Guardians of the Galaxy
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Gunn
Benicio Del Toro as Taneleer Tivan / The Collector
Peter Serafinowicz as Denarian Saal
Sean Gunn as Kraglin / On Set Rocket
Laura Haddock as Meredith Quill
Dave Batista as Drax the Destroyer
Karen Gillan as Nebula
Melia Kreiling as Bereet
Emmet Scanlan as Head Guard
Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael
Vin Diesel as Groot (voice)
Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer
John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Storyline: After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, Peter Quill from Earth, is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team of space heroes known as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" to save the world.
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Massively overrated. What am I missing?
Went to see this in the cinema after the good reviews from IMDb and my friends, some of whom went to see it twice. What a disappointment. It didn't appeal on any level. It was a complete pile of Groot! Humour was limited and shallow, plot gossamer thin and the action was not really worth the effort on the whole. It's not as if I took the film seriously either. I really enjoyed the ludicrous Lucy, despite its numerous flaws. Surely I can't be the only one who didn't like this film? If it had been directed by Uwe Boll it couldn't have been much worse. If I never see it again I will be OK. Glad I didn't waste more time and money watching it in an IMAX. A 12 inch portable black and white would suffice.
Just another piece of Hollywood trash. If you're under the age of 8, or you're an adult male who reads comic books, you'll probably like this. If you're a normal adult, you'll probably think it's the stupidest movie you've ever seen. It has all the depth and seriousness of "Kung Fu Panda". The "plot" is nothing more than a rickety vehicle for a bunch of adolescent, snarky jokes and inane dialogue. The plot climax, in which the main character challenges the villain to a "dance off" practically screams at the audience, "Ha ha ha! You stupid idiots, we already got your money!" Seriously, this movie doesn't even need Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow -- it mocks itself.

This movie is really just beyond bad. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if: A) far-away civilizations looked like bad Nickelodeon shows, or B) a Hollywood producer let his 12-year-old son write a sci-fi screenplay, you'll find this intriguing.
Please don't feel like you HAVE to laugh.
There's a moment in Guardians of the Galaxy when Rocket, the film's talking raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper), is accused of faking his laugh; coincidentally, there were quite a few people in the cinema I went to who I could have hurled the same accusation at. Yes, GOTG features a couple of genuinely funny moments, but it also has more than its fair share of gags that fall flat and certainly do not warrant the kind of belly laughs that I could hear (probably coming from deluded Marvel fan-boys).

However, even with its frequently-less-than-hilarious comedic moments, this big-budget dollop of sci-fi comic book silliness still manages to be quite a lot of mindless popcorn fun, delivering enough weird and wonderful characters, fantastic worlds, spectacular action set-pieces and impressive special effects wizardry to guarantee a reasonably fun time. Director James Gunn's eclectic and vibrant universe is brimming with such imagination and visual splendour, all accompanied by a poptastic '70s/'80s soundtrack, that the film proves a treat for the senses despite its obvious shortcomings elsewhere.
This was unexpectedly bad.
Looking at the high IMDb rating I was surprised how bad the movie actually is.

Some masked man struts down an abandoned planet, turns out to be the good guy. Scene turns into music and dancing, alright this movie isn't taking itself too seriously. All is fine so far, after all, some of the other Marvel movies are pretty dark so maybe this will turn out well.

But it all went down hill from there. The jokes just get worse and worse. And the "hero"? The kid from the intro that watched his mother die but refused to take her hand is supposedly some kind of Han Solo type of character? Why should we care, when he is so goofy all the time, never taking anything seriously? This is a complete 180 degree turn from the intro scene. There is no connection, and the character doesn't feel credible at all.

The point when the movie died for me was when the "hero" and the raccoon joke about black lights and semen while watching Zoe Saldana's swaying butt disappear up the stair... wtf? I cringed so hard... and the same goes for most of the jokes in the movie; they are misplaced and stupid to the point were you get the impression that the writers just added poor jokes to compensate for poor writing.

What I did like about the movie: The tree-man (Groot?), because he had a heart. The rest of the cast is a mess. Also the special effects looked pretty good, even though it's still just generic 3D Hollywood trashfood.
I love good superhero films, Captain America, Superman, Iron Man. This is not one of them. If I"d been alone I would have walked out and the last time I did that in a cinema was for The Wedding Singer.

It's not without merit but with $170 million spent, I would hope not. The design overall is very good, the effects also and unlike some I liked Chris Pratt and the Ronan actor. But the attempted humour in the dialog is supremely irritating and the racoon character's grating voice was enough on its own to make me hate the talking scenes.

The film is so derivative it could have been assembled by cut and paste. But at least it does not take itself seriously, we are thankful for small mercies.

Enough said, I will go out of my way to avoid James Gunn films in future.
Painfully average
I often use IMDb as a guideline for movies before I watch them. Any movie that scores below 6 is usually not worth watching, 6-7 is where most Hollywood blockbusters land, it's the popular zone. 7-8 is a good movie, and 8-10 is usually VERY good up to instant classic. I can safely say that this movie does not deserve anything over 6.5

It's not a bad movie, it's just not good either. It's just a generic superhero movie. I can accept that the story is silly and often makes little to no sense, with causality holes and lack of depth. After all, it's just a superhero movie. But the characters aren't particularly interesting either. They're boring and stereotypical (in a bad way), and while they try to be humorous all the time, their jokes feel forced and, honestly, quite lame. The actors aren't bad, and the voice-overs for the walking rodent and the living tree are good, but that's just not enough to lift an entire movie up from the muck into which it dug itself.

The CGI is well made, but still visibly CGI, and in a couple of years we will probably (as seems to be the case with all CGI movies) look back and laugh at how bad the technology was back in 2014.

If you like a superhero action flick, and if you're into heavy CGI and more interested in eyegasm than plot, go watch the movie. As I said, it's not bad. It's just... painfully average.
Another shallow money-grabber
This movie is a mess of the worst kind: a never-ending cascade of contrivance after contrivance.

The plot, if it could be called so, is kickstarted by the theft of a magical plot device that evil people want. This also happens in The Avengers and Man of Steel, and it's not getting any more creative. The evil people fight the good guys, there's explosions and snarky humor everywhere, and it never rises above the level of an excuse plot. Characters get beaten close to death so the movie can have a sad moment before they get revived - all the protagonists are invincible. There's one particularly shameful scene where a character gets cast out into space and another character risks death to save them. But surprise! Somehow, a fleet of spaceships somewhere managed to find their exact location and arrive to save both within a minute! See, friendship saves the day again!

The dialog is just as useless as the plot: the characters either make juvenile jokes, exposit once again that they need to bring the magical plot device somewhere in order to prevent genocide by the evil guy (in case the audience forgot), have ham-fisted discussions about the value of friendship and overcoming adversity with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, or explain completely obvious things. The worst of this is when a character steps out into a visibly darkened corridor and comments on how dark it is.

I saw this movie because it was compared to one of my favorites: The Fifth Element. This comparison is worthless because while The Fifth Element was a movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy is a product. Every bombastic special effect and every cardboard cutout character reek of a movie trying to sell itself and its tie-in action figures and comic books to 12-year old kids. The humor is juvenile, the plot and characters are shallow and facile, explosions and fighting are shoehorned in at every turn... there is no natural characterization, no genuine emotion, and no signs of intelligence. This movie is junk food cinema at its worst. We deserve better.
Entertaining most of the time but an ultimately very forgettable movie.
I'm not quite sure what this movie was trying to be but I watched it as a comedy. A Stan Lee comedy.

It starts out in 1988 and a young boy's mother is dying, then he is outside and a giant alien spacecraft abducts him.

Then the movie switches forward to present time, 26 or so years later, and the boy has grown to a 30-something Chris Pratt as Peter Quill on some planet far off in the galaxy. He has turned into some sort of mercenary who can retrieve things at the request of others.

Zoe Saldana, all in green skin makeup is his nemesis Gamora, who eventually warms up to Peter after he saves her from certain death in the vacuum of space.

There are a number of strange and dangerous characters, such as Dave Bautista as Drax, Vin Diesel voicing the tall, woody plant form known as Groot, Bradley Cooper voicing the short, raccoon-like creature known as Rocket, and a host of others.

The action goes from one strange planet to another, all the while playing up dialog for laughs when it could.

I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but one thing is certain, it gave my subwoofer a great work-out!
Here comes the Marvel picture phase II
Leaving the Avengers behind, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY heralds the 2nd phase in the Marvel's silver screen expedition as IRON MAN (2008, 8/10) kick-started the 1st phase. But who is James Gunn? whose director résumé only encompasses the gooey horror SLITHER (2006) and a superhero indie SUPER (2010).

Watched it in 3D, the film is a hyper-diverting adventurer amalgamated with slick action set pieces, legit humor and emotion and spectacular visual impact, the chemistry among its quintet coterie is potently pleasing, the comic timing is on the nose, and the most euphonious trait is its 70s-retro soundtrack, which is a killing nostrum to identify itself among Marvel's other imposing juggernauts.

It is hard not to compare this to the STAR WARS series, an inter-galactic combat assembling unlikely heroes (various species) to prevent an evil (and dark elfish) super-villain, Ronan the Accuser (Pace), whose intent is to acquire a mighty orb (the McGuffin) to rule (or destroy) the universe. As the first chapter, naturally, it turns out that Ronan is merely a minion, there is much more overpowering force behind.

The team includes Peter Quill (Pratt), aka. Starlord, a 30 something human; Gamora (Saldana), a green-colored assassin trained by Thanos (an uncredited cameo by Josh Brolin); Rocket, a cybernetic raccoon (voiced by Bradley) and his best friend Groot, a creature with the appearance of a walking tree and limited vocabularies (the viral I'm Groot! voiced by Diesel), and Drax the Destroyer, a red-tattooed brawny muscle (Bautista). The film is at the top of its game when the 5 gather together, bickering and jesting, they never take this saving-the-universe deal too serious, unless things deteriorate into the moment when self-sacrifice is exigently needed, surprisingly Rocket and Groot are granted much more humanity than their human-shaped comrades. Even in the crucial showdown scenes, when Starlord and Ronan stand face to face, a playful stunt conveniently eases audience from the edge of the seat, if the characters themselves don't engage in the plot, why should we the rubbernecks?

Bad-drafted villain is always a frailty in Marvel's kingdom, Ronan is so plainly written, the supposed career boost of Lee Pace is still unaccomplished, so is Hounsou's Korath, while Gamora's vicious sister Nebula (Gillan) is in no better condition, but at least her storyline will continue. Yondu Udonta (Rooker) is between friend or foe, whose sentient arrow is the wow factor one wishes it will keep shooting in the next installment. Benicio Del Toro as the Collector and Glenn Close as Nova Prime, both have meager screen time, no chance to run the show.

Aimed to nostalgia and accompanies Starlord's Han Solo carefree flair, the mix-tape hits from 70s are unexpectedly well maneuvered, devoid of a present-day background, it is a smart move, and more poignantly, the obsolete Walkman emanates a strong connection between a guilty son and his deceased mother, no upbeat rhythm can beat that! No wonder its soundtrack is already a No.1 selling album in USA.

In conclusion, the film is an above-average marvel production, great job for Gunn and his team, establishes a ragbag of lovable roles besides the Avengers assembly, and it has the prospects to be the STAR WARS of this generation, intriguingly, the rebooted Star Wars sequel is also heading towards us, soon we will find which one is the bona fide winner. But one must confess, Marvel does have an upper hand with the ultra-success of this picture.
Awesome, hilarious, great film!
Guardians of the Galaxy 92

I came into the theater not knowing all too much about this movie, just knowing it was Marvel. I came out amazed. This movie was a great revival for this years blockbusters, redefining the Marvel Universe once again. It was fun, hilarious, witty, action-packed, and had great, classic rock music. Gunn knew that Marvel needed a reboot of originality, colorfulness, and artistry of filmmaking and the fact that it wasn't to be taken too serious. The way the cinematographer and James captured every single color of the landscape, and the characters; it was just spectacular. It was a great story, filled with colorful, complex characters, and great art/set direction. Music was also perfect for this film; bringing in old classics everyone knows, or doesn't, and setting up the fun atmosphere. Chris Pratt was perfect for the role, with his wit and personality he brought in. I'm hoping to see much more of these characters and colorful storytelling in the next Marvel films.