Item 47
Action, Sci-Fi, Short
IMDB rating:
Louis D'Esposito
Titus Welliver as Agent Blake
Lizzy Caplan as Claire
Maximiliano Hernández as Jasper Sitwell
Jesse Bradford as Benjamin 'Bennie' Pollock
Storyline: This film shows a couple - Claire and Benny - robbing banks with a piece of alien technology that they've recovered from the New York battle site. Eventually we see them in a motel room with a load of money. Their neighbor starts playing music really loud. Benny goes out to investigate, but doesn't return.
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At first I thought this was just another "ride the hype" after The Avengers production but gladly I was mistaken. The story is tight and the runtime 12 min, but I learned today that short is not always a bad thing.

The effects are cool and rates high, the acting is really good and the diversity between the persona's of the actors works in harmony. What can I say except it made my cup of coffee in the morning taste a lot better.

The only problem is how to fill 10 lines of review of a short very good movie, when there literally ain't nothing to complain about.
You got this thing to work
This quick clip after the Avengers is actually kind of interesting. It is short so not a lot of stuff is happening but it actually is when you think about it.

The new characters in Claire, Ben and Agent Blake are interesting enough but I am glad the Sitwell was able to sort of prove that he is a capable physical agent.

Lizzy Caplan and Titus Welliver are a joy on any screen and they hope they can make an appearance.

What really makes this interesting to me is that there are people in the world, using alien technology for their own benefit. This is most likely happening a lot around the world and due to this, Damage Control , an entity created to literally clean up messes, can be introduced.

+ Caplan and Welliver + Sitwell does more + People get alien technology could be a problem in the future + Damage Control? - Not long enough

A cute little addition
Item 47 is a ten minute short from Marvel Films bundled with the Blu-ray of the Avengers movie. It tells of a couple (Claire, played by Lizzie Caplan, and Ben, played by Jesse Bradford) who recover a Chitauri weapon after the New York battle which closed the Avengers movie, manage to reactivate it, and then use it to commit bank robberies.

Ten minutes proves quite enough to set up the situation, provide some development (with decent effects) and a good payoff. This is not a major piece of work, but it is a decent little addition to the Avengers movie mythology. It would not surprise me at all to see Claire and Ben pop up in subsequent Marvel universe movies.
American Justice
If you find an Alien gun thats fallen from the sky, what do you do? Hand it in? Sell it? Learn to use it and be a Superhero? Well, if you are a Hollywood cliché good looking American couple then you figure out how to get the gun working (though no one on the planet has been able to do to highlight how clever this good looking chap is), and then go on an Armed Robbery & Killing spree for easy cash.

SO what happens when you are finally captured for multiple armed robberies, murders, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder of a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, wanton destruction and bad acting? A job with S.H.I.E.L.D of course! If these two characters end up being The Wasp and a Henry Pym stand in (with as much effort on this script as the script for the sequel) then I have a feeling that the Avengers may shape up to be as good as Iron Man II.

In other-words a monstrosity for anyone with half a brain and a love of the Comics.
Nice complimentary piece of film
This is a nice bonus to the film The Avengers (2012). It shows a couple—Claire and Benny— robbing banks with a piece of alien technology that they've recovered from the NewYork battle site. Eventually we see them in a motel room with a load of money. Their neighbor stars playing music really loud. Benny goes out to investigate, but doesn't return…

I actually thought it was a preview for a new Marvel film and got quite excited by the idea. My hopes were shot down when I found it was just a short video. Alas, there's nothing else to do than wait for The Avengers 2.

It has some clever moments and is really worth a viewing.
My mind is full of babes and bullets
This 11-minute short films is a decent little spin off from 2012's highest grossing movie, The Avengers. It's by no means bad or great, but tells us a nice little side-story about a couple (I thought the guy looked pretty similar to Colin Farrell) robbing banks with an incredibly fancy shotgun.

The two don't seem really evil or sinister, just disappointed one time too many and consequently drifted into crime. The agent at the hunt for the gun manages to confront the couple at a hotel, tricks them with the help of some noisy bass music and finally arrests the two after a short shootout. However, he seems to share my interpretation of Marvel's Bonnie and Clyde motivations, so he shows some heart, gets them decent clothing and employs the two as government agents. There's more of these one-shot short films and watching them makes a good enough way of bridging the time gap till the next superhero from the Avengers bunch lands in our cinemas.
Interesting Short film from Marvel
This is a 12 minute short film that center around after the events of The Avengers as Agent Blake (Titus Welliver) orders Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernández) to look for the Chitauri weapon which unfortunately gets into the hands of a young couple Claire (Lizzy Caplan) and Benjamin 'Beenie' Pollock (Jesse Bradford) who use the weapon to rob a bank.

Now for a short film they did make it interesting for the Blu Ray release of the Avengers which is how you can watch this film. The film has some good effects and the setting gives us the film of being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it does feature a good plot of course it has a mid credit scene as Marvel films are known form. The acting here works well for it plot with some comedy added to the film

Someone in the music department has a good taste in music since it features "Just what I needed" by The Cars which helps for the film's climax.

Overall Marvel One-Shot:Item 47 does make for a interesting bonus film you get on the Blue Ray Copy of The Avengers and it shouldn't be a disappointment if you're a Marvel fan.

I give Marvel One-Shot:Item 47 an 7 out of 10
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