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Neil Berkeley
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Storyline: GILBERT is a wildly funny and unexpectedly poignant portrait of the life and career of one of comedy's most iconic figures, Gilbert Gottfried.
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A detailed look into the life of Gilbert Gottfried
I've been a fan of Gilbert Gottfried ever since seeing the Problem Child movies as a kid and one of his early (and few) stand-up specials. Gilbert also made what seemed like countless cameos in movies all throughout the 80's and 90's and even had a brief stint as part of the Saturday Night Live cast. In the 2000's he was was still famous mostly for his role as the Aflac mascot (the duck) and was a frequent guest- roaster. Presently, he is still a touring comedian and has a very well received and informative podcast, in which he and his co-host, chat with Hollywood legends, such as Dick Van Dyke, Dick Cavett and all sorts of other Dicks..

Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know Gilbert in some aspect, maybe for his infamous telling of the Aristocrats joke, his infamous firing for his tweets, or some other infamy surrounding the prolific comedian.. What you most likely don't know, is that Gilbert is a husband, a father, a brother and son. The squinting eyed, harsh voiced, foul mouthed comedian is a human being, but barely.

Sometimes Gilbert comes off more as an alien who crash landed on Earth during puberty and was never quite able to blend in amongst actual humans. This documentary shows you the REAL Gilbert Gottfried and makes a fine attempt at explaining who he is and why he is... It's interesting, funny and heart warming. If you've ever asked yourself "I wonder who would ever have sex with that Jewish guy who squints and yells a lot" this movie is for you.
Hear his real voice.
Gilbert as many will know is a stand up comedian and occasional movie actor who is also known for his habit of telling off colour jokes about tragic events just a bit too soon for many of the public to accept. This is a very surprising documentary. It's very clear that Gilbert is a very guarded person and protective of his personal and family life. It's clear that he likes to be in control. How much control may shock you however as it's made clear that Gilbert has a very obsessive compulsive personality. Gilbert likes to hoard, he doesn't spend money and collects freebies. However he is a very lucky guy as he has a wife who understands him and must have the patience of a saint. As Gilbert seems to avoid reciprocating the signs of affection his wife extends to him. He has a stable loving family and it appears it's largely down to his loving and understanding wife. The story of his family background and development into an adult and professional comedian make this documentary what it is. Reasons for his behaviour become apparent. And it's all the more remarkable he agreed to making this movie as it obviously involved Gilbert having to relinquish control which must have been difficult. Be warned however this is not an easy watch and there's a few emotional scenes which will hit home. It was also interesting to see that although he comes across as insensitive on Twitter particularly he was obviously wounded by the backlash against his jokes which for some were in poor taste. It seems that Gilbert is more naive than insensitive and obviously regrets causing real offence. For Gilbert fans this is a must see as it is for anyone interested in the human condition as Gilbert is certainly a one off. There's the usual talking head cameos from a number of his comedian friends but it's when his family speak you get the real sense of the man and his life. Its a great watch and you even get to hear him talking in his real voice, and where his stage voice came from. You didn't think he sounded like that all the time did you?