Happy Death Day
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christopher B. Landon
Laura Clifton as Stephanie Butler
Cariella Smith as Becky Shepard
Tenea Intriago as Student Protester
Brady Lewis as Frat Brother
Ramsey Anderson as Keith Lumbly
Rachel Matthews as Danielle Bouseman
Ruby Modine as Lori Spengler
Phi Vu as Ryan Phan
Jason Bayle as David Gelbman
Rob Mello as Joseph Tombs
Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman
Charles Aitken as Gregory Butler
Israel Broussard as Carter Davis
Jimmy Gonzales as Police Officer
Storyline: A teenage girl, trying to enjoy her birthday, soon realizes that this is her final one. That is, if she can figure out who her killer is. She must relive that day, over and over again, dying in a different way each time. Can she solve her own murder?

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Far from being a disaster, but not quite Source Code
The premise of this film is what gives it 4 of the 6 stars I have given. It's actually a really smart plot, yet it is executed rather poorly, which is such a shame considering that if the film took itself a little more seriously, it could genuinely be put into contention as one of the great Psychological Thrillers of recent years. That is the problem, it's more "fun" than "thrilling".

The story and ingenuity start to slow down as the film goes on, with both gently coming to a halt by the final 10 minutes of the film, so it's a downward slope from (pretty much) the start but it does manage to cling on to its entertainment value long enough to be worth watching.

Don't expect a masterpiece, it's just a bit of fun.
'Groundhog Day' with a slasher/mystery twist
Saw 'Happy Death Day' as somebody who was fascinated by the concept, found the advertising interesting and good enough to warrant a view and who appreciates horror when done well. Seeing it just before Halloween as part of my Halloween celebrations, will admit to not being as bowled over by the film as would have liked but enjoying it a good deal.

As surprisingly interesting as the advertising was (and there has been some dreadful advertising this year, a notable recent example being the completely mis-marketed 'Geostorm'), it is also misleading. One would expect a truly frightening film judging from the trailers, but actually 'Happy Death Day' happened to be much more than what was indicated and wasn't what one would call terrifying or sleep-with-the-light-on-for-a-week. The good news is that 'Happy Death Day' actually makes the most of its concept, refreshing having seen films recently that had concepts that they didn't do anywhere near enough with. The not so good news is that as enjoyable as it was it did feel like something was missing.

It is easy to see why lots of people will like, and have liked 'Happy Death Day'. It is just as easy to see why it will be, and has been, a let-down for others. My opinion has shades of both, leaning towards the former. 'Happy Death Day' may be somewhat standard (while the concept is a pretty unique one, some of the story elements aren't), superficial (other than the lead character, the characters are developed very flimsily) and some parts don't make as much sense as they could and feel unfinished.

Was expecting more from the killer twist reveal, which is not as clever and surprising as one would like and the whole ending felt rather silly and rushed to me (the killer's motive also came over as really trivial for an elaborate set-up). A little slow to begin with too, it's once the concept kicks in when 'Happy Death Day' properly comes to life and maintains that energy for the rest of the film.

For all those faults though, 'Happy Death Day' is also refreshingly self-aware, almost very much aware of its standard-ness and superficiality and acknowledges it, and manages to be lots of fun, creepy-suspenseful and surprisingly thought-provoking. Gruesomely funny sums it up very well.

'Happy Death Day' is a long way from amateurish visually, the photography is stylish rather than slapdash, the editing has suitably unnerving moments and the lighting is atmospheric. Christopher Landon never lets it get too heavy while not diluting the fun or scares, and the at times haunting and at others times funky soundtrack adds a lot.

When it comes to the script, 'Happy Death Day' is full of knowing humour and never removes its tongue from its cheek, instead keeping it firmly intact throughout which proved to come off really well. It also really makes one think. The story execution is not perfect, but it's never dull and has some neat twists and turns that stops it from being predictable and repetitive.

Jessica Rothe should become a bigger star after her excellent lead turn here, she has been acting a few years before this but this is the first time where she really held my attention and allowed me to take proper notice of her. Israel Broussard is also very believable and the two have great chemistry together. The acting on the whole is solid but essentially it's all about Rothe and she is one of the main reasons why 'Happy Death Day' is worth a viewing.

Overall, a long way from perfect but quite enjoyable. 6/10 Bethany Cox
Happy Death Day feels like a great movie that was edited by cowards. Wish for a directors cut for your birthday
Groundhog Day had an arrogant man trapped in a small town on the same day until he learned to appreciate those around him. Edge of Tomorrow had Tom Cruise repeating an alien invasion until he could figure a way to win it. Today's movie has someone repeating not just their birthday, but the day that they are killed by a psychopath. I've mentioned before that on paper, time loop stories are a great way to get to know the person suffering the consequence of reliving the day. On camera, the trick is harder as the story has to remain consistent without being too repetitive.

The idea of someone having to repeat their birthday is an interesting one, considering that the older one gets, the less they care about the day that celebrates that. It may be a morose notion, but it's about the college age in which people would rather draw attention on the celebration rather then the number factor. I myself celebrated my thirtieth by taking a vacation and having dinner with the family. The movie not only gives us a character who could care less that she has a birthday, but an extra layer that I wont give away. So Happy Death Day may have a little extra for the time loop story.

A snobbish college girl Theresa (played by Jessica Rothe) wakes up in the dorm room of fellow student Carter (played by Israel Broussard). Though he tries to make small talk, she leaves to go back to her sorority. She spends the day being rude and pretentious to everyone including her roommate Lori. She's also the other girl in an affair with her professor and even ignores her fathers invitation to a birthday lunch. On her way to a party, she is stalked by a hooded figure wearing her school's mascot image as a mask. She is killed…but wakes up the same morning…in the same dorm room of Carter.

She initially dismisses the previous night as a dream and goes on her day again…only to get killed. When she realizes she's repeating the same day over and over, she's suggested to use that time to follow potential suspects. Each day ends in death and summons her back to the beginning, but the twist is that with each day, she is growing weaker from the injuries. So despite the safety of the time loop, there seems to be a clock that is getting closer to midnight as Theresa is trying to solve her murder.

The whole time loop formula has been done before, but I like how Happy Death Day has used it in a horror context. Did it generate a scary movie? Well… I'd say that while it's shot in a suspenseful tone, it doesn't generate that many scares. I'd argue that the tone is not even full horror, but I'll get to that in a moment. But going back to it's use on the time loop, I think they did it well. I also like that they establish that her body is still vulnerable to damage from the murders, otherwise it would seem like there were no consequence.

I'll say that I really enjoyed Jessica Rothe in the lead. For someone who initially has to start the film in an unlikable manner, she carries the story and really makes you want to see her redeem herself.

What the marketing seems to hide is that Happy Death Day is a part comedy. While I'm no sure why the trailers didn't want to spoil that notion, but I laughed more then I thought I was going. Because the film is still trying to be scary, it does suffer from inconsistency. I think it would have made sense to try and be a little more funny, something in the vein of Evil Dead or Drag Me to Hell. That would at least justify the PG-13 rating that is hindering this story of it's full potential. Those hoping for a lot of blood are not going to see it. I'll also bet that the film war originally produced with an R rating, only to get cut down to try and get in a teenage audience. Come on! Teenagers are already aware of these kinds of college dangers. They would have been fine with an R rating.

I'll give this six red birthday candles out of ten. Happy Death Day feels like a great movie that was edited by cowards who thought they knew what was best. I doubt ill see this again as it is, but I'll be on the lookout for a directors cut. Maybe that'll add back in that extra violence and jokes that are apparently too much for the studio
Really good
I thought this was just a cheap slasher movie version of groundhog day.

Oddly enough it was. Girl wakes up in a dorm room goes about her day then gets murdered before the day ends just to repeat the day again and again with her murder hiding they're identity behind a mask.

Here is the surprise though. This movie is actually good! The girl is the stereotypical bitchy (or witchy if they've censored the movie like they did over here) cheerleader. Pretty much every single person in her life has a reason to want her dead. This works as you go through the list of suspects (sometimes hilariously) and don't feel bad seeing her die over and over.

It more then earns the big reveal in the end and I found it to be a fun light hearted popcorn movie for Halloween.

This movie got one extra point for being bold enough to actually straight up say "hey, you know what your story reminds me off? Groundhog day, that movie with Bill Murray." right at the end before the closing credits.
A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity.
Happy Death Day Review By Jordan Whitten

Plot: A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity.

Although the concept and idea was a copy of Groundhog day, it turned out to be a thrilling, mysterious and intense film with loads of drama and action. However, does that make it a good movie? I guess we'll find out more in this review of Happy Death Day.

The first thing I will say about this movie is that it is more funnier than scary. So if you're not a big fan of scary horror movies, there is literally nothing to be afraid of. You only encounter really 1 jump scare which is debatably scary, whether you are faint-hearted/timid person you would we quite frightened.

The movie Happy Death Day featured the main character Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) and secondary main characters: Carter Davis (Israel Broussard), Lori Spengler (Ruby Modine), and Gregory Butler (Charles Aitken). Without a doubt the acting was great. Few errors were spotted throughout the whole motion picture. So no complaints there.

Other than that, the film felt like it was dragging on forever and it was never going to end. Considering it kept showing the same scenes over and over again which gradually got boring. Just when you think Tree might live to the next day, she doesn't, and that could really get you on your nerves and it frustrated me at one point in the movie. However, at the end of the movie when Tree finally discovered who her murderer is, I felt so relieved. After all the build up it all turned out to be quite useful in the end. It made the audience feel ecstatic. The film really keeps you guessing who the murderer is, I think it is an excellent movie in the mystery genre. I urged to discover who the killer was, I think it was it was killing me more than it was killing tree.

In conclusion, I personally think the movie is good, not great or amazing but just plain good. There were a couple faults I found in the movie, but there was also some really good things that happened in the film. It also shares some life lessons which is kinda neat. If you are going to see this motion picture, do not expect it to be a full on horror movie that will keep you on your feet. Although it does seem that away in the trailer, it's actually a really fun movie with Jessica Rothe saying a few funny jokes here and there. Happy Death Day is nothing that I expected it to be and I like that, hopefully you do too.

Personal Rating: 6.4/10 Is it worth watching: YES
Happy Death Day Triumphs with its unoriginal originality
Happy Death Day (2017), directed by Christopher Landon who is famous for his Paranormal Activities franchise, has created its own genre and performs way over my low expectations regardless of its seemingly "familiar" plot from Groundhog Day (1993). The protagonist Tree, a sorority girl, has found herself stuck living in the same day over and over again ending with her being murdered every night by the same killer repeatedly. Tree thus goes on a personal adventure, in attempt to discover the true identity of the killer to hopefully one day prevent the murder to happen and thus get out of the loop. She thus began a journey of self-discovery and self- redemption with the help of her only friend through recognizing the consequences of her own actions in order to try and solve her own murder mystery.

The film consequently created its own genre of horror rom-com, scary but yet heart-warming and funny at the same time. Some of Tree's ideas upon discovering she is living in the same day over and over again are silly if not laughable, since there will be no consequences the next day whatsoever due to her eventual seemingly inevitable death at night, until one point where her actions suddenly do matter and she has to make a life or death decision in order to survive and have future that she desires.

Being a veteran horror movie director, Christopher Landon succeeds in showing off his skill of dropping settle hints right in front of the viewers alongside with a surprising twist in the end. Shots of settle hints are shown since the beginning of the movie, providing the audience an opportunity to try and solve the murder before the ultimate reveal of the killer's identity on screen. A typical college campus setting, anyone could be the suspect, thus Tree makes a list of possible suspects alongside with the audience who are creating their own lists, and debunks every single possibility until there is no more suspects and making the murderer almost as someone who possesses superpower, but yet with a sole purpose of killing Tree. But in the end, everything makes perfect sense.

The film raises questions on causality and consequences, especially by setting the story on a college campus; it rings the bell for students with a warning that even tiny, everyday actions could have detrimental consequences, similar to the idea of The Butterfly Effect (2003) or just the theory of the butterfly effect itself. With a familiar theme and a nearly identical plot (if one could imagine Bill Murray being murdered by a groundhog repeatedly in Groundhog Day), the film still does not fail to impress the audience of its beautifully written, heartwarming story; Jessica Rothe's incredible performance of Tree could also crown her the title of a future scream queen. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween movie this year, Happy Death Day is a must watch for its unoriginal originality in its story line and genre, without too much blood and gore that is seen in almost every other horror movies of 2017.
entertaining, a breakthrough performance for Rothe, not without flaws
Happy Death Day is the first slasher movie I can think of that we've had in theaters for a while (I don't know if I can count Hush, since that was a two-hander for the most part and was Netflix), or... no, I think I can think of a few others if I try, but the problem is much of the horror movie product put out by Hollywood is PG-13. There are some exceptions, but for the most part it's ghost story stuff and Jump-Scare Central. The pleasant thing about Death Day is that it's more concerned with the characters, and it gets those right - or, at least, it gives us a likable heroine who has an arc - and while the movie had its flaws, it does as well as it can as far as being a (somewhat bloodless) PG-13 slasher in a time when any slasher at all is hard to come by. It may have over-stayed its welcome as a genre, but any kind of movie done well is welcome for my eyes and ears.

The key thing with this movie is that it takes its concept: Groundhog's Day in a modern college setting, with the Bill Murray a bitch-ish sorority girl Tree (Jessica Rothe) who has a sour relationship with her father and most everyone around her, and who happen to know the worst-kept secret around that it's her birthday, all leading up to her being killed by a guy in a creepy big-baby-man mask. She wakes up in the same hungover state she woke up in the day before, and it's the same day again... why is this happening? What's the cause? Wisely, the filmmakers don't explain it - what would work here that could be plausible (Edge of Tomorrow found a way, but that involved giant aliens with day-looping blood or something) - and instead it becomes about her journey in discovering herself and that, as the saying goes, we can change one day at a time.

It's a high concept movie, the kind that Hollywood (for better and/or worse) made more of in years gone by, and it's anchored by a fun, entertaining and dramatic turn by Rothe; she can do anything that's thrown at her, and she makes the funny lines and reactions click (including, here and there, an accent or two) and when she has to get intense she carries that as well. When it comes time to reveal the killer, it almost seems too obvious, or too much like a Bob out of Twin Peaks thing, and yet... it works precisely because of that, like the filmmakers said, 'Well, it's not really about the killer, it's about Tree (damn that's a silly name, but I digress), and how she, eventually, goes from doing things each time she wakes up in her rebooted state that don't work to learning from her mistakes and trying (a little late in the game, but better late than never) to become a better person), that counts.

It's actually a good message to give to younger audiences, who obviously are the main draw for this even more than horror buffs who have been around the block with slashers (again, compared to some of the stuff from the 80's this is very tame - I'd almost call it like an MTV movie when all's said and done, though for what it's worth I mean that as a compliment, I guess), that being a decent person in this time, 2017 especially, is important. The problem with the movie is perhaps more on my end, but I'm not so sure: as the movie goes along, I start to find some logic gaps, or more precisely things that Tree does that I didn't buy that, someone who clearly has some intelligence about her, wouldn't do sooner. By the time, for example, she thinks to have a weapon or two to defend herself, or decide to, I dunno, try to run away, it's very late in the story (honestly, I know there's a supernatural component to this all, however vague that is, but the fact that she doesn't at least try to haul ass out of town seems incredible to me).

But I could dismiss most of the flaws in parts of the logic or little moments that didn't work because of how efficient the filmmaking is; the writing moves us along at a quick clip with the pieces of the storytelling being things we can latch on to (nothing is *too* frivolous, if that makes sense), and the direction is slick enough and often creative in its low budget, that I was along for this girl's journey as she uses her multiple lives this way and that. What bothered me the most was the "twist" that comes up in the final reel; I understand why they felt to throw that in there, but I didn't buy it and it comes at a point where the movie feels like it's over. Ironically, I wish there had been a little more running time put to showing her finding herself in her repeat-times, or a little more discovery of her being s***ty to people (she kind of realizes it at the 2/3rd's mark, it works but not as well as if it had come just a few scenes earlier). But it's this twist that... I dunno, it screams of being a studio note.

But this is a slickly made and entertaining picture for the masses, and it takes a concept that's not over-done but is familiar for those who've seen it (and, however you think this touch works or not, they mention Groundhog's Day, albeit at the *very end* of the movie, almost like a Loony Tunes wink at us all) and gives it some fresh life. It's not amazing, but it's not anywhere near an embarrassment. It's sometimes fine, other times better than fine, and it earns its theatrical release.
Honestly these fake reviews need to stop
I am 45 and i have been watching horror movies since i was 12. My first being Halloween 2.

No horror movie score a 6.7 right there the rating is fake and people who post all those positive reviews are fake too, this movie is rated PG13 for god sake.

I have seen fake reviews compare this from ground hog day to scream... really hey no not at all sorry.

First of all you take a bunch of annoying people, the lead its hard to have pity for her, yes i remember my teenage years and women like her treating me so bad, so i could care less about her character getting killed like 20 times in the movie. You have to give the audience something to care about the lead this one does not. Or all her annoying friends.

Pretty much so called actor in this movie is annoying from start to finish. I am glad this was a double feature and i did not pay full price for this garbage.

I really hope that people get this movie close to a 3 or a 4 which is what it deserve.
Solid Horror!
Seen a trailer for this one while going to a screen of 47 Meters Down! At first, the trailer looked like a stupid comedy film, but as soon as the horror elements started & the Blum House production came up with from the makers that brought you The Purge, Paranormal Activity, etc! Etc! I sat up immediately & paid attention! Usually when you see the Blum House logo & the films they've made, you know these films are usually pretty ace! This was one of those films which you never saw coming, like I looked up a list of upcoming horror films for this year (Horror Buff Alert!) & never even saw this one on that list! It was also around the time where I thought, oh well I've seen all the horrors for this year & then... BAM! This one appears! Ace!

So the film utilises the sparingly used Groundhog Day formula for the concept of this Horror film which follows a young sorority girl, Teresa, who is rude, selfish & a complete arse to everyone she comes into contact with. On the day of her birthday, an unknown killer murders her, resting the day all over again! It then occurs to her that everything she notices happened before & it's then when it happens a second & third time, she realises someone is out to kill her, but she has an unlimited supply of lives to try & find out who her killer is & why this person wants to kill her!

The story-line was pretty good! I knew what the set-up was going to be like when watching the trailer, but had yet to see the full length things to see exactly what happens through-out the film when & where & how she discovers the killers true identity!

The kills in the film were average, not amazing. But they were average! I felt this film lacked in the gore factor quite a bit. It could've been more on the bloody side of things in order for it to be more slasher like! In fact, I'd say this would've been more a mystery & thriller film alone, had it not been for the mask & other horrors elements!

The ending I never saw coming! One reviewer said it was obvious, yeah right! It was so un-obvious! I never seen it coming & found it to be quite a surprise although the part before it had me questioning if that was it! You'll know what I mean when you go watch it...!

The overall film as a whole was pretty epic & I did enjoy it! It reminded me of Scream in a lot of places! Though it lacked the blood, it was still a pretty solid horror film with some great themes going on! Not to mention the Groundhog Day formula with a horror theme laced into it! It was perfect!

Overall, a solid Horror Film! 8/10
Good for a fun beer & movies night
Happy Death Day is probably not going to become a cult classic of any sorts but if you like horror/comedy type of films you might like it. It starts of quite seriously and looks like it is taking the direction of a typical on college campus slasher. After a while it takes a nice turn and becomes much lighter and that is when some of the comedy elements kick in. It also had a few twists which was a nice surprise. You are not going to avoid any clichés by watching it since it has them all, good looking bitchy sorority girls, a handsome college professor with an English accent and a good-hearted shy kid.

One thing I could not get out of my mind while watching it is how similar to Before I Fall it is. It is a drama/mystery also released this year and the premise is almost the same although Before I Fall feels more serious.

Do not take Happy Death Day too seriously, relax and you should have fun watching it. I believe that was the main intention of everyone involved in making it.
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