, I give it a 9/10 because i have been waiting for a long time, I actually got to learn what happened after all these years but disappointing because Gordon and Hoffman weren't revealed. We still don't know what happened to them :(
Not worth watching
Hollywood's cash cow advantage for Halloween. The traps were meh. Too tamed compared to other saw movies. The twist at the end was awful nearly the whole movie turns out to be one big flashback. Flashbacks are starting to become an annoying cliché both in movies and TV series. It's a sequel that didn't need to be made. I recommend not bothering with this one.
Put it together in your own time
Saw has had many ups and downs as a series. The "final chapter" in 2010 was about as limp as soggy bread, giving us nothing shocking and a long-expected twist.

Jigsaw begins anew (don't expect Hoffman or Dr. Gordon to return) and features new characters and a new set of games. But...how can this be if John Kramer died over ten years ago? Is he really dead? He has to be. Right?

There are definite improvements here. The cinematography and production design is light years beyond the previous movies. I used to refer to Saw having "faketography" with some of the rudest, ugliest, and cheapest filters and color corrections ever to dirty the big screen. Jigsaw, being the first to be shot in 2.35:1, actually looks cinematic and it's the film's best feature. The games and traps themselves are gruesome but not overplayed, which took the focus away from torture porn and gave it a bit more of the psychological edge we got in the first movie.

Sadly, it fails elsewhere. The story gives us YET MORE cops, YET MORE coroners, and YET MORE doctors (all of them forgettable) filling up the side story. Sorry, but after a seven-year hiatus this should have been more unique and subversive. I gotta admit though, that twist ending had me kicking myself, and Charlie Clouser's score is as intense as ever.

Not a bad film, but not the huge comeback it should have been. I rank it somewhere in the middle of the series overall.
Saw It All Before
Wait. Was this PG-13? It sure felt like it was and Expendable.

The most positive thing I could say about Part Eight of the Saw franchise is that the crew knew what made the latter part of the series' memorable: flashbacks, twists, bad acting and terrible dialogue.

Maybe it was a hindrance that I decided to spend the entire 7 days prior to Jigsaw's release watching one Saw movie a day. Maybe I was sawed out.

In a series that I originally thought got progressively worse, I found a little comfort in how closely tied the first seven were. It did feel like one long (approx.) 11-hour miniseries and, yeah, that did make the series feel complete. And when it was over, it needed to be over. I was glad it was over.

Speaking of over, this is absolute overkill, only less on the killing. It was so mild, so held-back, my original positive turns into a negative whereas the creators forgot how much blood there should be.

Basically, it's 10 years later and immediately as the movie opens, the game begins again. As in Saw-lore, the movie shifts from the cop side to a Jigsaw game.

Will there be twists? Sure, but you predict them from the start. Will there be red herrings? Of course, but like the twists, you'll know who's behind this. Will there be redemption? Well, not for the series.

The games played were enormously lame, the tired setups seem ancient and the gore factor was so dialed back, I thought I was watching the most gruesome scenes from the "vampire" movie, Twilight. Extremely minor things were updated (new technology – sort of – from the last outings,) but barely anything was new or brought in to refresh the series. Well, except laughs.

Some of the traps were so hilariously bad, I seriously couldn't figure out if that was intentional or not. Perhaps they were meant as jokes to poke fun at their own series as the characters did constantly mock the designs as well. (If this was the case, then I will give them credit for that.)

This movie did have potential, but it felt like it was written as quickly as the previously 1-per-year scripts. Only, this time they had 7 years to come up with something! They just blew it with a rehash of one of the worst in the original seven.

I wouldn't recommend seeing Saw: Legacy, er, I mean, Saw VIII, um, Jigsaw!


Final thoughts: After my Sawathon, here's how they rank:

1. Saw (★★★★/5 Stars.)

2. Saw II (★★★★/5 Stars.)

3. Saw III (★★★½/5 Stars.)

4. Saw VI (★★★/5 Stars.)

5. Saw IV (★★★/5 Stars.)

6. Saw V (★★½/5 Stars.)

7. Saw 3D (★★/5 Stars.)

8. Jigsaw (★½/5 Stars.)
Jigsaw is back!
Prior to watching 'Jigsaw', as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible during a much needed quiet period after five years of intensive, richly rewarding but at times stressful music college studying, the previous seven 'Saw' films were watched to know what to expect and having heard so much about the franchise.

The franchise is somewhat variable in quality, the problematic but very well done first film being the best and the best sequels being the second and sixth. The third film didn't do much for me, the fourth film left me on the fence while the fifth and 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter' were severe let downs. Will go out on a limb, and am not sure how controversial an opinion it is, saying that after seeing 'Jigsaw' that it is generally one of the series' best and perhaps the best since the first.

'Jigsaw' is not perfect certainly and the problems here are apparent in the previous films too. The editing is sloppy. The characters are one-dimensional with incomplete character arcs. The story does have logic and credulity issues (like the rest of the 'Saw' films did, including the original), with a few strands not particularly well rounded off. The script, sometimes tight and intriguing while half-baked and cheesy in others, and the acting, with a chilling Tobin Bell and an assured Laura Vandervoort coming off very well and others being bland, are uneven.

However, 'Jigsaw', editing aside, doesn't look too bad at all, to me it's one of the better-looking 'Saw' films and a far cry from the shoddiness of 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter's' production values. It's claustrophobic, elaborate and very atmospheric, with a creepy production design and some of the series' most polished direction helping a lot. The music is suitably eerie.

Despite its ridiculousness, the story is also edge-of-your-seat and highly atmospheric. There is genuine dread, some truly imaginative traps and kills and much of it throughout is disturbing and creepy. It's gruesome but not gratuitously or over-reliantly so. While structurally it's pretty much more of the same, there is enough freshness to stop 'Jigsaw' from feeling tired and like the series had run out of juice, a vibe that a few of the previous sequels gave off. The turns the film takes are clever if not exactly bold, and the spectacularly chilling ending is one of the series' best and most memorable, saying a lot seeing as most of the films do not have good endings (with the exceptions of the first, 'Saw VI' and this). Jigsaw himself still fascinates with enough of what sets him apart as a character.

Overall, Jigsaw is back in one of the series' better outings. 7/10 Bethany Cox
Interesting comeback with some originality
After 7 years since Saw 3D, I was curious to see how much the story would be related to the ending of that film. To my surprise, they did not do anything with that arc at all. In my opinion, this was a very good option since I believe that arc was going on for too long and became very confusing. With this film, it felt fresh with new characters to watch. However, it seemed to use clichéd moments which became predictable after seeing twists at the end of the first 7 movies. The time change became evident after a while when viewing, but the editing was clever to be convincing that Jigsaw was alive for most of the movie.

The film also felt as if it were trying to set up another series of films towards the end, but also trying to stay independent. This method can work, but I felt like it was a little off.

The production quality is much better than the films 5-7, and matches the idea from the first films. If there is enough for a Saw 9, and they fix some of the issues with being independent, I believe the series will be good again