Hercules Returns
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David Parker
Michael Carman as Sir Michael Kent
Matthew Yang King as Charlie (voice) (as Matthew King)
Richard Moss as Drunk
Sally Patience as Labia, Murial, Fanny, Delilah (voice)
Tom Coltraine as Dent double
Burt Cooper as Frightened man
Lance Anderson as Wolf whistler
Mary Coustas as Lisa
Nick Polites as Phone executive
Laurie Dobson as Barman
Brendon Suhr as King
David Argue as Brad McBain
Bruce Spence as Sprocket
Storyline: This is with the old dialogue removed and new comic dialogue inserted, along with some new footage.
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File Size 792 Mb
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Bitrate 1438 Kbps
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I never laughed so hard at pulling off a movie before (I haven't seen anything MTS3K has done except the movie). The jokes are hilarious they do a lot of things in this movie that made me ask questions about what the filmmakers of Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili were doing in 1964.

The basic plot of the whole thing is a 60's Italian Muscle-Men movie dubbed and you have a movie... who'd know I'd actually LIKE a movie made by my country. Isn't it weird how Des Mangan can take a 1.9 star movie and turn it into a 7.7 Star movie.

The opening is a little slow for before hand but 15 minutes into it I was like "this is boring" but when Zeus said "oh I'm not even going to tell him he's going the wrong way" I thought "OK I'll watch this even if it's the only joke in the movie" (hey I sat through Hot Tub Time Machine didn't I?) but it was filled from then with funny lines it was hilarious.

This is definitely Aussie film at it's best (although that's not saying much) but it's definitely a must-see for all those people with a sense of Hume and those people who don't look for movies to rant about how inappropriate to kids they are, saying "we don't want our kids to see these movies when they don't watch this anyway". This Is The Only Film That My Country Has Done Right If You Exclude "Lake Mungo" But That Is A Completely Different Movie In Every Aspect. All In All One Of The Best Comedies Ever Made.
Absurdly funny
I actually wanted just to vote, but I cannot find it in a separate page from the review one. The film is hysterically funny, and it takes a while to understand what are they all about here. They took an older real movie, and using a plausible reason, got to the point where all the lines from the old movie are replaced by some comical lines the voices doing the characters managed to come up with. For me it seemed even more funny because it is familiar: I used to see dubbed movies in cinema and often the translators "comixed" them up as they invented lines just to keep up with the action. But this here is taking such a random act to the hilarious level, they contort their voices, they adapt the lines and you either watch glued to the screen to get every witticism, either laugh your pants out.
i liked oederkirk's work...
i liked steve oederkirk's farcical 'kung pao: enter the fist', and for anyone else who liked that movie, CHECK THIS ONE OUT ;-) .

it's sort of the same working premise- take a ridiculous old 'b' movie and interject a new plot, new dialog, and new sound effects.

the result here (after the first ten minutes of boring, but needed 'setting of the stage') is a light-hearted, fast moving romp which includes every smart-**s remark i ever wanted to make. for example: enemy, "i'm going to chew you up and spit you out, ya little turd!!" hercules, "well, if that's any indication of your dietary habits, it certainly explains your breath." if you like a good farce, check this one out, if for nothing else, to laugh about how hercules sounds like, but pre-dates, 'butthead'. have fun
Dumb annoying humor that gets tiresome after 2 minutes
How anyone can find those high pitched voices funny is beyond me. And they even say bad jokes, not even clever ones. You know the biggest failure on this attempt of comedy? The original was a comedy also! This movie is akin as making fun of the 1963 Batman TV show, a parody of a parody. The original( Samson and the Mighty Challenge 1964) is already a clever parody of its own genre. A movie making fun of itself, but that time (and well 30 years before!) worked beautifully because the makers of the original knew how to measure our, how to ration. A joke of a joke of a joke is what this movie is , and that is pretty dumb. In short, watch the original you'll watch a clever comedy with great comic tempo and plot, and if you think it dates 1963 pretty ahead of it's time. Any lover of stuff like This is Spinal Tap or The princess bride should enjoy it plenty.
Absolutely my favourite
So far I only know of one person who does not like this film, the rest absolutely loved it! It's probably one of those films whether you love it or you hate it.

I don't know much about Aussie stuff (being NZer myself) but this was amazingly humoured, I've watched it about 15 times by now and still want to.

I thought the first bit was pretty bad, it only got better when the voicing started, and that's where all the essence lies! The hay-stack joke's one of my favourite. Anyone know where I can get the tape to keep???? Please let me know!!
While I liked it as a kid...not so much any more.
Okay, so, where to properly start with this film? I saw it a lot as a kid and thought it was funny. Some jokes still SORT OF work (ala "what does that man think he's doing with his hands on MY Labia?" - Labia in this case being the name of a character). However...I will try to judge this fairly and even as its aged, this movie is...not good.

The movie is about an employee to one of the biggest film distributors in Australia. He decides he's not happy with the stuff he's making and decides to quit to open up a theater that hasn't been opened since the mid 60s. He decides to open it up via airing the last movie that it showed - which happens to be Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili...which is in Italian without any subtitles (due to his former boss trying to sabotage the competition...how the biggest film distributor in Australia would fail to a small theater in Melbourne is anyone's guess!). So they decide to dub it. Which is as dumb as all hell due to just how much work Foley artists actually do. Getting it all right in one take would be impossible. I know "just turn off your brain" but for a plot where I can describe EVERYTHING in the film within one paragraph, suspension of disbelief on par with a group of average minded people managing to build a fully functional time machine...in 1485 should not be required here.

Why is THAT important? Its the only thing that links the first 30 minutes to the rest of the film (I'm not joking about that) and it really isn't the best way. Why the hell couldn't it just be a cheap dubbing studio or something? Sure, the film would have no plot but as is, it only has a plot for less than a third of a 70 minute film! Literally! Also, the movie ends with the film being a hit among critics and audiences (despite none of them really questioning the 90s pop culture references made in the 60s). Now, I know the film isn't exactly the most well known of the genre but wouldn't SOMEONE notice the dubbing quality in universe of the filmed parts? Then the movie ends with a female employee with cartoonish strength punching the said head of biggest film distributor in Australia...how the movie ends with a party and not the heroes becoming homeless is anyone's guess!

However, thats not the part that most people remember about the film - its the actual dubbing of Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili...a movie originally marketed as a comedy. So, dubbing this for comedic effect is already pointless as, the original film was ALREADY made to make you laugh. Not only that but...it fails for the same reason most think the Sharknado movies fail. There are literally a TONNE of bad dubs out there (look for anything anime around this time - Let The Right One In, Stalingrad, to name a few) and what makes bad dubs or bad movies appealing is if they went out actually TRYING to make a good dub or good movie and f*cked it up. The way this movie works is *drop trou and takes a crap* "Tell me what that is" "Its a crap." Bravo, the silly dub is silly...why is THAT funny? Not only that but considering how much of the movie is in this movie versus how much of the movie is actually in the film...a third of it was cut. So even as is, Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili is completely misrepresented in this even if you didn't count watching this as seeing that film.

So as is, how are the jokes? Well...it mostly relies on sexual innuendos. Some of you may be aware of the Labia commented earlier in the review. There's also the fact that one of the new characters - Machismo, who isn't a flaming gay stereotype. No, he's THE flaming gay stereotype(despite the fact that Australia made "The Adventures Of Priscilla", its treatment towards homosexuals are conservative to say the least - to a point where homosexualism in this movie is played up as a joke expected to be as funny as it was in say, the 60s). There's also that a major plot that Hercules must wrestle Samson and if Hercules looses, he must marry him and there's also the name of Labia's lover in this movie...Testiculi. There's also a short character in the film called "Stretch" and finally, the name of Labia's hometown - Chlamydia. Now thats not ALL this movie has to offer in terms of humor - there's Hercules being dumb and wanting to be a Nightclub singer. As is, I don't remember much else, aside from Ursus being a bouncer that kicked everyone out of a diner, ate the food and forced the people inside to perform Olivia Newton John. He also delivers the only funny homosexual joke in the film - "I want a man" "Oh, like THAT is it nancy boy?" The thing is...I don't MIND politically incorrect humor - in the right doses its fine, however, what I have a problem with is "What about that exotic dancer that does the thing with the vaccum cleaner" "But she sucks!" just doesn't really make me laugh.

So...if that sounds like your sort of movie, go ahead. However...while I don't hate this movie as much as this review would lead you to believe, I still don't like the film. The reason I still like SOME of it is because of nostalgia still holding up in SOME places. The reason why I don't...well, read the review again. So if you're interested, watch but I would officially say "watch a dub that tried to be good but failed" instead.
Easily one of the funniest films I have EVER seen!
This film is brilliant.

If you want to see a serious movie with a great story, acting, and drama, don't bother.

This film was made for laughs, pure and simple, and it succeeds. And boy does it succeed! The film is basically like a feature version of the "Whose Line is it Anyway" game "Film dub".

In the movie, a group of friends decide to buy an old run-down old-fashioned cinema, spruce it up, and bring back the old-fashioned feeling of the cinema. As their premiere movie, they decide to show the last film that was shown in the cinema, a 1960's Italian film called "Hercules". Unfortunately just minutes before the film is to be screened to a group of very prestigious people, they find out it doesn't have any English dubbing or subtitles. In a desperate attempt to save the film, the 3 friends decide to turn off the sound, and create all the characters voices and sound-effects within the projection room itself.

There are a couple of other subplots, but the film is just chaotic brilliance as the friends try desperately to carry on.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the film, and you should seriously try and see it next time you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.
the DVD is available for sale at last
Just found it. Look on the net for DVD ATALANTIC and search their catalog. Of course it is a zone 4 DVD but for anyone like many of us who have been looking for it for ages it will do. I couldn't find if it has English subtitles or any other for that matter but being one of the funniest movies ever to have shown on movies or TV's anywhere in the world I do suggest you buy it. And I can assure you it's worth it. Well worth it. Even if you don't understand most of the dialogs in typical Australian slang you will find enough slips through to make it a worthwhile flick. It's one heck of a dubbing wonder and I sure would like to see the double take act but I guess they'll never come to Portugal. And their site seems to be down so...
One of Australia's best. It is Australian, but not the way Americans would make an Aussie movie. My favourite quote is when the one guy burps and says: "Pick the prawns out of that one!"

I give it 11/10, it's so good. You think it's a typical B-grade movie to start with, but it really is fantastic. I love Effie (Mary Coustas) and she was good, too.

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