Fool's Gold
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
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Andy Tennant
Matthew McConaughey as Benjamin Finnegan
Kate Hudson as Tess Finnegan
Donald Sutherland as Nigel Honeycutt
Alexis Dziena as Gemma Honeycutt
Ewen Bremner as Alfonz
Ray Winstone as Moe Fitch
Kevin Hart as Bigg Bunny
Brian Hooks as Curtis
David Roberts as Cyrus
Adam LeFevre as Gary
Rohan Nichol as Stefan
Roger Sciberras as Andras
Elizabeth Connolly as Precious Gem Crew Nurse
Rohan Nichol as Stefan
Storyline: Benjamin Finnegan is a deep-sea treasure hunter certain he's onto the find of the century in waters near an island close to Key West owned by a murderous rap star to whom Ben is in debt. Ben's flat broke and recently divorced from Tess, his long-time research and diving partner whom he still loves. She's nearby, working as a steward aboard the yacht of Nigel Honeycutt, a multimillionaire. The rapper has hired a rival treasurer hunter. Can Ben convince Nigel to bankroll his search, convince Tess to work with him, keep the rapper and his thugs at bay, and find a Spanish treasure hidden for centuries and rich beyond imagination? Written by
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Enjoyably fun
I found this movie so very entertaining. I thought Alexis Dziena who plays Gemma was so adorable, innocent, sweet, and fun. She brought a lot of entertainment to the movie and was able to hold her own among a very talented cast, especially the experienced pros. I didn't want to see this movie because I found the commercials boring and dull and also silly. I was happy I went along with friends, we all laughed, held out breath in places, rooted for the good guys to get that good. Kate Hudson and Matthew Matthew McConaughey are a good team together, and hope they do some more films together in the future. They're good together in comedy. I could also go on and on about the cast members who were a pleasant surprise to see.
Better than expected
I love this movie. First , it has some great actors Winstone, Sutherland, Kate . Second : the scenery is what I want for a vacation. Thirdly : the camera crew , hats off . Fourth : the script might be thin , but hey Bond movies are thinner and full of non logic and overblown scenes. Do I like movies from Pasolini, Kurosawa, Kitano etc ...yes I do. Do I like a good action packed movie or SF , yes I do . But recently Hollywood is failing in most departments and have to squeeze out Alien-craps,Transformer craps and most blockbusters are not worthy a view. In that retrospect this little movie was enjoyable.
Only laugh when Kate Hudson nails McConaughey with a golf club
Finn (Matthew McConaughey) is good at three things; underwater treasure hunting, getting money for treasure hunting, and something that got Tess (Kate Hudson) to marry him for. On the latest hunt, he finds an important clue to a Spanish sunken treasure. Only his boat and all his equipment sink. Now he owes a lot of money to Bigg Bunny (Kevin Hart). He barely escapes from his thugs trying to kill him. Meanwhile Tess is working on wealthy Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland)'s yacht as a steward. Finn gets on board and convinces everybody to join in the search for the treasure.

There're a lot bad things about this movie. First Matthew McConaughey is playing a very annoying shirtless irresponsible jerk. The only funny moment in the movie is when Kate Hudson took a golf club and smacked him over the head. There isn't much funny in this comedy.

The story of the treasure is too convoluted, and I don't know why it had to be like that. It took a long time to explain, and it left me scratching my head in the end. It didn't advance the story, or make me laugh. It wasted too much time with a lot of exposition.

Kevin Hart plays possibly the most annoying character ever. He's not funny. He's not threatening. It's just tiresome.

The movie is working at cross purposes. It tries to be a wacky comedy, and it mostly fails. Then it gets way too serious. Characters actually die in this movie. The action gets scary. As a comedy, it doesn't work. As an adventure, it doesn't work.
Campy chick flick
Hmm. This movie was just average. I think it is definitely geared towards the female viewer, as Mconahey is shirtless for 9/10ths of the film, so my review is from the standpoint of a guy who had to watch this because he made his wife watch Rambo .... It is a campy, cheesy story, which I kind of enjoyed, but it has a lot of character motivation is blatantly manufactured, even for the camp factor--- SPOILER ALERT---Suddenly the dopey daughter is riveted by a treasure hunt, the dude that tried to blow up the main character suddenly comes to his rescue, the hip-hop mogul never has more than one or two thugs around him (he owns an island, where are his thugs?), the good guys don't bother to chase the plane with the speedboat so they can have a wave runner chase, but where exactly did the wave runners come from? This could easily have been a much better movie, but it comes off as a poor man's national treasure. This is one of those softball movies that my wife loves, that I can sit through, and that if you don't get around to renting it don't worry, it will be on TNT on Sunday afternoon during football season in a year or two. If the plot had a lot less holes it would have been a much better movie... that said, as far as chick flicks go, this one was not so bad.
No fool like a Gold's Fool.
I was expecting this to be a bad movie, based on its IMDb rating, but it is not bad at all, and mostly entertaining. It helps that I like all the actors.

Matthew McConaughey mostly seemed like he was acting like himself as Benjamin Finnegan, hunter of lost ships at sea. Well, really only one ship, a Spanish ship that supposedly disappeared in a hurricane in 1715, loaded with treasure for the new queen. As the movie opens we see him and his partner in SCUBA gear, combing the sea floor, while a series of mishaps above the water line end up sinking their crusty boat.

Kate Hudson is Tess Finnegan, she and Ben were married after a torrid and quick relationship, and even spending much of their honeymoon studying lost Spanish ships in a library. But since then Tess has become very disillusioned with Ben, and they are to be divorced the next day.

But Ben knows he is getting closer, but with no boat and owing $62,000 and change to a rap artist, the divorce is not the biggest of his worries. He needs help, fast.

Enter multi-millionaire Donald Sutherland as Nigel Honeycutt, who just happens to be at the beginning of a week-long visit aboard his large yacht by his ditsy daughter, cute and tiny Alexis Dziena as Gemma Honeycutt. Even in her ditziness she eventually makes an observation that will lead them in the right direction.

A couple of Brits have good roles. Ewen Bremner (of 'Trainspotting' fame) is Ben's diving partner Alfonz. But when it is all said and done, his role appears to be mostly so that Gemma can have a boyfriend at the end of the movie. Ray Winstone is the crusty boatman Moe Fitch with a very thick souther accent.

SPOILERS: Tess really does love Ben but she is getting the divorce simply to save herself from him, his lies, and his schemes. But just when she had given up, they find some new clues, and they trace it to a book long buried in a cemetery near the church, the oldest building on the island. The book reveals that the treasure was placed at the bottom of a sea-side natural blow hole which reveals the treasure only during a December low tide. It was put there to protect it. After an epic battle against the crooks, Ben and Tess finally prevail.
Worth your money in gold..... well not really but it was good
This was a pretty good movie. I laughed and so did a lot of other people so I would definitely say it was worth the money and watching. Sometimes I think that people have nothing better to do but whine and moan cause they want to see every thing for free and have poor taste in movies. those are the people that wait in line three days to watch star wars and think everything else sucks. May have rated this a little high but wanted to get it up to at least 6.5/10. Has a couple slow parts but good story, and good footage of the ocean. I have liked all of Matthews movies over the years and Kate for that matter. The last movie they were in together was really good too. For a guy going to a chick flick with his girl at least it has some blood and action and doesn't make you want to cry.

I want to get some scuba gear and go look for treasure myself after watching this movie. Hope most of you don't read the first comment and give this a try to see if its worth it for yourself. I use to listen to a friend of my all the time about movies and would eventually see them and disagree most of the time and feel misinformed about how good a movie is. Now if he told me that a movie is a waste of time I would go see just to see if he was just being to hard on a good movie or telling the truth.

Well I hope to have been helpful, cause I know plenty of people in the theater I went to would agree that this was not a bad movie that you can see whats going to happen the whole time blah blah whine whine whine......
Twee and unbelievable but it isn't terrible
First off I can't stand Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Hudson is annoying in this type of role. It's kind of difficult to get where this film is coming from. It isn't funny enough to be a comedy nor is it serious enough to be a pure action-adventure, and it's a little too adult to be classed as family (but not that bad). The result is a kind of light-hearted tongue-in-cheek adventure-comedy, not bad if that's what you were expecting. If you're expecting a more serious film like National Treasure (even though that's also for young people) you will be disappointed. The story is simple, if not a bit all over the place, and requires little to no thinking, perfect for a relaxing afternoon film, shame I can't stand the leads.
Funny and Adventurous
I LOVE this movie. I think its a very funny movie and very upbeat. Treasure hunters, divorce, spoiled kids and rich parents all the best and the fun mixed into one all trying to find the same goal: Find the Aurelia. I've seen this so many times and it is always such a fun movie to watch, taken place in the Caribbean a mystery to be solved and add the fun loving Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaoughy it makes it even better perfect cast for the best roles! If you like adventures and funny mysteries this is a movie for you. Tie in the bad guy/ famous guy the movie because instantly funny with the laid back no good for nothing husband/ex-husband Fin.
Not a Funny or Fun Adventure,
Fool's Gold is an awful movie with a very poorly written storyline and a really mediocre cast. It had an ambitious storyline that sounded like it could have been a lot of fun, but it just left me very disappointed, it's story was promising and the film definitely looked beautiful, but this sadly isn't nearly enough to make up for everything else. The cast of the film either didn't seem to have any interest or had too much, Matthew McConaughey looked like he was having so much fun that he forgot he had to act, Kate Hudson looked like she couldn't wait to be finished work, everyone else just said their lines, the only performance that was noteworthy was Donald Sutherland, it's the type of movie that would mostly work when there's good chemistry between its ensemble cast, and that wasn't evident at all here. Another major problem with this movie is that it simply wasn't funny, it was more interested in being a comedy rather than an adventure, and they didn't deliver one bit, some of the lines could have worked out in some way if they had been delivered better, but for the most part the jokes are straight up lame, I didn't laugh once. Fool's Golds fails as a romance, a comedy and as an adventure, there is no heart there, no chemistry, it just dosen't work, and because of this I couldn't possibly recommend it.

An estranged husband and wife reunite to search for a potentially massive haul of treasure.

Best Performance: Donald Sutherland Worst Performance: Alexis Dziena

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A fun romp
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Many funny scenes, physical, situational, and verbal. I'd regard it in similar terms with McConnahey's other treasure movie, Sahara.

I had the advantage of liking the ocean, diving, and movies about treasure hunting. If you are too, you're guaranteed to enjoy it.

The acting is solid throughout, the scenery is gorgeous, and the steps to solving the treasure mystery are both captivating and not nearly as 'out there' as in some other treasure hunting movies.

You might have to forgive a couple of diving gaffes (being near an underwater explosion, even small, is pretty much going to kill you or at least ruin your hearing, but most adventure movies have a few factual errors like that. If you held them all accountable for them you'd never watch another one.
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