In Time
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrew Niccol
Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
Storyline: Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system.
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Truly makes me despair
Where to begin? Every aspect of this movie was so bad I don't even know how to. I must try ny saying that I sincerely despair of the world after finding out this has a 6.6 out of 10 rating here on IMDb. This is way worse than global warming, overpopulation, rising garbage mountains, ozone holes or any other reasons one might despair for the human race. This means the great majority of people, assuming the average moviegoers are a fair representative of people in general, are utterly and plainly stupid and with no means whatsoever to distinguish quality from pure trash.

Now I always try to be as just as possible when reviewing a movie and in most cases I think I can see it for what it is, who it targets and see its qualities even though I don't necessarily belong to its target audience. Here however I can't see how any adult could possibly find this anything other than offensively bad. The directing and editing is awful, the shift between scenes is awkward and seems more amateurish than anything I've ever seen in this budget scale. The plot is really stupid and has more holes than I can count. I would have given a few examples but then I'd have to mark this review as containing spoilers which would shun people who haven't seen it from reading the review and spoil the opportunity to deter them from doing so. The dialogue is absolutely laughable as well but the worst part of it all is the horrible acting. It's really like watching amateur theatre. Especially ludicrous is the portrayal of the wealthy Mr. Weis: A powerful and incredibly wealthy old man, albeit inside a 25 year old body, who still comes across as insecure and awkward in his mannerisms as a timid teenager. Surely this has got to be the worst casting mistake ever?
Robin Hood is back on stage!
Andrew Niccol obviously plays with Marxist ideas. What a nice example of how the profit-hungry Hollywood machinery ones more proves its dynamic flexibility by fulfilling the current demand for critical thoughts on our capitalist system.

Bearing in mind that In Time is a sci-fi, one should not be overcritical with small discrepancies, such as Amanda Seyfried always running with high heels. Comparing time with money, however, is not only a creative approach, in combination with surprisingly good (or at least acceptable good) actors and nice pictures this movie is definitely worth watching it.
Interesting premise, enjoyable film
Excellent movie, concept too simplistic
The concept of the underlying idea is excellent. I am not very picky, there may be some minor flaws in the execution. Like woman running very fast with high heel shoes, or people swimming in deep water without never touching the ocean in their life. I can cope with these little issues with no problem. As long as there is no major absurdity that contradict the main theme.

What I find as a flaw, and this is just my personal opinion, is that the concept is too simplistic. I find unrealistic that the "poor" people in such a society could be that law abiding. These "poor" people are more civilized than most of the richest men on Earth today! With real human behaviour, a country like that will actually turn into chaos in no time.
Interesting concept, but ...
Let me play the nitpicker here: First off, the idea that your "clock" is always visible is pretty stupid to begin with. That's like us walking around with a bank balance stamped across our arm. It should become visible with a touch on the wrist or something.

The fact that all you have to do is touch arms to take time is stupid, ,too. There's no way to make it voluntary? No kind of security? I mean, it's you life for crying out loud!!

Will and Sylvia robbing their first time bank. How did they get a hold of an armored truck in the first place? All you have to do to rob a bank and get all the time you want is crash into the front? If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it! There are people dying in the streets everyday and no one has thought to do this?

Olivia's death, it was too cliché. Literally missing it by like a second? Come on!

Why would the lead Minute Man want to 'fight' Will? (also, they never made that concept clear until they sat at that table) Why wouldn't he just take his time and be done with it? He had nothing to gain from it. It was just weak writing in my opinion.

And what happened to that subplot of Will's father? They kept alluding to some great reveal or that Leon knew something Will didn't, but then the film just forgot about it. Are they trying to tell us that Will's altruism was hereditary? When Will got to Greenich, what was his plan? It seemed to me like he was just buying his way into high society and playing with the rich. I couldn't figure out what his endgame was going to be.

This one is again not a flaw, but can we all agree that car crash into the ditch looked just ridiculous? Terrible CGI and not believable at all.

And how they got the jump on Weiss, Sylvia's father. He's got more security around him than the President, but all you need is a pair of sunglasses to get the jump on him? Does the "security team" consist of random people who do not know each other? Then once you got him to lead you upstairs, all his bodyguards did what? Went out for lunch? Why didn't they go after him? Why weren't they waiting downstairs for him? Why weren't any alarms sounding? Stupid. So you have a million years in you hand and presumably only an hour on you wrist, yet you don't take any for yourself? I guess handing a little girl 999,999 years, 11 months, and 28 days just doesn't have the same resonance.

You can pay one year to get into Greenwich zone ... or you just walk in, there is no security or guards anyway.

"Wire me my per diem- wait, never mind ..." that was stupid. All he had to do was put his arm out. Also, it made it obvious from that point how Leon was going to die.

Conclusion: If you're the kind of viewer who can overlook flaws like this, I can see someone finding this movie enjoyable, it had an interesting premise, with a good cast, but plots holes you could drive a monster truck through.
Justin Timberlake CHOSE this Movie
No one seems to understand the economic and symbolic significance of this movie. Anyone who has traveled the world understands exactly what the director and Timberlake are saying. Travel the world and you will notice that everything is priced according to what each local population can afford to pay for it. Nothing is priced according to how much it costs to manufacture, but why? Because manufacturing costs have plummeted in the past few decades but pay rates have stayed the same, while retail prices have gone up? There is no such thing as the Free Market anymore, prices are set according to the country or District you live in. You sell your time for a paper currency that only has manipulated value according to what they deem products cost in your country. In Time is a symbolism of real life, of what has happened to our world.
Provided hours of thinking after watching, Great movie.
***Partial spoiler alert!***

Well it seems this movie got a lot more negative then I would have anticipated. It shows rich people (having goggles of time) and the poor people who scrape every second to make ends meet and face possible death daily. Getting sick to them could very well be a death sentence and that goes for injuring oneself as well. I believe this currency and economy are meant to equate back to real world politics and movie enthusiast side with their personal political alliances instead of I believe giving this movie an objective and unbiased review. So I will try and give an opposite view of the gloom and doom reviews.

*** Rest of this review is spoilers***

Basically this movie turns the metaphor time is money into something everybody can understand. In this world it shows plainly, what greed can setup and cause.

I found the characters not being overly emotional good. For me this made the movie more real as it goes with how you would feel if you were never going to die and took no risks. Also if you were at risk for death everyday, your emotions would harden up and you wouldn't emote because you would bring undue attention to yourself. This is a culture at least 125 years into the future. I don't expect emotions from Japanese actors.

I believe enough was explained in the amount of time the movie took. It is lacking in technology explained, back story, more fleshed out actors, etc. All I can say was this movie was long enough as it is, you really want it longer? Plus all the things they didn't tell you aren't "Plot holes". Sure there are holes but you're suppose to fill them with your own imagination, just as you read a book, I found the movie thought provoking for this very reason.

The script wasn't perfect but the concept is excellent and the story decent. Main plot being a woman and man team up to bring down a immoral system to make way for a new world system, which the rich find ultimately futile. Subplots like the time cop, where he knew what he was doing was wrong on some level but he had to keep doing it. If he were to stop people would stop working and society would fall apart, many people would die. As is likely to happen at the end of the movie. They didn't claim everything was happy go luck for the next generation or two, they just showed the "redistribution of wealth occurring", which was what the whole steal from the bank premise was about anyways, granted they could have used a more thought out literary device.

Yes there are some real plot holes, mostly surrounding the technology and the strange and unlikely ways it is implemented. Like rich people not shown using any communication devices, however this can be counter by saying it was "outlawed" for some unknown philosophical reason. Having them would cause the ghetto to uprise maybe. Maybe social communication was outlawed due to its disruption of the order, who knows?

The point is it's the future you should have suspended your critical thinking about technology, sure its nice when the technology seems possible and likely to happen, but that doesn't mean that's the way it should have been.

I will be watching this movie again and would recommend it to everyone I know.
Exceeded Expectations!
The concept of using time as currency totally intrigued me into watching the movie. When the time runs out on a specific person, the person dies. This also means that some can live forever. Then there's Justin Timberlake. I like him as an actor as much as a singer, whether solo or N*SYNC. The rest of the main cast is great as well. I have been a fan of Cillian Murphy since 28 Days Later. His performances in the new Batman franchise and Inception really sets him apart from the pack. He did not disappoint in this movie. I like Amanda Seyfried's contribution to the movie as well. The only other lead role that I've seen her in was Red Riding Hood. She has great potential and I will definitely be following her career, Les Miserables now became more promising as a good movie to me now.

The set, the props, the visuals of the movie all complement each other and formed a great stage for the actors to perform upon. This is a science fiction film, but it is made so that the viewer can relate without being alienated. In the movie, people drove cars that are recognizable, dressed in current fashion, and used technology more or less familiar to us. Of course, the whole concept of time as a currency and its transaction methods will be new to us, and that is pretty much it. The viewer will not be distracted by flying cars or outrageous clothing.

I recommend this movie to all with an open mind. It can be a great discussion piece, for it can truly be opened up for deep talks. I will not be surprised if this movie is talked about in an academic setting. Sit back, enjoy, and possibly discuss after it ends.
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that.
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that. If they don't keep their time replenished, they are susceptible to "time out" after they use up all their time. Time is used as a means of currency for the world. The main character is Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, and he works in a factory as a way to earn a living in the ghetto, literally. He comes in contact with a girl named Sylvia Wise, played by Amanda Seyfried who lives in a rich neighborhood called New Greenwich, and they run off together. They are up against time and struggle to stay alive. Both have come to the understanding that the rich is stealing time from the poor. The basis of the movie becomes: only the strong will survive.

The theme for In Time focuses on ideas. Will and Sylvia represent figures from two different aspects of life but still, in time, come to trust, need, and help one another as well as others in the film. In a particular scene, Will asks Sylvia to give allow him to borrow some time and she refuses. Fast forward a few scenes, Sylvia becomes the one who is almost out of time and asks Will for some time and he obliges. The mood in the film which the director is trying to display is compassion and understanding for those around us who are from different social classes. The film also displays the struggle for human dignity because Will truly does believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to survive, regardless of their status in life. Through his determination to emphasize this he displays courage, sensitivity, intelligence, and strong individualism as mentioned in The Art of Watching Films written by Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie. (p. 27) The movie is similar to another sci-fi flick, After Earth. The main character was given a few skills to survive, but beyond those skills he had to figure it out to make sure that the rest of the world didn't die as a result of his mistake. He portrayed many of the same characteristics as Will Salas.

The movie had a few other plot points within the man plot. One in particular involves the fact that the ghetto is always being watched by video surveillance. This is true in modern day society. The ghetto represents people who will steal from one another which are represented by the Minutemen; they will kill each other, and go to great lengths to survive. Due to this fact there are always police, represented as Time Keepers, lurking around to catch criminals. The separation of time zones between the ghetto and New Greenwich is also a reality. Such as the rich are separated from those who are poor by different suburbs, housing communities, lifestyles, and social classes. Deep into the movie we come to an understanding of why prices are steadily increasing on a daily basis. The rich are trying to kill off the poor to make space for themselves. The movie also weaves in a romance between Sylvia and Will to show that they are human and have emotions that don't rely on the time they have allotted.

Two techniques that were used in the movie are motifs and lighting. Throughout the film we see each character look at a digital clock on their forearm. The clock represents how much time they have. We see and hear the clock as time adds up, is taken away, or is cleared off and becomes the end of a person's life. There is great emphasis put on the clock because it allows us to see what that person is worth and we see how precious it is to each character. The lighting in this film is great in the fact that there are great scenes when the low-key lighting helps us to understand the mood of the scene. During these moments there is usually a struggle or fight and we only see the defining moments needed to interpret what is happening.
Ironicaly 99% have to see this projection cos 1% made it. Even without buying ticket.
Too many people are missing point in splitting hair looking for plot holes. And movie IS full of that, but thats not why this movie is worth to watch.

Point is world is *beep* place with 100 billionaires and 7 billion poor people who live just like protagonist in this movie, from day to day struggling every day for food, clothes, mortgage... Life.

Movie is about injustice and poverty imposed by parallel "Time (life) owners" which in real world would be : Bilderberg group, FED, EU, USA, G8, IMF, Banksters, WTO, WB, London Club and other global institution whose purpose is to indirectly kill as many as they need just to make few people immortal. Just like in movie.

This film is pure reality, obviously written and produced in a hurry to support "Occupy movement".

Never the less I gave it 10.

I didn't watched just to find some plot holes, or to say Justin is bad actor, which i think he is. I watched cos it was interesting and true.