Hand in Hand
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Philip Leacock
Miriam Karlin as Mrs. Mathias
Loretta Parry as Rachel Mathias
Susan Reid as Priscilla
Peter Pike as Harry
Arnold Diamond as Mr. Mathias
Barry Keegan as Mr. O'Malley
Martin Lawrence as The Cantor
Barbara Hicks as Miss Roberts
John Gregson as Father Timothy
Kathleen Byron as Mrs. O'Malley
Finlay Currie as Mr. Pritchard
Storyline: A little Roman Catholic boy and a little Jewish girl become fast friends despite the prejudice that surrounds them.
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Wonderful in its simplicity
What a wonderful movie this hidden treasure is. It's beautifully told, the story of two children from different backgrounds establishing a friendship that is sincere and seemingly impervious to outside influences of bigotry and misunderstanding.

The children are schoolmates in England, a little Jewish girl named Rachel (Loretta Parry), and a Catholic boy named Michael (Philip Needs), both about seven years of age. The acting ability of the children is astonishing, some of the best I've seen for children this young. They bring this brilliant and heartfelt story an immense measure of humanity and innocence that is very endearing.

The innocence of the children is challenged however, by ugly bigoted remarks they hear that threaten their closeness. Laying the blame for the death of Christ was actually taught at one time; an unspeakable injustice and tragedy. But, these two kids adapt well to the challenge. Not only do they simply concentrate on the many interests they have in common, but they agree to visiting one another's house of worship. The scenes of each child's first encounter of the other's worship service style, with the fear of being spiritually "punished," is evoked magnificently in their actions and facial expressions. Each one in turn encounters traditions in these forbidden visits which are at first confusing, but soon recognized as valuable. It's a simple yet remarkably innovative scene, both powerful and touching.

This story masterfully points at a significant moral of understanding, making it non-threatening by us seeing it through a child's eyes and untarnished soul. The closing shot of the priest and rabbi is perfect. This movie is an absolute gem.
childhood's innocence
Like many others I first saw this film on "The Children's Film Festival" on a Saturday afternoon. I must have been 6 or 7 and I loved it! Many years later a friend of mine was humming a tune that I regocnized as the charming melody from the film. "Do you remember that movie?" I asked. "Oh yes." He replied "Hand In Hand" We both smiled. He had grown up in a very small town next to mine and gone to different schools, but it was touching that we were both sitting in front of our television sets on the same Saturday afternoon watching this lovely film. I was actually able to tape it back in 1988 off of Showtime, I just watched it again last night and it still moves me. Loretta Parry and Phillip needs were so good! I brought so many memories! Good ones.
Memorable, Haunting, Beautiful
I agree with Lynda and the others -- I saw it when I was about 8, and again at 11, and never ever forgot it. Just thinking about it still makes me cry, then laugh with deep-seeded feelings. Is it available on Video? Does anyone know how to get it? I would LOVE to get a copy of it.
I Love This Movie!!!!!
I actually saw this movie LAST night for the first time!!!What a Great movie!!I normally don't watch these types of films ---but was drawn into from the first minute!!!!!It NEEDS to released on DVD a.s.a.p!!!!!!!The story is so relevant even in this day and age!!! I LOVED THIS MOVIE FROM START TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The actors were so believable that you found yourself almost drawn into their minds!It has almost that Disney feel to it!!!I cant believe that I read that the young boy is now a funereal director!!But this movie had me almost in tears near the end and I haven't cried at a movie since I was 8 years old!!!! If you get a chance to see by all means watch this movie!!!
A heartwarming family movie
I saw this movie when it showed in the theater. It has been 50 years since seeing it, so I don't remember much about it, but do remember it was a heartwarming family movie, and a DVD is finally available. It's about the adventures of two small kids: a Catholic boy and a Jewish girl who become friends. I do remember one poignant scene (non-spoiler) in which they decided to attend each other's religious services. As close as I can remember, it went something like this: When they walked into the girl's synagogue, the boy was confused about what was happening and didn't know he was supposed to wear a head covering. An old Jewish gentleman in panic grabbed a spare yarmulke and put it on him. The following Sunday, they attended the boy's parish Church. The girl was curious about the statue of the Blessed Virgin and remarked, "She's so beautiful." I highly recommend this film.
A timeless gem that never leaves your consciousness
It's amazing how many of these comments reflect my own experience! I've felt like I dreamed this film as I saw it once as a child and then never was able to see it again. However, it has stayed with me all of these years. I remember seeing it on Kukla, Fran & Ollie one Saturday morning, and I was probably about 6-7 years old. The feeling it gave me has never left, although my memory of specifics of the film is hazy. I remember crying and thinking about the film in a deeper way than anything I had seen on TV to that point. I agree with the comments of others that the subject matter is one that needs to be revisited and I add my voice to the list of people who would love to see this properly issued on DVD, pulled from obscurity and experienced by generations to come.
One of my favorites...
I saw this film a number of times when before I was 10 years old. It is such a beautiful film in every aspect. The writing, acting, directing is all excellent. I only wish it would be released on video. Many children I believe would benefit from seeing this film as I did. In the end, a person watching this film learns the value of looking at the beauty within each person, regardless of their background.
I had a childhood experience just like in Hand in Hand
I loved this story because it shows how children don't care about ethnic, racial or cultural differences. They have no inborn prejudice when it comes to friendships. It is only when adults teach about differences in a negative way that children grow up thinking only their culture counts in life.

I had a childhood sweetheart when I was nine. I am Jewish and Betty was Polish and Catholic. We could care less about ethnic differences, and never discussed them at all. We played together for several weeks, like the children in the movie.

We discovered we were both Romantics, and enjoyed each other's company for a few brief idyllic weeks. I don't want to give a spoiler for either my outcome or "Hand in Hand, as I have recently written my story into a short play. After seeing Hand in Hand, I now know that I must get my play produced, even if only on a local level.
Everyone should be required to see this movie
If anyone know if this is on video, please let me know. It was playing as a second feature back in 1960, it was much better than the first feature. A wonderful film, ranking up there with Gentlemens Agreement.
Hand in Hand should be made available to purchase
I enjoyed watching Hand in Hand as a child, I remember my neighbor and I acting the show out in our back yards. We were from families of different religious backgrounds. Not understanding what made us different, this film really taught us about prejudice and true friendship. Hand in Hand is one of those movies that stays with you, it has been close to 40 years ago since I watched it, however to this day I would watch it again and again. As a parent, I think all children should watch this film. I was telling my son who is getting ready to go to college soon about this film and right away he began searching it up so that I could get it and watch it with him. We have not been able to find it which is such a shame. I would love to purchase this memorable film.