Inhuman Resources
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Daniel Krige
Tom Savini as Peter Bava
Aleks Eydelman as Belle Fan
Bridie Latona as Clare Taylor
Molly Knight as Female Paramedic
Hayley McElhinney as Sheena O'Leary
Alan Dukes as Edward Crandell
Sam Reid as William Tucker
James Mackay as Rudy Khan
Kelly Paterniti as Annabelle Hale
Travis Cotton as Male Secretary
Felix Williamson as Brian Keene
Nicholas Hope as Thomas Reddmann
Storyline: Six captive office workers are literally chained to their desks by a demented, escaped serial killer; former regional manager Thomas Reddmann (Redd). He assigns his 'human resources' the impossible task of proving his innocence or suffering gruesome consequences.
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Get back to work!
A great story and solid performances with flawless special effects, Inhuman resources stands out in the horror genre. The movie is tense with many edge of your seat moments combined with the fear and isolation of the 6 people held against there will. Nicholas Hope is perfectly cast in his role as there demented former office professional turned captor with his character ranging from a calm and professional boss to outright psychopathic and twisted.

The story takes twists and turns along the way and it's entertainment that keeps you clued to the screen giving the audience satisfaction for there time. With the movie industry churning out endless no star horror garbage, it's great to come across a film such as this where all the right boxes have been ticked
Return of an actor with mystique Nicholas Hope.Scares & screams.
I was invited to a preview of Redd Inc intending to leave early. I held both arms of the seat throughout. It's grisly but it's also very well written. I've been a Criminal Lawyer 40yrs and seen much of psychopaths and cruelty. This movie nails it. Surprised at negative reviews. My favorite movie of this genre since Cape Fear! See it. The movie dwells on the allegedly wrongful conviction of Nicholas Hope for a murder in an elevator.I truly was taken by surprise and won't spoil the ending. Suffice to say that it has been my long experience in many homicide cases,more than 300, that there is nothing more wronged than a criminal who is falsely accused of even the slightest crime amongst all their evil deeds merrily committed. Nicholas Hope embarks on revenge and the examination of all those that contributed to the errors that had him locked away for a crime he says he didn't commit. Hey, I'm used to horrible people but this guy is something else!
Ultra-gory Saw-derived office mayhem
A low budget, single room thriller that owes most of its inspiration from the SAW franchise. The storyline involves a crazy guy who's arrested after being found wielding an axe beside a decapitated body in a lift. The authorities send him to jail, believing him to be a notorious serial killer, but he escapes and captures those responsible for his arrest in the first place, forcing them to work for him to prove his innocence or guilt.

What this all boils down to is a locked-room thriller in which various unappealing characters are forced, literally, to work to death. It's all an excuse for lots of gruesome gore sequences in which eyes are pulled out, foreheads are carved and there's even a little fingernail damage for the squeamish. The film is relatively fast-paced for a low budget film but the usual constraints apply, including cheesy dialogue and some very sub-par acting.

The British villain, played by Nicholas Hope, is just one of those characters you can't take seriously; maybe it's because I'm British too, but he feels like a character from THE OFFICE instead of an imposing villain. HOME AND AWAY actress Kelly Paterniti is better as the lead, but she's the only interesting one here. The best thing about the film are the authentic gore effects, done the old fashioned way by SFX maestro Tom Savini. A shame the rest of the story and its silly twists can't match them.
enjoy the ride
I'm not a huge fan of horror movies but I decided to watch this one because it just sounded intriguing. So I watched it and I'm glad that I did. This movie is just as described - horror, thriller & comedy(although the comedy is very slight and more "clever" than "ha-ha"). I personally liked it because it was clever, UNIQUE and well-written which is not common in horror movies. This movie has it all for a seemingly low budget movie. The acting is good, the script is good, there's just the right amount of gore, it's believable and it's NOT STUPID. Finally, it's not perfect but it's a lot better than most horror movies out there. Give it a try and if you don't like it then maybe cartoons(films where you don't have to think) are more suited for you.
As the other reviews (at the time of writing) appear to give this movie a glowing bill of health I thought I'd add a little balance. Not least for those who like me check whether a film is worth watching based on the reviews here. Having to dig deep in to other peoples lists to find something that I haven't already seen.

Let me sum this up in the fewest words possible. Don't bother.

I can't work out on what rating system anyone would rate this anything other than poor.

The story is fairly weak and unconvincing. The cast were terrible, wooden and largely difficult to sympathise with. As a result it fails as a thriller. Not a particularly gory movie, although it has its moments and makes a few nods to other gore porn features such as Saw and Hostel, but with little of the cringe-inducing effect. As a horror it also fails. Or perhaps I'm becoming desensitised in my old age.

I have to say, I was grateful when it was all over. Redd Inc. unfortunately falls in to my; "wish it'd had never been made, wish I'd never seen it" bucket.
Not so good
The Plot Six captive office workers are literally chained to their desks by a demented, escaped serial killer; former regional manager Thomas Reddmann (Redd).

He assigns his 'human resources' the impossible task of proving his innocence or suffering gruesome consequences.

It's not a great movie.

And although it's billed as a comedy thriller horror, it's really a slasher film with little or no humor.

It's a bit along the lines of The Dentist and the Step Father.

Frankly I got bored real early.

It's a slow paced film that lacks in originality.
Weird cross-genre blend without much direction
Awakening to find themselves bound together in an office building, a group of people learn they're being held by a vicious killer to a crime they're all involved in and uses deadly means to force them to find the real killer in the case.

This one turned out to be quite an interesting blend of efforts that never quite gets to where it wants to go. The fact that it starts off with the typical Torture Film genre set-up of the people chained together in a singular, dim location with a madman amongst them forcing them to play along in a demented game of his makes for a cliché opening that quickly appears to derail interest early on, but the fact that it then turns into a dark comedy about him forcing the gathered group to partake in crime solving on the case that sent him to prison that they were all involved in getting him tried on the charge, makes this one's rapid shift in tone quite unappealing when he's using far more vicious methods of forcing them along than what had happened to put him away yet continually claims innocence the whole time, a fact that's pointed out and glossed over with no real deterrence at all. While it gets a lot more enjoyable when they get loose and are stalked through the office building in the final half, forcing in some pretty brutal gags and blood-splatter along the way, it's not nearly enough to compensate for it's wacky opening.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity.
Halloween Review #24: Strange..
So,where I got the idea of reviewing a crappy Horror Channel thriller like Inhuman Resources,I don't know,while I was reviewing Cube,it kind of just came to me,did anybody else have that feeling,that this was like Cube..anyway,Inhuman Resources,or also known as Redd. Inc,is about a bunch of strangers who are strapped to a desk in front of a computer and forced to write like an SA or something and if they refuse..they die..and if you do something wrong,you get a cut across the face..was'int it? Anyway,so obviously,Redd. Inc is nothing special,its a crappy horror film with lots of gore that hopes,somewhere,it will premiere on TV on a crappy channel like Sony Channel and maybe even spawn its own DVD produced by a crappy company like Signature..ha,but I actually admire Redd. Inc,its one of the cool,low budget horror films,now,if this did not have all the horrible gore in it as well as the cheesy lines where the guy like repeats hes gonna kill the villain and just as hes saying that sentence the villain like,cuts his head off or something,this could be a rather good horror film. Redd. Inc is a OK horror film with a bit too much gore and maybe a bit too much "i'm gonna kill you" scenes,but otherwise..ya,rather good. Stay tuned guys,Halloween is not over yet so get ready for still some classics like Rosemary's Baby,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as the new Jigsaw,which will be up on Sunday and I will try to review The Ritual soon,but probably will be after Halloween due to it not being in my local cinema or online
If You Think Your Job Is Hell - Apply To View Inhuman Resources aka Redd Inc
When Nicholas Hope appeared on the big screen with a demonic smile that would rival Jack Nicholson in The Shining, the audience went nuts.

And so does the image of a Glad-Wrapped cat. That dead feline co-starred with Hope in the award-winning in Rolf de Heer's 1993 brilliant shock flick Bad Boy Bubby which won AFI Awards for Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actor and Best Director.

So it's great to see Hope return to a black comedic horror - again with something to say and this time it's about the everyday slavery happening right across the modern world.

He plays Thomas Reddman – the Regional Manager of Redd Inc and he's the star of this next cult film set to be a future hit. It puts a whole new macabre slant on Groundhog Day and provides great social commentary on what it means to work in order to stay alive.

Redd is a convicted serial killer known as The Headhunter who hacks to death bad CEOS, corporate pigs and fat cats that probably should be Glad-Wrapped. He breaks out of the asylum that imprisons him, kidnaps the people whose contribution in court got him convicted and forces them to find the real killer and thus, clear his name. He chains them to desks in front of computers in a cube farm, welcomes with a creepy 'hello workers… ' then orders them to 'get back to work!'

Never have these words been so insidious, formidable and funny.

First world countries claim to have abolished slavery. That is not true. Go to any corporate office and check out the cube farms – cramped conditions, mindless repetitive movement and the endless processing of red tape. The reality is first world countries just changed the word 'slavery' to other words such as 'mortgage'. Timed dunny breaks, clocking on, clocking off, that feeling of being chained to a desk doing pointless, menial tasks designed to keep unnecessarily complicated workflows in perpetual motion – this work 'ethic' is forced on many people who need money to afford the basics of food and shelter in the affluent world.

Welcome to capitalism - a term that is a reminder of the sign over Auschwitz 'Work Makes One Free' – as long as you work yourself to death.

Tom Savini is a US makeup and SFX artist as well as an actor and has a great history dating back to (and beyond) the greatest social comment on modern life at the time – Romero's Dawn Of The Dead (1978). It was a great joy to see no CGI but real, physical special effects like the way Romero does them.

And this is why Redd Inc is best seen in a cinema first. Horror movie buffs like seeing their genre of choice on a big screen first and at least once. In the olden days, people went to church to worship gods, they broke bread and connected with other like-minded folk in the local community.

Horror buffs do the same. They congregate at the altar of the silver screen, they share popcorn and absorb the sermon coming from on high. Complete strangers connect with groans and screams and the hiding of the eyes behind the hands. It's exciting and thrilling and scary and a divine experience all rolled into one.

Redd Inc delivers this divinity.

While abiding by certain horror conventions – it also breaks new ground with story twists and turns that elevate this film into the highest echelon of the genre.

The soundtrack is superb, the editing seamless, the direction sublime. Dan Krige is the director who took the script by Anthony O'Connor and Jonathon Green and gave it a modern visual style that feels like it has moved the genre forward. The script itself is laugh-out-loud and suitably gruesome as office life often is.

When Romero's Dawn Of The Dead was released in 1978, it predicted a time when people would work for money on weekdays then be drawn to giant shopping malls on weekends to spend that money as a form of entertainment and relaxation – and he accurately depicted this prophecy with zombies.

Around that same era, the Ozploitation genre was in full swing with classics such as Turkey Shoot and Dead End Drive In with Mad Max being the most famous and successful of all Aussie genre films. And when filmmaking special effects surged ahead with the explosion of technology in the 90s, the horror and sci-fi genres enjoyed a renaissance. Stories were easier to tell because improbable worlds became fully realistic on the big screen. And Ozploitation has enjoyed its own evolutionary leap. Since 2003 the Saw franchise has racked up several films making Jigsaw a very successful and sought-after villain who has generated millions of dollars. But here's the difference – Redd Inc is funny.

Redd Inc is one of the smartest films of its genre and worth seeing on big and small screens everywhere. It'll sure give you a different view of modern human resources and a disturbingly accurate one too.
Great little horror movie. Recommended.
This film was quite well done and with great special effects by Tom Savini, the movie is really good. The story has some similarities to some of the SAW movies with its kidnap/torture scenes, but thats where the similarities stop as it gets you guessing and thinking that maybe Redd is not the killer. But you can never rule him out after the things he does to his kidnapped victims. Nicholas Hope (who also starred in BAD BOY BUBBY) plays the role of the disgruntled boss very well, you want to hate him but with the underlying fact that he may be innocent, you also want to believe him. So you are torn between what looks like the truth and what could be the a lie. There is a bit of a twist to it but if you look for the clues you can almost work it out before you get to it. But apart from that this is a great little movie. I give it a solid 8 out of 10. Recommended.
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